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And if it couldn't get any worse for wake this weekend. Tech is putting out their ace Chris Gerard😂

Noah Locke to Louisville.

They will get letters from alumni like "I know that is his name, but why does he have to pronounce it like that?" That also talk about pulling their generous donations of $50 a year. Then those letters will be leaked and Fuente will be pissed because he wants to protect his players more than anything, but he will say the wrong thing and make the perceived situation worse. Then Whit steps in and ups the ante of stupidity in press conferences so much so that Vegas now has odds on whether Fuente and Whit are betting on whose press conferences are worse, thus Vega files FIOA requests to find out. Meanwhile Orji ignores the noise and goes one to have one of the best seasons any hokie has ever had because he's awesome!

Can also do a great post game interview

Check him out on Twitter, I'm definitely feeling the QB vibes with this one. Tyrod-esque

Is of now I am planning on heading to the final game at 1:00 today at Wake. Anyone else planning to go?


On the subject of comic book adaptations, I'm going to highly recommend that you all watch this show on Prime called Invincible. Animated like the new 52 (DC), and the first episode even gives off a Justice League vibe...until it doesn't.

This one isn't for kids. Pretty mature... Violence, gore, language. It's based off the comic series written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) back in 2004 and there are 144 issues. I haven't read them but after the show ends, I might. It's really good.

My dude, a three star QB with those passing stats shouldn't get you that excited. I'm happy he's (at the moment) planning to go to VT. I would be more excited about him as an athlete than as someone expected to air it out in today's modern offenses.

As far as the downvotes I don't get why you think an adult would be concerned about what someone on the internet thinks about a post. Downvote to your hearts content and I hope it provides you with a sense of satisfaction for a few seconds.

Day trading on margin is gambling and IMHO it is for idiots.

Regular trading is a lot safer and isn't much of a gamble. Especial index funds.

I don't understand it enough at all. I am romantic about collectables. Everything I have been picking up generally relates to athletes who seemed like Paul Bunyan-esq characters- usually baseball players who I only had narratives and black and white photos of.

I would probably struggle to name 30 MLB players, but I can tell you significant portions of lineups from teams in the 50s. It is just a different vibe.

I hope not; but we have two point guards. One is a 5* and is 5'9"; Amoore is only 5'5". Have to think the skill sets are similar. Which one plays?

Let's go! Ladies set to do some damage next year! The women's tournament always seems to come down to a few teams and the field. If the team can rise to the top of the rest, they could go far each year.

Really interested to see who plays pg next year. Does Amoore get bumped to second team or shooting guard. And who else loses minutes to make room? Does someone enter the portal?

I think it's going to get started. Track looks good and there is a small window. But they won't get to half way.

Perfectly summed up. Me and the wife gambled that it would be ran tomorrow and didn't even drive up. As much as I hate it...that's what I'm rooting for.

I mean my wife was horrified at my money management. Before we combined things I had the same stock bought through 3 different brokerage accounts. She was modified, my response was "well they tell you to diversify".

I can't get excited about a virtual piece of memorabilia. It seems that it is really more about "investing" than collecting. Granted there is a lot about it I don't understand, but it's not a substitute for a tangible card or autographed baseball.