Winter Workouts Day 2

Today I was able to watch the Inside linebackers for positional drills. Chase Williams and Deon Clarke were getting the first team reps today. For the second team it was Andrew Motuapuaka and Drew Burns. Chase Williams was the go to answer for Bud as he was making the correct read when doing a simulation of tracking where the ball carrier was going. Drew Burns was a little slow to react in the simulation but he did make the correct read each time. Motuapuaka is going to surprise some people this year as he was quick at getting to the point of attack and I wouldn't be surprised if him and Deon Clarke are in a battle until a few weeks out from the first regular season game. For the truing drills today there were some pretty good battles. However, Gibson and Benedict was very one sided as Gibson was winning most of the speed drills as well as the tug of war. I'm not sure if Benedict was 100% because he was by the trash can a lot so that might also be a factor. Hodges had a much better day today and was matched up quite a bit against Carlis Parker. It was a good speed matchup that was about even although Carlis had better change of direction which I believe Hodges needs to work on because his hips are too tight (TE to DB anyone?). If anyone has someone in particular that I might not have mentioned (unfortunately I cannot see everyone) I'll try and answer it as best as I can.

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How did Ronny Van Dyke look? Is he still injured?

He can't participate in the training drills so he runs around the perimeter but I saw him out of the corner of my eye working with the outside linebackers and he was fast (they were simulating a quarterback dropping back to pass and having to go into coverage drill). I hope to see more of the OLBs tomorrow.

Thinking about Hodges keeping up with Parker in speed drills makes me giddy.

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He is the "long strider" but he has good acceleration, but he does need to work on his change of direction some more though.

He is the "long strider"

Well yea; if you were 7'19 you would be too.

In all seriousness if he can learn the fundamentals of playing the position he certainly has the athletic ability to be a weapon for us. If it all comes together and he shows up tape, it will give opposing DCs something to plan against.

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” - David Wilson

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

What? I've been told that a big, athletic QB can seemlessly transition to an NFL caliber TE...

How much talk was there this AM about Pro Day? Are most of the guys going to be in attendance this afternoon supporting Logan and the rest of the players on showcase?

Yes there was quite a bit of chatter about the pro day most guys were saying they will be going as long as they don't have class. Most of them just want to see the NFL scouts and coaches as well.

Will you be attending Pro Day and share what you see with it being closed to the Media/Public?

I will be attending pro day but unfortunately I cannot disclose the information that I get from being there. Sorry Guys and Girls :(

Any ideas as to how Juice Williams and the other Rb's look? And who is one person that looks like they've grown/ been gentry sized?

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Saw him on campus a few minutes ago and he is freaking huge

exit light

Just so long as that nickname doesn't have any literal implications, I'm cool with it.

Marshawn Williams is a tank, Ford still has some time before he gets into D1 size but Mihota looked good as did Dadi.

Do you also have to clean out those garbage cans?...Yuuch!

Just Kidding, Thanks for the info...

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Hahah luckily no, and of course I'm glad I can give something to the community!

Was Malleck participating? Hope his shoulder is getting better.

I'm pretty sure he'll be held out of contact work for the spring. No need to rush him back when we already know what he can do and there are young guys that need reps.

Given that he tore his labrum, he's going to be held out for a while. I don't remember when he had his surgery, but they hold you out of contact work for up to a year when you're playing competitively. I can't find it, but they showed him doing rehab on a youtube video in early March (I think it was posted on TKP somewhere, along with RVD and Shai). He's doing push ups and has a lot of motion back, but he still has a bit to go.

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yes this is correct he has been doing some bike and running exercises but i did not see him on the field for either of the drills.

Here is Mallecks rehab video. It is linked in the Bitter article referenced below.

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Thank you! This was killing me not being able to find it.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

Per Andy Bitter regarding injuries keeping guys out or non-contact for spring.

Andy reported that Devin Vandyke might do non-contact work after an infection slowed his ACL rehab, but I have heard rumors that he isn't close to doing any kind of serious running and change of direction. I really hope he has a speedy recovery because his speed inside really could be a unique asset at mike, especially in the day and age of the spread offense.

Ronnie Vandyke
Kyshoen Jarrett
Shai McKenzie
Ryan Malleck
*Trey Edmunds will be off to the side doing conditioning work, but no drills

Matt Roth-concussion
Mark Irick- stress fracture

Andy also reported that Joel Caleb was still hobbled with the same leg injury that he struggled with last year. Kalvin Cline will play with a brace on the knee he sprained in the Sun Bowl. Braxton Pffaf and Vince Mihota are 100% after recovering from shoulder and foot injuries respectively.

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Yes Devin Van Dyke has stayed on the bike the past 2 days. All the non contact players listed have been running the perimeter of rector during the truing drills but only participate in the position drills if there is not contact. Although today Devin Van Dyke was fake snapping the ball for the positional drills for MLBs so take that however you feel.

Not a good sign for Caleb and Cline that they are still both banged up from last year.

I'd imagine the Cline would wear the brace on his knee just so there's no risk of reinjuring it, he could be healthy or pretty close to it. I sprained my ankle awhile ago but it's pretty much better now but I still wear a brace so hopefully cline is doing the same

this is all so sneaky...

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