From Fine Food to a Frenetic Finish Against Pitt, JUCO CB Jeremy Webb Impressed with Tech

One of the top JUCO prospects in the country liked what he saw on his first visit to Blacksburg.

CB Jeremy Webb, right, made his first visit to Blacksburg last weekend. [Jeremy Webb]

The frenetic ending of Virginia Tech's narrow win over Pitt might've been intensely stressful for all the Hokie faithful in the stands at Lane Stadium — but for one visitor in attendance, the game's conclusion couldn't have been more perfect.

2018 JUCO CB Jeremy Webb out of ASA College in New York City says the game's "crazy" finish might've been a bit chaotic in the moment, but he was positively jealous of the way the defense got to close the game out last Saturday.

"There's just no better way to win a game than to be on the goal line and it's do or die, basically, and you come up and make the stop that you have to make for your team," Webb told The Key Play. "Especially on Senior Day, there's no better way to go out for a senior than to win a game in that fashion. Especially for the 'Lunch Pail Defense.'"

While the Hokies were probably hoping for a bit more dominant result to show off to Webb, they also have to be pleased that the cornerback came away so impressed with his first trip to Blacksburg. The 6'3", 195-pound prospect is rated a 4-star prospect by the 247Sports Composite, and the service even rates him the seventh best JUCO player in the country, so Webb's official visit certainly had high stakes for the Hokies.

"I loved it," Webb said. "The atmosphere was great. The fans, the coaches, the players showed me a lot of love. It was a great experience."

Webb, an Illinois native, says the Hokies started off by giving him an introduction to perhaps Tech's finest amenity: the food. When he arrived on campus Friday, he says Justin Fuente, Bud Foster and a whole group of other assistants took him out to lunch at a dining hall to give a flavor for what he could expect from the culinary options in Blacksburg.

"It was really probably about 10 of them, we all sat down and had lunch together, which was really cool," Webb said. "I just loved it... the cafeterias and food they have on campus, the things you can get, whether it's steak or it's lobster."

Webb also got a full tour of the facilities, and came away enamored with the pervasive Hokie Stone, in particular.

From there, he sat in on a position group meeting led by CB coach Brian Mitchell, where he got a chance to see exactly how his would-be position coach manages a film study session.

"He's already mentioned the things he does on a daily basis to me before, but for me to see it for myself and see how he does all that in there, all the little stuff and all the fundamentals, it was great," Webb said. "All the fundamentals at cornerback are super important, so for him being technician like that, I really love that about him."

The Hokies seem pretty impressed with Webb as well. He says Mitchell, Foster and the rest of the defensive staff talked with him plenty about how his size might help him fit into Tech's scheme.

"They have a history with long corners, long DBs period in the secondary," Webb said. "They just said I'm a great fit, I can play, I can run, and I'm mature. They can bring in a mature guy right away to help some of the other guys out that are in the secondary. Just being a leader on and off the field, they just really believe in my style of play."

If anyone is well acquainted with Foster's preference for sizable, rangy cornerbacks, it's the 6'3" Adonis Alexander or 6'2" Terrell Edmunds. Though both are battling injuries, Webb says the pair found plenty of time to show him around campus and give him a crash course on the defensive tradition at Tech — Alexander even hosted Webb overnight.

'They just told me how much they love it, how much they love playing for Coach Foster and how they're always practicing and always in the right position to make plays," Webb said. "Just the whole 'DBU' thing, they really tried to sell me on that. And they just told me about the whole experience, what it was like interacting with fans around campus as well."

But even after getting the hard sell from his fellow DBs, Webb says he isn't ready to pull the trigger on Tech just yet. He has a pair of official visits coming up yet — one this coming weekend at UCF for the Knights' game against South Florida, and one starting Dec. 8 at West Virginia — so he's reserving judgement for now.

Yet Webb is hoping to make a final decision in "early to mid-December," so the Hokies won't have long to wait to see if his visit last weekend truly tipped the scales in their favor.

"They're definitely high, they're definitely high for me right now, but I want to make sure I see all the other schools before I make a decision," Webb said.


Love the way he turns his head back to ball in flight at just the right time. FAM!!!!

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Webb would be a huge get with two departing multi year starters at corner.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Alexander even hosted Webb overnight

Must have been the highlight of his visit.

Always choose joy.


So you say they were huffing farts, eh? Kids these days. Back in my day we would've just smashed some booze and burned some trees, but whatever helps seal the deal.
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"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

Webb reminds of Adonis Alexander! He would be a perfect fit in LPD!

Hells Yeah!!

Webb's list should also include Kam Chancellor, Kendall Fuller, Kyle Fuller, DeAngelo Hall, Brandon Flowers.

I like that the list includes players who aren't who you would think of as 'the most famous hokies'. I know who Pierson Prioleau, Torian Gray, Kyshoen Jarrett, Cory Bird, Willie Pile, Anthony Midget, and Ike Charlton are (as does that receiver from Kent State Syracuse), but those aren't names that normal people are going to instantly associate with VT.

(also, $100 bucks says the five jerseys across the top (with the names cut off) read, in no particular order, Chancellor, Fuller, Fuller, Hall, Flowers)

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Tough to tell which ones are cut off on the top - maybe Macho Harris via Eagles? Carpenter?

Webb's list should also include Kam Chancellor, Kendall Fuller, Kyle Fuller, DeAngelo Hall, Brandon Flowers.

Wherever that graphic came from (likely VT) probably can't use active NFL players for licensing reasons.

Flowers is my favorite DBU alum.

I need to go clean up now

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Not to be a downer but he also has #floridaboy and #brevardcounty in his profile ... Brevard County is the coastal (Melbourne & Cape Canaveral) area - just east of Orlando.

I hope he picks VT, looks like can step right in at CB.

Want. Must close. Love his ball skills. Great range/length. Would be such a natural fit in this defense. Great write up, Alex.

One thing I haven't heard definitively: how much eligibility does he have left?

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Those are sophomore highlights up top so I assume he would be heading into his junior year if he came here.

I notice a big improvement from his freshman to sophomore years. In this freshman tape it looked like his go to move was to manhandle the receiver and not let him get 5 yards down the field, which looked good in his highlights but I wonder how many flags he got doing that. His sophomore tape looks a lot more technical and shows a better ability to stay with a receiver and get his head turned around.

Looks like a natural fit in Foster's D. I wouldn't be surprised if he had an inside track at starting next year with Stro and Facyson leaving (hopefully not Adonis too!). Really hope he becomes a Hokie and gives the younger guys in the 2018 class a year or two to develop.

Can he play this weekend? Our secondary is hurting

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AA back this weekend?

Just a reminder that when recruits are giving interviews to TKP and retweeting TKP_Recruiting, they're probably also reading TKP, and noticing the comments (the age old question "do they see this?").

And by extension, the players.


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He also retweeted this article.

Sup Webb.

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We should totally just tweet him and find out for sure

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Would be great addition and most likely have a chance to get immediate playing time

Imagine having Webb and Adonis on opposite sides of the field. Lock down corners allowing Big Timmy, Rick, Edmonds, etc to eat up QB's all day. Yes please.

I love Edmonds. They are almost as tasty and healthy as almonds.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I like that Fuente and Co are going after these juco guys. Webb would be a great addition to our defense.

Webb, Make us fam - and then help make it 15 & 16 years in a row (for the Commonwealh cup).

He strikes me as a Jimmy Williams type with his size and physicality. I really hope we can lock him up. I think he would start right away since we're losing Stroman and Facyson.

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