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So hear me out, but I'm thinking that maybe hanging out in the crypts, where a bunch of Starks are buried is a bad idea...Ya know, seeing as how the White Walkers have a special talent of raising people from the dead as mindless soldiers...

Scrolling through espn I saw "stock watch after the Portsmouth Invitational", but it was an espn insider piece so couldn't read it.....they had JRob as the picture for the article. Wondering if anyone has heard any updates on how our guys did the last couple of days. Hoping JRob being in the picture means his stock is on the rise

KingJames's picture KingJames | CMYBall Central: Recruiting | commented 1 hour 4 min ago | reply

Both Indiana and Georgetown are in that odd tier where if they hire the right person and get back to a final four or two they'd be considered a blue blood due to their history. Though Indiana is interesting as they had very few star players, Bobby Knight just knew basketball better than everyone else. So not sure they every were really a blues blood.

The Hound is such a good anti-hero

That damn ending.

Next week's episode is going to be a crazy one.

JSCVPI20's picture JSCVPI20 | David Teel interview of Coach Fuente. | commented 1 hour 20 min ago | reply

Ah like Caesar. I support this.

stevetheking's picture stevetheking | CMYBall Central: Recruiting | 1 reply | commented 1 hour 22 min ago | reply

Does anyone still consider Indiana a true blue blood? I know they have a rich history, but that's literally 30 or 40 years ago.

They did make a NCAA finals this century, but even that was 2002. To me, Indiana is basically like Georgetown. Wonderful history a LONG time ago, but no particular reason to think they'll be elite any time soon.

A few thoughts.

I used to like Danny but no so much anymore. She's on a power trip and is going down the same path as her father. Geez, get over yourself lady, you have White Walkers breathing down your neck.

Arya has become a straight up badass. If you asked me back in season 6 it wouldn't have bothered me if she got offed in Braavos but now I want to see her inflict some pain and live happily ever after with Gendry.

Jaime Lannister is the ultimate feel good story. Nothing would please me more to see him off Cersei after he and Brianne of Tarth make it Facebook official.

I want to hang with the Hound and do rails.

KingJames's picture KingJames | David Teel interview of Coach Fuente. | commented 1 hour 40 min ago | reply

So you're saying that it's perfect to make Bud's position the first?

HBO sent out this tweet before the show aired in the UK definitively to act as a reminder for her age.

KingJames's picture KingJames | David Teel interview of Coach Fuente. | commented 1 hour 43 min ago | reply

That's where I excel!

KingJames's picture KingJames | David Teel interview of Coach Fuente. | commented 1 hour 44 min ago | reply

In Virginia you have to be separated for 1 year before you can finalize the divorce, so if you are both really done, then you have a year to date waiting on the divorce to finalize.

As far as I can tell Tech has zero coaching position in any sport endowed and only a handful of endowed scholarships at all.

Yea she is 22 in real world, but watching from the beginning it's still weird.

KingJames's picture KingJames | David Teel interview of Coach Fuente. | 1 reply | commented 1 hour 49 min ago | reply

Yeah, I did kind of steal the idea from them.

If you didn't tear up just a bit when Brienne got knighted, you have no soul.

KingJames's picture KingJames | OT: Riddle Thread | commented 1 hour 52 min ago | reply

I am not sure if you are a horse on a tread mill or if you are just beating a dead horse on a treadmill.

I had to google but she's old enough to be a college graduate.