Hokie Hoops: The Barren Field

The Virginia Tech basketball team lost again. The Hokies' record sunk to 8-10 Wednesday after falling to Wake Forest 77-83. That's the same Wake club that previously dropped 17 league road games in a row. Yes, the Hokies lost in Cassell Coliseum. Yes, they've now lost the last game that they will probably be favored in this year (Tech was a two point favorite). And also, yes, this may signal that it will be tough for Tech to win another game this season.

Piling on is easy at this point, but I just figured we'd start there then move on, because what happened during said loss is what I really want to write about.

What was the narrative during the game? Not that the Hokies were playing with only two guards—one freshman and one former walk-on. Not that Wake had a first-half shooting percentage two times better than Tech's(54.8–22.6%), or that it took the Hokies way too long to realize that Devin Wilson could get to the hoop with impunity on most drives.

Nope, on Wednesday night the narrative from a part of the fanbase had nothing to do with the game itself. No, instead it had everything to do with a former coach and how much everyone apparently missed him. That's right, exactly 50 games into James Johnson's tenure a growing vocal minority of fans longing for Seth Greenberg have bubbled to the surface. Honestly, I'm surprised that it's taken this long.

Outspoken fans that support their team or program moving in a drastically different direction are common among every fan base. Before now, the most recent movement at Tech was Mark Leal starting over Logan Thomas. Thousands of words have been written on this subject, many of them admonishing a group whose sole premise was, "we know what we have in Logan, but we don't know what we have in Leal."

In some twisted way, you can at least see the logic behind that argument. Mankind will always be intrigued by the mystery of the unknown; it's what sent us into space and off exploring parts of the globe that had previously not been charted. While I never agreed with the Leal-ists, I could at least see where they were coming from.

Why is this so irritating to me, you ask? Well, for many reasons. The least of which being that it is incredibly harmful to the team and its fans, a backwards way of thinking that leaves the taste of a very short memory in my mouth. What good comes of saying things like "Seth Greenberg would make this team better", or that "Greenberg should have never been fired"?

We knew what Greenberg was, and what he wasn't. We had nine years to figure out what kind of coach he was. NINE YEARS. This is the opposite of the mystery of the unknown. This is like dating someone for nearly a decade, breaking up with them because you finally realize that things just aren't working like they used to, but then trying to hook up again a year later. You know that it ended for a reason, but against logic want to go back anyways.

Let's get this out of the way now: I realize that Greenberg was a very good coach for the Hokies. He went 170-123 (a winning percentage of .580), lead the team to the 2007 NCAA Tournament and was the coach of one of the biggest snubs in tournament history (the 2009-10 team that went 25-9 yet was still deemed unworthy, largely due to the pasty non-conference schedule).

In all seriousness, the work that Greenberg did in the years post-Ricky Stokes can never be forgotten. He took one of the worst teams in the Big East, one that went 29-55 in the three years before he got there, and lead them to the tournament in his fourth season. He won the team's only Big East Tournament game, made them a legitimate second-tier ACC program, knocked off three No. 1 ranked teams, and signed some of this highest profile recruits Tech hoops had seen in recent memory.

I suppose that one would argue all of the points that I made in the paragraph above as reasons to miss a Greenberg-lead program. However, what's missing from that synopsis is the last few years of his tenure. It's always easier to remember the good stuff, but what about all of the negatives that clouded a once bright future? The transfers, Seth's relationship with the athletic department, hell, even a lot of the on-court philosophy during those last few years. It was definitely a trying time for almost everyone involved.

You see, the thing about college basketball coaches is that they are consistently the face of a program. You can also say that about any college coach, but in a sport with so much player turnover year in and year out, the coach often remains the constant. With that constancy comes a great ego, one that you could argue is necessary for the job. That ego doesn't always mesh with an athletic department, and can lead to coaches really wearing down the goodwill that surrounds winning.

Think of a college basketball coach as a farmer. The best farmers are able to use their land for twenty years and produce the best crops possible. Others, though, harvest awesome stuff for a while but their invasive farming methods eventually exhaust the soil, turning what was once a nice, green farm into a dusty patch of dry dirt. Coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Boeheim or Tom Izzo are the former, while guys like Bob Huggins, Greenberg and even Bob Knight are in the latter.

By the time Greenberg was ousted, that is exactly what the program had become. Let's take a quick walk down memory lane to remember how this happened.

The Transfers

Between the 2009–2012 recruiting classes, Greenberg had signed 13 players, a relatively normal rate that makes sense (13 players is an entire squad). Out of those 13 guys, 7 have left the program between then and now.

This is the list in its entirety (in alphabetical order):

Manny Atkins (transferred to Georgia State after the 2010-2011 season)
Robert Brown (transferred to UAB after the 2012-2013 season)
Ben Boggs (transferred to Valparaiso in December of 2010)
Dorian Finney-Smith (transferred to Florida after the 2011-2012 season)
Tyrone Garland (transferred to La Salle in December of 2011)
Montrezl Harrell (asked for release from his national letter of intent, signed with Louisville in summer of 2012)
Marquis Rankin (left team in December of 2013)

You want to know how to destroy a team quickly? Take away six guys that would be upperclassmen right now.

Sure, you can't really blame Seth for Rankin, and perhaps Harrell is in orange and maroon if Seth's courtside in the Cassell. However, Atkins, Boggs and Garland all transferred under Greenberg's watch to get more playing time. Finney-Smith decided that he was leaving before Greenberg got fired, and while he never said why, my guess is it had to do with the coaching staff never being able to use him correctly (this is a guy that put up a 22 point, 15 board game two weeks ago). I'm also convinced that Greenberg took away enough of Brown's confidence that he was just never able to get it back and needed a fresh start. Sure, he transferred to be "closer to home", but Blacksburg is only two hours further away from his hometown (Clermont, Florida) than Birmingham is.

Talented players were leaving faster than they were coming through the door. Had Seth stayed, there is a very good chance that he would have fared no better than James Johnson last year.

Speaking of JJ, another underrated aspect of the final years of the Greenberg regime was the inability to keep assistants. Starting in 2009 Greenberg had to replace at least one assistant per year, and it's not like all of those guys were leaving to become head coaches. Nope, instead they were leaving for places like ODU, Charlotte and UAB. That's not exactly a list of world-beaters.

By the end, the program seemed a lot like that dry, desolate field.

Offensive Strategy

One thing that can't be argued about Seth was that he was a great on-ball defensive coach. His defenses gave up 65.7 points a game during his tenure. His offenses weren't scoring machines. Tech never averaged more than 72.7 points a game, and that number from 2009-10 was skewed due to extra points in four different overtime games.

Not only that, but the offenses just looked stagnant after the tourney season. Why would that be? Because that was the year that Seth's brother Brad left the team to become the head coach at Radford. After that it just seemed like no one was willing to lock horns with Seth to find some sort of offensive consistency. Despite having more talented offensive players than ever before (Malcolm Delaney, Jeff Allen, Dorenzo Hudson) the team just couldn't find that same offensive flow that they showed more regularly in 2007.

Strained Relationships

I met Greenberg when I was in high school. My dad, brother and I would make an annual trip to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT), a post-season scouting tournament for seniors only to raise their professional stock. Now, I can't remember if this was in the spring of 2005 or 2007, but I remember the scene like it was yesterday. There I was, sitting in the bleachers of a high school gym when I looked to my right and saw Seth in the corner of the gym. He was there to support either Carlos Dixon or the Zabian Dowdell/Jamon Gordon/Coleman Collins trio (depends on the year), but their game hadn't started yet. Faster than you could blink, he was surrounded by Tech fans. Not hassling him for autographs or pictures, but just wanting to talk Hokie basketball. He took it all in stride, smiling and laughing with all of us, shaking hands and talking hoops.

As a teenage basketball dork, I was enthralled. Never had I met a guy with the energy or charisma of this bald New Yorker, and I thought he'd be a Tech lifer. He walked away from the group with at least 20 new fans who had more confidence in him than ever. That's who he was, a hard worker who could win people over.

By the time things came to a close on the Greenberg era, to say that Seth had no fans left in the athletic department may be putting it lightly. Consider what Athletic Director Jim Weaver said after he was fired.

"I can certainly understand some coaches leaving, but to have as many leave as we had sat the wrong way with me," Weaver said, adding that the decision "had nothing to do with losing. It had nothing to do with NCAA appearances. It had something to do with people leaving and it had something to do with me wanting to change the direction and leadership of the program."

That desire, he said, came to him as he stood before a workshop of 182 full-time staff members of the athletic department.

"The relationship of that program to the rest of the department is what hit me," Weaver said, noting that Greenberg did not attend the workshop. Weaver declined to elaborate, but said it was quite evident to him at the department workshop.

Greenberg told ESPN.com that he was recruiting in Arizona, Texas and Ohio during the workshop.

I've maintained a steadfast opinion that Weaver and company deserved their share of criticism for the way Seth's firing was handled. It was a terrible look for the program. Beyond that though, what did it say about the end of Greenberg's tenure? Not only did he seem not have any idea that the axe was coming, but not a single person within the department felt any urge to let him know? If anything, what does that entire saga say about the basketball program itself? By the end all that was left was major dysfunction and chaos from the top administrator all the way down the players (well, the ones that were left). Five-or-so years ago I would've never imagined the catalyst for firing the charismatic coach I met would be missing a department workshop.

Complain about the current state of the program all you want, as a fan you have that right. However, if you do, remember the farmer planted the seeds, harvested the crops, and let the land go barren.


I still wonder about how our team would look with Greenberg as coach (Montrezl and Rob Brown), but JJ has had a rough start to his head coaching career. He has lost those players from Greenbergs time and has lost players of his own. Right now he has a freshman starting at PG in the ACC and has no backup, We are missing two double digit scorers (Smith and B. Emelogu) and have two walk-ons as key contributors (spot starters). I do agree that these first two years have been disappointing from Johnson but I think we should allow him one more year with his recruits before we start all over. I do not think he will last as our coach but can we really expect him to have a good record with the team we are currently fielding? I say give him one season more, if these transfering issues continue then let him go immediately and try to get a bigger coaching name to put us back on the landscape. Our talent can be competitive but they need direction.

I would also like to say that this was a very well written opinion piece and I applaud your effort and research, it is very well done.


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Very well done piece. Congrats to you for staring into the dumpster long enough to decipher the signs in the fire. That being said, this debacle is weaver's fault. Does anyone else remember when we were perennial bubble team? When we beat duke and UNC? When we had a team that at least head a punchers chance to knock out the heavyweight? No we are just bad. Firing Greenberg was a horrible decision. JJ is in over his head and bball is clownshoes.

Where's the beef?

Firing Greenberg was the right decision. How quickly we forget that the team was not much better than we see now in his last season, and the downward trend was there. Not having that class of Allen & Delaney ever make the NCAA Tournament was hurting our recruiting and the writing was on the wall. It was also extremely likely that Montrezl was going to decommit anyway (was already being rumored before his firing), and Finney-Smith had already decided to transfer, so keeping Seth around wasn't going to help keep that talent we love to keep pining over.

The problem wasn't in firing him, but the timing of it. Weaver waited a month and a half after our last game, with only weeks before signing day, to pull the trigger. The rest of basketball was already well into the coaching replacement circuit, and most, if not all, the quality guys that we could have had come in were already off the board. And then you're telling whoever we hire that you only have a couple weeks to get your first recruiting class lined up with a team that was already pretty bad in the previous year. Its not surprising that we hired a guy with no previous head coaching experience. For JJ it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, but he was also too inexperienced to realize just how horrendous a situation he was walking into. There was practically no way JJ was going to come out of this looking good, through no fault of his own, and thats just sad all around.

Sad but true. Firing right, timing wrong. That might have been the biggest mistake of Weaver's career. Only just topping moving our home games with ECU to Panther Stadium, and Boise to FedEx.

Agree completely on the second paragraph.

I do think SG's last team was much better than the squad this year. Many of the losses were by a single possession and they just could not finish. You can argue about DFS and MH all day, but I think they stay if SG stays. Harrell had to stay, he could not decommit, he had signed a LOI. He would have to sit out a year and a basketball player of his caliber is not going to do that.

Please dont compare JJ's second year to Seth Greenberg's 9th. It is unwise and unfair

Edited because it was mean and a rant.

West Virginian by birth, Hokie by choice

Just like comparing Seth's 2nd to JJ's 2nd would not be fair either. Different contexts, etc. The person I was replying to mentioned that this team was as good (or close) as Seth's final year. I don't think they are close, and even if they were, that is not something to applaud or give JJ a pass because of.

A fair analysis of JJ would involve his coaching abilities (does he get the most out of his athletes? Is he developing players?, Is he coming up with strategies/game plans that work? Etc.) and his recruiting abilities. I understand where you are coming from- and I agree.

Agree totally - this is poor management on weaver's part.
every good manager knows it's usually better to keep and manage the devil you know then the demon you don't. There was absolutely way weaver was going to get a better coach then SG at that point. He should have worked with Greenberg to solve his deficiencies, not canned him. Thank weaver for his service but happy he's moving on.

He did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!

One correction: Dorian Finney-Smith transferred (or asked for a transfer) about two weeks after Greenberg got canned. Now this can be up for debate, but I think it was more that DFS came to VT because of Seth and Seth took care of him. DFS couldn't make a basket for games in a row and Seth stayed after practice with him and continued to work. When Seth left, DFS and Harrell said goodbye.

One other point: I don't care what meetings Greenberg missed, if his assistants were leaving, or if he pissed in Jim Weaver's cereal every morning- the guy won ballgames in the ACC, period. I am really a Weaver fan, but it just seems like he got his feelings hurt and decided to act.

Assistants usually leave like that when they have been told that the HC is in jeopardy. I know nothing, but with the latest updates from Ballein, it seems our AD shop has room for improvement.

One really starts to wonder who was the poisonous snake. This guy who is doing very well for ESPN. Or this guy who was struggling to run an average ACC AD shop. A whisper or a refusal to negate a rumor to the assistant coaches and the AD side could have set this whole fiasco in motion.

Either way we need a steel toed AD and a President who are going to proactively go about changing the culture of the athletic program management. Competing starts at the highest level and it is clear VT did not share that view.

It officially happened after the season, but this is from WaPo.

He just said that its been in the makings, brewing for a couple of months now, said Johnson, who also spoke with Finney-Smiths mother, Desiree Finney, about the decision this weekend. He just wanted to wait until after exams and finish out the semester before talking about it.

To be fair, this is also coming from JJ. He needed to spin it that way for perception and recruiting. The reason seems likely, but he also could have decided in April and waited till May as well.

Finney Smith's AAU coach also went to work for UF right about the time Seth was fired, so him jumping ship to Florida wasn't a big surprise with Seth gone.

he was leaving regardless of who was coach.

Great article buddy. Well written, good flow, easy read, points well taken. This quality of writing would get you paid on other sites...kudos to you! Thank you for pointing out why-and how we got to today's bball team. It's human nature to want what we can't have, as I too often times find myself in that same boat. But your analogy of the "farmer" is a great way to communicate what was going on internally. Lets just hope JJ has time to field a team of his healthy players. I think he can still turn it around.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

Great read and love the farming analogy.
I get letting go of Seth, even though I am still a fan. What I don't get is the athletic Dept pissing away any positive mojo with JJ. Great guy, hard worker, etc. but I was looking for that next step up in coaching....not a lateral or worse. And I put that on Weaver & Co.

I think JJ has the guys playing hard and trying their best, but I do question his gameplan and his X's and O's
Defensively, I don't see much direction and offensively we seem very limited strategically.

I think he is well liked (except by Cadarian Raines) and a good guy...but I do question whether he is the one to take us to the next level. By next level I just mean being consistently competitive in the ACC...at least middle of the pack. A team that is a threat to knock off a "big dog" once in awhile. Greenbergs teams were always a threat to pull off at least one major upset each year, ie Duke, Wake Forest, etc.

Lets give JJ the rest of this year and next year....if we are still 8-10 and losing to the worst teams in the ACC at that point, well then, all bets are off and it is time to make a change. We at least need to see improvement next season.


Pain is Temporary
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I don't know enough about basketball to say whether this program misses Greenberg or not. All I know is, if you can't get along with your boss and your co-workers, it usually doesn't end well for you. I'm not saying that Weaver is a good boss to work for, but if Greenberg really wanted to hang around, he would've found a way to deal with the department.

As far as Johnson, I think he's in over his head, but he deserves another year to be sure.

Leonard. Duh.

VERY well-written piece with good research and facts.

I think Seth needed to go - it seems to me that he had simply isolated himself from the rest of the athletic department and the fact that he couldn't keep players and assistant coaches tells me his management style was one that was made him a difficult person to work with. However, I will also be the first to admit that his discmissal was handled poorly and that we probably went cheap on finding a replacement.

Sadly, this has left us with the current state of the program, which is really depressing. I think realistically that you have to give JJ another year to get his recruits in the program but I'm also worried that one year won't be enough and then what do you do? Start all over again? It makes my head hurt.

How many days until spring football?

Well said and I count myself one that isn't looking for Greenberg to emerge from the ugly hazy past. That said JJ has way too many of his own faults that don't seem to be correcting themselves. I know lacking talent plays a part, but as a couple people have noted, we still lack any offensive game plan and our defense looks rag tag from what Seth used to put on the floor. At this point this season, every game is like watching us play hot potato on offense and chickens with their heads cut off on defense.

The defense has slightly improved throughout the year as some of the freshmen get their legs under them but we are inconsistent on rebounding, would be getting blown out if it wasn't for a few players ability to block shots, and struggle to transition from defense to offense.

The offense though is what drives me nuts. JJ needs to figure out if he wants to be a run and gun or if he actually wants to operate a half court set. If he is going to run an offense, then he needs to do so and force his players to execute it. I honestly would rather watch us lose by twenty but with signs of working a real game plan than be in these frustrating four to seven point losses where we throw up 25-30 three point attempts to stay in the game. I think it would pay benefits in the long run in developing these freshmen. Right now all they are developing is BAD HABITS.

Speaking to Bad Habits and the like, one of the worst things I see are the failures in fundamentals. The ability to shoot free throws late in games, the ability to come off a ball screen cleanly, the ability of big men to take the ball with their back to the basket and reliably get a real shot, the ability of anyone other than Devin to drive the lane to create. These basic fundamentals of basketball are missing on this team and there is only one person I put that on and that's the Head Coach.

That said I am not all on board for firing JJ at this point. The program is at a crossroads with talent. Let him have his third year to bring in his guys. If it works next year, than fine, but if we are hearing the same excuses about "well they are only freshmen" or "we are such a young team" after double digit losses I wont be ok with giving him a fourth year.

Our half-court offense is hilariously bad. Just watch the "movement" off the ball. It's one guy with the ball, one guy running across the baseline and 3 guys standing around watching what's going on. When our post guys get the ball nobody is cutting to the basket, so they're forced to try to make a play on their own. And Cadarian has gotten worse this year, so we have even less of an offensive threat inside.

Rip his freaking head off!

Even the guy running along the baseline is usually doing it wrong, taking a highly circuitous route to get around his outside screen to come into shooting position. Usually takes 2-3 seconds longer than it should. Cadarian hasn't played enough for me to say if he is worse or better. JVZ is nice on defense but atrocious on offense. He should be spending hours at the practice facility working on a jump hook and layups. Devin should be on the other end shooting free throws.

The ability to shoot free throws late in games, the ability to come off a ball screen cleanly, the ability of big men to take the ball with their back to the basket and reliably get a real shot, the ability of anyone other than Devin to drive the lane to create. These basic fundamentals of basketball are missing on this team and there is only one person I put that on and that's the Head Coach.

Great points, but other than screening correctly, and knowing whether to go under or over a screener, I would argue these other things to do not point to a lack of fundamentals, but more a lack of players fitting the description, as it were. They lack the correct skillset.

For example, not having a guy who plays well with his back to the basket is a general MBB problem. Not really a fundamental problem, but a skillset problem. Very few teams have a six eleven center who has a complete set of post moves. Those guys go to PITT, U of Kentucky, not VT. Same thing with having a G who can dribble drive the lane and keep or kick. Either you are a slashing penetrating guard or you are not. You can say that talent is not being developed (Wood's lack of development y1 to y2) but.... if you wanna talk lacking fundamentals...
Yep, free throw shooting.
No one on this team knows how to run a fast break except for Benbornready, and maybe CB42. Watch the next runout. You will see no one run the middle of the court. Even Devin runs the sidelines on breaks. For a team that JJ said he wants to run, the healthy players on the court sure don't look like it.
Horrid weak side rebounding position and lack of proper boxouts on free throws.
"Hands down, Man down". These guys do not put hands up on defense. I will give the Freshmen a pass but the "Seth" guys should know better. Wake forest shot the lights out.
End of shot clock situations.

I'm done. I fully support VT MBB but it truly seems JJ is in over his head.

BTW: You provide a most analysis regularly. A Great read. Thanks. Have a turkey leg.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster

You hit on almost every point. The turnovers on fast breaks make me lose my mind, and I think your comment about running the sidelines is what is at the root of it. The lack of the second option to drop the ball to makes it easy for the defender to cut off the pass.

My comments about the screens was directed more at the route they take. Watch them and you will see that their route across the court many times puts the offense out of synch. I don't know if its lack of fitness or just sloppy ball, but too many times the guy at the top of the key is suffocating with the ball and his option is still rounding the screen rather than already in the shooting transition.

I know we don't have completely polished big men but I would like each one of them to have at least one move to create a shot. The other thing they are really bad about is instead of putting a rebound right back up for the shot, they drop it to the floor for one dribble allowing the defenders to reset. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.

The firing of Seth was not the problem (although getting the recruits that he got in Blacksburg is nothing short of a miracle) it was the fact that we did it a month after the season was over which left us with no options. Does anyone actually think JJ would have even been top 10 on our list if we had done this right after the season? Coaches that were hired at other programs that year: Frank Martin (USCe), Danny Manning (Tulsa), Joe Dooley (hired this year to Florida Gulf Coast), Larry Brown (SMU).

I can see how someone would argue that Larry Brown is too old, but how about those other three? Do any of those schools have better basketball programs than us (and ours isn't very good, but none of these schools are that good either). This one's on Weaver and it's one of the biggest reasons I was anti-Weaver during the end of his tenure.

Rip his freaking head off!

Great piece. Each time I turn a game on and see 2 walk ons playing meaningful minutes together in an ACC league game I'm reminded how barren the field has gotten; which at that point I promptly turn the game off.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Does Hank Thorns count as a transfer in that time period as well? Ended up going to TCU and played fairly well on a terrible team.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

I just wanted to echo the sentiment that this was a really well-written piece.

Basically, Where the team is now under JJ does not retroactively make getting rid of SG a bad decision.

The bad decisison was hiring someone who had literally never been head coach of a basketball team and put him in the ACC. The other bad decision was hamstringing said neophyte coach with doing all of this far too late in the year/recruting cycle. You basically forced the following season to be a wash, that was only remotely salvaged by the existence of Erick Green.

So this is really his first year. By all accounts he's got recruiting on track (remember after basically losing his entire first recrutiing period due to the timing of his predecessor's departure), this is his first year with his guys, and his guys - the ones who are eligible to play and aren't sick/injured. Are things great? No, they kind of suck, but it happens. The league also got way tougher this year with the additions of Syracuse and Pitt.

Like I said in the Wake game thread, VT has a rep in the coaching industry as being unfreindly to coaches/not conducive to success. Take it for what you will, but the reputation is that we are facing major challenges to recrutiign due mostly to the physical location of the school. Combine that with an athletic department that doesn't provide coaches with resoruces to overcome those challeneges, or the proper insitutional support by which to truly succeed. How much of that will be attributed to Weaver? God knows, how much of that will be forgiven when he is replaced? Same answer...

I'll tell you this though, if one of the first moves of an AD is to come in here and fire the BB coach after 2 years considering the disaster the preceded his first year, it's not going to go very far in eliminating the "VT isn't a program that allows coaches to succeed bias."

JJ has a contract, let him play it out. Take what you can this year, and see what happens next year. If there's progress, see what happens in his last year. If there's no progress, then replace him with someone new. "We gave him a shot, and it didn't work so we're heading in a new direction" no one can argue with that.

MBB is what it is, we have nothing really to gain and everything to lose by giving this guy at least one more year. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't think he's the guy to get it done - you don't start coaching in the bloody ACC. But I'm all in favor of giving him at least one more year to actually prove it either way.

The only way I don't think JJ gets another year is the following:
1) We hire an AD before March of this year.
2) We don't win another game of basketball this year.
3) The team gives up in addition. Right now they are fighting until the game is over. They players and coaches haven't given up on trying. They just don't have the right scheme and that is something that players, time, coaching, etc can fix. Hopefully.

I am probably not very rational about Greenberg, but I would have fired him for not offering Steph Curry a scholarship. Period.

Based on the fact that the Hokies have missed out on so many ballers over the last few years ... and the turmoil in the athletic department ... I'm surprised that the team is as competitve as they are. The guys that we do have deserve special support just because they are wearing orange and maroon. Wish that I was close enough to fill a set in Cassell.


Turkey leg to get you back to zero, don't think I had ever seen someone with negative turkey legs before this.

Seth had to go but JJ was a bad choice from the beginning and has looked much worse every game he's coached. He's gotta go. Now.

Let's take hoops seriously, Babcock.