OT: Cheating to win

With the articles about UNC and other things passing around, I thought this article from the APA might be interesting. Athletes operating under abusive coaches are more apt to cheat in order to win. Not a stretch in any way to believe as I'm sure there's a lot of perceived pressure to win, and when not handled correctly...

It would be like the kid whose parents want them to succeed in school, but pressure them through violence or threat of violence for doing poorly.

Article Here.

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How can a player "Cheat to win"? Are they taking steroids? Accepting cash is against the rules, but that's an example of a team (or fans) cheating to get the best players, not a player cheating to improve his on field performance. This article is lacking a lot of detail/data.

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I need the author of this article to do a better job or I'm going to beat them.

Leonard. Duh.

So wait... this article ISN'T about SEC programs (and FSU)?

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