Derrick Nnadi Will Announce on 2/5/14

Let's hope for the best.

I've posted it before, but this should get you up to speed on how his recruiting process is winding down:



Signing Day will be nervous moments. If Maddy leaves, Nnadi is in the two deep first day of fall practice.

Viva El Guapo

I don't think I could stomach it if for some reason unbeknownst to God and mankind he chose UVA.

I lost all interest about four months ago on him. I hope he picks VT But if he don't , No Surprise here. IMHO, get on Board and Help your Class IF you're coming to VT, That's how I felt fours months ago, and still be it.

Jack R.

Dude's been having all kinds of stuff thrown at him over the last couple years. Can't blame the kid for taking his time and making sure he's 100% sold on where he wants to go to college.

Umm some kids want to take time to make their decision, nothing wrong with that.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

If I were a recruit, damn straight I'd take my visits and what not, even if my mind was made up.

Lets take away the football element out of all of this. In general how does your college selection process go? I'll be honest for me, I thought I wanted to go into Engineering, but didn't want to stay in state (SC). So i visited GT, NC State, and VT. From my visits I decided I didnt want to live in Atl (1st visit). 2nd visit was NC State, liked it, but didnt feel perfect. Got to VT , stepped out of the car and knew I was where I wanted to be. How is what this young man doing any different? Checking out schools, making sure he likes them and the people that will be around him. No, I don't fault him, I commend him. VT was my love, but we can't all feel the same about it.

“These people are losing their minds. This is beautiful.”