Orange Effect Helmets

After the uniform discussion this week and seeing everyones opinion, it's good to see the helmets being released this evening. While they are not orange, these things are pretty sharp. Looking forward to seeing them in the end zone.

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They're awesome. I like how they are keeping the same design for every helmet, but changing the colors.

Vastly prefer these to the orange domes.

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Looks like it's matte white to me

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Yes, which is certainly better than a matt ryan. Fuck that guy.

This comment is wonderful

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The best helmets are matt helmets

I'm picturing these lids with orange jerseys and white pants...I dig it

Quick someone post a uni-builder image of white orange white

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For those trying to picture the white/orange/white look, FWIW this was 2011 BC game ...

I miss David Wilson...

That's a really good look.

please no orange tops. please no orange tops. please no orange tops.

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White/Orange (old jersey style)/white




Might as well finish it out with white orange maroon

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Ask and you shall receive.


I like it

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

Well, if they did order new orange jerseys specifically for this game this year, I hope we at least see a new design/something that hints toward the redesign next year.

I could get behind the white orange white look

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Yep same - and I thought the orange pants vs. BC looked okay - white, white, orange would be okay by me too.

White/White/Orange isn't bad:

Here's another look at White/Orange/White:

Nice find on that pic! Yea, I could definitely do the new while helmets with the white jerseys and orange pants. I like those pants with the stripes better than the solid orange ones.

Same striping from the Belk Bowl helmet right?

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I'm hoping this is the look:

VPI '10

I kind of doubt it for an orange effect game... But I love those helmets for whatever game, they are orange, maroon and white.

Was really hoping these helmets would stick around and be the new formatte, but I'm sad to see they've practically been glossed over.

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Just win, baby!