Austin Clark Visits Tech, Hopes To Cut List to 4 Before June 12 Decision

Will Virginia Tech make Austin Clark's Top-4? The stud offensive tackle visited Blacksburg this week.

Clark is on the verge of a decision. [Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)]

Rockbridge County High School rising senior offensive lineman Austin Clark enjoyed his visit to Virginia Tech on Tuesday, the last of his trips to Blacksburg before he makes a verbal commitment.

"It was great, I had an awesome time," the 6-foot-6 tackle said. "The main purpose was to sit down and talk with Coach Searels and Coach Beamer."

The three talked about a need for an offensive tackle in Clark's recruiting class. The proposition of early playing time — something the 295-pounder cited last Feb. as a possible key in his decision — piqued his interest again durring his latest visit.

"Coach Searels is a great guy and a great coach," Clark said. "He tells you how it is and he knows his stuff.

"I'm really happy with the visit. . . .He definitely made it clear they need tackles."

Clark is tight-lipped about his possible destination. He wants to focus on his senior season and will make his decision next Thursday.

"I'm going to narrow down my top seven to four this weekend," he said. "I'll take the top four into June 12."

Many pundits believe Tech, Tennessee, and South Carolina are the frontrunners to earn his verbal commitment.

UVa., Clemson, Ohio State and Penn State are also in the mix.

While he won't reveal much, Clark offered his thoughts on Tech's standing in the race for the top four.

"I'd say they have a really good shot at it," he said.

Clark visited South Carolina last weekend and Tennessee on Wednesday.


Guess we will see on the 12th if Beamer and Searles can close. Let's hope they can!

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So Tennessee gets the last visit :(


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

Considering he saw us two days ago, I wouldn't be too concerned. Now, if it had been a month since he's last visited and then went to TN, I'd be worried.

Last visit can often be a clue, but more of a clue is that he's been a reported Tennessee lean for 6 months.

He's also said that he finds it funny how people think they know what's in his head. I'm not really gonna put much stock into what anyone else is saying until June 12th. When he announces, all the crystal balls and pundit discussions are gonna go right out the window, cause it's his choice (which he has yet to make, mind you) that actually matters.

I also have a feeling that when this one is done he'll be playing ball for, the team of his choice TIC

Some people spend their entire life wondering if they made a difference, Marines don't have that problem

Hopefully Austin wants to stay close to home.

Well after starting a true freshman last year on the line, nobody can say we aren't willing to give the new kids a real shot a "early playing time."

295 lbs as a rising senior in high school?


I see trees in the background go that pic. Let's see...trees equal wood. Wood is meant to be chopped. Therefore, by that equation, if there's #ChoppinWood, then he'll choose to stay home.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Came out today with a top 4 of Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio State

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Per JC Shurburtt of 247 Sports he has made his decision and it will be VT or USCe.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

He also just flipped his Crystal Ball prediction to VT. Of course, we know the Crystal Ball generally means squat, but I'm hoping he knows something...

Evan Watkins flipped his too. Maybe?

This would go a very, very long way into shutting up those who are claiming Searles isn't doing anything on the recruiting trail. Hope he commits to the good guys

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Please oh please oh pleeeeeease

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In Sam Rogers we trust.

Clark's keeping his decision close to his vest. Mark spoke with him tonight, and he'll post an update in the morning.

Phew, I should of known better than to trust the crystal ball.

In Sam Rogers we trust.