Hokies Compete with Alabama, OSU to Sign 2015 WR Lawrence Cager

Virginia Tech would like to sign big bodied wide receiver Lawrence Cager in 2015.

Cager at The Opening [Student Sports]

The Hokies might be used to the prospect of facing off against Alabama and Ohio State on the football field, but they're also taking on those major programs on the recruiting trail.

Although the Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes got the better of Tech in last year's cycle — they signed prized prospects DaShawn Hand and Brady Taylor respectively after the Hokies pursued both of them vigorously — Tech is hoping to win out over them for the services of 2015 wide receiver Lawrence Cager.

The staff certainly has their work cut out for them. Cager is a highly coveted 3-star prospect according to the 247Sports Composite, with 21 total offers, but the Hokies have been pushing hard to get in the mix for the rising senior.

"I've been talking to (wide receivers coach Aaron) Moorehead since my freshman year. We just talk about life, we have a great relationship," Cager said.

However, the Hokies only offered Cager after he attended Tech's prospect camp in Blacksburg on July 14.

Nevertheless, he's familiar with the school.

"I visited sophomore year and camped there, so I'd been before," he said. "I like the program, I like Coach Beamer, he's the winningest coach in college football, and they have great facilities."

But while the Hokies may have made an early impression, there's no doubt that the big programs are on his mind as well.

"I'm definitely considering Alabama, Ohio State," he said. "Coach Meyer had me up there for their Friday Night Lights camp (on July 25) and it was great to meet with all those coaches."

Yet, for all of the good experiences at Tech and OSU, all this attention for Cager can be chaotic at times. Donald Davis, his head coach at Towson, Md.'s Calvert Hall College, has seen firsthand what this huge increase in interest has brought these last few months.

"It's been explosive, just a whirlwind summer," Davis said.

Davis notes that the hectic process has at least gotten Cager to meet plenty of people around the country.

"That's the thing about the recruiting process, it got him to meet good people everywhere," Davis said. "It exposes you to good people and he's met several. Now he just needs to decompress a little."

Davis feels Cager's superb size and skill is what got the Hokies and so many others interested.

"He's just so rangy and long," Davis said. "You just don't see guys at 6'4" and 205 pounds in high school very often."

However, he's still looking for a few things from Cager in his final year of school.

"You really want to see a continued maturation of his game," Davis said. "He can jump out of the gym, sure, but you want to see him make big catches in big circumstances."

After sharing the stage with some more experienced veterans the last few years, Davis is also looking for Cager to step up his production.

"He's going from a complementary player, to a focal point, and you want to see that development," Davis said.

Yet, even as Davis pushes Cager to take on a bigger role in the offense, he doesn't doubt that the receiver will take it all in stride.

"He's just fun and loose," Davis said. "He enjoys being a kid."

Despite his carefree nature, he'll still be taking his remaining months of the recruiting process seriously.

"I'm just looking for a winning program and good academics," Cager said. "I want to add to a football team, hopefully make it to the NFL someday and get a good education."

While he weighs all those factors, and listens to the numerous overtures from his plethora of suitors, he's still trying to take things nice and slow.

"I'm just going to keep entertaining offers," Cager said. "I haven't set a date to announce yet, and I probably won't commit anytime soon."


Great piece, Alex.

Fantastic pic of this kid - just a great action shot. I bet his mom has that on the wall for a long time.

Wish we had more highlights -- seemed like most of those showed him getting open more due to scheme rather than speed or any particular acumen in route running, but he made some tough grabs, and seems willing to go across the middle. Doesn't seem shy of contact, which is what you want out of a receiver that size.

Like they say though, you can't teach size. 6'4", 205 out of high school gives him a great opportunity for early playing time anywhere he goes.

What's his 40? His vitals list a 4.32 shuttle, but not his 40. He did get open a couple times it looks like with maybe a deceptive speed -- maybe not the quickest off the line, but once he gets going, that stride eats up some ground for sure.

Would love to see more film on him.

I heard that he really wants to go to OSU but they may be slow playing him.

Yeah, our best recruiting advantage is that OSU, FSU and Bama can't take everyone.

Can we send Chad Morris to go talk to this kid?

+1 this cracked me up.

Turkey leg for making me laugh and also for being from the 919, we should get Raleigh Hokies together at the Times some time.

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Absolutely. Always willing to grab a beer with a fellow Hokie.

Well played.

This got me thinking, anyone think Chad Morris would ever leave Clemson to be Head coach at VT?

Pour some Beer on it

Would he leave Clemson to be HC at VT? Heck Yes! But would VT offer him the job? I doubt that. Whit will probably be looking for someone with Head Coaching experience, and if he hires one without that, I'd be inclined to think Bud would get the offer before Morris. Just my 2 cents( Not going to pretend I have any insider info). Still a good question though.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Chad Morris would be a good hire but I agree with these points, No HC jobs but would we be able to pull him from Clemson for a little cheaper because of that?

IMO Chad Morris might be the most HC ready that is an assistant other than Bud.. Imagine that a Morris Offense and a Bud defense drooollliiinggg!!!!!!!!

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Kirby Smart??

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Would be awesome to steal a kid like this, realistic expectations would be either OSU or BAMA.

But it was nice to see how he felt comfortable and loved the way AMO is recruiting him. Down to Earth and just a cool kat. Let's hope that and early PT will be more important than a shot at the big one... but wtf am I thinking

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So off topic but I've seen this before and didn't know where to post it. OSU has this camp they call "Friday Night Lights" why doesn't Tech start a camp on Thursday night and call it "Thursday night JUMP". Anything to both get high school kids into seeing the program and pushing the VT brand.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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If I remember we have some sort of camp as well we just don't have a snazzy name for it..

"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Yea we have a camp I went back in 2000/01 thought I was at least an FCS player level, boy was I wrong. The kids that get invited to these things made me look like a middle schooler.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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