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And those "manatees" are one of the peaceful fishies. Looking forward to hear your thoughts. Thinking back on my first playthrough and how frustrating it was slowly morphing into one of my favorite gaming experiences of the last few years.

Tim Weah is by far the best option at right wing for the MNT and it's not even close. Consistently one of the best players on the field last window and in this game as well. I have no idea what you do when Gio Reyna comes back.

The problems were up top and on the right side. Pulisic played too far inside. El Salvador played too compact between the lines for a false 9 to be successful - just clogs up the midfield even more. Musah had no space to run since Pulisic was so far inside. And the USA's DNA has been get the ball wide and either put a cross in or beat a fullback off the dribble. Both of those need a true 9 to either be the target of the cross or occupy the opposing CBs.

If Mane's contributions hadn't fallen off a cliff I would say Bobby is the first man out. But Bobby still can play a very integral role in the team even when he isn't scoring. I hate to see any of the three go because I am nostalgic...but at this moment in time, we have to resign Salah, see if we can make money on Mane, let Bobby run out his contract. Just my opinion but we will see.

Platinumed it, and still play legends every single day during my workouts

As far as story goes, I still think horizon zero dawn is on top for the PS4 generation. Soooooo good

Op - horizon zero dawn is on PC as well

Bitcoin is valuable because its attributes (both Bitcoin itself and the network) make it a superior form of money in many ways to gold and fiat currency. The below are notes from parts of this article.

Things can naturally (i.e., not by fiat/decree) become money by going through the following stages (or obtaining the following functions):
1. Collectible — demanded solely based on its peculiar properties, such as its rarity and symbolic value
2. Store of value — recognized as a means of keeping and storing value over a long period of time
3. Medium of exchange — when purchasing power stabilizes, the opportunity cost becomes low enough to use for everyday purchases and sales
4. Unit of account — after becoming widely used in trades, the exchange ratio of it against most goods becomes available and pricing in it becomes intuitive for a society

(I would not argue that Bitcoin is a medium of exchange or unit of account right now. There needs to be a lot more infrastructure and adoption for those to come.)

But it's not arbitrary what kinds of items happen to make it through all of the above stages. Society tends to select things that maximize for the following attributes (think of gold as you read some of these):
Durable — is not perishable or easily destroyed
Portable — is easy to transport (facilitating long-distance trade) and store securely against loss or theft
Fungible — is interchangeable in equal quantities; no irregularities or degrees of quality that affect its value
Verifiable — is quickly identified and authenticated; is difficult to produce a counterfeit
Divisible — is easy to subdivide (facilitating more precise exchanges of smaller quantities)
Scarce — is neither abundant nor easy to obtain or produce in quantity; is rare
Established history — is perceived to have value by society; the longer the better
Censorship-resistant — is difficult for an external party to prevent an owner from keeping and using it

We could discuss at length any of the above attributes or stages/functions with respect to Bitcoin. Some of that would involve getting into the technical details of Bitcoin, its network, and the infrastructure being developed around it. Bitcoin isn't perfect but it is at least competitive as a form of money because of its unique properties and because of the current deficiencies of fiat currencies (such as in portability, scarcity, or censorship-resistance).

It's true that nothing stops anyone from creating their own cryptocurrency. But does it make them all equally valuable to Bitcoin?

1. Bitcoin represents, by far, the most decentralized and most censorship-resistant monetary system in the world today, whether compared to traditional currencies, other digital currencies or commodity monies like gold.
2. Bitcoin derives its value because it is decentralized and because it is censorship-resistant; it is these properties which secure and reinforce the credibility of bitcoin's fixed 21 million supply (i.e. why it is an effective store of value).
3. Bitcoin becomes increasingly decentralized and increasingly censorship-resistant as its value increases and as it scales at all levels of the network.
4. Repeat.

from Bitcoin Can't Be Copied

I think he chimes in from time to time just to show us common folk how to rack up insane amounts of legs in short fashion.

His leg/comment ratio has to be in the high 20s :-)

He started Ferreira because he wanted to play a certain way. They created almost 3xG on the night so they had plenty of chances. I also would have started Pepi but it was a choice specific for this match and I wouldn't expect it to happen every time.

Sorry, not sure what you're talking about re: Weah/Musah. Weah has played a second striker before, but he has played most of his minutes for Lille on the right wing. I think he'd be good in the second striker role, but that position doesn't really exist for the USMNT. Weah's runs in behind on the right have been the prime mode of chance creation for US since he came into the starting lineup so I'm not sure why you would want to move him.

Musah plays winger for Valencia, but he's rated as literally one of the worst in La Liga as a wing. He looks 100x better playing in CM for US than he does playing for Valencia.

Played about 20 minutes earlier today and boy does it. Some stupid yellow farting mantatee killed me because I was trying to get the air tubes setup and didn't see him. Got lost and couldn't find the air bouy that was left out there.

How about "Galen Scott"? I heard he was really good at plowing things.

...too soon?

It will be tempting. The game relies on contextual clues and audio files to lead you in the right direction for the most part, but some parts are TOUGH to discover without trying to resort to a guide. It's an actual adventure game in the truest sense.

Sometimes it will put beacons telling you exactly where to go, but not always. My first playthrough of the original I spent a lot of time gathering resources and searching, and enjoyed it the whole time.

OK, there are some similarities in that they're both speculative.

What makes Bitcoin a pyramid scheme is that its ONLY value is speculative. You're betting some idiot will pay more than you did. That's its ONLY value. A business like Tesla is speculative at higher valuations, but the underlying asset has value that is likely to increase.

What stops someone else from creating their own cryptocurrency? Nothing. The barrier to entry is low. Someone might create one that reminds you of a pet.

Eventually, Tesla's value will reflect its ability to make a profit producing cars. Bitcoin's only value is that there are a limited number of them. But not of other cryptocurrencies.

One of the most underrated Hokies of all time, in my opinion. Had top end speed but also great size. Led the receivers in yards and touchdowns in 2007 and had several highlight plays in his career.

The NCAA should have limited it to only Seniors so that they could benefit for Draft purposes. The granted an extra year to every class. made no sense at all. That means its a roster impact for 5 years on a team. all this stuff is weird. Remember last year, Fuente sat 15 players for preseason training due to being over the limit. Between this and the transfer rules, NCAA needs to make some common sense adjustments