OT: How do you embed videos in a post?

Hey TKP,

I am thinking about making a post soon and would need to embed videos from hudl. Can anyone give me a quick explanation of how to embed the videos so they show up in the post instead of just including a link?

Thanks in advance!

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That was pretty slick.

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All you need to do is copy and paste the embed code provided by Hudl into the post body. It's as simple as that.

Hey Joe, thanks for the response. When I go to a huddle video and hit share the only options that pop up for me are to share on Facebook, twitter, or copy URL. When I google how to get the embed code it talks about signing in to HUDL. Do you have to have an account to be able to embed?

Also, once I put the embed code in the post, will the video show up in the preview, or only after you save the post?

Sorry for being such a noob, appreciate the help.

Ok, found it. For some reason the share icon with the embed option doesn't show on the videos in the timeline of their hudl profiles, only when you click on the videos under the video tab. Thanks for the help!

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