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Congrats to you both!


Perhaps we should turn off TKP and end on a high note.

Plse No, Joe.

He also seemed to have a case of turf toe that had him hobbled a good portion of the game. That could actually be harder for him to get past next week, especially with how he was skipping passes since he couldn't push off on that foot.

Yes, this would be the only exception for getting married during football season. Tailgate for the wedding held on Lot 18.
Congratulations to Flippin' and Danny Coale... you make a fun couple!

Please don't joke about ending my TKP addiction Joe, there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. I might even need to start drinking again.

I agree, seemed more like his oxygen got cut off with that sleeper hold more so than when his head hit the ground. Postgame they said he was trying to come back in the game but NFL Concussion Protocols wouldn't allow it.

Really curious that we didn't get Bamisile minutes though. Especially since we seemed to need a spark offensively. Not sure Maddox was planned though, as Coach had to get someone in when Boots got poked in the eye. Really glad he came back so quickly.

I would disagree, the last two games Aluma just hasn't been able to catch or finish when he managed to catch the pass. The opportunities have been there for him to score but last night he missed at least 3 point blank shots and mishandled 4 more passes that led to turnovers. He seems to have a case of the yips and I hope he gets it solved soon. He converts even half those opportunities last night we are talking about a comfortable double digit victory.

Tbh I never paid attention to what was actually happening in that gif, but that's creepy. Straight out of Stranger Things.

TKP is slowly turning into a dating website๐Ÿ˜‚

P.S Congrats to you both๐Ÿ˜„ (tips tophat)

Aww, y'all made me smile, and get butterflies in my belly! Congratulations!

Who knew TKP would bring together love?

Well I think Mahomes being in the Super Bowl is the safest option for both of our desires lol.

To my untrained eye, it looked like he had passed out due to the defender having him across the neck then his forehead bounced off the turf when he went down. He was out on the field for a bit. Then when he got up, he was really woozy and wobbly.

Congrats to you both! Perhaps we should turn off TKP and end on a high note.

That's a gorgeous ring too.

Brandon Flowers suggested that the concussion didn't come from a helmet to helmet or helmet to ground part of the hit, but from getting hit in the chin by Wilson's elbow/forearm which knocked him out briefly (I haven't seen a replay since Flowers' assessment). In terms of concussions I've seen it seems on the minor end, but all concussions are serious and can take varying amounts of time for recovery. I just have seen plenty of concussions where the person was not capable of jogging to the locker room or tweeting coherently within minutes/hours of being concussed.

No, we need the Chiefs with a healthy Mahomes to win next week to maximize the chances of the Packers NOT winning the Super Bowl, which is my primary desire at this stage.