Houshun Gaines is back on the roster

After missing the spring at Virginia Tech, defensive end Houshun Gaines has returned to the Hokies updated roster, which was released in the 2017 Media Guide on Wednesday.

Gaines missed the spring season due to academic reasons, as first reported in March by Andy Bitter. His return to the program quickly adds depth to a thin position group that saw both starters, Trevon Hill and Vincent Mihota, on the sidelines this spring as they recovered from shoulder injuries.

In Gaines absence this spring, linebacker Emmanuel Belmar and tight end Xavier Burke moved to the defensive end position this spring.

Belmar is currently listed as a defensive end on the updated roster while Burke shows defensive line.

Gaines, a North Carolina native, is now listed at 248-pounds.


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Good to have him back

Recruit Prosim

That's big. DE depth really bothers me right now.

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agree, always a good thing when VT Gaines a DE

His tweets seem to suggest this also.

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We need him, not sure who else is ready to fill in on the second line

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Very impressed with him in stretches last year.

Always choose joy.

Kid appears to have taken classes lightly, faced the consequences, and made the effort and put in the work to correct it. I learned that lesson the hard way, too, and I'm happy that he's back.

Hopefully he passes the wisdom on to his teammates.

Well done Mr. Gaines!

AS did I. I am happy to hear he got things straight. Sure he had a great mentor.

Year 3 is coming up!

Wonderful news. He's likely first man out of the 'pen if/when Vin or T-Hill need a blow.

It also means he got his studies straight. Good on him. Welcome back, Housh.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Yeesss this is good news

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Very good news! DE depth is a major concern.

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This is excellent news.

He clearly took care of business, and did it quickly.

Definitely needed him back.

In addition to this news, all the players' numbers, heights, and weights, including incoming freshmen, have been updated in the new media guide available on Hokiesports.com. Some of the other sites are more thoroughly dissecting the latest measurables with some scorching hot takes. But, a lot of good information in the new media guide.

how can you possibly have hot takes about these things? Sheesh

So and so put on 15 lbs - out of shape or good muscle mass?

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Man, are we football-depraved or what...

Man, are we football-depraved or what...

I was thinking you meant "deprived" but I think I like "depraved" after all.


Yeah that works too. Thanks!

Man, are we football-depraved or what...

Year 3 is coming up!

We have a 300lb TE and a 153lb WR.

The possibility of a TE screen to Pettit with Pimpleton blocking down field given the size differences makes me chuckle

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I can't find the entire scene in gif format, but here we go...


No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.


Edit: never mind, found the 200+ page guide. Wonder if there's a quick and easy cut and paste to sort as roster update for a new thread

This is seriously huge for our DE depth. I was worried he could be gone for a while after a second misstep.

If he, Hill, and Mihota are all back and healthy, look out; our biggest weakness on D could be shored-up.

I thought Gaines could be a difference-maker for last season, and the suspension really seemed to derail things. When he got an opportunity to play, I thought he was very sound (especially recalling that he was part of several 3 and outs against Clemson.)

Mihota is great against the run, and does things on the pass rush that create sack opportunities for other guys. Gaines gives them a natural edge rusher who has the size and twitch to create havoc when Bud brings four guys. If his conditioning is prime going into fall camp, I expect Gaines to be very productive this season. Debose and Belmar I think will be competing to be the other guy in the rotation.

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Nice timing French - was just gonna post on here asking you who you thought had the inside track on rounding out the two-deep. Belmar had a nice spring by all accounts. Then again, I cannot wait to see Zion.

My worry re their running game (and our pass rush, tbh) has eased a bit since Housh's good news. Still a little worried about DLine depth across the board though. I take it Sobczak won't return? I don't want to assume, but haven't heard news on him in a while...

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Honestly, I am not positioned to have any insight on Sobczak's status. They are going to need contributions from Hewitt and Fullwood, and given that Burke is up around 280, I am assuming he will move inside.

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Will Porcher be a DT? I know Glaze will be but from what I read they are at the 260 lbs and 270 lbs range for true freshman. Maybe one of them will surprise. Garbut was smaller than I thought he came in at 6'1 and 213 lbs.


Yikes. 6'1" 213lb does not a DE sound like. That makes me seriously wonder if he gets a look at WR.

He definitely looked bigger on game film.

My goodness. Could you imagine a VT DL with an average weight over 260-270 especially if the ends still have the twitch that Foster and Wiles demand.

This is great news. Any word on the possibility of Sobczak returning? I think that would be pretty big for DT depth.

Great minds, my man. (see above)

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

I don't see OL Billy Ray Mitchell in the media guide anymore. Did he leave the team?

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Houseeee! Glad he's back. He's a great guy and a good friend.