Hokies QB Competition: The Vision is Clear

On Saturday Andy Bitter published a candid interview with offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler about Tech's quarterback situation. It's not business as usual at Beamer Co.

After the Sun Bowl loss, Frank Beamer gave, according to WaPo's Mark Giannotto, a definitive response about the future of the quarterback position, "Mark [Leal]'s the next guy in line here."

"He had a couple tough throws. He'll learn from that. ... That's not a great situation for your backup guy to step into. But I've got a lot of confidence in Mark. I've seen him in practice too many times."

Frank siding with seniority is neither new or surprising. Scot Loeffler stocking the cupboard with capable prospects and effectively declaring an open competition is.

Q: Is Mark Leal the frontrunner heading into the spring?

A: "I think because of age, you would say from an outsider and I think it's only natural that because of age, a guy that's been around. But to be quite honest with you, we're going to find out who our quarterback is. Period, end. He knows that. I know that. We've had the discussion. Obviously with age, you are the frontrunner. You should be, just because you've been around, an older guy. But he's got to prove that he's a starting quarterback. Whoever it is has got to prove and have the trust that they're the guy."

After signing three QBs in February, if it wasn't already clear that Loeffler wants options behind center other than Leal and Brenden Motley, it should be after Tech reportedly reached out to two possible transfers, Max Wittek (USC) and Michael Brewer (Texas Tech). According to Bitter this afternoon, Brewer will indeed transfer to Tech. He'll graduate in May and is eligible to play in 2014.

Having a plethora of options and an open quarterback competition is Virginia Tech's best plan of attack. The Hokies aren't fortunate enough to have had a 5-star stud spend the last two seasons on the sideline learning Loeffler's system. In fact, given the one-and-done-like pairing of Thomas and Loeffler, as well as the absence of a running game, I'm still not sure any of us know what Lefty's true scheme is.

Loeffler will have spring practice and August camp to 1) evaluate a bevy of QB candidates with different and unique skill sets, 2) develop his offensive identity going forward, and 3) build around the quarterback that fits what he wants to do on offense the best. Without a sure thing on the roster, this is the prudent decision.


Studies confirm that competition and depth at QB is good for the offense.

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What would be funny -- and well within the realm of possibility -- is if Brewer comes in and STILL gets beat out by one of Motley or one of the recruits.

That said, I still think this means that Ford and Durkin are all but guaranteed to redshirt.

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Joe just validated one of my previous posts. I am thankful as that shows what I have learned here on TKP. Thanks Joe!!

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Beamer didn't side with seniority. His statement about Leal was not a statement that Leal was going to be the QB. It simply said he was the front-runner. And at the time, he most likely was giving we had no one else other than Motley, Hodges, and potential incoming freshmen. Saying he was the front runner was not the same as saying Leal would be the QBG

I disagree. Whether it was meant to be cut-and-dry, it's how it came off. Giannotto used the word "definitive" and phrase "postgame proclamation" to describe the quote. Either way, it's in a direct contrast to what Loeffler told Bitter.

Either way it doesn't really matter what Frank said. Frank doesn't micromanage the coaches. Offensively or defensively. Loeffler's comments suggest a wide open competition, and I'll bet that's what we will see.

The bottle has an excellent point here. I want to say it was Joe (might've been a TSL article) that mentioned recently how Frank likes to hire people he trusts and let them do their thing. I have no doubt at all that Frank would never tell Lefty, "you have to start THIS guy because I said so." If Loeffler thinks one guy deserves the starting spot over another, I fully trust Frank to trust his coach and go with it.

It would be extremely alarming to me if that wasn't the case. Frank is a great head coach but I'm not sure anybody would confuse him for a QB guru.

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The bottle has an excellent point here

And this is how people get into trouble...


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Hey, at least it will lead to a few good stories after the hangover.

Beamer said:

"I'm disappointed that Mark didnt play better," Beamer said. "I've got a lot of confidence in him. I think theres a lesson in there: Be ready to play each and every week. And he did a couple things really nice and really good and made a couple throws that werent so good. But youve got to be ready to step up."

he also said:
"Marks the next guy in line here," Hokies coach Frank Beamer said. "He had a couple tough throws. Hell learn from that. Its a good defensive football team hes coming in against."

I wouldn't call that definitive. Perhaps Giannotto does, but to me it sounds like Beamer is simply stating he is the one to beat.

This is the way I took it as well.

Likewise; Leal may be the initial front runner due to seniority but the starting quarterback will earn it and looks like there are some decent options for next year. I am really excited about the 3 freshmen QB's but I suspect they will redshirt this year.


Competition is good, and it's great to have options, but has there ever been a time where things were more uncertain at QB? The guy with seniority has not looked great. We've got a bunch of young guys, none of which look like an heir apparent. And we've got a transfer with some experience coming from an offensive scheme worlds apart from ours.

I would guess Brewer will be at the top of the list, assuming he can mesh with the team. But that's just a shot in the dark based on the fact that we sought after and convinced him to transfer. I would be more than happy if we could just bring some DNA from Big 12 offenses into ours.

Not promoting QB by committee, or even suggesting it. This will be an opportunity for the offense to gather itself as one cohesive unit. It has spent the last 2 seasons on the back of #3 (for good and for bad) it's time to play as a unit.

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I think what makes it hard to predict is that there is such a different skill set for each of the QBs.

Lefty's made it clear that his goal is to create favorable match-ups for skill players based on their abilities/talents/unique skill set. If our running game remains mediocre, I see our offense running more read options/Inverted Veers, allowing a dual threat (Durkin or Brewer) more likely to get the starting job. If Edmunds breaks out, and string quality runs together game-in, game-out (ala Miami game), and our O-Line continues to improve, then I see one of the better pocket passers getting the starting nod (Ford or Leal).

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I think it's fairly evident that SL didn't buy into the LT should be a TE and ML the QB hubris thrown around last year. I even think he thought LT was a pretty good QB. While bowls may be exhibitions the exhebition that ML put on was not where a 4th yr JR needed to be, hence the transfer route. Letting Motley, Macmillan, Durkin and Ford have a couple of yrs to develop under SL maybe just the trick, if Brewer can fill the position. Maybe we should look for some LB with the same passion. We are really thin there.

Can Brewer win the job after missing spring?

If he plays better than the rest of the guys, yes. Remember Leal and Motley have only had a year in Loeffler's system anyway, and I'm not sure he would run the same offense that he did with Logan Thomas.

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Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure a family member of Mook is a CB at Texas Tech.

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It must be this guy, I saw that he tweeted him back.

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Yep, must be a cousin or his brother.

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Man oh man, the QB competition this summer is going to be brutal. But we absolutely need the best player at the QB position, so may the best man win.

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I may have had a 'play-in game' with Rody and Brewer, but I love the BYE for Leal.

Seems appropriate as well. The Ford Motley matchup is a coin flip.

I have Motley taking it and losing to Brewer in the Semis. McMillian comes out of nowhere and beats Leal only to fall to Brewer in the Finals.
It was a great tourney

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pfft! easy..

2014: Brewer, Heisman, 1rst Round Draft
2015: Durkin, Heisman, 1rst Round Draft
2016: Ford, Heisman and National Championship (bonus win: Battle in Bristol), #1 Pick of Draft
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I really don't see how it doesn't pan out this way.

Remember when we made fun of UVA for having 7 QBs on the roster?

Wasn't thinking about UVA, but am starting to get concerned that bringing in Brewer will probably mean that Ford/Durkin leave after next year. Durkin came to us on the idea of competing for playing time. If Brewer wins the job ,then those two are probably fighting for the backup job for 2 yrs. Attrition is a given in any program, but it'll be interesting to see how this plays out .

Wasn't thinking about UVA, but am starting to get concerned that bringing in Brewer will probably mean that Ford/Durkin leave after next year. Durkin came to us on the idea of competing for playing time. If Brewer wins the job ,then those two are probably fighting for the backup job for 2 yrs. Attrition is a given in any program, but it'll be interesting to see how this plays out .

I can't think of any scenario where neither Durkin nor Ford sit for at least 2 years. If one of them wins the starting job this year, and does well, the other will likely sit for the next 4 years. If one of the older guys gets the job, Ford/Durkin will both sit this year, and at least one will sit for many years after that. All of these guys will compete for playing time as promised.

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As long as we get a good QB, does it really matter who leaves?

Well, we can't really worry about that, can we? If Brewer wins the job its because he is better and earned it. If Ford beats out Durkin in 2 years or if Durkin beats out Ford, well, its because they are better and have earned it.
What we really want is the guy who gives us the best chance to win. As much as I would hate to lose Ford or Durkin down the road, if they aren't playing for us, then we aren't really losing anything, are we?

Best man up...to quote someone else on TKP...."This isn't FeelingsBall"


Here is the full 2013 Texas Tech Spring Game. Brewer was 26-43 for 282 yards and 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He also would've ran for a TD if it were a real game. One thing I noticed is that he is going to benefit from our TEs a lot, especially Malleck. I also think he would benefit from Edmunds in the passing game a lot as well if he can get back healthy.

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Do they even know what a TE is at TT?

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I think that is the 6th O line guy.

They had Jace Amaro last year so yes, I think they know.