OT: Does anyone remember the 2001 intro video?

Love the graphics and the fact Sandman just slips in, this must have been the birth of the Enter Sandman intro.

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Lol these graphics are great.

Sidenote: was IceHokieGuy born yet when this was created?? Mind blown

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Yes I was, but I was too young to remember or care, shame on me

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smh so much for being a die-hard

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Let's play "Who can name all the players in the video?"

Oof, who let Michael Bay direct this?

Also, that animation at the beginning was CavMan levels of bad...

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It's almost perfect - The only thing missing is a wizard riding on a dragon.

Love the 1980's montage music... LOL

Andre Davis, ronyell Whittaker, Chad Beasley, Jarrett Ferguson.

Ben Taylor

So much cringe.

Sure as hell beats this graphics work....

Fucking LOLuva

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