Quincy Patterson Mid-Season Tape

I just saw this article on 247 that has Quincy Patterson's mid-year tape, and it got me pretty excited. Boy does he look like a good fit for CornFu's offense. I love how for most of the tape he alternates between running and throwing highlights, showing a real dual-threat ability. He reminds me a lot of Evans, but he's only a HS senior and will hopefully have more than one off-season to learn our offense before starting, and will hopefully be a starter for more than a year.

There is a throw at about the 50 second mark that looks like an NFL throw, it was awesome. And the following running highlight he about breaks a kid's ankles to get into the endzone. I don't want to fan the QP for Heisman talk or set any crazy expectations on a HS senior, but he looks like a great fit and I can't wait to see him take the field for us in the future (hopefully after learning the system for a couple years behind Jackson/Hooker)

Note: I tried to embed the tape but didn't know how. Here is the link.

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I try to not get too excited over recruits before signing day, but DAMMIT, QUINCY PATTERSON IS A FREAKIN PLAYER! He's also been one of our best recruiters! Love the potential for this guy to come in and make a difference immediately.

Hey looked leaps and bounds better than last year and his tape last year wasn't bad

The throw at 0:46......

Absolutely insane highlights from just half a season worth of football.

If you were to draw up the perfect quarterback for Fuente's System, Quincy Patterson has all of the physical tools you are looking for. He's going to be absolutely dynamite in the run game, with his size being a huge factor in the interior run game. Love how comfortable he looks pushing the ball down the field too.

If he picks up the system quickly (and all reports are that he's a very smart young man with a good football IQ) I expect him to push for playing time very early, regardless of how much eligibility Josh Jackson has left. If the offense is still struggling to run the ball when Quincy comes around, he will push for immediate playing time based on that criteria alone.

Let's not forget QP is also boasting a 4.0 GPA - the kid has a head on his shoulders too. I can't wait to get him on campus.

Intends on becoming a mechanical engineer as well.

Love this kid...

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I partially second that Mase though I believe the job will be Hendon's after this yr kid is speacial.

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here you go my dudes:

OMG, a man amidst boys. Wow!

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The TD run at 1:10, where the defender jumps up on the fence and watches him walk in the endzone was on Sportscenter and went viral - I had no idea that QP was the runner in that.

Trying to find the Deadspin post from it...

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I'm excited, but he looks huge compared to the defenders trying to keep pace with him. He won't look as dominant against college defenses (but I hope he does).

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

To be fair you can literally say that about any high school tape though.

Me: Nice stiff arm!.........oh, wait.......that LB is like 5'4".

Yeah true, but I think it's fair to point out he has some bad habits. He's not going to be able to stiff arm a 180 pound defensive tackle every time his pocket collapses in a college game.

He's not going to be able to stiff arm a 180 pound defensive tackle every time his pocket collapses in a college game.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Many, but not any. That looks like barely average competition - at best.

This is the first clip I've watched of him. Coach God gave him and Coach Fuente a whole bunch to work with, but there is still A LOT of work to be done. He's not as refined as Jackson at a similar stage to my eyes. I'd say he actually reminds me a bit of Lawson athletically and as a HS QB (although the throw mechanics are different), but I think the comparison ends there.

reminds me a bit of Lawson athletically and as a HS QB (although the throw mechanics are different), but I think the comparison ends there

I'm not sure that the analysis of Lawson transfers directly.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

It better not.

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I see what you did there...

Not to halt the hype train, but he has the raw talent and strength and speed, but he needs a lot of seasoning before becoming a viable option. After a few years under Fuente, he will be very good. For what it is worth, I like Hooker's tape better.

Always choose joy.

I agree on the Hooker tape being a little more dynamic but man the thought of the three quarterbacks CornFu have at their disposal over the next 5+ years is crazy. Now to develop our athletic wr's and get Ford to be our stud running back and they will have to bring that trophy case back to the Merryman Center, except filled this time.

Patterson is a better prototypical fit because his stoutness should hold up better rushing the ball up the middle on designed QB power plays. We saw what having a powerful runner taking snaps can do to mask rushing deficiencies last season, and it's one of the things this offense desperately misses today.

We don't know that he needs "a lot of seasoning" to play for Fuente and Cornelsen. Both of them are known to tweak their systems to get the most out of their quarterbacks and Fuente showed at Memphis he is willing to play a young quarterback over an established starter if he feels the young guy has the tools to be a stud.

I agree that Patterson has more stoutness (already 20 lbs on Hooker without Hilgart) but think Patterson's athleticism reminds me of Jerod while Hendon's frame and athleticism remind me of Deshaun Watson. As we saw last year, Jerod definitely helped mask the running game deficiencies but if we can bring in a big time RB like Ford, we might not have to rely on the designed QB power plays as often. Either way a good discussion to have because both are studs and can lead us to many, many wins.

If a stud runningback emerges i suspect we'll see josh jackson under center for quite a while... although i agree with your point that a strong rushing attack makes Pattersons power less necessary while a more elusive quarterback is always a luxury worth pursuing

I don't know, I think the book on Fuente/Conelson wrt developing QBs and tweaking their system to fit talent is still a bit overstated. What are we talking about...3 QBs and 3 1/2 seasons of real, actual football talent with which to work with so far?

Sure there are some modest tweaks (as there generally is by most teams), but to me the current VT offense doesn't look that much different from last year's VT offense or the Memphis offense for that matter (and isn't THAT different from Loeffler's offense except they - smartly - prefer much simpler passing trees).

QP getting a lot of hype. It's awesome but totally agree Hooker looks better on tape. He's also a smart kid. Future is bright.


Is it my old eyes or does his school not have numbers on the jerseys?

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You can't see from the standard highlights, but when they zoom in the numbers are white with a maroon outline on a white jersey.

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Is Patterson enrolling early?

First comp that comes to mind is Marquise Williams.

I have no issues saying he looks like Deshaun Watson

More of a power than speed runner like Watson is. Also Watson could drop dimes as a freshman, looks like QP still working on leading his WRs more consistently.

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I noticed that the HUDL player indicator he uses is Burnt Orange.

no disrespect to quincy but goodness lord some of the effort from the kids hes going against I would lose my hat if I was coaching on the other side!

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What is the level of competition he plays?

I live in Chicago suburbs and have gone to two of his games this season, competition is brutal and his team maybe goes 14 deep. He's starting middle line backer too. They dress almost the entire JV team to ensure numbers. He is legit and is perfect fit for system, but don't expect him to play for 2-3 years. Needs a lot of growth and to learn to play against much better, faster competition on the field. His team lost to Raby who is average and plays Phillips this weekend who is #4 ranked in Chicago. So this weekend will be biggest test. The Chicago public league is barely keeping football alive due to low numbers. They're forming a flag league now. I'm excited but I'd slow the train down. Very good kid though. And yes, he's easily biggest in pretty much every game. Has offensive lineman about inch smaller but 340 Lbs

Just attended the game against Phillips. Both teams had been outing up 40+ points on teams and this game ended with philips winning 14-9. Prob would have been much uglier if not for six turnovers by philips. I will say this considering solorio had prob 2/3 they players and lost one of their lineman I thought losing by five to a team ranked 4th in Chicagoland was still pretty good. And I can't figure out how to post it but we chatted with his family after the game. His parents will be going down next weekend with him. They seem like really great people and prob why he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. check out the Chicago Hokies Facebook page to see our group shot with the fam.

Saw the picture, great seeing our Hokie Club and Alumni groups getting so involved.

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my two favorite plays: Solorio started the game with an on-side kick. bold and it worked. kid who it hit was probably a little surprised and he didn't quite catch it and Solorio recovered. Unfortunately when they did it again after their first touchdown it didn't work. Second favorite play, Quincy is their punter, which made the first 4 and long fake punt pretty easy and successful.

Plays QB, LB, and punter?

Kid will make a great TE at tech {ducks}

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Hokie club members (past and present) please don't do this. Having contact with recruits or their legal guardians is an NCAA violation.

A "contact" is any face-to-face encounter between a prospect,
a member of a prospect's family or legal guardian and an
institutional staff member or booster during which any
conversation occurs in excess of a greeting.

In addition, a simple exchange of greetings is considered a
"contact" if it is prearranged or takes place:
1. On the grounds of the prospect's educational institution, or
2. At the site of organized competition or practice involving
the prospect or the prospect's high school, preparatory
school, two-year college, or all-star team.

No Contact With Prospects
Boosters of Virginia Tech Athletics are prohibited from
making in-person on- or off-campus recruiting contacts. They
are also prohibited from engaging in written or telephone
communications with a prospect or the prospect's parents or

Boosters who find themselves contacted by a prospect via phone,
e-mail, in a chat room, or in person, must not enter into a
recruiting conversation. Under such circumstances, the prospect
should be referred to the athletics department. The same is true
if a booster is contacted by a prospect's parent, guardian, or


yes bigdaddy

good to know. I asked in a previous chat about the possibility of this and didn't hear anything. Having never donated or purchased season tickets I don't think I qualify as a 'booster' per the definition provided and also probably why I've never seen the brochure you reference:
"Representative of Virginia Tech's
Athletics Interests" (i.e. Booster)
A "representative of an institution's athletics interests" is
anyone who:
Is now, or has previously been, a member of any organization
promoting the institution's intercollegiate athletics program;
Has made a financial contribution to the athletics program
or an athletics booster organization; or
Has helped arrange any employment for a student-athlete; or
Has been involved, in any way, in the promotion of the
athletics program.

While we did take a picture, I would call it a simple greeting. probably worthwhile to clarify to them that we weren't officially affiliated with the school since we did stick out a little. But I guess chapters in more fertile recruiting areas are more aware of these rules, which will be good to pass back to our alumni board here for our freshman send off event.
"Rules That Affect Alumni
It is not permissible to invite selected high school or juniorcollege
athletes to alumni events.
Alumni are permitted to entertain groups of prospect-age
students under certain conditions where athletes are not given
preferential treatment.
When Virginia Tech athletics department staff members are
invited to speak at an alumni function, be sure to inform
them in advance if any prospects will be in attendance. This
is extremely important because there are certain time periods
during the year when coaches are prohibited from any contact
with a prospect away from campus."
Not that we get anyone from the Athletics department up this way, but still valuable info. Anyway just thought I'd post in case good info for any other chapters.

Just greet and take some pictures with some other ordinary students too while you're there, then it should be fine.

If anyone here hasn't watched the elite 11 series, it is pretty well done and shows alot of Quincy developing just from a few days of coaching. Plus, really shows his maturity. The kid is really smart and talks about how he wants to study mechanical engineering and understands that life and college aren't just about football. Yes he's a great athlete, but to me he's the perfect type of person to be associated with as a hokie.
Link to the first episode

I hear Bama is interested