Chip Kelly: UCLA or Florida

It appears that FL has been courting Chip and possibly even made an offer...with the UCLA job opening up today the west coast might be more of a fit for Kelly.

It will be real interesting to see how this coaching carousal plays out over the next few weeks.

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He had a great run at Oregon. That could translate into credibility with recruits in the PAC12. I'm sure it would do similar at UF but I think UF is a pretty big dumpster fire and McElwain's departure was kind of rocky. I think regardless of who's at fault a big name guy is going to avoid the conflict and go where the pastures are seemingly green.

Let's not forget that he bought a lot of the info for the recruits out there...
He doesn't really care for recruiting, and sitting back with a huge Gator logo behind him will keep the kids coming his way. They aren't doing that at UCLA with the big boy across the street.
Flo-rida is a good fit for him. He can cause a ruckus in the $EC without having to win 13-14 games every year.

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UCLA recruits itself just as easily as Florida. They've consistently been getting top 10 classes even with bad teams, LA is an easy sell to 18 year olds

I think, Pride sends him to Florida to prove he is still a big dog in football. Brains should send him to UCLA to build something and use his west coast street cred.

Though i don't know how much UCLA invests in their program offhand.

UCLA should be the choice, at Florida he would be expected to coach defense as well as offense.

That and he would have an easier time recruiting on the west coast. Adidas loves UCLA too so you could probably end up flaunting that brand like he did Nike.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

In order to know where he's going what brand of shoes does Chip wear?

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Also at Florida...he'd be expected to beat Alabama in the SECCG (if they got there) and Uga annually.

Comments from my connected UF friends (so take it with a grain of salt):

  • Chip Kelly to UF is almost a done deal - The 49ers are paying out Chip until he gets a new 'job'. UF/Chip Kelly's agents are working on the contract's language so he can forfeit as little of his payout from the 49ers (and thus coach at UF for a 'reasonable' price).
  • Contrary to popular belief, Chip does not hate recruiting; he just hates the travel that comes with it. UF is very attractive to him due to the (relatively) limited travel involved with recruiting. He got sick of coast-to-coast travel when recruiting Florida high schoolers to Oregon.

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Chip Kelly and his offense in the SEC would be disruptive and fun

Chip Kelly and his defense in the SEC would be must-see trainwreck event every week

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Chip Kelly actually fielded very good defenses, they were just overshadowed by the high scores from the uptempo. And considering that people have a much better understanding nowadays of per-play metrics vs total yards/points, his defenses would be in higher regard if he did the same thing today.
Not to mention the fact that he'd have significantly better athletes on defense, and recruiting rankings track pretty well with defensive success.

EDIT: for some reason I thought you were talking about offense, so my original response doesn't apply here.

I can't stand Florida, so the best solution would be for him to go to Florida, and fail.

Second best is to go to UCLA, where his style of football matches what they do.

I have always liked Chip for whatever reason, so I hope he does well wherever he goes. As others have said, UCLA would be the wise and safe choice for him, while UF would be the bold and more entertaining choice.

For me, it's more entertaining to see unreasonable Florida fans disrupt their own team and fire coaches after two or three years of winning their division.

can they get him in in time to pull off the upset of FSU? Cause I really want to see them stay home for bowl season...

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The Gators ought to be every hokie's primary rooting interest this Saturday.

I predict failure at an SEC school. Once the defenses start stopping the offense, the up tempo won't be effective.

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I could see Kelly having short term success at UF like Urban Meyer. Early on he would bring in a bunch of highly ranked recruits that want to play for an "offensive guru" and win a lot of games with elite athletes while the D-Coordinator takes care of that side of the ball. The influx of offensive recruits will help bring in highly ranked defensive recruits with them. Add in Kelly's more advanced approach to nutrition and conditioning and he could win a lot of games, especially in a weak SEC East.

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He used to routinely come in and drub SEC teams on their home turf with the Ducks. I don't know why people say he can't do the same with probably better recruiting.

The more pertinent question, should be how well can he recruit without the help of Nike backing him?


It was probably easier when they weren't used to playing his teams. I have a feeling they'd adapt.

He used to routinely come in and drub SEC teams on their home turf with the Ducks.

Unless I'm missing something, Oregon was 1-2 against the SEC under Kelly. They beat a 6-7 Tennessee team in 2010 and then lost to Auburn that year in the BCSCG. They then opened 2011 with a loss to eventual BCS runner-up LSU.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Kelly's O fits the talent that UF can easily recruit. But they'll need to spend money on a real D coordinator.

Great article over at the All American by Stewart Mandel for those that subscribed (paid) to his website debating this exact topic.

The TLDR: UCLA would provide a way for him to work under the radar while Florida would be the exact opposite, but obviously a bigger stepping stone for him.

Serious question...
What would be the next step for Chip (UF would be a stepping stone?) I mean UF might be just outside a list of 10 blueblood programs, but is definitely top 25 in all of the country. Where would he go, if successful? If he brought the Gators up from the ashes and won a Natty, why on earth would he leave?

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Poor use of terms on my part. My bad.

To your point, at a general level the UF job is considered a more prestigious job while UCLA sits in the shadow of USC. So the question posed was more does he want the scrutiny that comes with the glory of coaching in the SEC or would he rather scheme up offenses in a familiar conference without the spotlight on him 24/7?

Gotcha. That makes sense. (And was thinking the writer said that anyway, so was curious what his thinking was...)

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I'd put them well inside the top 10.

In the last 25 years, they have as much of a claim as anyone to number 2 behind Bama.

at freshman orientation in virtually every HS in the state, somewhere in the first 5 minutes, a school official is going to say, "I know what you all want to know is , what's it going to take to get into UF". That is the target of most parents. And there are almost 11 mllion people within a 150 mile radius of Gainesville (compared to less than 100,000 within 150 miles of Blacksburg). UF should be loaded every year.

You do a great imitation of every Gator fan I've ever met.

LOL! I'm related to 3 of them.

Actually, there is no excuse for them not to be top 10 every year. What do they not have?

Fans with reasonable expectations?


Where are you getting your population statistics from? The source I'm using says there are 3.82 million people in a 150 mile radius of Gainesville vs. 2.96 million in a 150 mile radius of Blacksburg.

Edit: Those numbers seemed really outdated to me, so I checked another source based on 2016 census data.
9.71 million in a 150 mile radius of Blacksburg
10.70 million in a 150 mile radius of Gainesville

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For some reason that tool only includes Montgomery county (population: 98,000) regardless of the radius used for Blacksburg. If you use the Roanoke/Christiansburg/Blacksburg MSA, it outputs 9.71 million.

Edit: Spelling

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

yeah, i just ran that

i'm not investing in any of their numbers

I think they're about even though. All of the Triad plus a good amount of the Triangle, Richmond, and Charlotte MSAs are within 150 miles of Blacksburg. Not to mention the ~400k in the Roanoke MSA.

Not tyring to take away from your post btw. I'm just always curious in map/population data. In regards to the UF job, I would put them in the top 10-15 program range for all-time, and in the top 5-10 range for the last 25 years.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

yeah, I should have dug a little deeper. that initial number was obviously off on its face

I ask this same damn question everytime I see a news source saying Jimbo is on the short lists for places like A&M. I would think FSU would be a few rungs above A&M. Money talks, but those places come with a pile of bullshit too.

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Maybe it's the Urban Mayer effect or something. But Urban didn't jump ship directly either. Neither did Saban. I just don't see any reason to leave once you land at one of the top tier programs. Guess I'm funny that way.

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I think he'd have more resources at Texas A&M. If he lands there I could easily see him disrupting the Alabama dynasty in two or three years.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I agree. I think one of the things that makes college football interesting is having a big time rival. For A&M that was UT. They haven't played since A&M went to the SEC. That means A&M's new rival is a toss up between Arkansas and LSU... Kind of boring.

FSU has a strong rivalry with UF, Clemson and Miami.

The play devil's advocate, I think a coach would rather coach somewhere like that. That takes a lot of pressure off. Watch what happens to this fanbase's feelings towards Fuente if we lose Friday.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I think you mean a normal person, not an A++ type personality like Chip Kelly.

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Florida is the perfect place for Chip Kelly. That is going to be awesome to watch.

Hot Take: Jimbo is a shit coach, or at the very least way overrated. With that talent they should not be that bad.

To follow up though, what makes Texas Am think Jimbo would want to take a downgrade further from his roots?