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Saltines crushed in cold milk is one of the best late night snacks ever.

Apparently you identify Diana Rigg with Game of Thrones instead of The Avengers

So the officials or simply going to blow the whistle on every Duke possession?? Not only are we not competing, the officials have decided they want to stay out late tonight watching Duke shoot free throws.

Pretty disappointing dual meet season. Let downs from veteran wrestlers cost the Hokies a few dual meets and hurt individual seeding. Need to see some turn around performances in tournament season.

Solid write up as always, and very rationale. I think it will be very close as well. I'm gonna give us the nod though and say we win by 6. I think an underrated swing match might be Geradi and how many points that match is decided by. Like you said, bonus points will be crucial. Can't let it come down to heavyweight for sure.

Edit: So much for optimism

ACC's is gonns be interesting. Could end up anywhere from first to fourth place.

Yeah I agree. We're definitely taking our lumps this season but I'm amped to see how Coach Young builds the program. We'll be back in the big dance sooner than later

It was at the time.

...but it didn't age well.

I think the acc tournament decides the 1 seed at Ncaa's

I was at Cameron Indoor in 2004 when Duke ran us out of the gym and Seth Greenberg got ejected after the foul count got to 30-0 (or something like that). It looked a whole lot like this. The difference is that this team is much younger and much more talented. I do think we take a fairly significant step up next season with all the experience the guys are gaining and with the players who will be eligible.

I'm not sure which is worse, this game or 'Zombies 2' on the Disney channel my daughters are watching lol

that too

Watching this is getting to be like going to the dentist........60 years ago.

Bolen with the SV-2 loss, 9-10. He most likely losses the 1 seed. Tech have to win the 197lbs dual to have a chance

With Bolen losing, things aren't looking great.

Also breathing on duke is a foul.

Duke coming home off a big upset and we are struggling. Bad combination. Confident better days ahead! Bede seems like a great kid but can't have a PG that can't shoot

Not sure whether to blame Duke correcting a sleepwalking last game or tech having 3OT tired legs.... oh yeah it's probably just because there is also a huge talent disparity

Everybody talking about Nolley... Bede has been an achilles hell for this team for quite a while now.

Duke is bumping our guys like crazy and no foul

DMF gets back to his old ways, and wins a lo scoring decision. Hughes drops a close one though. 13-9 Hokies

Our shot selection is...suboptimal.

YouTube video, link or embed it.

I don't settle for technicalities. He did link, thus he followed said guideline.


When did you last watch it?

The new Tame Impala album is self-indulgent with undercooked songs, and not very good.