Winter Workouts for Football

As many of you know this week begins the winter workouts for Virginia Tech football. I am fortunate enough to have an inside look at what is going on and I would like to share my thoughts from Day 1 of Winter workouts. The first thing that jumped out to me was how much of a leader Andrew Ford was. he was very vocal in telling the other player on the team to step up and congratulate players for there hard work as well as being a leader and leading by example. Dadi was also a man possessed during the workout this morning (mainly athletic drills) as he was beating his opponent consistently (Bucky Hodges and Deon Newsome and he also beat Gibson but Gibson also had a good day as well). The last thing I would like to add is who was playing on the maroon unit (first team) for the D-line. Dadi and Luther were the ones most would have figured but the surprise for me was Seth Dooley and Nigel Williams (albeit Woody Baron is sidelined with an injury). Seth Dooley was doing good in position drills but I was more interested in Vinny Mihota. Vinny Mihota has a bit of a learning curve as Wiles had to keep reminding him of some basic techniques like following veer blocks and such. If anyone has anymore questions I'd be happy to answer and Ill try and see more positional groups throughout the week.

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how vocal was Leal?

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Leal wasn't around for the drills before the position drills as he was just running around the perimeter of Rector Field House (he may be nursing a knee injury from before). Unfortunately I was not near the Qbs for the positional drills.

hmm..that's interesting..I hope he's okay

"I like to hit a home run early" ~ Whit "knows how to create a Buzz" Babcock

I did find out from him is that its a knee problem that he's been hampered by since the UCLA game. He has been doing better in the training room as I've been helping with some of his knee training exercises.

I'd like to know all the answers please.

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What kind of drills was Dadi going against Deon Newsome in?

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This morning most of the drills were speed oriented but also there was the sumo drill where you and to toss the opponent out of the ring and Dadi won each time. Dadi went against newsome mostly on the speed drills and i think he only lost once when he came out of a turn (kind of like the 3 cone drill). Most of the strength drills for Dadi were against Hodges (who didnt have a very good day) and Mapp as well as Gibson (once).

Can you elaborate on what you saw with Bucky?

With Bucky he was a little lazy early on until Bud really got on him about being slow and going through the motions. He was manhandled multiple times by Dadi in the sumo drill but was usually a little bit quicker then Dadi after about the third drill. His quickness was pretty good and was good at changing directions like in the three cone drill. He did get a little discouraged when he was being beaten by Dadi in the sumo drill but came back strong later on in the morning. Again a disclaimer was that Dadi was manhandling and playing very great this morning so I'm looking forward to see how Bucky comes back against him tomorrow.

Specifically, how tall

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Exactly how hard is it to sneak into practice (or get there legally) to get my football fix?

well how well do you still look like a college student? (and i don't know how much you really want to wake up at 6am)

I am a college student (pretty average early-to-mid-20's-looking-white-guy) and, for football, probably pretty willing.

You would just would have to carry water around to the players but its not very difficult.

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What stood out about Seth Dooley??? I really appreciate your insight.

Unfortunately I did not see Seth Dooley during the training drills but during position drills he was getting praised a lot for his quickness off the snap and for following the blocks. For the position drills this morning it was only about three quarter speed but he was quick at following the "ballcarrier" and reading the blocks.

As an added note if there is a positional group that you would like to hear more about let me know and ill try to watch them during the rest of this week. However, I can only get to about one a day.

the two positions I'm most interested in at the moment are QB and RB

"I like to hit a home run early" ~ Whit "knows how to create a Buzz" Babcock

I'd like to know a little more about the linebacker group. Who do you see is stepping up in that group? Thanks for the insider information. I know we are all grateful to hear more about football.

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I just posted it in the new thread! Ill try and watch the OLB group tomorrow.

How did Andrew Ford do in the TE drills?

...but seriously, how did the linebackers look? Mckinnon (sp?) seemed to have some nice winter testing numbers, did that translate so far?

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Unfortunately I did not see any of the linebackers in position drills pr during the training drills. I did hear Foster give high praise to Montupuaka at the end of the day though. Also both Van Dyke brothers were limited in the position drills.

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Obviously QB is the most intriguing but given that our D is likely going to have to carry the load again this season, I'm very interested in the DL and LB races.

Thanks for being our boots on the ground!

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I'll try and get a good look at the LBs tomorrow.

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well i still have 3 more years to be able to watch the football practices and such.

Should TKP start recruiting students to watch practices for insight? Get about 10 students who all report on a position they were around.

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So it would be like more VT students watching VT practice then UVA had fans at there spring game

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I'd be all in right now, but I'm working away from Tech (only way I could stretch undergrad to 5 years). My last spring is in 1 year. Now I'm depressed.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

This is great! Thanks Birdman. Question(s): what exactly do these workouts look like? Are they dressed in pads, or simply in "basketball uniforms" as Lefty once suggested? It sounds to me kinda like two-a-days...helmets being the only football apparatus.

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Careful, this is a public forum...

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Chicks Dig Scars
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Agree, I think these updates are awesome but just be careful what you post...with that said...anyone that you can tell that has noticeably changed? Like I know Dooley did...but what about Newsome and Prince...what about Facyson...have they put on good weight?

Facyson I didn't see this morning. Prince was having a rough go of it this morning as he was throwing up quite a bit but Moorehead said he had a better build but I didn't think of checking in on Newsome with his build.

Well for today the players were in basketball shorts and tank tops (the nike ones that they wear with the numbers on it), easy answer being no pads and no helmets.

You mentioned Seth Dooley. What about Ekanem? Is he doing well on the D-line? Would you put Dooley in front of him on the depth chart?

Ekanem was working with the second string line. He was doing pretty well this morning but I didn't see him in the training drills. For the position drills he was mostly quiet and got a couple of good jobs from Coach Wiles but not much else.

Maroon Bird, this is probably one of the coolest things ever. Is this site still free?? WTH!

I was just given the opportunity so I figured I should share it with you all!

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Two things:
1) By my count, there only 5 CB's on the roster (essentially only 3), let us know who starts getting reps there please.
2) What do you actually do/how did you get into this position?

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Ill try and watch the DBs on Thursday. I am a student athletic trainer so that is how I am able to watch practice (keeping the players hydrated and stuff).