2018 TKP CFB Fantasy League (Standings & Results)

Current Standings after 3 weeks:

Instead of a weekly post, I'll update the standings and make a weekly post with results.

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Week 1 Results

Week 2 Results

Since TKP seems to be goin crazy over the storm and ECU game I thought maybe I could throw a distraction from all this.

The commish of our league, the Fightin Meerkats picked up Bryce Perkins QB UVA onto his roster, looks like he's starting him too since they're playin Ohio. Even if they are playin some scrubs should this be allowed in a TKP fantasy league?

*this is a joke, just to be clear. I chuckled a bit when i saw it post yesterday


My opponent is Hokie Fireman; he auto-drafted Olamide Zaccheus this season. This is my olive branch of solidarity. (It's also a solid troll-job, depending on how you look at it).

Playing a UVa player is kind of a weird win-win. If he gets me points that's great; if he throws 8 picks & has a hundred negative yards from scrimmage; that's even better.

PSA: The following teams are starting players that will score ZERO points this week &/or season:

For My Peoples: Rodney Smith, Minn RB is out for the season with a knee injury
. . . . . . . . . . Josh (Simba) Jackson & Jake Bentley QB USCjr are not playing this week
757Hokie83: Ahmmon Richards is out this week. Rodney Anderson, OU RB is out for the year
Dude Bro Diablo: Ryan Finley, QB & Reggie Gallaspy, RB (both NCST) will not play this week
Blacksburg Cannibals: Mountain Jesus, QB Cousins and Kelvin Harmon, WR NCST will not play this week

Thank you Brock...prob going 0-3 this week as both of my QBs are out this week

You can still pick up a third QB up until Saturday. Just drop him after this week if you don't want to keep 3 QBs on the roster. You might consider dropping the Michigan WR, too- he's listed as out with no timetable for return

Well it will help if I can remember how to access and set that roster. 1-1 with doing nothing so far.

Stupid CBS didn't change status if Texas A&M kicker before game and still haven't even though he was listed as hurt prior to start of the game!

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I had 3 players listed as out only until the games actually started. One of them didn't even travel with the team. It doesn't do a good job of giving you any updates, 2 of he guys had apparently been battling injuries during the week but never had them as questionable or gave you a notification that they might sit. The worst.


Week 3 Results

They haven't updated the standings yet. Yahoo has been a little lackluster in updating player notes for injuries and suspensions. It appears they have a few bugs to work out with their projection engine; ROTOWIRE (link).

It does appear Rotowire is a bit more reliable with their player updates, so if you have time before Saturday you may want to plug in your starters into their search engine and see if anything pops up. (Searching here seems to run on last name only).