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So Xfinity recently added the Amazon Prime App to their available features, which I had never really utilized before as part of my Amazon Prime benefits. Looking for recommendation on available movies, shows etc that others that use Prime already would recommend.

I already binge watched Tom Clancy Jack Ryan and Homecoming over the Holidays. Any other advice would be great. Some background on the recommendation would be even better.


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Man in the high Castle, the Americans

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I second Man In the High Castle, its an alternate reality show where the Axis beat the Allies in WWII. Set in the 1960s. Could give more details but might be spoilers.


Man in the high castle starts slow (every episode and season are like this) ... but the last half is always worth it. Each season is better than the last.

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I watched the first season of MitHC and liked it but it moved sooo slowly. I've seen another season came around but haven't taken the time to re-invest in it.

I was starting to get bored with season 1, but the twist at the end was interesting. However, i haven't had the time or motivation to go back and watch the other two seasons.

I'm really enjoying the 3rd (newest) season. We're about 4 or 5 episodes in, and the pacing has noticeably increased. I believe there is a new show-runner for the latest season, and there appears to be a concerted effort to develop the larger mythology/sci-fi aspect(s) of the overarching storyline.

After seeing this thread, I restarted watching this show at the beginning of season 2, my jump off point was the end of season 1. Still slow but I'm willing to plow through. Trade Minister is my spirit animal

im on season 5 of the americans im enjoying it.

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the Americans is so good, one of my favorite shows in a long time

I enjoyed Sneaky Pete, it's about a con artist taking on the identity of his prison cell mate when gets released.

Seconded. A Bryan Cranston production.

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Second for sneaky Pete, grand tour has to be recommended as well.

Grand Tour has been nice, though I binged the heck out of Top Gear when it became available for free on Prime a year or two ago and loved it. GT was supposed to be the 'same' show but it's a bit different. I also binged on The Wire because it was free on Prime video and it was AWESOME.

I think the early seasons of Grand Tour are a middle ground between the old Top Gear and the next evolution of what Grand Tour will be - and though I haven't seen the new stuff yet, those guys are good entertainment. If you haven't seen it, it's two old guys and a middle aged guy f^cking with each other and driving cars. It's fun.

Though I'm concerned that it took a Comcast (boo) product to get you to use Prime video, just get a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick (40$), they're worth it.

I liked the Last Tycoon, a period piece about old Hollywood based on a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Only 9 or 10 episodes, and all of the major plotlines were wrapped up. Stars Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer.

But I mostly use Prime to watch Bob Ross.

Bosch and Homecoming are really good...even though I thought Julia Roberts was kinda overrated in this role...

Homecoming was hard to watch for a variety of reasons, including having been where the characters have been and have my own memories swirling around while I watched

Sorry about that man...i think it did a good job of addressing some of those things though...The Punisher was another show that I think did a great job speaking on something that gets passed over all too often, the mental health of our soldiers..

I was annoyed they didn't use the podcast actors: Catherine Keneer, Oscar Isaacs, David Shwimmer, David Cross and Amy Sedaris.

The voice cast was better than the video cast.

Which show was a podcast first?


Homecoming was an excellent podcast.

I agree with bosch! great series. also whats the show with billy bob thorton as the drunk lawyer? EDIT: saw it mentioned below. goliath is what its called. its pretty good.

Hand of god - ron Pearlman was good too

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Bosch is a great show - especially if you are into season long crime/mystery shows.

For a lighter note, I highly suggest Red Oaks.

+1 for Bosch.

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Red Oaks is amazing.

The marvelous Mrs. Maisel is by far the best quality thing they've produced so far.

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Yes don't let the look of it fool you. Daughter of a semi-high class Jewish family who does explicit filled comedy. Definitely worth the watch!


Yeah, my wife and I love this show. It's won a slew of awards too.

I heard my brother in law recommend this over the holidays. The problem is that he's a remarkable idiot so I'm having a tough time ignoring his recommendation.

Best thing on TV I've seen in a very long time. Constant laugh out loud moments and characters I've come to care about.

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My wife loves this show. she also loved Gilmore Girls with a passion, so I'm pretty sure she would love anything from Amy sherman-palladino.

It is definitely a good show, but I'm not a fan of the overly conversational writing style of Sherman-Palladino. ( I prefer less talk, more action). That said, it is a good comedy.

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Love this show! Agree on the writing style. Sometimes I love it because it comes across very real, but in quite a few scenes it is overdone to the point that it isn't real while trying too hard to be real. I mean her characters are always so quick-witted, and no one is really that quick-witted all the time.

Either way, great show!

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Seconded. Great show. Very broadway, but inescapably charming.

River Monsters with Jeremy Wade every episode no commercials!!


Now we're talking

the Expanse

Also, some older shows on Prime worth your time.

  • Psych
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Chuck

Second the Expanse. First two season are free. Third season is still pay, but hopefully it goes to free soon.

Best science fiction show since probably Battlestar Galactica. The books are great too, btw. Very glad Amazon saved this show.

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I am on book 4 right now, although I am having trouble getting into it. Book 3 started slow for me as well (but really picked up about half way through.)

I'm trying to think back, I believe I may have listened to 3 and 4 through audible which would have pushed me through a slow start. It's how I did the middle books in the Wheel of Time series. I drive a lot and burn through audiobooks at a pretty good rate, and it has the advantage of pushing you through those slow starts and stalled storylines that are challenging to read.

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Also, the narration of Wheel of Time is fantastic, so that made the audio even more enjoyable.

Related: if you like Kate Redding and Michael Kramer, they also narrate Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive books (Kramer does Mistborn as well) and they are well worth your time in audio.

Oh yes, Stormlight is my favorite series currently, and I agree... I love Kramer and Redding.

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Seriously, when are they going to release Season 3 of The Expense for free on Prime? It has to be any day now, right?

If you want to watch something really funny along these lines, check out The Orville, it is really well done comedy in space

I watched the first two episodes when it launched and couldn't get it, but I have heard several comments like this. I may have to give it another try.

The first few episodes they seem to be finding their niche and they come across as more fart jokes than sci-fi. They get better and the series takes on a real TNG vibe.

Maybe I should just treat it like ST:TNG and skip the first season altogether.

I've seen speculation that they could have re-negotiated the streaming rights to line up with a Prime release at the same time it goes international, which could be March. My guess is definitely by March 15.

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I love MITHC and Bosch, still working my way through both. I really enjoyed Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton as well.


Best series I've watched in years. Season 1 is a can't stop watching type.

We put the K in Kwality

Not sure if it's Prime original, but there's a move on Prime right now called "Life Itself" that I really enjoyed. The first part is a mind-fuck, then the rest is a bunch of stories that all come together at the end.

The Night Manager
All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks

Word World.
Dinosaur Train.
Thomas the Train.
Click Clack Moo Christmas special...over and over and over and...

I didn't know there were shows for grown-ups on AP.

If you're a fan of war documentaries/war movies, they have a shitton.

I've watched 1939: Battle of Westerplatte, a documentary about the Hood vs the Bismarck, and a good series on World War I.

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I'm going through a series on the civil war right now...pretty good so far

no idea if it's on Prime or not, but Counterpart with JK Simmons has been an excellent find. highly recommend

It's on Starz...but you're right...that show is excellent...and Quayles wife is fiiiiine...


I do not watch much tv and I do not binge watch tv at all but I binge watch this show.

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I second, third, and fourth this post. We loved it, have watched all episodes three times, and even bought the complete series so we can watch it again when we're ready. Fantastic characters, adult humor and razor sharp quirky dialogue and wittiness define the show, despite the violence inherent in the show's focus. The music alone is worth tuning in.

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The dialogue between Raylan and Boyd could be written as poetry. It's amazing.

And Natalie Zea, wow, I don't care that she's ten years older, I would marry that woman in a heartbeat.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

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I watched every season from the beginning on FX channel, was sad when they closed it down but it had jumped the track a bit once they started involving the cartels and other city bosses. If you love the main character, make sure you check out the Hitman movies as well.

Most of the shows Amazon makes aren't that good. They put in a lot of money, hype, and big time actors but can't figure out how to make quality shows like Netlix does. I pretty much ignore all their original series at this point. They have a decent library of shows and movies, though. If you're into medieval stuff, Wolf Hall is good.

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Bosch is excellent tv...kinda reminds of The Shield..except Bosch isn't a psychopath like vic mackey was..

And the books are better.

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I've read a lot of the Bosch series and had put the show on my watchlist. This thread got me interested in watching it. Just watched the first episode of Season 1.


One of the things I like about Amazon Prime Video is that about once a month their Big Data engine will spit out something as a recommendation that I would never have seen otherwise, even if it's not new. They've just got me hooked on "Corner Gas", which can be described as "Seinfeld set in rural Saskatchewan", and had its run in the late 2000's.

It's written by a Canadian comedian whose real name is Brent Butt, so there's that too.


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The one major thing I am waiting to see how Amazon does is where they go with the production rights for any future JRR Tolkien related content now that Bezos negotiated that deal with the Tolkien family

There was a rumor that there might be an "Aragorn pre-ring saga" story in the works.

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which, just, yes please

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Vikings is my favorite one ive seen so far.

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Try Norsemen.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Red Oaks, kind of gimmicky but funny imo

Red Oaks is funny as hell, especially if you were that age during that time.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is absolutely hillarious. Really well written and keeps you laughing throughout.

The Man in the High Castle seems like a good concept, but I found it to be pretty awful sitting through Season 1. Won't be checking out Season 2 for that reason.

The MMM is outstanding.
Her Dad is one of the best dry comedians currently working.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Season 1 - this show is awesome I can't wait to finish binge-watching it.
End of Season 1 - what the hell just happened? I guess I'll watch Season 2 to find out.
Season 2 - oookaayyy? This is still really weird and less and less engrossing.
End of Season 2 - ok, guess I'll wait til Season 3 comes out and see if they can right the ship and make it worth watching again
Season 3 comes out - nah, not even gonna watch that

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

The Good Place.
Ted Danson is funny in this.

Person dies, goes to sort of heaven, chaos ensues.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Great show, but it's on Netflix, not Amazon Prime.

Mrs ShagVT and I very much enjoyed Victoria. They play a little loose with historical fact, but it is beautiful show.

I like Man in the High Castle although I feel like season 3 went in a totally different direction from the first two. The story and even the production of the show just felt entirely different.

If you enjoy Tom Clancy books, Jack Ryan was pretty well done. I was really impressed with the quality of plot twists and the reality of how often the terrorists seem to be several steps ahead of the government agencies trying to counter them.

The Jack Ryan series I watched the first episode and proceeded to stay up until 430 am watching six more episodes.

I tried really really hard to get into jack ryan. the show is well written and I enjoyed it for the most part but I for the life of me wish they would have gotten ANY one else to be the lead actor. I just cannot see this man as anything other than Jim from the office. His personality from that doesn't transfer over to other roles well.

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I never really watched the office like that, but I did enjoy him in Jack Ryan. My man Wendell Pierce is good too...

Season 3 of Victoria will be airing on PBS shortly!

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Thanks Frank!

They are not Amazon Originals, but they do have a lot of past HBO shows on there. You cannot go wrong with The Sopranos or Eastbound and Down.

Patriot is the best show that no one has heard of. If you like dark comedy / Coen brothers style you'll love it.

Slight tangent. I was trying to compare Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video. For what I can tell, the content they both offer essentially is the same, save for the Netflix-specific content vs Amazon-specific. Is that the general gist? What would make one person favor one over the other?

It's pretty much the same as HBO vs. Showtime.

Except that Prime gives you free "two-day" shipping from Amazon.

"free" is dubious if the product you're buying costs more.

In the past when I had Prime, and whenever I wanted to buy something that had "free" two day shipping, the product always cost more than a product that did not have two day shipping available. In essence, the cost was a wash, so I never felt like I was actually getting a perk at all.

There is a big reason behind this. If you want to qualify to be a prime program item, your item has to be Fulfilled by Amazon or you have to have built a track record with Amazon to qualify for Prime Fulfilled by Merchant. The Prime Fulfilled by Merchant is relatively new so has not gained much traction in the sellers community because it puts the onus of shipping same day with overnight shipping costs on the merchant.

Fulfilled by Amazon means that for a percentage of your sale Amazon handles all the customer service aspects of the sale, including shipping and returns while also storing your items in their warehouses which costs you additional funds. Between shipping and their FBA fees, Amazon gets about 50% of each of sale roughly, which means when pricing items, taking into account costs and their cut and still make a profit.

So sure - that's how Amazon makes money, but I still don't see why it makes financial sense to pay for Amazon Prime then? If i'm still paying for the privilege for 2-day shipping / same-day shipping via a more expensive product AND a yearly subscription, then I don't see the benefit? Am I missing something here?

I wasn't arguing for you to invest in Prime, just making it clear why prime products tend to cost more than others listed in the same product/category. Its how Amazon makes money but its also the only way the actual seller makes a decent return as well. That and so many people are just enamored with Prime that they hardly look at all the offers on Amazon to see if its actually the cheapest.

If you are just looking at it as tv/movie entertainment and not for the other perks Amazon provides, then Netflix is much better in my opinion. It offers better movie selections and, for now, Disney movies for the kids.

Amazons interface for streaming is awful compared to Netflix.

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The gap is closing though. The autoplay previews on Netflix are driving me up a wall, and I'm having to scroll way too far to find my "continue watching" or my List these days.

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I agree, the auto play is beyond annoying! I'm hoping it can be turned of in the settings but have never taken the time to check.

My problems are when I'm done with one season the next should just start. Better organization of prime shows versus ones I need to rent or buy and finally separate "libraries" for my kids shows and the ones my wife and I watch.

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I *detest* that it saves things by season, rather than show. Like, why would I only care about season 2 of Victoria, for example? Why do I have 5 versions of Outlander in my watchlist? Why do I apparently only watch period dramas? lol

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Thanks Frank!

If you are into science fiction, then I would recommend The Expanse.

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