Midseason Thoughts

Halfway through the year, Virginia Tech's defense has been their calling card. A look at what the numbers say about the Hokies D, plus some thoughts about the NCAA Tourney and the ACC's perception problem.

The Pedulla Predicament

Virginia Tech is a team very reliant on Sean Pedulla. Although the Hokies' point guard is a playmaker, that high level of dependency has been bad for both parties.

Bowen's Renaissance

Examining Tyler Bowen's play calling that kept Tulane off balance in the second half of a 41-20 Military Bowl romp. The space created, and threats across the field yielded a dominating ground game led by Kyron Drones and Bhayshul Tuten.

Why Culture Matters

Virginia Tech's 41-20 win over Tulane in the Military Bowl proves one thing: in the age of the transfer portal and player opt-outs, culture always wins.

Doing it With Defense

In a surprise twist, Virginia Tech basketball has been buoyed by their defense. But to get off the dreaded tourney bubble, they'll need their offensive pieces to play to their capability.