Virginia Tech Football Recruiting: Dean Ferguson Commits to the Hokies

The Hokies picked up a verbal from a hard-hitting 2019 prospect.


Virginia Tech went back-to-back with commitments on Friday. Dean Ferguson opted for the Hokies over offers from Virginia, West Virginia, and Syracuse among other Power Five programs.

"First, I thank God for blessing me with all of my accomplishments," Ferguson tweeted. "I want to thank my family for all the sacrifices they have made to get me to this point and for their endless love and support. Thank you to all the coaches, trainers, and teachers who have assisted in molding me into the man I am. Lastly, I thank all the coaches and schools who have recruited me and given me the opportunity to attend their respective institutions. With that being said, I am proud to announce that I am committed to Virginia Tech!!!"

Quarterback Tyler Warren chose the Hokies earlier in the day.

The 247Sports Composite rates Ferguson as a 3-star (0.8559) safety. Depending on how his coverage skills evolve, the Potomac Falls HS product figures to project as a rover or whip for the Hokies. Ferguson visited Tech for its tilt with Clemson last season and left impressed. At the time, he provided The Key Play some insight into his recruitment.

"My physicality was one of my main selling points, and they're excited about the future I'd be able to have down there," Ferguson said. "Coach Foster's a nice guy, playing for him would definitely be an amazing experience. Playing for one of the legendary defensive coaches and learning from him would really be special."

Indeed, Ferguson's highlights are littered with clips of his thick shoulder and nose for the ball.


Well, that's definitely a safety's highlight video title right there.

Kam's reputation and the defense's reputation as a whole still paying recruiting dividends.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

In his other highlight video where he lists his stats, his first stat is 2 knockouts. I love this kid already.

I imagine those opposing players must feel like

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

This dude's swag is phenomenal.

He will definitely need a solid nickname to accompany said swag. Mean Dean has the rhyme but doesn't prepare you for the freight train power he delivers.


Dean of Admissions ("You didn't get in")

Dean of Pain Administration

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

I like it, I like it. What about the guilloDean, since he will take your head off.

"Mean Dean" sounds like a character that should be played by Vinnie Jones

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Lay tha Boom

Pour some Beer on it

Man, this dude is an absolute masher! He also doesn't even celebrate after he devastates an opposing player. You'll fit in well here, Ferg. Welcome!

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

I really like how he makes contact and his feet keep moving. He isn't launching at guys.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Look to have average speed, but a hard hitter nonetheless!

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Big hitter for sure. It's hard to tell for certain, but from what I could see he seems to lead with his head a lot. If that's the case, he's going to have to learn the correct way to hit or "targeting" may be a frequent refrain...

"Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"

Dean Ferguson, huh?

Oh, there's definitely a treasure trove of Dean puns available in gif form from the wonderful Community....

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

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