Drew Gunther - 2019 QB Preferred Walk-On Committ

QB Drew Gunther out of Malvern, PA (Malvern Prep) commits to the good guys as a preferred walk-on.

Here is the 247 Story on his Commitment

"Ever since I was a kid my goal was to play college football," he tweeted. "I am blessed to be able to achieve that goal at Virginia Tech. Couldn't be more excited to be a Hokie. Ready to get to work in Blacksburg. This is just the beginning."

When Gunther accepted the offer to play for Justin Fuente, he turned down scholarship offers at Brown, Fordham, VMI, Albany, and Georgetown.

Highlight Video included in the link.

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Dude turned down an Ivy League offer and a Georgetown offer to come to Tech? Wow. Hope he succeeds and gets what he wants out of this experience.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

reminds me little bit of Willis

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Kansas is not an Ivy school


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I think he's more of a Wes Welker personally.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

He preferred the academics of VT over the likes of Brown and Georgetown, fantastic.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Since a walk-on has won the Heisman before, is it too early to start the Heisman campaign?

you think hes just going to show up and take lawsons job? (figured id get it out of the way)

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

Playing football at the college level is hard work. It requires personal sacrifice, incredibly focused dedication, training, practice and discipline. It ain't for sissies. To commit to a walk-on position has to be a hard decision to make. I hope his dreams are fulfilled and he gets on the field like other VT walk-ons have done. Glad to have players that really want to be here, and that believe in themselves enough to take a chance. Welcome!

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Yea I love VT, but not gonna lie, if had a scholarship offer at an ivy league school or Georgtown, it would be pretty hard to turn down. Also pretty sure my parents would have forced 17 year old me to take it.

Well, if it makes you feel better, there are no scholarships at the ivies.

Wow, learned my new totally useless factoid for the day, thank you.

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True, but "need" based funding is often available.

Can I receive an Ivy League athletic scholarship?
There are no Ivy League athletic scholarships. I'm emphasizing that so there won't be any question in your mind.

That's not to say that student-athletes would have to pay their way to receive an education at an Ivy League school. Instead, Ivy Leagues only base their financial aid decisions on a family's demonstrated need.

In many cases, Ivy League schools are able to meet the majority of the cost of tuition; at most, families with an annual income less than $65,000 don't make any contribution to their student-athlete's education, while families with an annual household income between $65-$180,000 could be expected to contribute somewhere between 10 to 18 percent.

Link to NCSA

So, essentially the equivalent of an 80% scholarship if household income below $180K. Not sure how it goes from there.

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My parents were pleasantly surprised when I got into Tech...they would've started asking questions if I had gotten into an Ivy.

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His receiver #10... yes please

Edit- Lonnie White, 6-2 190 as a Soph.

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So this doesn't count towards a scholarship right?

Albany is a good school. As a walk-on, he better be here to play school because a free education nowadays is a pretty hard thing to pass up.

along those lines, I do hear that our support staff is second to none

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Intriguing pick up - tall and intelligent, maybe he could excel in the offense.

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So things have gotten so bad this year that we are now referring to Justin and Brad as "cow"?

What's he trying to study? If he wanted law then he shouldn't'a come here.

But if ain't then he gonna be happy.

Why? I know a Tech grade who has an undergrad in engineering who went to law school 10 years later and now is a successful and highly paid patent attorney. I had another friend who was a successful lawyer in the Dallas area who told me that the best pre-law degree was English.

The most important skills to develop before law school are logic and reasoning, followed by understanding and command of the English language. If you excel at those things, then landing in a good law school won't be a problem.

I misread his name and came to this thread thinking there was going to be a comic or meme posted by Guntar.

Sounds like he will add some depth to the roster.