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H-SCokie's picture H-SCokie | OT: Summer concert thread | commented 1 hour 14 min ago | reply

You listen to Greta Van Fleet? Sounds like a modern day Zep

H-SCokie's picture H-SCokie | OT - Colorado Suggestions | commented 1 hour 17 min ago | reply

Moved out from Arlington a few years ago, here's some of my favorites and most have been mentioned previously:

For hikes, tons to choose from but I would hike in Boulder and Rocky Mount National Park. Chautauqua is great area and suggest Flatiron 1&2 (hard but short, go until you see the snow capped peaks off the back side). RMNP is super busy so just be prepared for shuttles and make an entire day of it, start early. I recommend trail ridge road and
bear/dream/emerald lake (moderate ~6 mi) or
sky pond (harder ~8 mi). Stop in Lyons and have a beer at the original Oscar Blues.

Boulder is great for food and beer as well Jax, Kitchen higher end options but tons to choose from and the mall is worth walking to see the street performers, etc. just walking around the creek is beautiful and the drive up the canyon is nice. Eldorado Canyon is a nice quick stop to see some crazy cliffs and climbers. Would recommend staying in Boulder and can easily get to Estes/RMNP and Red Rocks. Morrison is neat little town and good place for pre-concert meal.

Golden is neat as well and the Coors brewery tour is worth it. Other favorites breweries of mine are Oscar Blues (restaurant in Boulder), Crooked Stave, Liquid Mechanics (my watering hole), Avery, Odells (Ft. Collins).

Break and Frisco are great as well and summer activities are now open. Would definitely rent a bike there and could ride from one to the other. Fairly flat ride and pretty easy.

Buena Vista is farther but worth it (Eddyline brewery) and could make a quick stop in serious old mining town of Leadville.

Also, consider going north. Rushmore is about 6 hours (easy drive, not like I95) and you could also see Badlands, wind cave and Devils tower.

Haha consider going farther west, can get to Moab in 6 hours as well and Arches and Canyonlands are incredible. Rent 4x4 from the Moab Cowboy and/or rent mountain bikes and go to Slickrock.

Hokieflyguy's picture Hokieflyguy | June 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 1 hour 37 min ago | reply

No experience with any of those but I can tell you with complete assurance, get a sit on top kayak, preferably one made to stand in.

SevenLayersofPlayers's picture SevenLayersofPlayers | 2019 NBA Finals open thread | commented 1 hour 41 min ago | reply

Kawhi right now is objectively better than Wade at any point in his career. Would take Kawhi right now over peak Westbrook and Iverson. Those are the only three on your list I'd take an objection with.

I would take the following guys over Kawhi just for next year: Giannis, AD, Curry, Harden and playoff LeBron. Add KD if he was 100% healthy. Would take Kawhi over 100% healthy Embiid but could see the argument against.

Kawhi will be a top 25 player all-time when he retires assuming no catastrophic injuries.

Looks like our players have to help out the coaches as much as they can on the recruiting trail nowadays.

HokieMacGruber26's picture HokieMacGruber26 | 2019 NBA Finals open thread | 1 reply | commented 2 hours 54 min ago | reply

I cannot justify putting his name in the same category as: James, Wade, Curry, Durant, Iverson, Bryant, Harden, Westbrook, Shaq, Jordan, etc.

KingJames's picture KingJames | Beamer places Blacksburg Home on Market | commented 4 hours 11 min ago | reply

I'm not impressed, first the photographers isn't great, some odd those shots dont show much. The kitchen is horrible. I hate those cabinets, they are the ones you buy when you're so rich you only buy ugly. The barnyard sink in the kitchen isn't divided so it's harder to wash dishes by hand. The pool is so so. Nice to have a pool but doesnt look useful. The one bathroom has a shower curtain, in a million dollar home, wtf. The sinks with the bowls above the counter suck to use and are worse to clean. The are really bad in a master where you are getting ready and want counter space, which there appears to be. I believe that's tile in the basement, which makes the basement colder, unless they paid a fortune for heated floors in a basement that large. Also, it doesn't look like smooth tile (based on other houses ive seen), which suck to put furniture on.

Armani Chatman, Chief recruiter????

Lakeem Rudolph is our safety target

petebuddywilson's picture petebuddywilson | 2019 NBA Finals open thread | commented 5 hours 7 min ago | reply

I mean, I like Kawhi, but his legitimately a weird dude.

hokie4life's picture hokie4life | 2019 NBA Finals open thread | 1 reply | commented 5 hours 11 min ago | reply

He's an elite defender with a deadly mid-range shot and knows how to finish. Easily a top 5 player...wait justify the opposite, you can't.

Jwillhokiealum's picture Jwillhokiealum | 2019 NBA Finals open thread | 1 reply | commented 5 hours 30 min ago | reply

Justify it somehow.

We cooled on him since the Fall. Could be decent developmental player in my opinion but Green and Rudolph have higher upside.

...been kinda dry on the recruiting front lately, yeah?

Musky's picture Musky | June 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 6 hours 51 min ago | reply

Sounds like you are ready to rock! Bust a 50+!

Makes sense!

'04hokie's picture '04hokie | June 2019 Fishing Thread | 1 reply | commented 7 hours 23 min ago | reply

I've got way too much bait and am still stressing over what to pack and what to cull. I've got a few jakes including squirrelly tails ready to go. Have one super shad rap packed but more than a few super Cisco's which I think are a good cheap alternative but I've tend to fish the raps more. Basically same bait. Got some gliders a suick few believers couple topwater some cowgirls just in case. Like I said last trip they were shallow as shit in the weeds so I doubled up on silver minnows and tied some 7/0 chatterbaits to try. Also got some super flukes and big swim jigs and even looking at Texas rigging some ole monsters. I hope I've thought of everything it kills me to pack light.

As for walleye I hope they're hitting jigs with grubs. Got some gulp minnows and leeches as well as some swimbaits. Ready to drop shot if needed got some crawler rigs for trolling if it gets tough. Usually it's easy fishing but I'm ready to hunker down if needed.

I hope for good weather more follows than I can count and use up all the oil we brought and sharpen my fillet knife to a nub. Aside from that I'm good to go. I'll post a report with plenty of pictures. And yes, we need to hit the water together. Tell me when and where. I'm in the far southwest corner of the state but got a truck that runs and ready to wet a line.

'04hokie's picture '04hokie | June 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 7 hours 35 min ago | reply

Thanks, we're gonna give em hell.

Musky's picture Musky | June 2019 Fishing Thread | 1 reply | commented 7 hours 53 min ago | reply

I love this whole fucking trip! Man I would of sent your an Insane Anna! Do you have a Jake or Grandma? the past 3 years muskies have been crushing Super Shad Raps on lake of the woods. I'm flying thru IF for the first time this year and then onto Warroad and Angle inlet. Have an awesome trip! We need to keep in touch! walleye0 at g mail!