Tremaine Edmunds Learns From His Brothers While Striving to be His Own Man

The Virginia Tech coaching staff is working hard to earn the verbal commitment of youngest Edmunds brother.

Frank Beamer prides himself on his ability to recruit entire batches of siblings to play at Virginia Tech, so it's no secret that Tremaine Edmunds has been on the Hokies' radar since the day his older brother Trey signed with Tech in 2012.

Tech earned the pledge of middle brother Terrell for its 2014 recruiting class, and now the Hokies are looking to finish out the trio of Edmunds brothers and sign 6-4, 200 pound, Tremaine for 2015.

"Trey has been having a great experience there, so I think the others started with a very positive opinion of Tech," said Ferrell Edmunds, the patriarch of the Edmunds family and the head coach of Dan River High School in Ringgold, Va.

While running back Trey and defensive back Terrell have plenty of athleticism, Tremaine might be the most explosive of the three brothers yet. He's rated a 3-star recruit by the 247Sports Composite ranking and plays both outside linebacker and wide receiver for the Wildcats.

"I just like to hit people," Tremaine said.

But Ferrell also credits his dedication in the film room for his early success.

"He's a studier, he loves to study opponents," Ferrell said. "He's really well prepared, and it sets him apart."

As the son of a coach and former NFL tight end like Ferrell, it's no shock that Tremaine has a mind for the game. It would seem that the Hokies see that football intelligence translating to a central role on the defense.

"Every conversation they've had has been about staying at linebacker," Ferrell said.

By all accounts, Tech's staff has been hot on the trail of Tremaine.

"(Outside linebackers coach) Cornell Brown, (recruiting coordinator) Bryan Stinespring and Bud Foster have all been involved," Ferrell said. "We've talked to Bud several times about what he could bring to the defense, and it's all been very positive."

So far, the youngest Edmunds has nothing but good things to say about Tech. He's taken several unofficial visits to Blacksburg and stopped by the school's Junior Day in February and the program's prospect camp on July 14.

"It's a great campus, so well supported by the fans," Tremaine said. "I have a great relationship with the staff, too."

While the Hokies are making an impression on him, Tremaine is still weighing his options. He has 10 offers from major schools on the table.

"So far, a top four that has really stood out is Tech, Wake Forest, Maryland and USC," Tremaine said. "I've heard the most from those four probably."

But only one school on that list has his two other siblings as active players. Still, Trey and Terrell are trying to offer the best advice they can while still letting Tremaine make his own decisions.

"They give me advice here and there when I need it, but they'll be happy for me no matter what I do," he said. "They're leaving the decision to me."

Ferrell is also trying not to unduly pressure his son.

"It's got to be the right feel for him," he said. "He'll tell me what is the right fit for him."

He adds that the older Edmunds boys have still been able to help Tremaine through the process without overtly swaying him one way or the other.

"He's gotten to see how his brothers went through the process, see how they handled it, which was great," Ferrell said. "It gave him the opportunity to get involved early, learn about campus with Trey and get lots of feedback."

Tremaine says he won't be making a decision until late July or early August. In the meantime, he's readying for a big season on the field to try and live up to his family's reputation for high school success.

"I need to work on my speed," Tremaine said. "It's not bad, but you can always be faster for the next level."


I wonder if the Edmunds brothers have sprint contests like the Fuller brothers ..

I hope to God that the Hopkins brothers do.

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Life would be complete if I ever saw that.

"I just like to hit people"


Bad Luck Bud

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Tremaine looks great in a VT uniform.

6-4, 200lbs sounds like the right size to be a great wide receiver and a perfect target for the Andrew Ford mustang cobra deep ball.

He's a pretty skinny 6-4 200 too. Look at those arms. Kid needs a sandwich and some quality time with Mike Gentry, and then he's gonna be an absolute monster.

With the new NCAA rules, no kid shall go hungry. This is good news!

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I think if he doesn't sign with VT, I'll be shocked. We know how to treat families well. I'm hoping he keeps the tradition alive.

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""I just like to hit people," Tremaine said."

Coach Edmunds, you stole my son. Give him back now, and nobody has to get hurt.

Leonard. Duh.

My youngest has figured out that when I pick him up, my hands become occupied and his are much closer to my face and neck area. He thinks this is a long-term solution; it is not.

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Watching him on film, I think ultimately he will be a backer in Blacksburg, and like his oldest brother, I love his fundamentals at the position (beautiful form tackler.) He is young for a high school senior, so I expect we will be looking at a 6'4, 225 sized guy when he is ready to play. If you have him and Raymont Minor on the same team, that is some serious talent with perfect skill-sets for the backer position competing and making each other better down the road. And, that is with Clarke and McKinnon, who are both oozing potential, still young players themselves.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Gentry will have some fun bulking Tremaine up to 245-250 lb.

What time is Tremaine Edmunds deciding tomorrow?