OT: Summer Games Done Quick

Well this came quickly, I was expecting this to start on the first week of July 1st not June 24th, but here it is the Summer Games Done Quick where people speedrun games for a full week (June 24th to July 1st) for charity (Doctors Without Borders).

Schedule of the games: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule

Games Done Quick Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick

Games Done Quick Youtube Channel to watch past videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/gamesdonequick

Which games are you excited for and which days are you watching the most?

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My boy Runnerguy showing Ocarina of Time Bingo to the world on the 30th. Expect memes.

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I will probably try to catch some of the Mega Man runs on Monday. Tuesday looks pretty packed with a ton of Castlevania and Metroid titles. Hopefully I can watch some of that as well.

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I admittedly didn't click any links. And I have no idea what this is all about.

It's a weeklong speedrunning convention that raises millions of dollars each year for charity. Speedrunning meaning beating video games as quickly as possible, with various rules set by the speedrunning community (for example, there are different categories for many games, with common ones being "Any %" where you're pretty much racing to the final credits and anything goes, "Glitchless" where you have to beat the game without taking advantage of programming bugs, or "100%" where you beat the game while clearing every objective).

People watch it in part because it can be interesting watching someone break down your favorite game and show you tricks you never imagined were possible, and some of the streamers have interesting personalities.


I should have explained the event better, I didn't know when it would start until a friend told me a day ago had parents visit, working overtime, and other stuff kept me busy and just posted it yesterday in case anyone was interested.

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i just realized this was happening today, checked out the schedule and am very tempted to stay up tonight to watch the halo 2 run

Edit: HokieFireman I will do my best not to pass out early lol

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You can blame me for not mentioning this sooner, also anyone whose productivity went down for the week because of SGDQ can also blame me. Really excited for the Metroid runs later today though.

"Oi! What's a Horkie"
"I am ya Grot!"

"Horkies were made for two fings foighten' and winnen'" - Horkie Warboss

I've only beat about 3 games in my entire life. Not for lack of playing - I logged some serious hours in elementary and middle school.

Super Mario 1
Super Mario 3
Punch Out

Contra - w cheat code

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I always end up watching the runs after the GDQ people post them on Youtube. Maybe I'll actually watch some live if I get a free moment this week.

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