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I don't know how she competes individually if this has been looming over her head for so long. You just don't come into the Olympics after a long period of self doubt and grow out of the "yips" in 36 hours time. Especially after withdrawing yourself in your first competition.

If she's able to put an alternate in her place, I'd have more respect for her for bowing out completely and letting someone else have a shot.

It's one thing to sacrifice your 4 years of hard work and Olympic dream if you're mentally not there, but why risk sabotaging 3 to 4 other girl's dreams who have probably worked harder than you to get there.

That's a selfish action in my opinion. Just because she thinks and says "oh you'll perform better with out me" doesn't mean they will. The leader of the team bails randomly which then prompts 2 of those girls to compete in events they had no expectation being in with no time to practice or mentally prepare themselves.

That's just not a good look in my opinion.

I thought Simone looked dangerously out of it on that vault attempt. Trying to continue could have basically turned into a form of self-harm. I think it was pretty brave of her to not try to push through when all eyes were on her.

We've taken away these athlete's support systems by trying to hold these Games during a pandemic, and we're seeing the direct results of that.

This one is tough to immediate impulse was "no way you can't do this to our team!"....but after long thought if she was in that bad of a place mentally it may have actually helped the team get the silver and be on the podium. Old school me vs me now is conflicted. Was it selfish?...I don't know...was it to help the team? I just don't know...Crazy world right (no fans there and no cheering) and I can't find a way to fault her without trying to think for her and that just ain't happening. I hope she competes in the individuals because I love nothing more than an American, hand over chest beside the gold medal, singing that damn beautiful song....let's go

I can see both points. But I choose to believe in a sport where confidence in yourself is key that when your mental balance is off that the withdrawal might have been the best move. She was known specifically for her self control and awareness of her positions in space. Both were horribly off on that vault.

If they determined that in their current state that their team would perform better if one of their teammates played instead of them then no, it's not quitting on the team.

The fact you think she pulled herself out after one poor vault shows you clearly don't understand or accept what mental health is.

The engineer in me wants consistency. There are 65 P5 teams, so I'd love to see four 16-team conferences plus ND. Then the conference championships could be the first round of a 12-team playoff - nice and neat. But I'm sure something much more messy will happen instead...

A&M doesn't want to deal with Texas. The school and culture had already destroyed one conference, and is about to do so to another. They won't be the bully in the SEC.

Because athletic departments are recognizing the revenue off non-football ventures. SEC baseball is big. Basketball is a major revenue driver. Why separate that from the football money pot, or potentially decrease the value of other sports? These networks/streaming services will need inventory as well. Going to have to keep it all under one umbrella.

So if any other elite athlete, deemed the best ever at what they do, started a Championship Game, had one bad play, and decided to bench themselves the rest of the game; that's not quitting on the team?

She didn't quite on the team. If she had sprained her ankle and could not continue would you say she quite? Mental health is no different than any other health or injury. Just how we treat people who come forward is the difference.

I dunno, maybe if she felt like she didn't have the mental edge to flip her body upside down multiple times and not land on her neck it's ok that she decided not to do it.

It didn't look like her team resented her, so maybe we can lay off?

This is a tough one to know what she was dealing with but from the outside it feels a bit off but it's becoming something we are seeing more in sports now so maybe this will be more common? Alot of the folks with the experience or atleast who get the stuff going on are saying this is because she was being told to hold back which feels odd and maybe she didn't feel confident enough to do her routines maybe? Either way if she does the individual stuff or not will tell us alot about how this will be seen. Imagine the NFL telling Brady to hold back or lebron to ease up it doesn't make much sense to me but every sport is different I guess.

I might be in the minority, but to me that was an epic choke by Biles. Yes, mental health is important, but I don't know how you make it through the 1st event, have a bad vault, then decide you're out.

If you're the best in the world and supposed to be the greatest ever, I don't see how you can just straight up quit on your team.

Which as I stated below is way worse. Not being able to hit a baseball because you dont know how to swing a bat is much better than not knowing you need to step up to the plate, cause atleast if you are trying and failing you're in the game.

The difference between VT and the ACC is that VT has done a ton of work improving the athletic department. There is now a juice bar for players. They have increased the support staff. They hired VA guys in Tapp, Price, Smith and Tyler that know VA and can recruit VA, and its starting to pay off with the 4* OL and RB. Yes you can argue how does a juice bar help and is that the right way to spend money. But there is a huge difference in the entire football staff from 5 years ago. Maybe they aren't the right people, maybe they weren't the right people and have left. But they are making moves.

What has the ACC done for football since 2003? What about for basketball? We are talking about the SEC of basketball here. Since the BE folded no conference can hold a candle to the ACC. Yet we don't hear that like we do the SEC football.

Failing to fix an issue is soooooo much better than not realizing there is an issue. I think its wildly different in terms of ineptness.

I've jumped back into BF4 in preparation for BF2042. Anyone still play that? I'll run in a squad with ya.

Unless you just don't know you are doing poorly. It's very possible that you can be inept AND think you are successful.

Glug glug chump!

I am so sorry for that :( I wouldn't be able to do it. You're a better man than I. And for some really dumb reason, I'm signed up to go to the Pitt game this year. Glad there will be alcohol sales.

How does the NCAA really work? If it is just a committee of executives who someday hope to move up to the "big leagues", then I would agree. If it is a bunch of individual colleges that are more interested in the future of their schools athletic programs, it could motivate them to join together for their own common good. The idealist in me would like to see David take down the Goliath SEC - the realist in me doubts it as much as as your post.