Cody Journell...

During the Marshall game, I was wondering why Ethan Keyserling was kicking. Then I remembered Frank Beamer mentioned that Journell was fighting back problems, so I go about getting soaked in North the rest of game. After the game, I contacted my friend (I am not saying his name to keep him safe) that works with the Athletic Department. He said and I quote, "Cody Failed a drug test." He told me that they are trying to keep it under the wraps, but it is starting to leak. I guess we are stuck with Keyserling for the foreseeable future.

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I can't blame Keyserling for all those misses anyway. The first one looked like a bad snap that made him stutter step. The second one was from 50 and was blocked. The third I blame on him. Basically what this does is makes anything between the 20 and 35 four down territory. That could actually help us.

Rip his freaking head off!

I absolutely love the model where from 50-20 it's 4-down time. #Statistics

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The third one, the wind had just picked up and was whipping around that end of the field. I was hoping Beamer would essentially ice his kicker again, hoping that the wind would die down.

Beamer said it was a one-game suspension but I've been hearing rumors similar to this as well.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Not to say all this is true, but you could see this coming a mile away. He was suspended last year for stealing back drugs, so I've always suspected a problem (at least a problem with judgement.)

Then against ECU he suddenly had back spasms and can't make solid contact with the ball (a few of those kicks were Mr. Magoo bad.) I don't think he could have walked a straight line that morning, and I still don't think his bad kicking had to do with his bad back.

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whatever you're trying to imply does not sound right at all. You do not know the story and you should not be making accusations like this.

I said in another post before this thread started; Cody has off-field issues he needs to take care of, and he wasn't ready to play the ECU game. And I don't believe the official story about back issues either.
Downvote me all you want, but the consensus on this thread is that he should be off the team if the allegation is true that he failed a drug test. Also he will have personally embarrassed Beamer and failed his teammates for giving him a second chance. And I'm not just implying that, I'm clearly stating it.

*Also, I used the wording "suspected", not "accuse". And this is the internet, not Clue, so there's gonna be some conjecture. You want to downvote someone for rumors, then downvote the person who started the thread as well.

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Well if you were implying it was because he was stoned I don't think that would have been the problem. I don't blaze anymore but when I did I became extremely "present" in whatever I was doing. If anything, I think that would help a kicker. (I guess he could have "zoned out" though... lol)

If I had to speculate (which apparently gets you downvoted more than Miley Cyrus) it looked like Cody was hung over for the ECU game. I've had a few mornings like that, most recently after our game against Alabama.

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In that case he must have hit it HARD on Thursday night, because Friday night he was with the team in the hotel with a curfew...

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Well it's safe under wraps on the Internets now!

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Hopefully this isn't true. If so, take solace in knowing that the Keyserling was hitting 50-yard field goals prior to the 2nd half. I know, it is obvioulsy much easier when it doesn't count, but he will step up to the task if he is called upon.

Also, I think I remember reading that Ludwig (the freshman kickoff guy) had some impressive FG stats during high school.

Next man up.

Ludwig did have some pretty impressive FG kicks in high school. I saw him play several times.

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In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise, surprise..." Beamer must be ripped after giving CoJo a huge second chance. Hope the young man gets his priorities straightened out soon. The team has nearly lost 2 games, with much of the blame going to all of the missed FG's. Frustrating, to say the least.

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If that's true there's no way we'll see that guy kick again.
The only Keyserling kick from this weekend that i have a huge issue with is the 2OT one of course, he's gotta make those distances (and game winners) every time.

I still don't understand why we aren't recruiting great kickers. You're telling me there isn't a good kicker in VA, NC, MD coming out of high school every year that we wouldn't have a huge shot at landing??

Kid from Blacksburg high kicked a 47 and 55 yarder Friday night. 55! That kid better have a scholly letter today.

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That's probably kicked on a block but still that's impressive.

Oh yeah. But it cleared easily. Would say have 5-7 more yards. The 47 yarder had a lot of room left on it. Looked longer than the 55.

We put the K in Kwality

Awesome to know. Definitely someone to offer for sure

I think Journell is and should be done. This is the second game where he's left us high and dry without him because he can't get his priorities straight. This should be the year long suspension and removal from the team. I'm over Journell.

I agree. I believe in second chances, but if you blow that second chance, goodbye. Beamer has run a generally clean program for the duration of his tenure here, and I expect him to do what's right in this case. If the allegation is true that he failed a drug test, goodbye and good luck in getting your life straightened out.

Not many teams can say their kicker is the biggest thug on the team.


Does anyone know how many drug tests you need to fail to be suspended? Most schools, it's 3-5 tests that must be failed (!). The Honey Badger said he failed so many at LSU he couldn't keep track.

There's no regulation, from what I understand. The NCAA leaves it up to the conferences, who in turn leave it up to the schools. A classic case of passing the buck, really.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

In my opinion it should be 1, but from what I've read it's 3 at most schools. I think getting arrested counts as 2 strikes though.

Rip his freaking head off!

If it was done on strike one, half the team would be gone. I do like the getting arrested counting as double though.

I know. I just think it's dumb that some of these guys do this kind of stuff with full knowledge of the consequences and just don't care. The failed tests that make the least sense to me are the ones at the NFL Combine. I mean, you knew the date of that drug test a year in advance and you still chose to do drugs before it with full knowledge that it would hurt your draft stock.

Rip his freaking head off!

As we've all heard from the NCAA promos, student-athletes are held to higher standards. The only problem is we weren't interpreting the higher part properly, as it literally means a higher number of failed drug tests.

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I tend to draw the line after the second chance. Journell was given another opportunity and it appears he's squandered it. It's time for Cody and Tech to move on.

Here's the question for everyone though. Would you rather have Journell kicked off the team for his mistakes (which he probably deserves if the failed drug test is true) and work with a guy who struggled, risking missing many more field goals this year in order to say that we don't put up with people who don't follow the rules, or would you prefer to keep him on the team and let this suspension be his punishment for this assuming there are no other issues because he's our most reliable kicker? Would your opinion change if it was someone else like Gayle, Collins, Logan, or Edmunds? After watching Keyserling struggle, I'm very torn as to what I prefer, but I think a point needs to be made that it won't be tolerated. If that means another game's suspension, so be it.

Cody needs to be gone. We shouldn't have to rely on our kickers to win games. I know that's been our MO lately but we shouldn't even be having this discussion. There is no reason we should retain a player who keeps screwing up. Cody doesn't deserve a 3rd 4th or 5th chance. Kick him off the team and move on. Tell LT3 that we need TDs instead of FGs and lets go play some football.

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I'm not remotely torn. I'd rather see a worse kicker get a shot. Hand the ball to the next man up and teach him how to kick an onside kick by pulling his back leg around like the Rice kicker did.

Cody should be coming my way.

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Our program is better than to bend the rules for a valuable player. Hold him to the same standard his teammates are held to. If that means a second chance after a failed drug test, so be it. If it means missing a game, same thing. If its means kicking Journell off the team, then "next man up". But all those guys need to be held to the same standard.
I attended Tech when we played Nebraska in the "convict bowl" in the mid-90s, and Beamer has done a ton to clean up the program since then, and kept them winning as well. I'd be disappointed if he gave special treatment to someone now.

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so when does santamaria get here? is he a jr or sr?

(and yes i'm too lazy to look it up)

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He's in the 2014 class

Planning to enroll in January, I Heard.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster

Jan. 2015 is the plan, grey-shirt

Standing Corrected. Thx.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster

I really don't believe he's one to keep pushing his luck with the rules. Might be time for a new kicker.

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I don't blame Cody, I blame Allstate. Cody has nothing to gain by shanking chip-shot field goals and getting kicked off the team, but Allstate does. Just in the last two games they've gotten out of having to pay $1600 in donations to our scholarship fund. There's no way you can convince me that they're not behind this.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Cody has had his three strikes on the team now it is time for him to seek help if theses rumors are true and hopefully find success in his life when he straightens it out.

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Is there anyone else who can kick? I know Myer is gone, but he was just the kicker for kickoffs, right? He did a nice job in the Sugar Bowl until OT.

Like someone else said, I do like going for it on 4th down more. Paul Johnson likes doing it. Boise State liked doing it... And I'm fine with it if we're outside of the 20 yard line. With Logan's arm why not just bomb one into the endzone? If Coles can step up he would fit well in that role. At best its 7 points. At worst its like a punt. (Unless the DB is so mindful of field position that he just bats it down... but I think many of them are just eager to get a pick)

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When a player fails his first or second drug test it is a 1 game suspension. IE - Joel Caleb v Bama.

Once you get to 3+ there are more consequences.

Many players from VT who don't play very much but fail a test and miss a game are never reported. If Cody was the 3rd kicker and we didn't know who he was, we wouldn't even have known he was suspended.

gobble gobble

He gets suspended, he hurts the team. Does he learn a lesson? Based on past issues, does he get another chance? CFB confidence in him has to be low.

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Here's an it the LSU way. Let the team vote. He's let them down now in 2 games that most of the team will remember. Do they want him back on the team? Maybe let them decide.

*Note: I don't agree with the way LSU voted Jeremy Hill back on the team. A player shouldn't be voted back on the team after the coach kicks him off. In this case, the players are voting whether they want Cody off the team or not. Beamer can still override that vote if he chooses.

Please, just no. These guys have to go into every game trusting one another and having each other's backs. As a result, they are probably going to back Cody regardless, but I don't want anything that could fracture that bond. The coaches have to be the disciplinarians because the players should be stick together.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

A lot of teams talk about how many titles they've won and all that stuff. And fine, I mean who wouldn't want to brag about that? But the one thing I've always been able to say about Virginia Tech's football program is that we've done what we've done the right way and that Beamer handles this program with class and respect.

I'm a lot tighter on this than most people and think that if you're getting the privellage to play for a premier D-1 college football program and you screw up with a drug test, arrest, or whatever you should automatically lose your spot on the team and any scholarship you have, period, end of discussion.

But I also understand many of these players have grown up in a different culture and a different background from me and college is a place to learn both in and out of the class room so given second chances is understandable.

However, Cody had his second chance and blew it. He has let the team down yet again and blown a chance that literally thounsands of kids wish they had. Maybe you won't believe me but I mean this when I say it; I would rather us miss every single FG opportunity we have the rest of the year, than let him back on this team.

I agree. If they allow him to stay on it pretty much lets the rest of the team know they can keep messing up and be given another chance. You do not want that sort of thing to get into the players

If this was his first time getting in trouble I would be okay with a SECOND chance. The guy is not learning though. I know it will suck with our kicking game but you have to set examples.......

A lot of conversation on this subject is based on speculation. We don't know the specifics, not sure we ever will. But I hope Beamer is considering whether or not to at least demote Journell, if not kick him off the team, for no other reason than being a repeat offender. This kind of thing can be a cancer in the locker room, and sometimes its better to excise the problem. I hope this kid gets his head screwed on straight rather quickly. Perhaps we need to move him to Defensive line for a week. I'm sure that the OL could use a little work.

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End of story

Come on guys, don't shoot the messenger.

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another one from me. good info. Down voting has gotten out of hand. looking forward to the day we can see who down votes.

It was probably a fat finger. We really need a way to un-accidentally-down-vote.

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Thanks Frank!

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Word is (and I have a lot of 'sources') that he had to be pulled out of a dust up just before the WCU game. I think the kid has issues and needs to be gone.

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What do you mean by "dust up"?


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Too bad we don't have this guy anymore...We could really use a pirate on our roster...Arrrrrr...shiver me timbers...

We do have Santamaria coming in next year, along with the Richmond transfer, Remington Hinshaw. Could be a nice competition with Ludwig, Keyserling, Santamaria, and Hinshaw next year.


Guess he didn;t mess up to bad.

Leonard. Duh.

Wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the first test he has failed in his career. I used to light up with him 3 years ago when i was still in school.


I'm very interested to see how this plays out in the coming days. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions before we get the full story, but I, like many, have not been a big Journell fan (as a person). I guess we'll just see what happens, but I think we all agree that we take pride in how clean Frank runs this ship.

tbh, anytime I see the words "breaking team rules" I assume it means "failed drug test". Applies to all schools and is generally pretty accurate