Angel vs. Devil: Pitt Edition

That's right! Angel vs. Devil is back by popular demand a single request!

The Angel on my shoulder says:

The defense takes another step forward with backups performing admirably and more importantly adequately!

Linebacker play continues to look good and the DBs turn the corner (pun intended) with both run and pass support.

Ryan Willis learns to read... Defenses! With his new found literacy he hands off at the right time to the right person AND actually sees receivers on the left of the field.

Corny finally quits holding out and shows us why Saban is going to hire him away from VT next year by calling plays our offense can actually execute!

Nard-ass is so frustrated he breaks 4 headsets on the way to an NCAA record (I just invented this category. Trust me, it's worthy).

All in all, it's a story book day worthy of a motivational speaker's anecdote.

VT: 45 Pitt: 0

The Devil on my shoulder says:

The defense folds like a tent. Pitt's running back gashes them for 10 yard runs on first down. Pitt never punts.

Pitts defense sits back all day in 4-3 with two high safeties and challenges us to do something interesting. In the spirit of compliance we throw QP in the game and run him directly into the strength of their defensive front. He, unfortunately, gets a high ankle sprain and is out for the season; but at least his redshirt is saved!

Another game where "execution" reared it's ugly head and stole defeat from the jaws of victory.

Nardouchy can't help but gloat after Fuente's dominance of him comes to an end.

VT: 14 (all in the first half) Pitt: 63

What do your Angel and Devil say?

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We win on the road.

We're not that good.

We're winning out!

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21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

I think even in the Angel perspective we score all 45 points in the first half, there's no way around it

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Angel: We win to give us a boost of confidence. 28-24 Good Guys
Devil: We're taking this slide harder than Anthony Rizzo into home plate. 10 - 35 Bad Guys.

Angel: Hazelton doesn't get a single target in the first half because Pitt sells out on doubling up on him and Willis actually looks at another receiver. Grim, Savoy, Turner, and Patterson all have 1st half TDs. Pitt adjusts at halftime, but Cornelson doesn't. When things start going south, Willis returns to his warm blankie and hazelton gets two TDs after halftime.
Tech 42, Pitt 31

Devil: pretty much the same as above except Willis targets Hazelton all game resulting in 3 ints and 2 TDs.

Pitt 49, Tech 21

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Angel: We have a talented group of young kids that are close to putting it all together.

Devil: tHeY aReN't KiDs, ThEy ArE 18

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Angel: Hazelton blows up Heinz Field

Devil: We drown in Ketchup

Consider this a second request for more angel vs devil

Three; it's kinda random and I like it!

Any recommendations or requests?

You're basically rattling off your hopes and worries and it's a good approach.

Halfwits and Wagers makes rational guesses to figure out the middle ground- you're asking for the "what-if" extremes. It's a cool contrast.

As long as you're enjoying it- keep going!

It's fun! It's a nice break from all the analytical and technical work I do in my career field.

Any recommendations or requests?

DEVIL: making the trip this weekend, and I'm always nervous about the opposing fans turning into the Browns fans in the muni lot.

ANGEL: haven't had a negative experience at a college game yet

Can we expect live commentary?

A Hokie game is a rare time where I forget I have a phone! I'll definitely be checking in before & after.

A Hokie game is a rare time where I forget I have a phone!

That is a great thing.