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Do you guys think the Clemson game will get a little competitive?

I'm guessing for a little bit early on before they pull away.

You are correct without a doubt about that. I also do not feel like the show is trying to pull a fast one on us.

Now that being said, there is no way to fully assume that whoever that was at the end was even interested in that armor; could have been interested in Mando himself.

But I am only thinking of reasons why it could turn out to not be Fett. I fully expect it to be Boba Fett.

So I believe a Podracer engine that is standalone and a bike is called a Swoop. They definitely want you to think that "Swoop" is made out of one of Anakin's engines. I doubt we ever hear anything else about it so a really fun easter egg there.

I don't think anyone is looking for sympathy for LSU. This is more of a mid-season check in of athletic department health. I know LSU isn't exactly known as a financially responsible institution, but I think it's notable that one of the wealthiest athletic department in the country is looking at a 60% loss.

It's amazing how programs can keep their identity between multiple coaches. Minnesota's 4th quarter choking has been a thing for like 6 HCs now.

Maybe we couldn't do anything right last week because we we stormtroopers. I mean... we had a very similar success rate.

Some other cool easter eggs besides the Krayt Dragon pearl from Knights of the Old Republic;

R5-D4 got his bad motivator repaired and found a home!

Olyphant's speeder looked suspiciously like the podrace engine Anakin built in Episode 1

By exclusion, yes, considering there are no other FBS teams that are exactly 0-2 in the country right now....

For real though, ehhh in my eyes that was a fun game between two really bad teams. Don't forget Maryland got blasted by 40 against NW last week and Minny's meltdown v Harbaugh

I wish you and I had a local watering hole to have a chat in, because I imagine this could devolve into a genuinely fun political chat. I acknowledge my lack of knowledge in your state funded...stuff (my own personal quarantined bar is limiting my vocabulary lol)

Don't over think it. It's going to be Boba Fett. I love Star Wars but I have no idea who you are talking about.

Also, why would a clone feel any source of loyalty to some armor? They were in effect programmed except for Boba.

Mando took his own helmet off at least twice in the first season. When we see his face finally it was with IG, but he also took it off in the village when no one was around to see him.

Technically we have never seen Boba Fett take his helmet off. He picked up Jango's helmet after his head got cut off. I get your point, but there is evidence in canon that Mandalorians do take their helmets off when they are not concerned about who will see them/know they arn't breaking The Way. It was stated directly that it's not a problem to take it off in front of a droid.