The Mystery of the "Loeffler Offense"

Virginia Tech has kept a lid on what it's practicing offensively thus far during camp. Even so, French makes an educated guess at what the Hokies might look like running the ball this season.


"We had a plan last year, and had to literally scrap the entire deal," Scot Loeffler said. "And whenever you're in training camp and you're sleeping three-and-half, four hours a night, and you're trying to restructure your entire deal, that was a bear last year. That was not an easy gig."

That comment, which was offered to the media in a rare moment of candor by the workaholic coach, gives a glimpse into the hectic moments on the eve of the Alabama game last season. Loeffler's offensive plan, which leaned heavily on the utilization of outside zone stretch plays that required effective seals on the edge coupled with a healthy dose of tight end stick routes in pass pro, was thrown into shambles with injuries to Ryan Malleck and J.C. Coleman. By the time the Alabama game concluded, Duan Perez-Means was starting down the road to leave the program and Zack McCray had proved himself to be an inconsistent option at tight end. With Logan Thomas poorly suited to a pro-style offense, a beat up Trey Edmunds as his only running back option, and a lack of dependable tight ends for edge blocking, Loeffler largely abandoned the outside zone runs that were a staple of Jeff Grimes coached offensive lines and turned to the inverted veer which featured Thomas as a bruising interior runner.

Even though it wasn't an ideal situation, Loeffler made the most of it. Despite not running the football well, the Hokies moved the ball enough with a short passing game built around counter-action and rub routes en route to five consecutive wins. However, Logan Thomas got banged up in the process, and Loeffler seemingly lost any trust he may have had in his tailback group. Despite being productive when he did get touches, Edmunds only received 12 carries against Duke, 6 carries against Boston College, and 16 against Maryland. Edmunds true value showed when he got opportunities on stretch plays against Miami and Virginia when the Hokies were rewarded with touchdown after touchdown. We saw a new wrinkle against UCLA, where Loeffler incorporated some jet sweeps into the playbook that required some pretty nifty ball-handling by the quarterbacks. Even though the offense progressed before Edmunds' leg injury, the overall lack of backs and tight ends on the roster forced Loeffler to rely on Logan Thomas and misdirection, so much so, that when Thomas' running threat was negated, any hope of success on offense evaporated.

Eight months later, Loeffler has a vastly different arsenal of resources. Malleck is back and healthy. He now has a proven vertical threat at tight end in Kalvin Cline, and a potential game breaker in Bucky Hodges. He has an older Trey Edmunds and two elite power back prospects in Shai McKenzie and Marshawn Williams. Finally, he has quarterbacks who may be inexperienced, but who also have skills that should be better suited for the "Scot Loeffler offense."

So what is the "Loeffler offense?" The entire Hokie preseason practice is shrouded with mystery, as the media has been kept out of most of the team work, no highlights have been shared by HokieSports on the web, and there are no open scrimmages for fans and media to attend. Yesterday, there was no media access as the team worked their second day in shells. The depth chart has not even been edited since Monday. Four days without a single change must be some kind of record. The fact is, I, like you, am like a kid 3 weeks before Christmas. I have no idea if I will like my present, but I want to see it now just to get over the anticipation.

Still, there are some basic offensive principles I expect to see after attending several of the spring scrimmages and watching the spring game. The Hokies will use some variations, but I expect that you will see some variation of the following plays early and often this season.

Inside Zone

One of the few discernable things from Coach Loeffler's comments and the few videos that have been posted on HokieSports is that Tech will be much more reliant on inside zone plays this season. The inside zone has been a staple of all the offenses that Coach Searels worked with in the SEC, and his emphasis on bigger linemen getting north and south movement instead of stretch the defense fits the concept. All the clips have emphasized how the quarterbacks are working from under the center, and both showing the handoff and faking the bootleg is something that has been featured in the quarterback drills. We have written extensively about zone plays recently, but here's an example of Marshawn Williams carrying on the inside zone from the spring.

It is important to note how critical tight ends, H-Backs, and fullbacks are to the success of the inside zone series. All three positions are utilized to block in space, and all three have to be viable threats in the passing game in order to prevent the safeties from coming up early in run support to outnumber blockers at the point of attack. Loeffler will run the zone play using an H-Back as a wham blocker and a fullback as either a lead blocker or to cut off penetration by the backside defensive end. Having guys who can play physically and also move around is critical. While Malleck, Cline, and Hodges are hardly Mark Bavaro when trying to whip a defensive end, they are very effective pulling across and blindsiding those edge players.


As I discussed in my review of the spring game, the Hokies rarely, if ever, utilized the power play under Coach Grimes. Most associate the power with multiple tight end sets like what Stanford and many NFL teams utilize. And, now with numerous tight end options, the Hokies have enough bodies to put more tight ends on the field in situations where Loeffler wants to use a jumbo package. We saw it in the spring on a couple of occasions.

Spreading Out to Pound the Rock

Whoever wins the quarterback job may be under center more often, but that doesn't mean that we won't see all the base plays executed from spread formations. The power, inside zones, and stretch plays can all be run from the pistol and shotgun formations. With three receivers returning with over 40 catches, Carlis Parker establishing himself as a potential receiving threat, and talented freshmen pass catchers, Tech won't be in heavy sets the entire game.

While the Hokies want to be a strong running team, they will also utilize power and inside zone from spread formations. All of these plays can be executed from the spread. Each forces the defense to defend multiple options (via the quarterback on the bootleg), and Loeffler puts extra pressure on the defense by adding mesh points with receivers running jet sweep motion. The plays are all the same concepts, but Loeffler uses motion, formation adjustments, and deception to give the offense an extra split second to execute blocks and develop holes. For the offense to have success in the power running game from the spread, the offensive line has to get off the ball and on blocks, even when they align in passive two-point stances. Coach Searels' challenge isn't only to get a bigger and stronger group on the field, but they can not lose the explosiveness and athleticism we saw at times last season from guys like Jonathan McLaughlin and Laurence Gibson.

I think the worry that many fans (me included) is that the offense tries to incorporate too many looks and tricks to fool the defense rather than physically dominating the front. I don't expect Loeffler to abandon any technique that gives him numerical advantages and freezes the defense, so there will still be an element of deception in the run game. But everything from the individual work to the diets of the offensive linemen has been predicated on getting push up front. The line is bigger, stronger, and younger. They need to be better for the Hokies to take the next step. The pads go on today. We will find out if those 6,000 calorie meals and brutal weight room sessions have paid off real soon.


I know I'm looking forward to what this team will do.

Scot did a descent job last year considering he had to scrap his original plan because of injuries. This year, he has many tools at his disposal to produce better results . Lets hope he can get the best out of his offensive weapons so he can get some sleep.

So I thought image searching 'jumbo tight end sets' with the safe search off would produce some pretty interesting results...

I mostly just got football pics though.

You are a braver man than I: the thought of the possibilities

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

Edmunds' carries nosedived because he got dinged up - hip pointer I believe. You can see it in the film, he just isn't moving well in the middle of the season.

Really hoping he comes back strong out of the gate, he was making so much progress by the end of the year. But broken legs are tough to trust again.

Full pads today. Think we will see some movement on the depth chart that everyone craves in the coming days.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Scott is unproven as a OC as of this moment, but I hope he has great success and think this is a big year for him. he works long and hard and I hope it clicks both for him and the VT offense starved fans . This offense will be the same group for the next 2-3 years . Very good article thanks . I do expect some growing pains because we have a buch of new components but by all sources the O is way ahead of were we were this time last year .

Coastal 1

I don't know about being "unproven"...he has proven a few qualities already that we have sorely missed:
1. he has proven the ability to adapt/adjust his scheme to compensate for various scenarios/injuries
2. he has proven the ability to create an effective scheme even without his ideal components (or sometimes none at all)....even if it is not always executed
3. he has proven that he will work tirelessly to improve, both in execution as well as recruiting the weapons he needs
4. he has proven that he has a plan to rebuild our offense in the vein that is most effective for VT's philosophy and recruiting base

I understand your point, but I am confident that he is making progress and will be more successful as we evolve our personnel.

Its tough to look at the results of the last two Loeffler offenses and think he's proven anything positive.

He may run some more sophisticated pass trees than we have seen around here, but the proofs in the pudding and his pudding was awful last year....and the year before.

Well if it makes you feel any better, we've only seen one Loeffler offense. I know, its been a long offseason...

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I think he is referring to Loeffler's offense at Auburn as well.

Loeffler's offense with Malzahn's players recruited for Malzahn's system, mind you.

Imagine Malzahn trying to run an offense in one year with Paul Johnson's players...

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

problem is you have no idea if anyone could have done better with the personnel we had. I personally believe that the cupboard was bare, skill positions were all young or raw. and frankly the previous level of "coaching", specifically on OL and understanding advanced offensive systems, detrimentally impaired learning of players that carried over from O'Cainspring years. Delivering a bowl season with those hurdles is a massive positive in my book.

That's where we differ. I don't believe the cupboard was bare. We had the statistically best QB in the history of the school and we got worse on offense.

A QB can't do everything. That's why we got worse. We had LT3 in 2011 and our team was excellent. Why? The supporting cast - a line that could open enough holes (somehow despite Newsome), Boykin and Coale, DW4 could work magic. It was complementary. What did we have in the last two years? Converted athletes, a makeshift line, and injuries. LT3 was a beast of an athlete, and his stats reflect that. But truthfully, he was a compiler. He was a product of the environment. Why does he have more passing yards than anyone? Because we couldn't run, so we were forced to pass. I'll never question LT3's heart and what he tried to do (and did) for our team, but he was not consistent enough to carry the team in the way that we needed.

not bare? ok, where in your view was the experience on OL, WR, RB, TE, FB? Logan was THE offense.

No reason to go through every player, but I just dispute the "he had nothing to work with!" theory. As French covered last year, the OL wasn't as bad as many thought. The WR's got better as the season went along and our offense got worse. Clearly the blocking of Malleck was missed, but I'm not sure he would have put together much more than Kline did receiving. I know the RB's were a problem, but the randomness of the offense probably didn't help much.

I'm just sounding the alarm bells here. After a year of Loeffler, his resume seems to highlight more of his Auburn failure than his Temple success. Let's see how he does this year, but I'm not alone in being very underwhelmed with Loeffler Year 1. There may be a reason why the SEC raised their eyebrows at our hire.

OL and WR's got better directly due to better coaches. Had the new coaches not been there the team would have been disastrous.

and QB play also improved due to improved coaching. The "randomness", as I see it, really is a product of the inexperience and bare cupboard and Lefty needing to change the playbook by situation and not really as an established philosophy.

I also think that being underwhelmed after 1 year is rather short sighted. He needs to be given a few seasons to establish a trend to be underwhelmed with anything. I mean were you seriously expecting a ten win season?

This "give him a few seasons" theory is also one I do not subscribe. Look around. In this competitive of an age, you can't wait for an OC to get his feet under him. There are multiple examples of OC's doing better than Loeffler did last year in their first season. Just look at our recruiting issues right now, those are directly due to two down years. Two more down years and our program stock will be as low as it was in 1993. Things are moving too fast to "give Loeffler some time."

The frustrating aspect, to me at least, is that we are in the Baylor/Oregon era where huge numbers are being put up weekly. UNC scored 80 last year. In one game. It is seemingly very difficult right now to not be good on offense. Good OC's are at every corner in the mid major schools. yet, seemingly due to our inherent conservativism, are stuck in the mud.

So let me ask you, per your rationale, any successful OC should be able to immediately (within one year) produce a coherent, high-scoring offense regardless of the players he has available?

Using the UNC 80-point game as an example is, IMO, ridiculous. They were playing ODU. We could easily drop 80 on some of these FCS teams but we choose not to because Frank has some respect and doesn't try to curb-stomp people.

EDIT: stop downvoting opinions, people. If you disagree, contribute to the discussion. Evening you out here, cds.

I honestly think the biggest reason our Hokies have struggled really comes down to the terrible recruiting/lack of recruiting position players. In 2013 it finally caught up to us in a big big way. Do you see Oregon/Baylor recruiting DE's and changing then to TE's? Do you see Oregon recruiting 11 ATH's and put them wherever they need bodies?

The answer is no- they recruit to what they need and make sure to get a player that fits the position. It's ok to maybe switch 1-2 guys but then you better be able to recruit well in that area the next couple of years. We had 3 great WR's in 2012 then our WR recruiting call for 2013 was 0 WR's but boy oh boy we had 4 ATH's and 2 of those are not even with the team. <-- that is just 1 example

IMO give SL and this set of coaches another year or two, with the way recruiting has gone we will be just fine and could even challenge for the big lipstick trophy in 15'.

^^ This is what I've been saying for months. Athleticism is great; experience at a position (even at the HS level) is better.

I can't remember up until this years Recruiting class and 15' class where we actually are going after position players. And look at the success we are having, yes it helps with a bunch of new energetic young coaches but still it shows how far behind we really were.

Recruiting has been very cyclical with VT. In 2010, the offense had just had a huge run of great offensive recruiting, and there was a complete dearth of talent on defense, especially defensive line and secondary depth. The defensive recruiting has improved, but the offensive recruiting had dropped off absurdly since 2010 until this last recruiting cycle. That is why you had walk on's like Byrn and Meyer and kids who never had played receiver like Caleb and Parker who were counted on to contribute.

There has been a serious influx of offensive talent, and other than defensive end, the Hokies did well in defensive recruiting. I feel pretty good.

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Thank goodness someone can chop wood in our recruiting team this year because we needed it! Looks like all that wood is going to start us a fire, but its ok don't SWEAT it

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Agreed, although it was 2009 when we pulled in big-time recruits on offense (Logan, Wilson, Coles, etc). The 2010/2011 classes on offense have killed us. I do think we are on the upswing though. Considering that we only lose a few guys at the skill positions this year and have for both 2014 + 2015 what I believe will be one of the best QB/WR combos in the ACC (Brewer to Stanford....touchdown Tech), the future is exciting indeed.

Frank scored 77 on Akron. It was an awesome day, we had 49 at halftime. Too bad he was so disrespectful.

He pumps the brakes more often than not. We dropped 66 on App State, and you could tell we were trying pretty hard not to score. Everything he says nowadays indicates he doesn't try to "make a statement" for the most part. There are exceptions, and I don't claim to know the absolute rules within Frank's mind.

From the looks of it, that '95 Akron team couldn't stop a LFL team from scoring.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I wouldn't say 'regardless of talent'. I would argue that we had as much or more talent (based on recruiting rankings) than a good number of the 101 teams that finished above us in total offense last year.

Chad Morris took Clemson from 88th in total offense to 26th in his first year. Yes he had talent to work with, but all of it was recruited prior to him arriving, not to his scheme, and there was already talent there prior to his arrival.

We all seem to agree that O'Cainspring was incompetent--a competent OC should be able to do at least close to as well despite somewhat worse talent. In Loeffler's first year VT went from 83rd in total offense to 102nd. I can't say he has proven anything to me. I'm not giving up on him yet, but I feel like he needs to show us something this season.

^This. Loeffler may not have had a ton to work with, but he had enough to do better than 117th in the country in rushing YPC. That's unacceptable any way you slice it. Perhaps that's not entirely his fault, but if we're not substantially better at running the ball this year, it's going to be tough for me to keep my patience. We're not Oregon, but we're not Florida International either.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

I hear ya' but, I'm still leaning more towards Team Dumpster Fire regards to last year's offense.
I think the O's difficulty was mainly on the shoulders of the guys in charge the few years leading up to 2013.

We had new coaches trying to rebuild an O-line from scratch (or worse), no TE, and no proven RB.
In Chad Morris' first year, he had Andre Ellington, and Watkins, Hopkins, and Allen to spread the field-(and Clemson was #58th in running offense that year.)
Loeffler didn't have much by comparison.
I think this year should be a fairer representation.....But, if not then watch out.

Turkey leg and visual

A new hope

Yeah, I'm not trying to pin it all on Loeffler, and I recognize there were a lot of factors outside of his control. But at the same time, I simply can't rationalize a program as good as VT's ranking in the 100's in any offensive metric. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens this year...

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Considering we spent just about all of the mid-2000's ranked in the top 10 with a bottom-20 offense, I think that should be viewed as par for the course.


I don't know. To continue with your golf reference, I shoot about 20 handicap. I will never be par for the course. Being consistently terrible is never par. Being in the 40-60% range of the 5-power conferences would be par for the course. That's what I want from a VT offense, AVERAGE or PAR.

🦃 🦃 🦃

That's what I meant, par for the VT-specific course (which, if we're talking actual golf, is pretty fun to play). I think we'll be significantly better under Loeffler going forward, but it wasn't like he took Oregon's offense and ran it into the ground or anything. He was pretty much starting from scratch last year... and then again 2 weeks before the Bama game.

cds, I see where you're coming from as far as competitiveness of CFB in todays world. But I would wait and see what SL can do with a better group of WR and healthy TE's. I also think the OL will be better. All these will make the QB's job a lot easier. Something LT didn't have. I also think we improve at RB, IMO. So, there's more pressure off the QB.

I don't expect a top 10 O this year, of course. But, I would expect SL, with better/more experienced personnel to at least be in the top 75. Why I say top 75 is because we will still be pretty darn young at so many positions, that's the "better" part of my equation, young and talented. But I've always said, and still do, that VT doesn't need a top 10 O with their D. If VT had a top 50 O with the D they can compete, IMO.

I'm in full support of seeing improvement this year. I'm just voicing a very common opinion that a year 1 was underwhelming and that it makes me look at Loefflers resume a little more critically. My red flag is up, 102 in offense and 117 in ypc are shockingly bad productions, especially considering what we had at QB.

And we can't sit around being patient while our program struggles.

Giving anyone only one year to achieve excellence is a recipe for never attracting talent. If we become known as a revolving door, no one will want to be OC for us. No one was particularly happy with last year, but it's ridiculous to expect miracles in a guy's first year. Gotta play for the long game, but progress should be apparent within 2-3 years, IMO.

Also, thanks for listing your measureable expectations. I think many retroactively accept last years results. My personal expectations are between 50 and 75. Below 75, time to reassess. That said, I think Brewer is the only competent QB and if doesn't perform or gets hurt, we won't make a bowl game.

Just look at our recruiting issues right now, those are directly due to two down years.

And you see the SL caused this? recruiting on offense has been a downward trend for years before Lefty even got to Auburn, let alone VT. the last two years have been a result of the previous 5. Nothing to do with Lefty. And if you seriously want to talk about recruiting correlations to SL then simply look at QB. Ford and Durkin would not have even considered VT had SL not been on staff. Hell, Morris may not have advised Brewer to come had he not been here and had the reputation he had. At one point last year we were being considered by the top QB recruit in the nation. And now for 2015, 2016 recruiting we chasing top ten QB's across the board and they are seriously considering Blacksburg.

I simply don't see how you are pinning two down years and its effect on recruiting on Loeffler when all signs obviously point differently.

Agreed on the Auburn failure/Temple success part. Here's another wrench in my mind:

He worked with Golden at Temple, who went to Miami and they started putting up points in bunches. So I'm wondering how much of that was Loeffler and whether any of it was because of Golden.

I'm waiting to judge that after a good four years of Loeffler at VT with Moorehead and now Searles in the fold. I'm patient.

I thought that outside of Logan and Trey, the talent was pretty thin on offense last year. They could not have imagined that Cline would end up providing the production that he did. To me, he did a good job with smoke and mirrors, and the results would have been even better with the exact same production and fewer turnovers.

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Fair enough.

turnovers and missed kicks, just unbelievable how much damage we did to ourselves last year.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Positives from last year- he took a wide receiver group that couldn't get open against Western Carolina, and turned it into a unit that controlled time of possession for long stretches and won a good number of games for the Hokies. See Georgia Tech, Miami (Trey had four touchdowns but I believe only rushed for around 70 yards), UVA, UNC, and early on against Pitt. To me, getting three receivers with 40 catches after how completely inept they looked in fall camp and the first two games is a testament to how creative he is. It could have been much worse.

My worry, and I said this frequently last year, is that he is such a tinkerer that he strays away from things that are working. Case in point when you look at the number of carries Edmunds got when he was healthy and having success.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Totally agree- if something works you do it until the other team stops you from doing it.

tinkerer you say?



-love this show!

"...sticks and stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls Gardoki!"

That Miami game should be the goal for every game we play...even in the rain LT was fantastic.....even AJ was out there causing turnovers...

Well, the special teams looked like shit, if it wasn't for some good luck, that game could have blown out early.

...but has he proven success? (Which I assume is the bottom line in today's world of football)

Minority Report.

I give you a turkey leg for the comment and I wish I could give you another just for your username

"These people are losing their minds" - Mike Patrick

As stated below SL has to prove he is a good OC being 100+ in Offense is unacceptable. We have better talent than that and to state we have no QB well plenty of teams win big with first year QBs. I think LT was a bad QB very erratic and unable to find the second and third options . He was not a natural QB and I think Brewer is going to open your eyes to that this year. I think he will be great in the fakes and in the short passing game . My biggest fear is we try to do to much but it is fair to give Scott some time but time is we should see improvement this year and it should be faily substantial . Yea not expecting top 20-30 offense but top 60 yea . Remember we don't play abunch of great defensive teams so we should have pretty good stats when it is all said and done .

Coastal 1

I would be devastated if the offense is still ranked in the 100's at the end of the season. A TON of things would have to go wrong for that to happen, IMO.

Regardless of the potential issues at QB, the talent at every position has improved (drastically at some).

I think he will succeed. He has security, and I think he will have more at the end of the year. I don't see this year being as bad as last year, if for no other reason as he has options. If Edmunds, Coleman, Williams/McKenzie get injured, there's another horse in the stable. Same with the tight ends, which also helps the WR's. I'm excited.

Whatever it turns out to be, I hope the "Loeffler Offense" complements the "Lunchpail Defense" well. Better yet, let's start regularly scoring in all three phases of the game once again!

VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin the Bakken.

A thousand times this. I remember one year a while ago thinking, you know, if all three phases were working at the same time, this team would be unstoppable.

It was one of those years where the defense would put up points, but the O and special teams could do nothing; or,
the offense would put up points but the defense and special teams could do nothing; or, the special teams put up all kinds of points and the offense and defense did nothing. I wanna say it was around 2003...definitely one of our "bad" seasons with only 8ish wins.

Yep...ironically, special teams are the one area that is still in decline and definitely worrisome

Are there specific qualities about this OL, especially the two new shiny guards, that may hint of what is to come?

(I'm kinda giddy of thinking about Teller and Conte at OG for three years.)

I think the worry that many fans (me included) is that the offense tries to incorporate too many looks and tricks to fool the defense rather than physically dominating the front.

This is what worries me about Loeffler's offense as well. In an interview with Malzahn, Malzahn said the best advice he ever got from an old coach who said something like "Cut your playbook in half and run those plays to perfection." I think our offense needs some more focus and they need to run one play well than run ten plays poorly. It's basically the idea behind K.I.S.S., and the offense last year was getting away from that. Sometimes quality coaching isn't about cramming a playbook with tons of plays, but about teaching players to execute a single play to perfection.

I'm pretty sure that Loeffler has that same mindset. Wasn't he having our offense run a specific play (inside wham I believe) over and over and over last summer?

I believe that was a bigger problem under Stinespring. He would see a formation or philosophy and add it to the Leaning Tower of Playbook we had.
I think Loeffler has a much more coherent plan for the wrinkles in the offense. I think the basis of this feeling is that the players/coaches aren't talking about what shiny new concepts are being added like they have in past preseasons.

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The nice thing about Lefty's offense is that he runs pretty much just a handful of plays (with a complex passing tree) out of various formations and sets. The footwork, techniques, and assignments are all either identical or at least pretty close (for everyone not a QB or RB) whether we're in the pistol, shotgun, or I formation. All the different sets, motions, etc. are all just window dressing for some core concepts that are repeated throughout the offense.

I think the amount of plays will increase once he's dealing with a team of players that have been in the system for 3 to 4 years.

Possibly to an extent, but we won't be seeing drastically different technique for any one position group - again, outside of the QB and RBs.

The video clip is an example of what I found frustrating the last couple of years. The timing was off between the line and the RB. Looks like a nice hole opened up the middle for a cut back, but MW didn't make a decisive cut and get there before it collapsed. However, if he had waited a little longer he could have cut back all the way to the left for possibly a bigger gain. Is it a case of the RB being tentative, bad blocking, or good defense?

#Let's Go - Hokies

I thought/think that too, but a couple of other things to point out:
On defense, the NT gets some leverage to close the gap and by the time Marshall cuts, the DT playing the 3 (is it Marshall?) is able to read and go lateral and get off the block to get the tackle.

IF our DT's can do this against tOSU if could be a good day......

I like the comments, where are the meme's?

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French..great write up you just forgot 4th and 5th part of the VT offense...The screen pass and Double pass

A new hope

I'm not ready to axe Loeffler. However, I think it's wrong to suggest he did as well as could be expected.

VT's 2013 rankings in the ACC:
12th - scoring offense
13th - rushing offense
9th - passing offense
13th - total offense

If you are suggesting that Loeffler did all he could do with his personnel, 12 ACC teams have better personnel. Considering VT is consistently in the top 5 of ACC recruiting rankings, I argue the personnel is not the biggest issue. Maybe, Loeffler is simply a below average (well below average by the statistics) OC in the ACC. I hope he proves us wrong this year.

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The Mystery of the "Loeffler Offense"

I hope in the next year or two this turns out to be the title of the National Championship wrap-up story on ESPN.