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You know what. I'm so proud of TKP during this really shitty time. Unlike TSL which has turn into a shitfeast of talking shit about the party you support to each other. We may not agree with each other political views but at the end of day we are hokies and that's the only thing that matters😃

I agree with the Duke doc. Sounds a little hypocritical to say it's safe enough to have students on-campus, but no organized sports. I think it can be done safely. If you're not comfortable playing until there is no risk at all, you might be waiting a little longer than just one sports season, partner. And to play a full season in the Spring is a pretty ridiculous proposal IMHO. If you're going to cancel Fall ball, just cancel it until 2021, and when there are still more lingering COVID cases, cancel it again. Probably safer on the football field than an excursion to your local Walmart.

As much as it pains me to ask, what are the UNC doctors saying? UNC is a much better Public Health/Epidemiology school than Duke.

My wife, an MPA from VT with a concentration in Public Health didn't consider Duke when considering Ph.D. programs because they do not have the same clout.

They are one of the boat load of bad post grunge bands trying to ride the wave wearing flannel, having a long blonde haired front man with raspy vocals like Cobain, and playing really watered down four-chord rock songs. Another example is Silverchair, the Australian Nirvana-esque group with the one weird song about a bathroom in hell or something.

What point are you trying to make? Is it that we've already had more deaths by COVID this year than all of 2017 for all of those death causes combined? Because that's a good point, and we should definitely wear masks to help future folks not be dead.

I'm gonna listen to the most cursed primus album so this game will finally end😂

I imagine you were accepted several years ago, so I don't think you really understand my comment. HBS and Wharton will always be competitive, but there are more schools out there believe it or not.

It's a fact that people with accents are smarter! Too bad he's not British, we could add 10 more IQ points. And 10 more if he wore glasses.

[Before anyone takes offense, this is just a joke based off of a Dilbert cartoon from a long time ago - and I'm pretty sure he stole it from a stand-up routine.]

Popeye's - best of all the national chains. And yes, I have waited 1.5 hrs for a chicken sandwich.
Taco Bell is my crutch (crunchwrap supreme, sub in chicken).
Flame Broiler is my go-to good healthy option.
Luna Grill is pretty good. I think it may only be SoCal, but solid Mediterranean options.
Fresh Brothers or Pizza Port for Pizza. Also only in SoCal.
Milk Bar for deserts.

We have a few regular drives from Lake Norman: Atlanta (my folks), Blacksburg, Wilmington NC, Hilton Head, and DC. You damn right I know every exit that has a Starbucks on those drives.

Green chile anything FTW. It's amazing that green chile is still a regionally NM thing. It is so delicious.

I can't eat at a Waffle House unless the sign is missing at least 2 letters

Yeah. I grew up on Biscuitville too... And lucky me, there is one less than 5 minutes from the parents... When I was in high school, I worked at a day care center with my mom. Sometimes I would go by in the mornings before I was supposed to be at work, either to hang or because my mom needed me to run errands. My coworkers were always sending me for breakfast. One coworker in particular (who I claimed as another mother) would beat me on the arm like an excited child and want me to get breakfast and she ALWAYS reminded me to get the grape jelly.

Rubios is good for fish tacos in a pinch. Definitely better than the other chain "Wahoos." There are better fish tacos. If you are San Diego, find a place called South Beach Bar and Grill in Pacific Beach. Best fish tacos in the land. Sit upstairs at the bar and enjoy the sunset over the ocean.