Oscar Smith Back Deshawn McClease Picks Hokies Over Terps

The Hokies recruiting momentum in July continues to gain steam. Tonight they nabbed their first offensive verbal commitment of the 2015 cycle.

One generation of the Hokies' 757 presence hanging out with another. [@saicko_slim]

After a four-hour tour of Blacksburg on Monday, Oscar Smith running back Deshawn McClease pointed to Wednesday.

Down to Virginia Tech and Maryland as choices, he wanted a day to think on it.

"I just wanted to get my parents up here," McClease said Monday evening. "I've been to Tech a bunch of times; they haven't seen it yet."

As it turned out, McClease didn't need the extra day.

Matthew Hatfield of VirginiaPreps.com reported his committment this evening. Larry Rubama of The Virginian Pilot got the details of 17-year-old's (who turns 18 on Wednesday) accelerated timeline from Oscar Smith head coach Richard Morgan.

"I know he wanted to make an announcement on his birthday," said Oscar Smith coach Richard Morgan. "But I told him it's going to be harder to keep it a secret until Wednesday night. If you know your decision it you might want to do it (Tuesday) and wake up on your birthday and be happy that it's over with."

McClease, rated as a 3-star prospect by the 247Sports Composite, chose Virginia Tech over Maryland.

The final trip to Tech could have sealed the deal for the family. McClease's parents, Shawn and Tiffany, toured the campus and met with many Hokies coaches.

"Coach Beamer told me he wanted me here," the 5-foot-9 tailback said. "He said, 'we wouldn't offer you if we didn't think you could help us win ACC Championships.'"

McClease cited proximity and his ability to "simply be happy" as key factors in his decision.

He also did research on his likely major, business.

The three-year starter for the Tigers, McClease rushed for more than 1,500 yards last season and accounted for 30 touchdowns.

"He has the mentality of a 220-pounder," Tigers Coach Richard Morgan said in April. "He's a bruiser, very physical and with a 4.4 40 time he can run away from you."

McClease is one half of an Oscar Smith duo the Hokies would like to sign as part of their 2015 class.

Defensive lineman Josh Sweat, who ranks among the nation's top prospects, also plays for the state powerhouse Tigers.


Boom Baby. Now if we could land his teammate Sweat. Im also hoping Reavis can help us land his team mate Darvin Taylor.

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Enjoy the B1G, Terps

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Like it! He is shifty. Reminds me a little of Branden Ore.

He can definitely find the crack... in the defense!

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See what you did there.

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"McClease" sounds like a great RB. Looks like he could compliment Shai and Marshawn nicely. Tons of RBs!!

Take that Maryland!

Boo yaaaaa!!!!!!!


Sweet! Now we need some blockers!

Touchdown Tech - Bill Roth

Nothing like stepping on the twerps

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Happy 18th Birthday Deshawn!

Watch the block/hit #1 makes for McClease at the 5:15 mark. BOOM!

I would say give that kid an offer, but it seems Stiney has already beat me to it. (#1 Keyvone Bruton S)

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Love the vision on this kid.

And when is OL#57 available? He is all over the place. Look at block at 5:12.

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Took me a little bit to find him, but #57 is the right pulling Guard on the play nubinile mentions above

Looks like his name is Jahlil Bagby. He's the same class as McClease and Sweat (2015) but there isn't a profile on him on Rivals. It's possible that he may be "too small" to be a college level lineman (I honestly don't know, just throwing it out there since there's not a lot of info on him.)

95% of what I say is sarcastic. The other 5% is usually taken out of context.

Crabcakes and foot-.... well, Crabcakes! That's what Maryland does!!

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