Report(-ish): Stiney to coach TEs / Recruiting Coordinator

The following tweet is from Douglas Doughty, the sports writer for the Roanoke Times that covers Virginia.

If it's true, it would confirm the prevalent rumor that Stinespring will be retained in some capacity that allows him to recruit on the road will no longer being offensive coordinator. It should also give the folks who don't think things are changing some peace of mind.


Dear God,

Please let this be true.


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A change will happen......100%


You tease


"inside" info....99.9% sure it's reliable..


WHICH IS IT?!??!?!

99.9% or 100%?!?!

I kid, I kid...

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So...if its Pep...

he needs really good TE's, no?

It's all coming together

Sherman (Purdue)
Newsome (JMU)
Stinespring (moved)
Now we just need Mike O'Cain to go...

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I saw on Coachingsearch

that JMU's OC was interviewing at Chattanooga......

MOC to JMU as OC has been the rumor.

I guess it's better than nothing

I don't necessarily think that a new Offensive Coordinator should have to come in under the condition that a tenured coach has to work for him. I feel that would complicate professional relationships and could cause some authoritative confusion. Unless the lines and jurisdictions are completely laid out in black and white, it could turn into a mess (see O’Cain: playcaller + Stiney: OC = complete train wreck). If I were Pep Hamilton (or whoever the new coordinator will be) I wouldn’t feel like I have complete control over the offense.

This is exactly the concern I have about hanging onto Stiney... but then again, I can't imagine anyone leaving the situation Pep is currently in, just to come into that kind of situation without clear set boundaries.

Then again, this is assuming that Pep makes the jump...

this kind of thing happens ALL the time in football. H.S. College. Pro. CFL. Arena. You name it.

Especially in College where recruiting continuity has to be maintained.

It's not quite the "clean sweep" that I think most of us were looking for but a new OC and 2 other new offensive coaches is about all we could realistically hope for. Stinespring has been coaching at VT since 1994, it's going to take more than a .500 season to get rid of him.

And for those worried about friction between the new OC and a demoted OC, think about this for a minute... From the sound of it our offensive coordination was very "collaborative" in the past few years, so it's not like Stinespring wielded sole control over the offensive side of the team and is being forced to give up his kingdom. From all accounts Stinespring is a great person, a great coworker, and easy to get along with. Maybe he just wasn't enough of a hardass to wrangle an entire half of the coaching staff + players.

Keep in mind that over the years we've had a couple guys who were former OC's or even HC's serving with/under Stinespring. Kevin Rogers & Mike O'Cain specifically. So how much of that offensive style & culture was Stinespring and how much was those other veteran coaches? O'Cain was basically co-offensive coordinator the past couple seasons.

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Do you have any examples of when the OC was kept on staff on a demoted position while they hired an outsider to replace him? I don't know of any, and I would like to know of some and how it turned out for that team. To me, it sounds like a terrible idea where nothing right can come from it.

🦃 🦃 🦃

I think the Colts demoted their OC from last year to quarterbacks coach. That's the only one I can think of.

Rip his freaking head off!


peed little when i ready this ... sorry cleaning lady at work


I won't believe any of this until it's in an official statement from the school. I'm tired of getting my hopes up.

insane thought

How insane would it be if Pep didn't come on board but Stiney did the proposed move above and they made Shane the OC. I know it won't happen but honestly I wouldn't put it past FB right now.

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Shane isn't going to be OC

the backup plan is either keep MOC and title him OC (he's done that before) or bring in someone like Dana Bible.


I know someone very close to the situation and this much is true;

1) Stiney is being kept
2) He will assume a greater role in recruiting
3) Sherman is out to Purdue
4) Newsome is out to JMU
5) Pep is their number one choice

I realize this isnt earth shattering news, but I have confirmed that much. The only gray area is the Newsome gig. But I feel confident enough in posting it.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!


My choice of rumor is that Sparrano is available.....


Wouldn't he just want to run Logan in the wildcat?


Oh sweet jesus not this s&!# again...see my comment about Uncle Tone on the other prospective OC thread.

Dolphins fan here (unfortunately)

Hiring Sparano would result in a huge step backward in offensive productivity from O'Cainspring. However, ecstatic fist-pumping over field goals, and night-time sunglasses wearing would both increase dramatically under Sparano.

as a dolphins fan as well, I can confirm this 1000%

Long time listener...first time poster

Uh Oh

There go our tight ends :)

My Boss: Oh, TKP? Me: Sorry,

My Boss: Oh, TKP?
Me: Sorry, we might actually get a new O coordinator today.
My Boss: Oh, that's huge! Let me know if y'all do!

Is exactly how...I wanted that conversation to go...

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Fun Fact

1) If you say Mike O'Cain's name, it's how Michael Caine would say his own name.

2) Now we just play the waiting game...


Yeah! Like Herpes/Hair Piece?

But I digress...

Others on here have said that saying Mike O'Cain sounds much like saying "My Cocaine."

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

Alright, who knows what's happening with Stinespring now.

The plot thickens.


Let's hope that means just the TE coach part is false.


They're just messing with our heads, I swear to God.


Maybe this means Stiney will be let go completely...

Doughty is an asshat. Check ALL of your sources before running with one man's potential theory/half-truth

As long as it doesn't interfere with Pep bringing over some of his staff, I'm fine with it. We've had some very talented tight ends in the past (i.e. Jeff King, Andre Smith, Chris Draget, etc.).

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.


I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.




Call me naive, but I think Stiney would actually have no problem deferring to someone else's leadership at offense. After all these years of being the focal point of criticism, he'll probably be relieved to just focus on recruitment and perhaps coaching TEs.

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that''s what I was thinking...

This is ridiculous

The longer that Sir Beamer take forever to make announcement about the coaching change, the more I gets pissed off that there is no news, then DD makes those two tweets about Stinespring, and I'm ready to explode.

This is turning into a soap opera, like "Days of Our Lives," where we are waiting, speculating, and wondering what the hell is going on with the coaches while Beamer is twiddling his thumb.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Just saying

We're the ones turning it into a soap opera not him...


respects and cares about his coaches, even as he escorts them out the door. Yes, it's different than how change happens almost everywhere else, but Frank has gotten where he is today by treating people a certain way, and that won't change even if Shane tells Frank what he sees on Twitter.

Thinking back, he is making changes subsequent to the first time in forever that the staff didn't deliver 10 wins. He often mentioned the "10" as a measuring stick (in his own way, but we all understood) in public then is taking action when it didn't happen this year. Who was the last coach to send this clear of a message in public?

That said, if this is Days, we'll just have to wait until Friday when things should really get steamy.

If this is Days, things will indeed get steamy on Friday, but it will just end in a big cliffhanger that lasts until Monday

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

So is Pep Hamilton's official title going to be the Tyrod Taylor Director of Offense?

Rip his freaking head off!

Sean Glennon Director of Offense!

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

What's the issue?

Stiney doesn't call the plays or have any input on the offense and he stays on to recruit. One thing you can say about him is he's an excellent recruiter. Recruits like him and that is why he stays.

It's Coming

I've gotta assume that news is coming soon. I mean we are now less than a week away from the deadline for guys like Gayle and Thomas to declare for the draft. Our coaches wouldn't make changes after that time...would they? I certainly hope not at least. Here's to hoping that we have an answer before the weekend.

I'm sure they team knows for certain if changes are coming, and who we are trying to bring in and in what order. They can make their decision based on that.

The bottom line is, if we offered Pep a job, he's going to go back to Stanford and tell them exactly what we offered him and wait for a counter offer. Then maybe we have to recounter.

It's a long process sometimes and as frustrating as it is for us, we just have to trust that Beamer and the rest of the program is doing the right thing and working to get us our guy.

But you also have hit on something I find interesting/worrisome, why hasn't Logan made a decision yet about going to the NFL? I feel like if he wasn't giving it a real serious thought he would have just said something by now. But his silence worries me. I think it would be an awful move for both him and the program, but that money can come calling and maybe he is just trying to get out of dodge before he has another bad season and further drops his draft stock. Thoughts?

My comment to those who say that he's going to leave because he already graduated is that he has said previously before and during this season that his intention was to be here for next Fall. He didn't all of a sudden change his plans and graduate early. He knew what classes he was taking and that he would graduate this Fall. I certainly hope that he stays and that he is just waiting on the coaching change to make his decision. After talking with people who know him and his family, it seems that he's far too down to earth to make a run for the money, but everybody has their price.


Something about his demeanor in the bowl made me think the same thing. I almost felt like his body language looked like he hated everything that was happening. I'm not saying he wasn't giving 100 percent because I think he was, I just think that he was so frustrated with the team and the play calling. I would hate for him to leave for the draft to get away from the mess but unless we can get a coaching deal done and sit him down with Logan I think that is what could happen.

I don't think it's an awful move for either.

If Logan is a 2nd round pick and can get a Kapernick type of situtation where he can learn for a year, that is probably the optimal way to do this. Sure, there is a chance that we land Pep, LT returns, plays to his potential, is a Heisman finalist and a top 5 draft pick (seriously, all of that is possible), but there is a lot of hope in that scenario.

the more likely scenario for him returning is that Pep turns us down, we end up with Dana Bible, a rebuilt OL and WR corps leads to pretty much the same season LT had this year and he's a 5th round selection next year with heavy discussions about whether he should be a TE in the NFL. If that's the case, then, hey, should have went pro and taken that 2nd round draft status....

Regarding VT, again, it would be great if LT returned, with Pep, Heisman finalist, etc. But, again, more likely is that Pep turns us down, Dana Bible, etc. If that's the case, having two years for Leal to play with this rebuilt OL and WR corp probably is better long term. I'm hesitant about Leal, he looks more like Maurice DeShazo than Tyrod Taylor to me...but you could make the case that he can be a Russell Wilson type. I'm a huge LT fan, but if we are going to be spinning our wheels in '13 anyway, it's probably not a bad thing to do it with a r-Jr than a r-Sr.

Then again, Weaver is known to surprise us all and make a coaching change at a completely random time that is detrimental to the program (see the firing of Seth Greenberg) so anything is possible unfortunately.

Have to disagree

Greenburg had become toxic to the BB program. Just look at all of the asst. coaches who were running away for lateral jobs. JJ may or may not pan out, but this season cannot be a fair barometer of his abilities with only 7 scholarship athletes able to get on the court at this point. Gotta give him a chance to recruit and develop players before we decide on his coaching prowess. Weaver really should have let Greenburg go when it became apparent several seasons ago that he was having difficulty staffing his program, IMO.

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It wasn't the fact that he fired Greenberg, but the way he did it. He decided a week before and didn't even tell him that he was going to be fired. And on top of that, waited for a month after our season was over to do it.

Rip his freaking head off!

Great minds think alike.

I think the point that he is trying to make is that Greenberg should have been let go right after our season ended, not a month later and after JJ already left town for another spot.

That's exactly what I was saying. Timing was horrible. And we see how it has affected our team. DFS left (granted, he was already heading out the door), Harrell decommitted, and we, in my opinion, settled for JJ because other solid candidates were off the board. I don't want to see that happen to our football team.


It took that long because they were blind to the whole situation. Greenburg had them on a leash when it should have been the other way around. JJ leaving for a lateral position and his exit interview was the ahha moment.

Different situation

Greenberg was head coach, and reported directly to Weaver. Frank Beamer, to the best of my knowledge, has TOTAL control over his staff. With the exception of approving his salary, I wouldn't think Weaver would have a whole lot of say in who Frank wants to hire or fire.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."