OT: J Cole - KOD

New album released at midnight. KOD (Kids on Drugs)

Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvEUSUVk2kI

Currently listening right now... will come back later to share thoughts and what not.

In days where trash rappers are the norm and surprisingly successful, it's good to still have artists/albums to look forward to from time to time.


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I think the album is pretty good. I will have to listen to it more to truly judge it. If you're looking for 'mainstream fire' or crazy beats, I don't think this music is for you. It's more metaphorical and deep than a bunch of 'bangers' thrown together.

I think it's pretty good, probably the best hip hop album since DAMN. Not as good as Forest Hill Drive though.

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Came here expected to see why some guy named cole gave Tech the Kiss of Death.

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Maybe someone from the PAC12 gave Cole from VT the Kiss of Death?

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I don't listen to the hippity hophop, but have yall seen that 6ix9ine kid?lol what a loon!

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Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

yeah, that dude is awful... and he's a pedo.

i doubt he has any fans above the age of 19.

I think it's his most experimental and riskiest album yet. And while I didn't necessarily agree with the whole Kill Edward attempt/experiment, I don't think it took anything away from the album. With that said, keeping the real talk relevant, changing up the delivery of the message, and experimenting with different beats and flow are extremely hard to pull off for somebody so established, and yet I think Jermaine crushes it. Because of that, I do believe it's his best body of work to date; his consistency in developing new ways to tell different stories from the same vein really are striking and he makes them so relatable even if you've never experienced them personally.


Honestly didn't feel that experimental for me, felt more like a cross of FHD and 4YEO. I'm still dissecting the album currently, so I won't get too much into it, but so far everything is SOLID.

The first half of the album should have the mass appeal for some radio play, and the second half lyricism is phenomenal, just exquisite.

Love the message he's putting out, and he handled his *beef* with "whoever" so masterfully (some say 1985 is directed at Lil Pump, or Sound Cloud rappers in general)

He's definitely not apologetic in calling out mumble rappers and all those zanny'd out crackhead "artist", which I absolutely applaud him for. It's almost metaphoric for the album, in the sense that he's got messages about addiction, drugs, injustice acceptance and such, and how the new music these days that's considered cool and "in" are a direction reflection of all that.

I agree with you that he he's crossing a lot of things with FHD and 4YEO, I guess I was referring more to his flow on some aspects and the whole Kill Edward experiment. He definitely touches on similar topics from the previous two albums, but KOD just had a way of delivering the same messages from different stories and points of views, and in that sense it was a bit experimental as well; he found a way to make "real" topics fresh and not stale again with the album and I seriously applaud him.


I'm so excited to listen to this after work today. I really loved FHD and 4YEO was very solid. I know that people are usually hot or cold on Cole, with little in between, but his albums are always quality listens.

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