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There's a "V" in "seven" and VT has the most iconic 7 to have ever played the collegiate game. All but confirmed to the good guys!!

Yes I feel completely rational and not at all delusional, why do you ask?

Avail is a favorite of mine. I'm also a fan of all of Tim Barry's solo work.

Collins is rounding into that third guard. Until the elbow to his nose last night he was a big reason why the Hokies were staying one step ahead, primarily due to his defense. It's no coincidence that his injury and the Hokies falling apart were pretty close together.

I think it's three places: 1) champs, 2) the place that is now sharkeys, and 3) the place that is now Cabo fish taco

Reel Big Fish 2x
Carbon Leaf
Concert for VT
311 (maybe?)
Ralphie May and Pablo Picasso

I'm probably forgetting a few...

My old roommate used to date Steve's sister...aftershows were a blast.
And got to see the Pietasters in my hometown in 2000'ish. After I graduated. Wore a VT hat and Steve nearly tackled me to take me on stage. Good times.

Wait, am I reading this right? Champs is gone and Sharkey's took the space over?

I wasn't a student, but here were a couple I enjoyed.

1) Gran Torino at Main Street Cafe (now Cabo)
2) Avail at some dance venue in a basement. It was a weird vibe, but Avail was great
3) Lake Trout and Running with Scissors at the venue in an older hotel on Prices Fork

My brother was the guitarist for RWS, so I saw them at Champs, the place that is Sharkeys now, the place that is Cabo now opening for the Pietasters. They also played with 2 Skinnee J's at TOTs but I couldn't make that one.

My brother's band opened for the Pietasters at Main/the Library- the Cabo building, in 2003. The afteparty was better than the show.

Pry's first thoughts on the schedule, "We gotta be better."

It was cool hearing his response to the question about our transfer class. He was literally audibly excited about the HS recruits and the transfer players. I had to turn the volume down at lunch to avoid getting looks from coworkers.