Booze at UVA

Going to the game next week. First time in Lane North. How easy is it to get booze in?

*EDIT* Equally as important, what's everyone drinking for the game (besides Wahoo tears, since we'll all be having some of that)?

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I see what you did there, that's some funny shit right there.


Wish I could up vote this twice, needs to be a t-shirt " just pour it in a Zima bottle".


airplane bottles...lots of 'em

shouldn't have any problems.

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Man fupa?

Hope there is no confusing spouts later on in the game...

Lane North is staffed by the same company that does our games as well if that helps any.

Most UVA students, I hear, hide it under their enormous, misguided superiority complex.


38-0 bro


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Others fold their collars down for once and that's where they hide their booze because nobody really thinks to look there because they don't even understand what they're looking at when someone walks by with a conventionally folded collar.


38-0 bro

Actually I think this would make you stand out in the crowd. I can see the security guys saying, "Hey, why is your collar folded? Are you a Hokie? Are you hiding airplane bottles under there?"

UVA doesn't really sneak booze into football games, they save those endeavors for "other sports that matter too."


38-0 bro

Students don't need to sneak booze into games because clearly anyone that wears a bowtie into a football game is plenty drunk enough. Ok. I'll stop now.


38-0 bro

I was thinking flask in my boot, but I wanna make sure that'll suffice. This is also the game when they'll do their senior fifth thing, so I feel like the pat downs should be pretty lax.



You sir, are on fucking fire today.

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Under your powdered wig......

Where's the beef?

I like this angle, well played, sir

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If the Hoos can sneak in their boxes of white zinfandel i'm sure it's not too hard

I'm pretty sure no one in Charlottesville gives a shit about football right now.

where in cville are you?

just curious

"I like to hit a home run early" ~ Whit "knows how to create a Buzz" Babcock

I work downtown and live just south of I-64, not far off of Old Lynchburg Rd. Come February, I'll have been here 8 years.

okay. I grew up in Earlysville. I'm not living in charlottesville anymore but I'm back every year for thanksgiving. My dad and step mom currently live in a neighborhood off of Rio rd. not too far from 29. I actually don't know downtown charlottesville too well..I never had any reason to go there growing up and I haven't spent very much of my adult life in that town (holidays mostly)

"I like to hit a home run early" ~ Whit "knows how to create a Buzz" Babcock

This title is wrong and misleading. There is no "booze" at UVA because Zima and Wine is not considered booze for those of us who are functioning alcoholics.

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I like to conceal bourbon in my stomach prior to the game and ease into a nice drunk

Which wallet is yours?

The one that says "Bad Motherfucker"

Most hoos party themselves into oblivion in the parking lots and at pre-game parties (I guess its the football version of beer-goggles...the more saturated you are, the better the team looks), arriving mid-first qtr., then they leave in the middle of the third quarter because their buzz has started to fade like their football team.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.