Shibest earns Football Scoop Special Teams coach of the year award.

Frank Beamer is no longer Virginia Tech's head coach, but a culture of great special teams has not left Blacksburg.

I know people questioned a special teams coach with such a high salary but I'd say the man is earning his money.

Virginia Tech ranked in the top 30 nationally in the four major special teams categories — punt and punt returns, and kickoff and kickoff returns. The Hokies placed 24th nationally with a 10.81-yard average on 37 returns with two touchdowns, making them one of 13 teams with multiple punt return scores. On the flip side, Virginia Tech yielded only 42 yards on 10 returns with no touchdowns, good for 17th in FBS.

Virginia Tech was also the best team in the country on kickoffs. The Hokies' 64.25-yard average tied with Texas for the national lead, and their 80.28 percent touchback rate tied for third. On the rare occasion opponents did bring the ball out of the end zone, their returns averaged just 18.93 yards with no scores, placing the Hokies at 17th nationally. Virginia Tech's kick return unit ranked eighth with a 25.4-yard average on 20 returns

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Frank Beamer is no longer Virginia Tech's head coach, but a culture of great special teams Beamerball has not left Blacksburg.


"I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them. Go Virginia Tech." -Lee

If it weren't for our special teams, we'd be sitting at 7-5, most likely. It was very noticeable how big of a difference they made this year. Congrats to Coach Shibest on the award!

Well deserved.

With the addition of the 10th assistant I wonder if some other coaches will start trying to lure him away. Shibest played for Arkansas, so I would be worried about Chad Morris in particular as he as continues to assemble his staff.

I met Coach Shibest last year and he's a hell of a guy. Very genuine and hilarious. Coaches his nuts off too. Well deserved.

Congrats to Coach Shibest.

Special teams excellence is absolutely a tradition we'd like to see continue.


In the words of AC/DC

Some balls are held for charity and some for fancy dress, but when they're held for pleasure, they're the balls I like Shibest

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I'm looking forward to seeing how the FG unit looks next year. Great honor for Shibest, he's doing a fantastic job.