September Fishing Thread

New month, time for a new thread. I was down at Sunset Beach for the long Labor day weekend. Fished Tubbs Inlet out of my kayak twice and fished a creek the other time. I managed to catch a couple short flounder, a baby cobia, croaker and a couple lizardfish. I had a charter captain fish near me one day and only saw them catch a short trout. Talked to another kayak fisherman and he had only managed a couple short flounder and a short trout. I talked to another guy in a boat that caught an upper slot red on live bait. Live bait seems to be the standard down there. Only saw one other guy fishing artificials. Ready for the weather to cool down and the fishing to heat up! I will be down in Beaufort, NC for a whole week in October chasin' albies, reds and trout. Pretty excited for that trip.

Ready to hear more reports from y'all. Hope y'al are getting out and getting after 'em!

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I miss fishing. It has been almost two months without wetting a line.

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Ready when you are!

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Drum fishing is getting closer for you at least!

Gonna be down on ocracoke at the end of september hoping to get this OBX hoodoo I have and actually get some fish on the line this year. Went out crappie fishing yesterday evening the bite is good if you can stay deep and use bright jigs caught almost 30 in an hour. Waiting for the cooler weather to troll for them on some bigger ponds. Heading to Moomaw this weekend but unfortunately the weather isnt looking good for taking a boat out so will most likely resort to hiking maybe bringing a fly rod for that if we can find a place where I can fish as well.

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Lots of fishy looking spots in the sound for you to check out in your kayak. Best of luck!

Headed back down to HHI next weekend. Hopefully with some better luck this time. Last time out we had a tough time keeping JCs from running around the rocks on light tackle, I'll bring some bigger tackle this time. Also reports of hundreds of tarpon passing through so it'd be nice to stumble up on those too.

I'm stuck on trying to figure out the inshore reds or keep getting out to the bay for the JCs/Tarpon/Bull Reds. I think I'm taking the old man this time and he's very much into keeping his catch so I'm thinking this trip will focus on slot red at least for the majority of the trip.

Back and forth on keeping this trip on or not. Hilton Head's weather shouldn't be too affected by Florence but I'm not sure what the water is going to be like.

Evacuation made the decision easy. Damn, people I know out there fishing this AM aren't really that worried about it they're smacking fish right now.

With the big storm offshore, if you have fresh cob mullet heads and some big surf gear, the drum will be chewing this weekend.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I'm heading to Corolla. I have no meaningful salt gear but maybe I can rent something and find a pier?? I dunno, wasn't planning on fishing, but if there's a chance to get on something big I may change course - if anyone has any additional thoughts or suggestions (especially for that area), I'd love to know!.

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Maybe I can meet you somewhere on your way down and loan you the gear you need. I got it all and you're welcome to it.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Thanks for the offer good sir! I'll politely pass this time - our minivan will be stuffed and I'm not 100% confident something wouldn't get damaged in transit, and I don't want to risk it. :) Plus we're travelling with friends + the current plan is head down 95S from RIC rather than 64E.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

Not worried about damage or breakage, but understand. Good luck and have a great vacation.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I guided on the upper New Wednesday and Thursday. Floated Foster Falls to 100 on Wed and 100 to Allisonia on Thurs. Client could cast well and was a super nice guy, I really enjoyed fishing with him. We threw cicada poppers, streamers and gurglers. The chartreuse gurgler ended up being the top fly, landing a 17 inch smallmouth that was the biggest of the two days. My Miracle Whip streamer also brought a lot of fish to hand. We landed 16 on Wednesday and a dozen Thursday. The fishing was erratic at best. They would eat for 20 minutes and then turn off for an hour before getting hungry again.

Friday, I had the day off and my buddy from Charlotte brought up his drift boat. We again floated Foster Falls to 100. Fishing was more consistent and the water was finally fully clear. We caught about 30, mostly on Miracle Whip. I did land a 15 incher on the Gurgler and an 18 inch fish inspect it but not eat.

Clients for the weekend canceled so I headed to the game on Saturday with friends. Too many bourbon and cokes, followed by too many rails (2.5) and I was asleep in the back seat of my pickup truck by 9 p.m. Sunday was a wash. I drove down to the river and looked at it but my head hurt to much to do anything other be lazy.

Today I am off and scheduled to guide again tomorrow, this time downstream of Claytor. The river level jumped from 2500 CFS to over 10,000 yesterday and is now back down to 8,000. I'd expect that will ruin the fishing and I may have to postpone the trip tomorrow.

My trip to Cape Lookout on Thursday looks like it could be canceled due to Florence. If that's the case, it sounds like I'll be having to fight basement flooding for the second time this summer. I am very nervous about my redfish spots getting wrecked along the OBX. This one could be bad.

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My friends in Morehead just texted me. They took a few hours off of packing and went out first thing this a.m. Huge drum rolling on the surface everywhere. Five landed over 40 inches by 7:30. All fish hooked within 20 feet of the boat.

This hurricane sucks.

FOLLOWUP: My friend Luke called me and said they caught 7 total in an hour and a half. Biggest at 52 inches. Gary Dubiel caught 20 today. Luke got a report yesterday from a guy that caught 15 in 5 hours. He hooked many more, but once one giant drum was hooked, another would hammer the popping cork and break it off. Apparently big hurricanes spur on the bull drum to spawn and start eating like crazy. He said he expects the fishing for them to be really good after the storm. I guess that could be a silver lining....

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Heard the same down in HHI, the big drum are everywhere right now, my guess post storm they'll be gone for awhile.

Won't change the fishing near as much as NC, hell the flats there are probably going to be completely reconfigured.

the flats there are probably going to be completely reconfigured.

Out of anything, this has me the most concerned. Priorities!

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Same, it will be interesting to see what it looks like when I go down in october

Hilton Head got a pretty decent surge a year or so ago, one of my favorite flats turned into an absolute mine field. If you try to run it at high tide now you will hit an oyster bed, you will do damage, and you will be stuck. There are still channels in it that are good fishing but you need a kayak to get through because they're narrow and shallow.

Was going to the outer banks next weekend to ocracoke but looking like that might not be a good idea if Florence hits as expected they may be out of service for a while guess I'll be getting my tackle and boat ready to fish off my front porch since were now in the 10-15 inches of rain window. Also for anyone who has a pond they maintain dont forget to go clear out your pipes for any debris dont want them to wash out this week.

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Hopefully the OBX is still there. If this thing turns north and is a cat 5, it could wipe away a lot of those small barrier islands.

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Thats my biggest fear our house on ocracoke could be gone if this storm stalls on the shoreline

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Your biggest fear should be that we'll all find out where that house on Ocracoke is and you'll have to deal with a lot of new friends!

Seriously, hope things work out for you down there. We're scheduled to go to Topsail next Saturday, but like you, we're unsure of what damage the storm will bring to the coast. Thing is, rentals don't belong to us. You, on the other hand...

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

So I was thinking about doing a head boat trip out of Morehead City in October. I've done a couple before and caught my fair share of snappers and triggers. I want to try catching some grouper, aj's or pelagics. Anyone have experience vertical jigging on party boats?

I have a friend. I'll ax'im.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Thanks Fish. I appreciate it.

I'll be tying flies a lot over the next several days with the forecast. Hoping to do some "live" events on Instagram if anyone wants to watch and learn!

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Just a head's up for New River fishermen. My friend Jim Richmond has had several fish over 20 in his boat in the last couple of weeks. Beau Beasley, a sorta local legend, got his biggest smallmouth ever at 22-1/4, and Jim had another guy get a 23" fish. All on poppers, downstream of the lake. Also, above the lake, Billsby is undergoing work, so the current is increased downriver and Double Shoals has been fishing well, even at the end in that big "lake", where current now flows. No telling what the next few days will do to the river, but 'tis the season.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Topwater was working for us as well last weekend - I should have gotten out on the water yesterday.

Some reports have the New hitting close to 20' in Radford - I expect that to shut down the New until ND comes to town.

Here is a 19" from last weekend.

Thanks for the reports and intel!

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September fishing gonna be like:

Is it basketball season yet?

Rescheduled my trip to Hilton Head this weekend. Storm didn't get too bad there, hoping to find some reds out in the flats.

The New is at 26,000 CFS and climbing, at Radford. Previous record was 19,000 in '89.

Got a feeling it may not be fishable for awhile....

James, Doah and Rivanna are all way up as well. My buddy from Morehead left town and is on his way to RVA and says I need to take him fishing. I think my best bet is the tank at Bass Pro Shops

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Yeah, that's whoopin'. I'd love to be there when it does finally come back down, though. Fish it still high, but clearing. All fish in the river that aren't in Bluestone Lake will be in the eddies. Also good fishing would have been when Claytor was dumping out for the flood. That first day would have sucked, but by the second day of dumping, man...

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Was that record for that certain day? I'm pretty sure it got over 60k on Monday, which is pretty uncommon but not close to the overall record (see bold) but 19k is a little strange for late summer.

Here are the historic crests at Radford, according the NWS:

(1) 35.96 ft on 08/14/1940
(2) 24.10 ft on 11/07/1977
(3) 24.04 ft on 01/15/1995
(4) 21.73 ft on 09/23/1989
(5) 21.13 ft on 01/31/2013
(6) 20.21 ft on 06/21/1972
(7) 20.02 ft on 05/28/1973
(8) 19.81 ft on 01/19/1996
(9) 19.77 ft on 11/20/2003
(10) 18.81 ft on 06/05/1992
(11) 18.64 ft on 10/01/1959
(12) 18.24 ft on 03/24/1993
(13) 17.00 ft on 09/18/1945
(14) 16.86 ft on 12/08/1950
(15) 16.78 ft on 04/24/2017
(16) 16.58 ft on 09/18/2018 (P)

Anyways - it's back down to 7k today, which means next weekend might be fishable.

I believe it is a record for that specific day. I didn't look at feet however

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So my friends from Morehead City showed up at my house 4 p.m. on Monday looking to get out of NC. We sat down to Thai food on my couch in Richmond, discussed how fishing in VA isn't happening and then Luke suggests, "wanna drive to Mobile Alabama, tomorrow and go fishing for tuna, mahi, redfish and more?"

Took me about 10 seconds of not too hard of thinking to decide, "yup." It is very, very hard for me to turn down a good, old road trip.

Here I sit on a former client, now friend's, couch, with a stiff neck, arms and back and I'm tired as hell. We drove all day Tuesday and got to Fairhope in 14 hours from RVA in my truck between Luke, his girlfriend Natalia and I and her two dogs. Wednesday we went out 75 miles offshore in Luke's best friends 25 Contender. Jake, who has purchased flies and a casting lesson from me, has gone from fly fisherman to offshore nut. I caught my first triple tail, a small 12" fish on a piece of floating bamboo. We hit a few depressions 200 feet deep and jigged for grouper and caught 7 or 8 and an amberjack for the cooler. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to catch a swordfish in 1800 feet of water. Bottom fishing. One line. Talk about boring fishing but my friends are addicted to it. Three eats and we brought one all the way to the surface, but no solid hook ups. Luke has wanted me to go swordie fishing with him many times and now that I've done it, well, once was enough. I did see said swordfish for a split second and it was pretty. When we returned to the marina I noticed a dock light on. It was loaded with long nose gar (I thought they liked freshwater?), some little rat redfish and some trout. I caught one rat red and then everything but the gar disappeared.

Yesterday we left mid afternoon for an evening trip. Halfway out to the swordfish grounds we saw a telephone pole floating in the water. It had some smaller tripletail on and it and we figured mahi were around. First cast I caught a 14 inch triple tail, and then the bailers showed. Two more casts on the 9 weight with a chartreuse white clouser and I had two 3-4 pound mahi in the cooler. My first mahi on fly. Suddenly bait started erupting off the starboard and false albacore were going nuts. Next cast, I hooked into and landed a 7 pound albie. May not get them in NC this year, but I'll have gotten one in Bama.

We moved on and hit another spot of floating debris where I caught another Mahi and some hard tails on fly before checking the sword canyon. No swords to speak of after 3 hours of sittin, waitin, but a big ramora showed up under the boat, so I dropped my clouser in his face and he obliged me with my 5th species on the fly that day in about 15 casts.

We ended the day spending 2 hours at the Petronas oil rig, 80 miles offshore. Reports of black fins and yellow fin tuna abound. It wasn't fast and furious, but we jigged up to 250 feet deep with 7 ounce diamond jigs and put seven 10-20 pound blackfin in the cooler before a 2.5 hour ride back to the marina. Those fish are a SERIOUS workout at that depth. I'll have plenty of tuna for the winter. The pet docklight gar and reds were there at 2 a.m., but I did not cast to them, preferring a shower and bed.

Today we are cleaning fish and I'm going to try and find some redfish somewhere. Rumor has it they cruise the beaches. There's a guide in Pensacola cleaning up on bull reds off of some flats. It's only an hour away but I'm not sure if I have the cash for it. I'm ALWAYS interested in learning more about reds, however, so I may jump on it. Luke has to fly to Alaska for work Sunday but his GF Natalia and I have no time frame for returning to RVA.

Will hopefully have some good pics to post when I return home.

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long nose gar (I thought they liked freshwater?

Yeah I saw some cruising mud flats when I was out fishing for reds last time, blew my mind.

Sounds like an awesome trip so far! Can't wait to see your pictures.

Cue stereotypical old man's lament...oh to be young and single again.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Final report...

Didn't get to go look for reds on Friday (should have) as we started day drinking at 11 a.m. I visited a local fly shop in Fairhope called the Church Mouse. Run by an old guy and his wife, I talked to him for over an hour. Kind of a smorgasbord of tying materials and gear but he was a super nice guy. I showed him my world record sheepshead and he made me print a photo of it and put it on the wall. We ended up spending the afternoon cleaning all of the fish we caught from the day before. I stuffed my face with fresh raw blackfin and beer. It was incredible.

Saturday Luke had to fly out at 4 p.m. so we went cruising around in the boat up to "the beach," which was Orange Beach, AL. The guy we were staying with, Jake, also had a condo up there so we planned on crashing there for the night. Orange Beach reminds me of Sarasota, but less crowded. Still a total cluster of boats on the ICW and it has got to be dangerous with drinking and boating. We ate lunch at something called the Pirate's Cove, which has got to be one of the best spots ever for people watching. Saturday night we went to the famous Florabama, which was just flat out awesome. I pounded four bushwackers, the drink of choice, after the aftermath of the ODU game.

Sunday we headed offshore again. One foot seas they said... more like 2-4. It was not pleasant for most of the day. Finally calmed down and we were able to jig for some grouper and vermillion snapper. On the way back in, we trolled and stuck a 25 pound wahoo. Solid team effort getting it into the boat. Can't wait to eat some steaks over the winter. The water was too rough to make the weedlines form, so no more mahi on the fly for me. When we got back to the marina, I took a look at the dock light I had caught a small red on. Instead or reds and trout and gar, there were largemouths and bream on it. Must be freshwater on the outgoing and salt on the incoming.

Yesterday we woke up to tons of thunderstorms and a strong wind out of the south. I had planned on spending most of the day searching the beach for the bull reds, but with that weather, not worth it. I should have gone Friday. Instead, we hit the road and headed home. Overall a very fun trip, I have a cooler full of fish, and I would definitely go down and fish that area again.

Overall I caught on fly: Redfish, Hardtails, Mahi, tripletail, LMB, False albacore.
On gear: Blackfin tuna, wahoo, vermillion snapper, scamp grouper

Some photos:

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Gotta bend that elbow forward instead of back, huh? That day drinkin'll get after ya!
Thanks for the report from the southern climes. Hope you get out for those bulls. Enjoyed the phots.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

My friends and I are thinking about heading over to a place on the bay side of the shore next weekend. It would be about as far north as Tangier but we would be in jon boats so we would plan to stay very close to the eastern shore, probably inland of the smaller barrier islands on the bay. Since the croaker aren't piling in this year like normal I'm not sure what fish to target there. Flounder? Trout? Any suggestions on species and tackle for that area would be greatly appreciated.


Wachapreague (sp?) considers itself the flounder capital of the world. Pretty cool area and a john boat would probably do pretty well there. Watch the tides on the ocean side marshes. They bottom out.

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They've been pushing a foot high or so lately. And full moon in a couple of days prob won't change that.

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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

Since you're going to be on the Bay side, I'd look for flounder, trout, and even puppy drum. There are a lot of spot around here lately, but don't know what's what over yonder. Personally, I love light line good walleye or smallmouth sized rods and Gulp swimming mullet on a jighead on the bottom for flounder, and Gulp jerk shad or Zoom flukes on a jighead or on an offset worm hook, size 4/0, for topwater action. But, that's just me. I'd bet there are a dozen really good ways to fish over there. In deeper water, dragging strips of croaker on flounder rigs with jewelry can produce. Good luck, please give a report however it goes.
Edit: How could I forget the schoolie sized stripers that seem to be here and there everywhere this year...sometimes...and the ubiquitous small tail biting bluefish.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Thanks for the good advice! I will let you know how it turns out if we end up going. I'm at least getting on the water somewhere this weekend even if this trip doesn't pan out.


So instead of watching us get embarrassed this weekend I was out fishing, which went much better.

Cruised through the inshore for Reds, had a blow up on top water about every 4 casts and they just kept missing. ended up getting into some decent Trout. Once we reached the sound I cruised up the river and found a 9-10ft creek with a 40 ft hole in the mouth, figured it'd be as good of place as any and started soaking some menhaden. Hooked up on a small Jack Crevalle (damn those things fight like hell), a couple bonnet head, and my bud managed to catch a Bluefish that was stone cold dead when he reeled it in. Hooked in the corner of the mouth on the hook for less than 1 minute and stone cold dead the entire "fight".

Bite slowed so we kept hopping around soaking bait, caught a few more bonnet head before I hooked into something massive, just about got spooled on the first run but managed to get the anchor up. Ended up finally bringing it to the surface it way a ray with about a 4ft wingspan. Bud ended up getting a few small black tip.

This was probably the luckiest day I've ever had, I'm still very much trying to learn inshore fishing. I cruised to a spot that I thought looked decent on the map. Took my first cast with the Z-man trout trick into the grass and popped a small flounder. Bud hooks up right after me on a trout, I catch a solid 18" flounder next cast. My friend is still working his skitter pop as he's having a casual conversation with me and just reeling it back to the boat after getting out of the perceived strike zone when we both see a massive flash of silver behind it. I'd say it was a 80-100lb tarpon. Needless to stay we sat there forever, there was endless bait around us (I cast netted some of the biggest menhaden I've seen in my life) so we floated some live bait lines out when we ran into shark problems. I didn't have any shark leader on my boat and we got cut ~15 times. Managed a nice 27" red and finally kept one shark buttoned up on the fluoro leader, a nice 6ft black tip.

I've got some pictures but we ended up getting soaked in rain day too so I didn't take nearly as many as I should have, I'll get em uploaded eventually. Didn't get pictures of the bigger trout, bigger flounder, the ray, or the big shark.


Looks fun and sounds like a blast seeing a tarpon is cool as hell.

Always wanted to figure out how to fish for flounder without a huge flounder rig 80 feet down feels like it would make saltwater fishing more fun.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Gulp on a jighead or bucktail is your best option for flounder. If you are in 10 feet or less, you can bounce it along the bottom slowly retrieving it to you. If you are deeper you can vertically jig it, you need to be able to control your drift and use a heavier jig/bucktail so you stay as vertical as possible.

I used a texas rigged Zman Trout Trick, casted towards the oyster bed, pop pop and let it sit for a solid two count pop pop. Have to fish it real slow.

I use that same sort of technique for speckled trout except I usually don't let it sit on the bottom.

yup same retrieve for flounder just slower.

Yeah I have done that too except I was just popping it off the bottom once. The twitch twitch instantly makes think trout.

Fish any holes, ledges or dropoffs in Pamlico Sound 3-8 feet deep. Intermediate sinking fly line (floating works too if shallow enough) with a Chartreuse and White clouser and you will catch one on fly.

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7 wt work for that? Going to ocracoke in a week and a half for 4 days and will be looking for something to catch.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Yep! Get yourself an intermediate line or 250 grain shooting head and go for it. Floating line will work well too but easier to keep the fly down with the sinking lines. I also use both of those sinking lines smallmouth fishing, around docks in the Bay, and they are really good in the OBX surf. They are very versatile.

Some flounder will fight well, others, hardly at all. Strip set is a must. When you see the fish in the water as you are stripping him in, put the rod down to your side parallel to the water and continue stripping him in. "Surf" him in to you, if you will. If you raise that rod tip up as he gets close, a lot of times they throw the hook. Don't know the physics of it, but I've lost them more times than I can count.

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I've got the redfish line on my 7 wt reel right now will that line work? I've always heard that method used to get flounder in the boat but have little experience with them other than the ones we get in our crab pots. I wont have a boat down there but will give it a go on the sound side of the island if I can wade to a decent spot or two. Dunno what to expect down there yet as I've never been down in mid october.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Yes it will work. Use some clousers with large dumb bell eyes so it sinks quicker.

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Are you not bringing down the Nucanoe? That would really expand your range of fishing

Would love to take the nucanoe down for this trip but at the moment I'm not taking my truck to drag it down there with. Debating on taking it but was thinking I'd just shore fish and take my friends car for once. Also along with that I havent a clue on fishing saltwater except along the shoreline which I can usually wade along and fish it.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Gotcha, well if you try to conventional fish. Quick advice is to get a 1/2 oz gold spoon use a constant retrieve for reds. 1/4 ounce jighead with a 3" gulp shrimp, use a twitch-twitch pause retrieve for trout. Flounder covered above. Find the grass flats on google maps imagery and you should be able to get on something. October is a good time for fishing there.

Sounds awesome! Well done!

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Flounder, as you all know make their living by burying in the sand and ambushing prey that swims closely by. They will chase, I've had them come up 16' to the surface after a jig, but on or near the bottom is what is gonna catch them. I have always done better drifting productive waters than casting productive waters for flounder. Perhaps because of the types of water I've fished, but it seemed like the channels and their edges were the best bets for light tackle stuff or dragging minnows, and a consistent drift seemed to elicit the strikes, and damn, they do like gulp swimming mullet.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

My cousin caught a red drum from the surf at Kure beach, NC last weekend. 4lb. Not much but it means they're coming in I guess.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

They are moving into the surf in OBX

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There is probably a week to two weeks left of the insane 30 pound plus bull red on popping corks fishing in the Neuse River. This is world class fishing. They are chewing well post Florence. If anyone wants to try and hit it this weekend, I can give you some solid advice on what to do and some pinpointed spots that they have been around.

I may try to shoot down there Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, the roads are driveable.

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I was going to head down super early this morning but too many beverages watching the game last night. Delayed my plan a day and was ready to head down Monday morning. I contacted a guide in Morehead at the suggestion of a friend and the guide told me the last two days the bulls have left the Neuse for the most part. Four days ago it was on fire, the wind switched and it looks like that season is over. On the bright side, the albies have showed up at Cape Lookout! Seems like things are returning to normal fishing wise...

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I saw some pictures of some big drum being caught today. I'm sure the season is near the end. Hope to hear a good report from you. I will be down there in two weeks.

Thanks for the heads up. Upon researching, Gary Dubiel got two bull reds in the Neuse and said it was breezy and pretty tough sledding. The other guides that have been going for them were all albie fishing. That tells me it is almost dead, thus I am not heading to Morehead City. Maybe in early November for buffalo albies. If those bull reds were still on fire, I'd go. If the pickings are slim and gotta work for them, I'll wait till next year. I've come to realize that I'm officially WAY too picky these days when it comes to fishing. (I'm also this way with women.) I want to sight cast to fish if at all possible and I'll pick and choose my trips based on this. There are exceptions of course.

That being said.... the weather is looking excellent for mid-fall over the next two days for a specific salty spot. I really, really, really need to make some money, but fishing knowledge is more important. When I'm on my death bed, I'll potentially remember this trip, not paying credit card bills.

Cross your fingers this hunch works out and I'll share some fish porn.

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From what I've heard the sightcasting fishery for big drum on the Eastern Shore in the spring might be a good option for you. Rob Choi and Grant Alvis along with a bunch of the other kayak guys getting on those drum.

Hope your hunch pays off!

Yea I've been meaning to check that out. I'm not sure if they are sight fishing or not, but regardless, Rob caught a potential world record on fly. Could be a lot of fun.

I fished HARD for 10 hours over two days. Saw lots of sheepshead, numerous nice size flounder, a few black drum and 8 redfish. Landed one red each day, 24" and 30." A lot of driving and work for two fish, but the 30" was tied for biggest I have caught this summer. He slammed a mullet pattern and took me for a sled ride.

The smaller fish:

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Awesome, thanks!

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

You're welcome! I've listened to all of those podcasts. Pretty entertaining guys and quality fishing info. They know how to catch the big drum. Kayak Kevin was averaging 20+ big drum a year. Don't know how he did this year.

Here's the pic of the 25 pound Wahoo we caught on Sunday. I've already sent it to multiple UVA friends with the caption... "A Hokie gets the best of a Wahoo yet again."

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

New River still hasn't really simmered down since the rain from Florence. Seems like we get a solid rain after 4-5 dry days right before the levels get back to normal. Hopefully we won't have a wet October because that is my favorite time to fish it!

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Big bulls and JCs still being caught in their normal fall pattern daily in SC. One of my favorite guides has been catching the hell out of them but more importantly just broke the JC 8lb tipet world record with a 35lb JC. Dude holds a weird amount of tipet class records but I guess if that's what you enjoy doing and he seems to be pretty damn good at it.

If anyone wants to float the New on Friday afternoon - let me know. I have no idea if it will be fishable (river levels look good, but water clarity is the question) but hopefully I will have an idea by Wednesday afternoon.

I also have no clue how good the fishing will be, but hey its better than sitting at work or at home!

Report I got from Mike Smith is the water is high but clarity is pretty good above Claytor. I would expect it to definitely be fishable below Claytor

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I appreciate the intel! My wife follows the river to work on 460 every day towards the WV line and she said the clarity was pretty good.

Here is hoping for a great weekend on the river and in Lane.

Sure thing! Please let me know how you do. I am guiding on Tuesday and probably floating Whitethorn to McCoy

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

How did you do? I'm running McCoy to Pembroke tomorrow

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Sorry I have been avoiding the site after ND. We did decent, the water levels were similar to spring, with the water running "green." We were also throwing for musky a lot, so we probably could have caught more but we were looking for toothy critters.

It was also similar to a spring bite, we didn't catch that many fish but the ones we caught were decent ones (over 14"). We did pretty well with a keitech paddle tail and topwater - buzzbait is my usual go-to topwater fall bait and it worked well.

Well im finally gonna get to Ocracoke this week leaving tomorrow after work to beat the storm coming incase the ferry gets shut down due to wind on thursday. Bringing 7 wt and some clouser minnows to try out and some spoons and gulp with jig heads any other suggestions to add to the arsenal before hand? May only get a day of fishing unfortunately the weather isnt looking great thurday and friday now. May not even get to thow a fly with the wind projections but we shall see.

Scratch all that the trips been shelved again nobody else will go so ill be staying in the RVA instead watching it rain.

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That sucks sorry to hear that. If you get down another time from now til Thanksgiving at least, fishing should still be good.

It sucks but not too bad I hadnt renewed my license atleast yet but was looking forward to trying some new stuff out for something different atleast. Might still get down later but not for a long stay deer season is upon us and I'll be more focused on being 20 feet up instead of on a river.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Hey y'all heading down to OBX this weekend and am going to do some fishing. From what I've read above looks like the red bite is slowing down but albies are good. What else bites this time of year? Spanish? Blues? Any and all input y'all have is greatly appreciated!!!!

Depends on if you are fishing from a boat or surf. Drum are starting to move to the surf zone. What we were talking about above is the citation drum bite in the Neuse River/Pamlico Sound which peaks in August/September. The citation drum bite from surf/pier peaks in October/November. Join NC Surf Fishing Group on facebook. All the tackle shops reports usually get posted on there. Spanish and Blues seem to be around. Throw metal jigs like a stingsilver or any lure like it for spanish/blues/albies. Cut mullet or any cut fresh baitfish on a fishfinder rig for drum. Another option is to use a gulp lure on a jighead that's heavy enough to stay in contact on bottom. Bounce it along the bottom for flounder/reds/trout. That's the general stuff, French can probably provide some more expertise than myself. Also, where are you staying and what gear do you have?

Trout are biting now?????!!! Well, I know what I'll be fishing for. And we'll be fishing surf/sound. Was supposed to be going out in the gulf on the Country Girl going for mahi, cobia, and yellowfin but looks like it will be too choppy

I've seen pictures from a local kayak guy in OBX getting on some Trout. It seems like not the best bite with lots of spikes in there but they are there. I'd be looking sound side for trout

Yes, the trout bite is picking up in NC and VA. Expect a lot of small fish with the big die off last winter.

The sound water is still very warm. Many of the reds haven't moved around to the beach yet.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Can you really catch Albies from the surf? Always saw them as a deep water fish

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Very tough but yes, I have seen pictures of guys catching from the surf. Better shot of it off the pier because you are farther out in the water. I think French has gotten one of the pier if I remember correctly.

Yep. I personally ran my boat up on the beach and fly cast to them on the Hook at Cape Lookout just to try and catch one from a close moving school. I hooked up but he came unbuttoned. One from the beach is worth ten from the boat.

Although the downside to landing one on the beach is it will likely die without the ability to re-enter the water with any speed.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Boss man at work is taking me out for a shot at stripers on the fly in the bay in a few weeks this will be a fun test to see how my casting is it seems dunno where were gonna go to find them but the guide is supposed to be very good at finding them in shallow water as the guy taking me goes with him a bunch of times every year and has a blast. I thought november was a little late to find them shallow but maybe not, will hope to have a good report when I go.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Who you guys fishing with? I know Chris Newsome who fishes locally, and he's a really good light tackle/fly guide. If you're going with him, you're lucky!

I continue to find more and more specs around here, mostly in the North River. They aren't big, but there are a ton of them if you can find them. We got four over 14" yesterday (barely), but only a handful under 13" so it isn't a trophy fishery, but when you're catching 50 trout, you're learning something and having fun while you're at it.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Yeah my boss is good buddies with chris so thats who were going with, ive heard nothing but good stuff so im excited! I've never caught more than a few specs in a day so if youre catching that many youre doing something right. We're throwing out our crab pots for a last time this week to see if we can get one last batch before the cold comes.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Like I said, then, you're lucky. He'll show you fish for sure. I have fished around him several times in several places, but I'd sure love to have the bank of knowledge he has acquired. As for the specs, I've had days in the past with good catches, some in the OBX surf and a couple from piers, but it is nice to finally get into them here close by. Happy to take you if you want to go.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

If I can find a day to go I'll let you know but deer season is about to be my focus for a bit but ill see I'm always up to find specs. I have a few friends who have gone with him before and everyone says he knows his stuff so im excited to try fly fishing in saltwater for the first time. Going with an exceptional fly guy though so im sure theyll get some laughs watching my casting but hopefully I can get close enough to the fish. Everyone who goes with him says he used menhaden to stir things up which makes sense I've done that in the past on the piankatank to get the stripers feeding.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Just let me know. No telling what this blow will do to things, but trout fishing usually improves with cooler weather. I've been getting close enough to the trout to fly fish for them if you want to try. Been using regular smallmouth rods and 6lb test line, so we're casting out a ways, but many times if you aren't hooked up, fish would hit right at the boat, plenty of proximity for fly casting.
Yes, Chris' thing is to toss the bait and then follow with fly or menhaden on a hook on light spinning gear, but I'm sure he has a bunch of other tricks up his sleeve as well. Beauty of fly fishing in saltwater is there's nothing to catch the line (but wind, obviously) so you don't have to finesse the landing spot so much and you don't have to worry about your backcast (except for your fishing partners!). A few times, I've just quit flounder fishing and watched Chris tossing to the little scoolies at the Gwynn's Island bridge. It's like watching TV. He has invited interested kayakers to join in when they approached to watch, that's how nice he is.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Have you heard of any specs finally back in the Piankatank or Wilton Creek? Heading home for fall break and was planning to fish it with a buddy of mine.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Yes to both, caught specs in the 'Tank and Wilton just last week. There are a ton of folks out there after them, but they are definitely there in all the usual places. Again, size isn't great, but numbers are promising.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

when they are that small, its a good time to pinch the barb and work on your short release

Yep, have done that the last two trips, and I wouldn't let my buddy use his Mirrolure. We were truly hoping for a bigger fish, and they're there, but we didn't want to hurt them any more than necessary. Bigger fish are in the mix, though. We've seen a couple and other folks are catching them. It isn't just an exercise in child abuse.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

But you know, dave, since you mentioned it, there is a discussion here that's begging to be had. What do you do about the obvious barb problem when you intend or encounter catch and release situations? If there are bigger fish hoped for, or expected regardless of the culling through the dinks to get to them, what should you do? I have backed off catching hatchling rainbow and brown trout on the fly rod in Moomaw, young of the year walleye in Claytor, a couple of hoards of dinky redfish on docks in the Piankatank, and just quit because it was obvious that nothing else could get to the bait if they wanted to. I have mashed many a barb trout fishing on the Jackson when a hundred fish a day could be had and nothing was to be kept. Thing is, if you're not after meat, should you even have a barbed hook? And if you are after dinner, should you risk losing it by de-barbing because you have to wade through the juvies to get to the supper? I'd love to hear the thoughts of the community on this issue.
One reason is because when I was guiding on the New River, we caught a ridiculous amount of smallmouth every year, and while we never ever ever kept one, I know from science that we contributed to the overall mortality of the population, regardless of our best intentions. This still concerns me and I really wonder how others of our ilk deal with it.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I for one haven't ever fished with a barbless hook but your argument compels me to wonder if I should start I never keep smallmouth and always try to be quick and clean release and will do anything to get them in the water even if they swallow a hook I have heavy bolt cutters in my bag to cut the hook so I can get it out of their gut or gills without hurting them. But a smallmouth on a barbless hook would be a daunting foe. I may go barbless when I try freshwater trout fishing next year though as I don't want to risk any culling due to my own negligence

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Great topic...modern day fish science allows the regulatory decisions on bag limits and seasons to factor in a certain level of incidental mortality. How much they do or do not probably varies by state/politics. But the science is there. I don't deliberately kill fish and try to handle releases with care (preferably not handle at all); but I don't lose sleep knowing it happens, especially undersized schoolie trout. If that's what I'm in, I'll move or try to do as little harm as possible.

That said, I see no reason at all to ever use a barbed hook for C-R fishing. Accept the greater challenge and leave as many opportunities as possible for the next person.

Personally my biggest quandary is what to do with that gut hooked illegal sized cut the line and still have decent chance of killing the fish, or certainly killing the fish to get it out.

Honestly, a pricey plug is coming home with me. A jig head/soft plastic on an oversized fish...snip. An undersized fish...God moment...depends on the fish and the condition of the swim bait/jig. A bare hook...also snip.

But back to paragraph one, the trout limit in NEFL is 6 fish with a 15-20" slot. You can keep one oversized fish. They could also allow us to keep an undersized fish so that the gut hooked fish isn't just food for crabs...and they don't. I don't know if it is because they haven't thought of it, or they've done the math.

When guiding, my clients pretty much expected to be able to land a trophy if I put them on one, and I'm not sure how it would have gone had I required a barbless hook. I did let my clients know that if they weren't able to detect the strikes quickly enough to avoid all but the occasional deep hooking, they'd get the barbs mashed, and I would follow through on occasion. Thing is, catching 50 to 120 fish in a day is gonna cause some havoc regardless of how the fish were treated. I struggled with that. Also had to be firm about no smallmouth being taken, regardless of legality or mortality. It was a quandry sometimes. Like Hokienator, I carried all manner of tools and implements to help extract the hook, but sometimes it was for naught.
As for the dead or dying fish that was caught but undersized, I agree, but it then becomes a way to circumvent the established limits, but it makes sense to me anyway. I guarantee they've thought of it, but I think they have to draw the lines somewhere, even though it seems like a waste. Crabs, however, gotta eat, too, I guess.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

When I was fishing the James and Rivanna every other weekend, I only fished with pinched barbs. I definitely lost a few more, especially at first, but I got better with it and don't recall ever losing any really nice ones. If you're fishing a lot in small bodies of water, or heavily pressured areas, it's one of those things I wish more people would consider.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I had clients lose several trophy smallmouth over the years, even with barbed hooks. I think some baits are more susceptible to being swallowed, as well. Small tubes in the hands of inattentive anglers could be problematical, as well as Senkos, while others, like the good ole jig 'n pig were virtually never taken deep. Also had fewer problems in cool or cold water as the fish seemed to be a bit less aggressive in their bite. On the other hand, I do not recall ever having a problem with smallmouth caught on suspending jerk baits despite the multiple sets of barbed treble hooks, other than a time or two an eye may have been damaged by a free hook during the fight. Hard to mash the barbs on 15-20 dollar lures, but with as many as I lost to muskies, probably wouldn't have hurt much either.
I also readily admit that the commercial nature of my business was part of the problem, but if I had it to do over again, I'd just either ban some baits some times, something I sorta did anyway, but I'd also make it clear that we were going to be using barbless hooks, regardless. Ironically, one of my main summer baits was notorious for both being eaten deep, and losing fish despite the barb. On a river that allows smallmouth to be harvested, though, it would be difficult to justify mandating barbless hooks like some C&R trout streams do, so it'll have to come from angler demand and sensitivity to the issue.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Yeah, no way you can do it when that's your business. I can't imagine that would go over well with clients. :)

Hokie fan | W&M grad

In some cases like an undersized speckled trout barely has any meat on but an undersized striper or cobia has a decent to good amount of meat. Definitely could get abused though.

to clarify, my undersize trout would be included in the 6, just like the oversize fish.

here's seatrout pub

Hooking mortality is usually dependent upon several variables including species of fish, environmental conditions, variation within and between populations, gear selection, and anatomical location of hook wounds. One of the more obvious causes of hooking mortality is the location of hook wounds or anatomical hooking location (Muoneke and Childress 1994). One of the most studied marine species in terms of mortality associated with anatomical hooking location has been the striped bass (Cooke and Suski 2005). Diodati and Richards (1996) reported the mortality rate of striped bass hooked in the head, jaws, fins, and body was 5.8% and those hooked in the eyes, gills, and esophagus was 24%. They also observed striped bass hooked anterior to the pharynx experienced a 5.3% mortality rate and those hooked in or posterior to the pharynx experienced a 25.9% mortality rate. Lukacovic and Uphoff (2002) reported increasing mortality with depth of anatomical hooking location in striped bass. They observed an 8.2% mortality rate for fish hooked in the lip, mouth or gills and a 54% mortality rate for fish hooked posterior to the gills. Millard et al. (2003) reported higher mortality rates for striped bass hooked both anterior and posterior to the gills. Fish hooked anterior to the gills had a 27% mortality rate and fish hooked posterior to the gills experienced a 69% mortality rate.
7 Other marine species have been examined to determine the mortality associated with anatomical hooking location. Carbines (1999) observed New Zealand blue cod (Parapercis colias) hooked in the lip and mouth had 0% mortality while fish hooked in the gills and gut had 60% and 87.5% mortality, respectively. Taylor et al. (2001) determined the mortality rate associated with anatomical hooking location of common snook (Centropomus undecimalis) increased from 1.2% for fish hooked in the mouth to 16.7% for gut-hooked fish. Aalbers et al. (2004) reported 0% mortality for white seabass (Atractoscion nobilis) hooked anterior to the esophagus and 67% mortality for fish hooked in the esophagus. Two studies have examined anatomical hooking location mortality in sciaenids. Jordan and Woodward (1992) observed that the mortality rate of red drum increased with the depth of ingestion of the hook. Red drum hooked in the maxilla had a mortality rate of 8.4% increasing to 32.5% and 52.8% for fish hooked in the gills and esophagus, respectively. Murphy et al. (1995) found that spotted seatrout showed a combined mortality rate of 1.7% for fish hooked in the jaw and inside the mouth and a 26.4% mortality rate for fish hooked in the gut. In general, mortality is higher for fish hooked deep within the oral cavity and in vital organs (Muoneke and Childress 1994).

(PDF) Catch-and-Release Mortality of Spotted Seatrout in Texas. Available from: [accessed Oct 12 2018].

results of this study...Overall mortality for the experimental studies was 19%. For anatomical studies, hooking location was assigned to four body regions: mouth, gills, esophagus, and external. Study results suggest anatomical hooking location is a major factor influencing spotted seatrout mortality. Fish hooked in the gills and esophagus had mortality rates of 75% and 95%, respectively, whereas fish hooked external and in the mouth had mortality rates of 8% and 10%, respectively.

(PDF) Catch-and-Release Mortality of Spotted Seatrout in Texas. Available from: [accessed Oct 12 2018].

Thanks for the science, I knew it was out there, just never looked for it. Pretty much confirms what common sense tells us, though. Hook 'em deep, they're more likely to die, lip hook 'em, they're more likely to be ok. But even then, some mortality seems to follow catching them, regardless. Would be interested in knowing if non-barbed hooks in a deeply hooked fish was studied, but again, common sense suggests that would result in lesser mortality than the barbed hook in the gullet. Other than turning it into a "counting coup" situation with no hook at all, though, I guess we'll have to live with the mortality.
In the end, though, we know for a fact that catch and release does work, to varying degree. And we know, also, that for a fact, there's 100% mortality for fish in the ice box. So maybe letting a fish go that you don't think will survive isn't always a losing proposition, or food for the crabs.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

What we can't tell is if a fish was netted, how long it was out of the water, did it hit the deck, single hook v. treble, etc. I'd also like to see a cold water fish v. warm water fish comparison.

It does drive home the unlikely survivability of a deeply hooked fish and conversely, that a fish with single hook in the lip has a high probability of survival...common sense but backed up by stats.

Honestly, though, I was surprised at the survival rate for gill hooked and deeply hooked fish. Other than the 69% figure, the low 50s survival rate was still better than I would have thought.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

all of it was better than I thought...some of it much, much better...which will probably make me more careful.

if i know they have a reasonable chance, i'll try harder to give it to them.

I think lure type contributes greatly to the hooking location. I almost always ok in the mouth with spinners, which are my go-to bait. Every time I've used jigs or other rigs, I've had several swallows.

I also tend to try to set the hook the instant I feel anything. So, that may contribute.

I agree with your comments. Unless my rod isn't in position for a positive hook set, I am pretty quick on the draw myself. Like my old friend Chuck Kraft always says, "They ain't got hands, and they ain't got feet. If you feel something, it's in their mouth, so SET THE DAMN HOOK!!!!"

Edit: Also, along with what you said about spinners, if you are using a bait they have to chase down, they are far less likely to be in position to swallow the bait. Jigs, tubes, etc., depend on a totally different feeding behavior. To eliminate them and other more "finesse" baits takes an awful lot off the playlist.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

delete duplicate

The New is projected to hit 23 feet at Radford, at 22.7 at the moment. Currently 4th all time crest, getting to 25 would make it the 2nd.

This happened quickly and suddenly, and maybe 1/10th of the concern compared to Florence. I pray they moved the cars from Radford's Dedmon Center before all of this was released. I know there are probably a lot of campers that didn't plan on moving as well that might get swept away here in Giles.

Yup the rivers are a wash AGAIN this one snuck up more than florence we got soaked last night, work is nice and quiet today with very few people making it in today.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Some mostly catch and release today north of St Aug. Knee is better, weather is better, and a friend (relatively new to fishing) called and said "let's go"; so the little Scout got its maiden voyage as a fishing boat (has worked well as a dolphin watcher for Mrs Dave up to now) today.

A couple dozen trout and reds on the morning low-incoming on storm shad and gulp shrimp. Best fish was an 18" trout.

The Fenwick HMG 69MLs I picked up a couple months back are perhaps perfect trout rods. Can throw the 3" storm shad a mile.

Glad you could get out. Still blowing here. Sounds like you had a nice day.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

With the CR discussion fresh in my mind, I tried to keep track of the clean releases...I think we did pretty well.

It's small fish time of year but the action was steady and the boat worked out like I had hoped...draws a little more water than the jon it replaced but a nice stable and quiet platform and much more comfortable running the ICW

also put an anchor stick in the boat and it worked great

Were you fishing with barbless hooks? What size/style is your Scout. My Scout is a nice boat and all, but not really a "fishing" boat, per se (Dorado, 18.5'). Compromise with Mrs. Fish there. Anchor stick? A pole you just stick in the mud and tie onto as opposed to the automatic ones mounted on the stern?

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

1. Barbless, no. Fortunate that we had 100 percent hookups forward of the gills. Didn't use the hook remover even once.

2. It's a 2001 Scout 145 I picked up a few months ago. The couple (snowbirds) I got it from used it as a tender/runabout associated with their catamaran up at Jekyll Is.

It has a more recent Yamaha 50 4 stroke and I added rodholders on both sides of the console and a 55 lb riptide

Looks very similar to this one.

3. Yes.

I have the 8' and clipped to the gunwale inside the side rail.

Thanks for the reply. I like the outfit, but its use would be limited here in the bigger water we have to traverse usually. I tell my friends that my Scout is the biggest and nicest boat I've ever owned (though my Maravia Willy II raft came close), but around here, it's what people call a dinghy. Love the Riptide, and the anchor pole is intriguing. What's the advantage over just dropping anchor? Does it mitigate swing by wind and tide? Here, I think I need a 22' something or other with a 150 or more for power, and a flats boat along the lines of your Scout, but I'd need a bigger one probably. There's just no one boat that'll get me everywhere I want to go. But, I dream unnecessarily, methinks. I'll not likely achieve that dream. I have friends with bigger boats, but they don't fish like I do and don't want to, so I'm kinda stuck with a 'tweener. Luckily, my shallow water fishing is usually manageable with the boat I have, but it isn't amenable to a trolling motor, so I'm handcuffed sometimes. I have blown out three prop sleeves trying to fish too shallow (and will likely do so again if the reds show up again), but usually fish in more than 4' of water.
Last questions: What's with your knee? I'm nursing two arthritic knees that have impacted my life now for three years. Did you do the replacement thing? If so, how'd it go? Sorry to ask, but you mentioned it and TKP is my only contact with you.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

My favorite thing about the stake out pole is that you can get it up quickly. If you're out chasing tarpon or JC around rock piles getting off anchor is way simpler meaning you can utilize the boat mobility before they get in to the shit and cut you off. Also they weigh less, and they don't take up hardly any room.

I've honestly thought about a push pole setup for my nucanoe for pond fishing instead of lugging an anchor around but since most fishing I do is rivers the anchors the way I go or well the 5 pound weight from walmart

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Yeah kayak anchors don't have too be too big. between my trolling motor batteries and my anchor I lose my entire front storage hatch.

It's not a big water rig at all. And frankly, the 151 with a 60 HP would be better for me if I found the right one. But the 145 is a great little 2 person boat for the ICW and creeks around here. And you pretty much gotta have a trolling motor. There is basically no inshore drift fishing from here to maybe Savannah. You can anchor up and fish holes and creek mouths here and there...and people do...but mostly you want to work drop offs, cuts, and structure, i.e., shorelines, oyster bars, and docks.

When I lived in Houston (88-96), a 17' V hull was the minimum to reliably get across Galveston Bay, with a 19 or 21 being preferred. I suspect there were more 17' Mako CC's per capita there than anywhere.

The biggest functional advantage of the stick over the anchor is noise/disturbance...there isn't any. It also holds great in soft muck; doesn't seem like it would but it does. And if I'm by myself and idling into a spot, I literally reach over with my right hand, pop the pole out of the clip and "stick it in" right where I want to hold the walk around, grab the anchor, ease it in, take up slack, and tie it off having drifted 30+ feet in the meantime. It's almost as easy to use as the expensive hydraulic rig and without the bulk and weight.

The knee...first week of August I ruptured the primary stabilizing calf muscle where it attaches right below the inside of my right knee. Knee does not like to bend and does not like a lot of strain put on it. No surgery but VERY slow to heal and VERY easy to irritate and lose ground. Lots of swelling/stiffness in the calf and ankle to go along with it. But mostly I take every opportunity to bitch about it and look for thanks : )

That sounds painful, man. You definitely have my sympathy.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

at first it felt like fire to put my foot on the floor

now its not too bad; i just walk like an old man

and mine will eventually heal, though i may decide to keep the old man walk

Definitely need to get something like that for our skiff. Trying to decide whether to get push pole (don't have trolling motor) or anchor stick. Thanks for the link

do your due diligence; there are several options out there...even a combo...i think

the stick is also real handy when you want to nose into a creek bank (like the point opposite the cut bank) and fish a deep hole within casting range...don't have to wake the dead with the anchor or run the hull too far into the mud/grass.

edit: also search anchor "pin"

Yep, definitely looking at a bunch online right now. The decision is really whether or not the push pole is necessary which I'm leaning towards yes. I have started fishing some grass islands on the flats where it would probably beneficial to push pole (not use the noisy 2 stroke) and then use the push pole to anchor and fish said area.

think about where you will stand to pole the boat, where you will store the pole, and how the boat will likely track while being poled (my short, relatively wide Scout has great stability but doesn't track worth a sh** at slow/idle speed).

a push pole is the only gig in town for some applications, but not so great for others

Good food for thought. We got into some really shallow stuff today thinking the water would be higher and used our landing net handle to push us out of the really shallow stuff.

I own a Superstick push pole. Very versatile and great product for the price. I use it to pole my Gheenoe, my boat, as a shallow water anchor and as a flag pole while tailgating.

Easy to store in my 17 foot boat or rides in the bed of the pickup truck with just two feet sticking out.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

That's one I've looked into, thanks for recommendation. Do you have the 6 to 12 foot version or 9 to 17 foot?

9 to 17

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

delete duplicate

Hit up some waters on Skyline Drive this afternoon and caught a dozen or so brookies. Fun afternoon out in the woods! I thought the creeks up there might still be blown out, but they were in great shape.

I would post a picture, but being slightly technologically challenged I can't seem to figure it out.

Is it basketball season yet?

On dries? I fished last Sunday and it was very off and on. Only got a few.

The brookies should be spawning very soon. For those thinking of going fishing for them, please mind the redds and don't cast to those doing their thing.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7