Hokies Open as 7-point "Road" Favorite at Virginia

What does everyone think of that number: Virginia Tech -7 against Virginia?


I think UVA poses some matchup problems and we will probably see one heck of a game on Friday. If you think people on the board lost their minds when we lost to GT, just wait until after the UVA game... a game that we certainly could lose.

Is it football season yet?

Is Mihota out/injured?

Torn ACL is what I've heard.



What does everyone think of that number: Virginia Tech -7 against Virginia?

I expect that line to move down to 3 points or less by game time. I would not pick us to cover a 7 point spread, just because our offense can stall out at any point. If we're going to beat UVA by 7 or more, our defense and/or special teams will need to score.

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I think this is a winnable game for UVA, which has never stopped them from losing before.

That's a tough one. UVA looked good in that Miami game and like many teams outplayed Miami. I can't wait for Clemson to stomp them into the ground, however, Miami has been a very lucky team.

UVA: 439 yards, 18 first downs
Miami: 358 yards, 15 first downs

By comparison,

VT: 299 yards, 22 first downs
Miami: 438 yards, 21 first downs

This UVA team is no joke.

If we can get timing down on some of those long passes this game is winnable. If not I really fear the streak is in jeopardy.

Uva also had 277 yds vs Lville, 257 vs BC and 314 vs Pitt in the last month.

People need to stop saying Miami is lucky. They play up or down to their competition. The game against Clemson is going to be a good game.


THIS!!!! ^^^^^^^^

Miami is what we were 10 years ago.... Just with better players who are able to win the high profile games.

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As folks who follow our team closely, we wouldn't touch that line...but I wouldn't be surprised if it moved to -8 or -8.5.

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It's a tight match up now.

One the hoos start trash talking though, I expect the line to move to -38, bro.

I'm really nervous about this one. I think it's going to be a low-scoring back and forth game, but we'll find just enough offense and the defense will limit the big play this week to give us a 3-10 point win.

...Wow, I feel like I'm copying and pasting a prediction and game play out that would've happened in the Beamer UVA-VT era.

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Fuente knows the importance. Lets hope he summons that UNC voodoo and stomps them through the field.

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Can't underestimate the impact of having to fly back from Miami vs. having a home game prior to a short week game like this. Scheduling played out in our favor this time.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

+7/-7 doesn't matter. The only number that matters is 14 straight after Friday night.

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This team can cover that easily. I honestly believe that. But I don't think they will. I just want a win.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I'll give you my opinion as soon as I get off the phone with my bookie.

Yes, that's right, dude. the whole farm... the hen house, the stables, the back forty fencepost... everything on the Hoos plus 7.

Leonard. Duh.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Nice mashup! I love it.

Thx. Wish I could take actual credit for it.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

That line says Vegas thinks the public still believes we're scoring tons of points and doesn't realize UVA is competent. They had a big number on us last week as well so they racked up on that public money (public goes favorites by a lot). I expect it to be a close game. I'd never bet this game for because its too much of a moral dilemma but that +7 is gonna look real tasty to a bunch of sharps.

Yeah, simple math has us about 32-13. If you add a TD to that both ways to cover recent trends, it's 25-20. If you give them 3 for hone field, it's down to 2 (but I wouldn't give them 3 with 50% of the crowd pro VT).

I expect a game a lot like 2015, a slog for both teams and someone wins with a FG at the end.

As a lot of others on here....I don't think the defense will have a problem. It's more a question of the what the offense can do.

After a pretty poor execution against the 111th ranked passing defense I don't know. Hopefully whatever JJ is going through at the moment is gone because he looks no where near his early season self. The plays were there on Saturday but execution wasn't. There were at least two throws that stick out to me that would have gone for six had he connected.

This might be another special teams / defensive win if we get it. Most nervous I've been about this game since I can remember.

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Considering how bad we have played the last 3 games and how good they played against da U this seems overly generous. We have just seemed to be completely unmotivated and tired, I fear we will get wahooed on Friday :(

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I'm just hoping that Josh Jackson's arm heals some this week.

I'm not putting much stock in the Miami game. Miami plays to their competition. If they came out for UVA as pumped as they were for VT and Clemson, they would have won the game by 50 pts.

Defense needs to play great. Hopefully Adonis will be good to go.

I think many fans are forgetting that UVA got blown out by BC at home (by 31 points), lost by 17 to Pitt, and barely escaped by UNC and Duke to have the record they do now. UVA has always played Miami pretty well this decade, with their series being 4-4 since 2010...

People keep freaking after seeing how they went up against Miami last week, but should remember that it was the same Miami team that barely snuck by UNC and has been playing with the hype of each game. Heck, even Kirk Herbstreit and many others said that UVA/Pitt were going to be close games for Miami after beating down VT and ND just because of the lack of attention the games were drawing, already clinching the Coastal, and playing in half empty stadiums again rather than primetime.

I like this matchup more than I liked the 2012, 2014, and 2015 games, which were of course all close VT wins. I do think it will be close, but if our defense plays well and we actually run productive slants/decently run the ball, we should be fine.


Perfect write up. I agree on all accounts other than liking this game more than those other three years. This is the most nervous I have felt since as long as I can remember. That's just me though.

Also, as someone else pointed out yesterday, it can't be understated that UVA is coming into an already short week of practice off of a long road trip to a more physical team. We can attest to that...

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

I'm worried because of the body language I've seen on offense the past few weeks. If Jackson doesn't get into a rhythm early and starts making mistakes, he looks completely dejected, and that attitude seems to affect the offense. The QB needs to be able to put mistakes behind him and rally the team. It's clear he's taking the brunt of the offensive struggles all on himself.

I think it's critical we come out early and seize control. I don't want to make this close and leave them hanging around late in the game. Someone has got to spark the offense this week.

Pops: are we gonna lose to UVA?
Me: I dunno. I don't think so.
Pops: but they looked really good against miami
Me: yeah, but this is the same team that got buttfucked by BC
Mrs. Lwyr: did you just say 'buttfucked' on the phone to your dad?

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Leg for sharing.

It's interesting how the past two seasons have culmunated to this game.

2016 was polar opposites for both teams. Bronco's UVA team collapsed on itself and nosedived to a 2-10 record. OTOH we have the good guys who completely exceeded expectations, won 10 games and gave the eventual national champions a fight in the ACCCG.

Now both teams have sort of normalized to the middle. VT no doubt still has the advantage, but it's slimmer than it looks. UVA looks significantly improved while VT has regressed from last year.

I expect another low scoring slugfest. 17-13 to the good guys.

Looked a bit more into the numbers after seeing the 7 point spread. I also believe the short week after their hard fought game down in Miami is helping us.

Points Allowed per Game
VT 14.7
UVA 28.2

Points per Game
VT 30.5
UVA 26.0

Total Yards
VT 409.5
UVA 371.2

Yards Allowed
VT 315.6
UVA 359.0

But who has better ToP stats?

With all the injuries going into this game, I'm fully expecting UVA to win by multiple scores.

Don't sugar coat it, tell us how you really feel. It hasn't felt like it for a decade, but this is still a rivalry. All bets are off.

My prediction: Hokies by 10. Motu gets a defensive score...he is due one. Stroman busts a long return. Offense does just enough.

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

If UVA has any shot to beat us in the next 5 or so years, it is this year and they still are gonna lose by a 10-14 points. Benkert, Dowling, and Levrone are all decent but all seniors and the same with Brown, Kiser, and Blanding. Once those guys combined with both their starting tackles graduate this year, they will go back to their usual 3-9/4-8 seasons, especially now that they can't recruit. Goes to show you that that any FBS team with a competent QB and 2 WR's along with a solid playmaker at each level of the defense can get you to 6-6 on a good year.

If UVA has any shot to beat us in the next 5 or so years, it is this year

I said this every year from 2012-2015 and we still never lost, so let's hope the same holds true.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

I agree that this is their chance. I see them winning this year and then losing the next several.

Leg to offset the downvote. Come on, people!


UVA hasn't beaten a single P5 team by multiple scores all year... Don't expect that to change Friday.

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"They are just tougher"
Just watched the rant this morning to start LOLUVA hate week, gets me every time.
"Everybody thinks UVA is soft!"
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"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

It's that time of year again when we look back at some of the videos Bill Dozer has put out for this annual matchup slaughter:

*Audio for "Unbuilding The Program" NSFW

And finally because I think Weird Al captured the spirit of the "rivalry" in this song, I'll add it to the mix:

you sir get a leg just for Weird Al

I realize VT hasn't been playing well of late, but there are two teams playing this Friday and the other is playing even worse.

UVa has lost 4 of its last 5 by 31 pts, 16 pts, 17 pts & 16 pts.

I don't know that VT is going to win by 7 or more, but of late UVa is certainly capable of losing by 16 or more.

Blanding hasn't......and WON'T be taking back the state!


I talked shit for a solid two weeks before the Clemson game to one of our pilots who's a big Clemson fan. We lost. I talked shit about Miami for damn near the whole season with our XO, who's a big Miami fan. We lost. I'm spending Thanksgiving with my girlfriend, and her Wahoo sister is joining us, and normally I would talk plenty of shit. Having learned my lesson, I AM NOT SAYING A FUCKING WORD UNTIL THE CLOCK HITS ZEROES.

Since my son was born, we've been in a hospital while watching two wins and have lost the two games that we watched at home. If we're not winning comfortably by halftime, I'll likely be trying to convince my wife to let me take him to a waiting room at the hospital for the second half.