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Big 12 is about to be the worst P5 conference in about two years.

Wow, the AD's statement is so much more focused than anything we've been fed by Whit:

"At LSU, we expect to compete for SEC and national championships year in and year out," LSU athletic director Scott Woodward said. "We are proud of that standard and will always work to uphold it. Our last two seasons have simply not met that standard. When we evaluated our on-field results and the future of our program with President (William) Tate, we determined that it is time for us to move in a new direction. That was LSU's decision, but it is one Coach O understands."

It would be a sad day for Virginia Tech if Freeze was offered a job here.

Interim coach does three things.
1a. Gives someone like Jham a shot to show what he can do. 1b. Gives Tech an opportunity to kick the tires on Jham.

2. Sends a message to the angry and unsatisfied fan base that the administration is serious about making changes to get better. This fan base badly needs such a message after the infamous press conference.

3. Opens the position officially giving VT an advantage on the market so we can scoop up and announce a hot commodity coach before other jobs become available.

He's from Hampton/Newport News, played at William and Mary, coached at VMI and the Steelers are allegedly tired of him.

It is infinitely unlikely, yet still possible that he would be interested in coming back to Virginia and coaching.

He would be my absolute #1 coach if I had a billion to throw at anyone, probably even more than Saban. He is an Super Bowl winning African American coach from the 757. He's not even 50 yet. Whit needs to give him a call even it's just to be laughed at and hung up on.

No interim coach is going to save this season or the recruiting class, work the phones behind the scenes and wait until the buyout drops.

CornFu are such trash that Wolverine couldn't survive at QB in their offense.

I don't truly see him as an option just someone that people have mentioned that would be the homerun of all homeruns if we pulled it off. Most of my top row candidates are long shots for one reason or another

Higher salary, lower buyout. Whit needs to go into this assuming there's a good chance he or his successor will need to fire the coach.

Can someone explain how/why or what the connection is for Mike Tomlin to be a candidate for hire?

I'm not against it if it's a possibility, dude creates great sound bytes.

I will remind you that VT was (I think) well-prepared for this when hiring Fuente, and that we were suckered by his first season, doing well with not his recruits. That is a mistake that VT/Whit cannot again do this next time around. But perhaps that isn't possible in today's landscape of collegiate football where it is an arms race with salaries and budgets.

I'd rather have a hamstrung coaching staff for the rest of the season, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, than continuing to run head first into the painted-on, fake black tunnel like Wiley Coyote that would be continuing with the current full compliment of staff.

If the coaches are calling plays that the players successfully executed in practice, but then fail to execute those same plays during the game, whose fault is that? (Please note, I am not saying this has happened. I do not know, but I have yet to see coaches on the sidelines drawing up plays in the grass like some sandlot game.)