Virginia Tech Non-Revenue Sports February 2017

Figured it was time to refresh where things are now that a few of the spring sports have taken off.

Lady Hokies basketball: Continues the ACC slide unfortunately with a close road loss to Georgia Tech. The Ladies are now 16-7, 3-7 in conference play. Unfortunately, things dont get easier for the ladies as they face #9 Louisville at home and then go on the road to #19 NC State. The ladies have fallen to #44 in the most recent RPI.

Wrestling: Continues its run of domination, sitting at 15-1. NCAA ranking still shows the Hokies at 5th. One thing of note, Tech seems to wrestle much more than the teams ahead of them, who all have only 10 matches so far this year. In the Edinboro Open tournament, Ryan Blees took home the title at 157 pounds. Four other Hokies finished in the top 3 of their weight classes. Next up for the Hokies is a home meet against NC State which should be live on the ACC Network 7PM, Saturday the 11th.

Tech Swimming and Diving: Men are ranked 28th and Women are ranked 30th currently in the CSCAA Coaches poll.
Next up for the Hokies are the ACC Championships. Women are Feb 13-16 and Men are Feb 27 to Mar 2.

Tennis: Tech Ladies are now 4-1 on the season after a sweep of Purdue. Mens Tennis fell to 0-3, with a 4-3 loss to #10 Texas on Saturday. Neither team is currently ranked

Track and Field: Mens team is ranked 17th this week. Women's team is ranked 48th this week. Next up are events at Vanderbilt and Liberty this weekend.

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Just saw where the men's soccer team announced the new signings. More international than national, but most of it means nothing to me. Anybody know enough about this to educate me?

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When are are surrounded by UVA, Duke, Maryland, UNC, Akron and Wake Forest, there is too much competition for top recruits in the region. It looks to be some good signings, as long as they stay. It definitely is a larger risk signing international student-athletes, especially soccer, as they may feel a larger culture shock being a student-athlete and not a athlete that has a few classes.

So is this the type of class the reflects making it to the round of 8 in the NCAA tournament, or the type of class that will help us get there again, or do we need to be more consistently good to recruit at that level? How can you tell how good soccer recruits are likely to be in collegiate play?

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Based on what I saw online it doesn't look like any of these players were ranked in the top 150 of any specific ranking (which I think is less important for soccer than most sports). I feel like for soccer you recruit more for you system rather than based on rankings especially when you are surrounded by so many soccer powerhouses like we are. Its hard to say if this class has a correlation with reaching the quarterfinals this year. I feel like international players probably don't care as much about that as we do (I mean most of the ones we recruited have played for club and country with varying success it seems). Its hard to find information on the players from the United States. The recruiting databases aren't as updated or detailed as the major sports; however, just like them recruiting players is really hit or miss (especially since some players would rather test their luck professionally then go to college).

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This is the most impressive class I have seen the Men's soccer team bring in as far as I can remember (at least on paper) You always want to see that a player is a member of their countries national team at some level, and in this class you have five that have that.

I am also a big fan of bringing in European talent because many times the coaching and development of these kids go way above what normal American players see especially if they are brought up in a club academy. Although not involved in his national team, Von Westphalen excites me because you always want someone that has a knack for scoring goals especially one that has been playing in the Bundesliga.

Not enough stats in the little blurbs to know what impact some of the others will have. Also keep in mind, these are freshmen and the team returns the majority of its core from the Round of 8 run.

As for how you can tell how good they are going to be, that again is extremely difficult but I would say the biggest component is coachability and flexibility of style of play. If a player comes in with a hard mindset of how they are going to play the game and it doesnt fit with how the coaches run things, then that can be challenging. There are so many styles of play in the game of soccer that you have to be able to blend the talent in with the coaches game plan.

Thank you! Based on being on a national team as a judge of talent and development we got good players, but how well we recruit to our system can be just as important, kinda like football. Not a top 8 class, but if they are good fit they could play like it, or not. How good the class is and how well we recruit to our system is TBD, but the potential to stay relevant is maybe better than last time we had a NCAA tournament run. Do I understand you correctly?

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Well the good thing about staying relevant is that we have at least one more season with the majority of the key players that got us there in the first place. Anything these freshmen add is kind of a bonus. Last time we were this close, we lost almost all the key contributors to graduation or the pros after the season, as such we were essentially starting over and didnt have the same talent because frankly we hit the jackpot by getting Patrick Nyarko who was taken 7th in the MLS draft after that season. Ben Nason also was taken in the MLS draft after that season..

last years class was spectacular too, brought in a player from borussia dortmunds youth academy and a few players with international experience.

international experience is always good. think of it as extra practice much like bowl games, extra coaching, conditioning, and a chance to compete with better players all leads to development. given these short blurbs Glasmacher seems to be the jewel of the class. lots of success playing at a U18 and U19 level and member of a good bayer leverkusen youth academy

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

As Kmaxhokie said, it really depends on system. The rankings for the very top players are usually extremely accurate. These are players that standout and just look like they are toying with opposing teams, and usually have been in the US National team youth talent pool. Everything under that is usually more difficult to guess. A lot can depend on the systems, surrounding players and competition in club and high school. And to your question about making it far in the NCAAs, I would not expect that success continually. It is just too difficult with the powerhouses that surround us.

Getting to the elite 8 is a solid sign of the direction we are going. It will help in recruiting

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#6 Hokies Wrestling takes on #7 NCSU this Saturday at 7 in Cassell (Streaming on WatchESPN)

Winner of the match will be the ACC Dual Meet Champion and also get to host a top Big Ten team (Iowa/OSU/Nebraska) in the #2 National Duals meet on February 19th.

We should be favored in 5 matchups and NCSU is likely favored in at least 2. 133/149/157 and bonus points will likely determine this one.

Please let us host Iowa. That would be worth it just for the Dresser sound bites.

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Did we move down in the rankings?

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We are still 5th according to the ncaa site. NC State is 8th.

23 Virginia 10-5 ACC 24

loluva ranked 23 at 10-5....really

Year 3 is coming up!

There are only 76 D1 wrestling teams, so 23rd places them around the back end of the top third. 10-5 sounds about right there.

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Don't know where to put this; but I wondered after Magaritty took an elbow in the face that required stitches why that was not a flagrant foul. Do the women have the same rules as the men about careless elbows? Just as aside comment, I think that play cost us the game. If Mararitty plays the rest of the game, I think we win.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

They have generally the same rules regarding technical and flagrant fouls so yes it should have been and it should have been reviewed but again #goacc officials

Not following it really at all this year, but I know they're doing exceptionally well.

How serious of an actual threat to the National Championship is the wrestling team this year? I know we've had good and high ranked teams before, but the chances of actually coming home with the big one were very slim. Is that gap closing?

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Not enough. The gap is closing slowly at this point because of the level we have reached. Our classes are improving but there is still a big gap in the BIG10 Perennials than our team unfortunately. We are in the mix against the second tier of the BIG10 at this point though. Just have to look at last year. We finished essentially one good result behind Ohio State for third, but Penn State went out and mopped the floor with everyone, finishing 25.5 points clear of second place Oklahoma State.

Is it possible these guys could shock the world? Sure, but just about everyone on the team would have to deliver at least All American if not podium performances. Its looking like it will be a repeat though of last season with Oklahoma State and Penn State dueling it out for the title and everyone else fighting for third and beyond.

missing McFadden is a huge blow this year. we have no shot at the national title. we are way to weak at several spots where we won't even send guys to nationals (141 and 165 have been really bad and sal is hit or miss at 157).

penn state is absolutely loaded and has the best coach/former wrestler in the business. they have a freshmen ranked ahead of our best guy in dance currently and 4 guys either ranked 1st or 2nd including that freshmen.

penn state is absolutely loaded and has the best coach/former wrestler in the business

While I do agree Cael Sanderson was an amazing, unstoppable wrestler, what exactly makes him the best coach out there? I mean Penn State Wrestling basically recruits itself as they get to handpick the cream of the crop in very fertile recruiting grounds of PA and then extend nationally for any weight class they don't feel PA is delivering on. Is he a really good teacher of technique and form in wrestling or are we just assuming since he was undefeated in his college career and is an Olympic champ he must be a great coach?


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penn state wasn't killing it before he got there. Part of coaching is recruiting. I don't think you got to the level he was at without being able to teach or help people get better. He took over their program in 09 and won the title 5 out of the 6 years since 2011. PSU's last title prior to that was in 1953...

Watching the women's game against UL. Refs are a lot more hesitant with their whistles than in men's games. Very few trips to the line despite a good amount of contact on our drives.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Ladies kept it competitive until the fourth quarter, but then Louisville stepped on the gas at the end.

Woman's softball is playing out in Vegas today. Double header. Won first game against Indiana State now playing UNLV.

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Latest rankings synopsis:

Sport Record Ranking
Baseball 0-0 Unranked
Basketball (M) 18-7 AP: Unranked
Kenpom: #49
RPI: #34
Basketball (W) 16-3 AP: Unranked
RPI: #60
Indoor Track (M) N/A #17
Indoor Track (W) N/A #39
Lacross 2-1 #27
Softball 3-1 Unranked
Swim/Dive (M) 7-1 #28
Swim/Dive (W) 6-3 #30
Tennis (M) 2-3 Unranked
Tennis (W) 5-2 Unranked
Wrestling 17-1 #5


I did not know we had a varsity women's lacrosse team. Men's is still just club, right?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

That is correct. We have had women's varsity for quite a while. The newest sport is women's golf. I am not sure what would be next (if any).

Whit has definitely been getting pressure to make Men's Lax the next varsity sport, but it's at least 5 years away though given our funding situation.

I may have leaned on him to add fencing as the accompanying Title IX sport given its low scholarship count and abundance of varsity talent in VA that goes out of state, and totally not because of my own personal bias.

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The only issue is then we would have to provide probably 2 womens sports to account for the numbers on a mens squad or cut another mens team and add just one womens team. I highly doubt Men's Lacrosse will ever become a VT D1 sport.

Can't wait to see what softball does in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge

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WBB is 16-9 not 16-3; with 8 losses in a row.

Nice concise update. What has happened to women's BBall? was the OOC schedule soft or did teams get a scouting report on the new coach and have been able to scheme against it? Seems strange to have 8 game winning and losing streaks in the same season.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

The OOC schedule wasnt necessarily soft but one thing it lacked was teams with a predominant set of bigs down low with backups. Since hitting the ACC schedule, our biggest issue has been being out rebounded allowing second chance points. Opponents in ACC play are out rebounding Tech by 10 rebounds per game on average, 521 to 400 over 12 games.

Coach Brooks is also dealing with a short bench similar to Buzz. Brooks essentially has an eight lady rotation with only two bigs. There are now 13 on the roster, with future potential star Genesis Parker, #67 in her class, #20 PG having already left the program earlier in the year. That said, because of transfer rules, 6'2 Forward Michelle Berry is unavailable to Brooks after coming to Tech from Cal State Fullerton, and 6'3 Forward Erin Garner is unavailable to Brooks after coming from FIU/Georgia Tech.

This has left him with essentially only two bigs to heavily rely on in Sidney Cook and Regan Magarity since Tara Nahodil just doesnt seem to provide much, having only played in 12 games so far. Most of the ACC teams have that second set of bigs to sub in so Tech is forced to either stretch Cook and Magarity for more minutes or play with a heavy height disadvantage.

Another major factor is that the Hokies since entering conference play have all been significantly worse shooting the three than they were in OOC. Top three outside shooters are Panousis, Hill and Brooks. They have combined for 201 of Tech's 275 three point attempts in conference play. Panousis percentage drops from 30.5% to 25.4%, Hill dropped from 27.3% to 23.9%, and Brooks actually improved from 31.6% to 33.3%. Overall though between the three you are looking at about a nine points per game drop off from their OOC average.

I feel like we are always under-ranked when it comes from KenPom. Does he go out of his way to put us lower to seem fair?

Sagarin also has us at #49. Also, RPI Forecast, which uses Sagarin's "Predictor" rankings to run 10,000 simulations of the remainder of the season to get a realistic spread of probabilities, puts our eventual "Expected RPI" at 47. Right now we're getting a huge boost from having already played all of our big home games and all but one of our big away games, and if we go 2-3 down the stretch as predicted by them (since Sagarin has us ranked behind all 3 of our upcoming home opponents) will drop a bit, and if we go 3-2 or better we will have outperformed the computers' projections and our stock will rise a bit.

Hokieball is #200 in baseball RPI

Softball is #40 in Softball rankings and #44 in RPI.

Good news: tonight the women play one of the few teams below them in the ACC standings.

Bad news: it's @Pitt. Recent successes notwithstanding, @Pitt will always make me nervous.


Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

And another dud. Allowed their starting small forward, who was averaging 13.5 PPG go off for 31 and fell 72-64 on the road.

So Ladies Lax has started 3-1 and moved into the rankings this week at #20.

Hokieball is now 4-0 to start the season. NCBWA Poll has Hokies somewhere between 31 and 63. They only list others receiving votes in alphabetical order. Someone needs to shave Andrew McDonalds face.

The Golf teams now have an indoor practice facility all their own.

Softball is off to a 5-3 start. They beat Iowa twice in the Big Ten/ACC challenge but lost to Penn State twice in the same event.

Lady Hokies basketball took another loss, and is currently 16-11.

Those ball players and their crazy facial hair.

Lady Hokies break their 11 game losing streak by holding off Boston College on the road 82-79 in their final regular season game. They finish the regular season 17-12, 4-12. Regan Magarity went for 26 and 16 to help the Hokies end the slide. Now on to the ACC tournament.

Latest rankings synopsis:

Sport Record Ranking
Baseball 7-1
Basketball (M) 20-8
AP: #37
Kenpom: #42
RPI: #39
Basketball (W) 17-12
NCBWA: Unranked
RPI: #87
Indoor Track (M) N/A
Indoor Track (W) N/A
Lacrosse 6-1
Inside Lacrosse: #20
RPI: #18
Softball 8-5 Softball: Unranked
RPI: #44
Swim/Dive (M) 7-1
CSCAA: #29
Swim/Dive (W) 6-3
CSCAA: #30
Tennis (M) 4-5
Oracle/ITA: Unranked
Tennis (W) 7-2
Oracle/ITA: #44
Wrestling 18-1
NWCA: #4


  • I've tried to include links to all my sources. Let me know if one is broken. Some links will require further clicks to get to the data.
  • NCBWA lists others receiving votes alphabetically, so I can't get an exact number.
  • Baseball RPI is still from 2016
  • ITA Tennis only publicly lists top-50.

As usual, thanks to all who come along behind me and correct errors, particularly ltrepeter.

Men's indoor track won the ACC again.

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suck it LOLUVa

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Over the weekend, Rahiem Cooper, our center fielder, crushed 3 HRs, 2 of which were Grand Slams, all in the same game.

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ACC Wrestling Tournament Seeds have been released. The good guys earned the #1 seed in 6 of 10 weight classes.
Given the number of auto-bids earned by the ACC, the Hokies are almost certain to get 7 wrestlers qualified for nationals, with 8 being possible with a little luck.

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Baseball beat radford today 9-7. Winning is fun!

tweet tweet

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Up until last Friday I worked with a fellow who was on Radford's baseball team from 2012-2016. Obviously he left to avoid getting a good natured ribbing over this.

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