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I go back and forth with it. I do believe her park is more ethical, even if she's doing it for the wrong reasons. It certainly comes across as hypocritical though.

Yeah but if people are all going back to work by then anyway will that be much different


I laughed way too hard at this and yes, I'm a terrible person. Not sorry.

Ok that is some quality shit, you win TKP for the day!

Username checks out

Don't worry about a thing. We at TKP have the best video review people on the internet, I am sure we can find this out for you.

Anybody have a line on dried fruit tree wood. Drop me a line.

That's because we the big dawgz...oh wait...wrong sport?

I'm only quitting drinking until I start drinking again. This just seems like a solid time to take a break for a few weeks, if I can make it that far.

Send them to me too por favor. I've always wanted to float that stretch but I know it is a LONG one. I know pre-spawn smallies move up into the lower Rivanna out of the James.

There would still be between 500-1000 people for "empty games". Players, coaches, refs, sidelines game staff (down and distance guys), water boys and medical staff for each team, TV and radio staffs, media, security, etc etc.

Well, if he's cerebral, hes also got a high motor and is a first in last out kind of guy. Probably also a coaches son!


You became a fan favorite when Aaron Moorehead talked about you showing up to practice with the JUGS machine.

Roger squared?

It seems like every time I open the recruiting thread we've offered a few more players. Are we offering more players these days than in years past, or do I just know all of our offers because you all are really good at posting them now? I don't do Rivals or 247, so my exposure to recruiting is limited to what is said on TKP.

If there was ever a post that needed to go hokie plaid....this. is. it.
In fact, i think we need a new category....plaid squared?

Boner alert

This is why Jarrett Ferguson will always be my favorite Hokies fullback. You know he is #TeamPie ๐Ÿคฃ

My neighbor has one and loves it but since we live in VA he empties the hopper and tries to burn off any excessive pellets when hes done to prevent this. Right now I'm leaning towards this model. Fronting the money for a traeger isnt financially in the realm of reality so this seems to fit the bill better.

Empty stadiums with older coaches in the booth would probably be pretty feasible and safe by that time