Hokies are at the Top for 4-Star 2019 OL Bryan Hudson

Virginia Tech is in solid position to land a blue-chip offensive line prospect.

Bryan Hudson (left) poses for a photo with Tech OL coach Vance Vice (right). [Bryan Hudson]

It's sufficient to say Bryan Hudson left impressed from his Virginia Tech junior day visit. So much so in fact, the Hokies are at the top of the list for the 4-star Scott County HS (Georgetown, KY) offensive lineman.

"I would say right now Virginia Tech is definitely at the top of my list right now," Hudson told The Key Play after his trip. "This visit really helped me realize that and get closer to the coaches. So they're definitely up there."

During the trip Hudson spent time one-on-one with offensive line coach Vance Vice and head coach Justin Fuente. Hudson noted he's built a good relationship with Vice — who fondly reminds him of a youth coach of his — over the last year-or-so.

He also heard the head Hokie's plan for how he could be a multi-sport athlete at Tech. Hudson is an accomplished discus and shot put thrower, so Fuente's willingness for him to compete on Tech's track team was well received.

"I love him," Hudson said of Fuente. "As a coach, I love the way he approaches the game, and his attitude and mentality towards his players and the team. As a person, I love the times I've gotten to sit down and talk to him. He seems very genuine and very honest with me and my family. I really like him a lot."

The 6-5, 305 pounder typically straps it up at left tackle for Scott County, but Tech hasn't recruited him for a specific position along the o-line. Although, he's willing to play, "anywhere they need me".

"I just love the physical aspect of it," said Hudson of offensive line play. "When I was younger my favorite position was actually the defensive line. That was because, you know when people ask what they like about football and what they like about defense, defense is where they get to hit people. When I got to high school and where I was only playing offense, my freshman year, I realized how offensive line is so physical. It takes somebody that really has a passion to play football to play because it's so physically demanding play after play. You know to move 250-, 300-pound guys out of the way. With that being your only objective every play, go defeat this one or two guys. I just love playing it."

Scott County employs a run-heavy Wing T scheme and run blocking is Hudson's self-described strength. This offseason he's working to enhance his pass protection skills and develop more as dominant player in space.

Thus far, Virginia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, and Louisville have recruited him the hardest and stayed in contact with him the most.

In addition to the four aforementioned programs, Florida, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are in the picture for his services. The 247Sports Composite 4-star plans to decide among his 20 offers before his senior campaign, sometime in July or August.

"A lot could happen, and a lot could change, but right now they are (at the top)," he added about the Hokies' pole position.

Along with academics and the amount of scholastic support he'd receive, a program with longstanding tradition situated in a college town are important factors in Hudson's ultimate decision.

"I really want to go to a school that's a football school, that has tradition, and not only to the team and the players, but football meant something to whole community," he said.

Whether he got that sense when he visited Blacksburg.

"Absolutely I did."


What are the odds he spends his "redshirt" year on the track team? I know he can't be on the football team and have the scholarship count against track, but if he does nothing official with the football team in a year where he'd basically spend it bulking up, why not use a track scholly instead of a football one?

Let's call this the "Cole Beck" plan.

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He's a 4 star O-line. The odds of him coming here to not have a football scholarship are slim to none.

I like how he stays engaged and plays to the whistle.

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"I really want to go to a school that's a football school, that has tradition, and not only to the team and the players, but football meant something to whole community," he said.

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Awesome! But he's wearing a Louisville shirt in the photo in Lane...?

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

The picture at the top of this post? That's an S on the side of his jacket, it looks to me like a letterman jacket so I'm assuming it's just for his high school

They'll really get after ya

He said shirt not jacket, there is no S on his shirt there is a cardinal head

Semper Fi

I think that may be his high school logo

That's his high school mascot.

Thanks! I thought it really weird with Louisville recruiting him hard apparently!

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Time to retire the Cardinal and put on the VT!

Please please? A lot of water to pass under the bridge though.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Seems like a gre at kid and knows what he's looking for in a program . Time to be a Hokie Bryan !

Man, I am pumped about the possibilities for this year's OL class. A class with Hudson, Beaver, Simonds, and Hanson would be awesome. Even lower rated guys that we are in the mix for like Pope, Whitner, and Moore all have great looking tape. That's not even considering Quin Carroll who I am not going to get my hopes up for, but you can't count out family ties.

I know people get their hopes up every year, but this time last year I distinctly remember struggling to find even 4 OL that were good players that we had a decent shot with. This year seems like a lot more opportunities to fill the class with solid recruits.

Agreed, very encouraging OL start. I like an interior of Simonds, Hudson and Hanson, make one of them a Center. And like you said, push hard for Carroll and maybe a guy like a Moore who is raw but maybe further along than Nijman and Dsanzi.

I like our chances against the other top schools that are 'recruiting him the hardest.' Let's stay on him and get him over to the good guys! C'mon Vance!

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"I really want to go to a school that's a football school, that has tradition, and not only to the team and the players, but football meant something to whole community," he said.

Kentucky and Louisville = basketball schools. So I'm not worried about them. Grimes just left LSU this offseason so even though LSU brought in a new OL coach from the Chargers, he will only have 6-7 months to build a relationship if Hudson commits in July or August. Definitely like our chances as it stands right now, just have to see what other schools get involved.

Good for Grimes on becoming an OC. I thought he was a great coach during his short time at VT.

Vice really seems to be coming into his own as a recruiter. Closing on Culver might springboard him to a big '19 year

Everything this kid says he's looking for we can provide for him. That's encouraging.
Also, it's nice to see us getting after talented OL. I know we have some history of converting athletic guys into OL as opposed to recruiting them, so the signing of Tenuta, Culver, and the pursuit of Hudson feels good.

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This SHOULD be our best recruiting class for OL ever.

CJF needs to start securing multiple 4-star OL recruits. This will make every QB, RB and Receiver look awesome. This young man looks to be a great player.

There are only 49 composite OL at four star and above in 2018 and you want him to secure multiple in each class? Come on man have some realistic expectations.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I don't know why this is unrealistic. If an average OL class is ~3.5, that leaves room for 14ish schools to take a full class of 4+ star guys. I realize it doesn't work exactly like that, but it's not unheard of... Expecting classes in the 12-15 range require us to get better players. This shouldn't be unrealistic. I think we should step up our expectations and stop feeling so inferior on the trail.

Last year with more composite 4 Star or better OL players only 11 schools signed 2 or more. Asking Fuente with the resources and other inherent disadvantages he has than Bama, US, ND etc to do what they are doing is being unrealistic. Should Tech be signing more and better YES. But to expect EVERY year to get two or more 4 Star or higher OL players is doing a disservice to this staff.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I would love for Tech to get back to the 90's early 00's era offensive line who opened holes I could run through.

And KJs who could run rings around entire WVU defenses.

Well, they didn't do it with 4 star lineman. They did it with two star kids that they put in the weight room and made them mad and nasty.

Leonard. Duh.

Jake Grove was the definition of mad and nasty

Damn straight

I love how he plants most of the DL, but we must remember they (the DL) are also just high-schoolers. The competition in college is notably better (nothing TKP crowd doesn't already know).

So if he wants tradition of excellence and a college town atmosphere.... chief competition from that list is Okla. and Florida? It'll be a tough pull but I think Vice is proving to be a good recruiter and CJF backs him up very well. Also, seems like guys are undervaluing this year's class. I disagree. I think we have 3 who could be 3 year starters when all is said and done.

Lets GO!!!!

I continue to be amazed that Mike Gundy has not offered Vance Vice $2 mil / year to be his OL coach and mullet bro

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VANCE VICE has such an awesome haircut. It makes this photo look like it was taken 25 years ago. Instant Vintage:

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

Has anyone else noticed how long Vice's head is?

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

To be fair, it's mostly forehead.

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I suspect his dad may have been from Remulak, France.

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Note to self: Never bum chewing gum from Vice.

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