OT: 2018-19 EPL Discussion Thread Part 2

The other thread has 500+ comments and takes forever to load, even though there's a relative lack of gifs or images, so I made a part 2.

The EPL run-in is shaping up to be a doozy, with Liverpool and Manchester City at the top of the table with Tottenham lurking behind. United, Chelsea, and Arsenal are in a three-way race for the fourth and final Champions league qualifying spot.

At the other end of the table, there are six teams within three points of the final relegation spot, with Fulham and Huddersfield looking likely to take the drop.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss any other domestic leagues (e.g. la liga) and domestic cup competitions. UCL discussion has its own thread (link).

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Come on you Reds!!! Thanks GGC for starting this new thread.

Little Monday morning tunes, for the intricate cog in our attack.

Side note: Regardless of whether we win the league or not, this has been an incredible ride, one loss with 2/3's of the season done. I love this team so much!

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I can't figure out this Leicester City team. Win some good games lose to bad teams, don't finish games strong send in best player to have his first touch be a penalty kick.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Chelsea has been hit with a transfer ban over the next 2 windows over rule violations concerning youth players.

Even with that, the right course seems to be offloading some of the players who keep tuning out managers. The ban aside, they have several teams worth of players out on loan. A philosophy change might be what they need.

This might actually save Sarri his job in my view. That said they'll appeal and drag it out till they have this window to prep for the ban.

I for one hate how silly the appeals process is Chelsea won't get out of it but know the appeals process can take long enough to get them oast the summer window.

Wonder how pulisic feels about his choice now

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I actually think a scenario where Chelsea can give Sarri time will yield good results for them ultimately. He actually has one more win in his first 43 matches (28W6D9L) than Pep did in his first 43 (27W9D7L) at City. Though the situations are different, coaches with strong philosophical play styles and a system-first type of structure need a little time to acclimate the squad both in comfort and getting the right personnel into the team.

On the Pulisic note, I actually think if Sarri survives this season and gets more time, I believe Pulisic is the type of player who can thrive in Sarri's system. Similar skillset to some of his best guys at Napoli.

I guess that was kind of what I was saying that without the ban they very well may sack him and go for a shiny new object instead of sticking with a guy who can do it when given ample time.

Id be worried for pulisic if he gets thrown into the first team when he's not ready like if hazard leaves and Hudson odoi doesn't start for whatever reason. Who knows how long the appeal takes could be next year before it's settled so we will see

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Tottenham do an Arsenal at Burnley and probably put an end to their league hopes. Pochettino's master class this week included yelling at the referees after the match

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Of course it was Mike Dean. Poch probably has the unanimous support of every club's fanbase in the league on this one.