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This feels too low, you're saying Bucky, Ford, and Evan's are only worth 2 games? With that defense?

It was. I was so happy. It actually gave me the motivation to be at work today which I lacked when I woke up. And I've caught a ton of snook, but only ever 5 over 30 inches, so it was definitely a huge boost. They are not an easy fish to catch over 25 inches.

To reflect my comments from the first draft that I wouldnt take a DB:
Anthony Midget, Ike Charlton, Roc Carmichael, Eric Green, Greg Stroman, Chuck Clark, Aaron Rouse are still available after all 4 drafted their DBs.

I don't think you intended this to be spiteful, but I'm pretty sure there's a rule on here on speculating on a player's academic performance beyond publicly released news.

Yes, but like the QB pick, no need to rush the pick. Lucky when you can pick last at a position and get the best guy.

P.S. I am not sure who you mean in your first comment because there's two guys with 2 championships that both played 9+ years on the NFL so I am just guessing.

Adapted rom the Laughs and Groans Dad Jokes app:
The Swiss must have been pretty confident in their chances of victory if they included a bottle opener and a cork screw into their Army knife.

That's a good approach.

But I should point out that it's listening, not making a hard, nuanced stand against injustice.

If you make a hard stand for something you believe in using your own words, there's a decent chance you will watch your plane as it spins around you in flames. The media can, and will, shoot you down if you make a mistake, and there are very strict rules that you may not be aware of. Drew Brees thought he could talk about his life experience and be understood. The media made him look tone deaf and minced him up into tiny pieces in about 30 seconds.

You can't pretend to understand anyone else's experience in this day and age. You just can't. Which is why most of the stuff you see has been carefully prepared by PR firms who know what they're doing.

Which gets us back to what Leonard said. You can listen. You can empathize. You can try to understand and see life from a different perspective. But this is not the week to ad-lib about your life experience vis-a-vis someone else's.

He probably would have been used more if he hadn't been banged up early in both seasons - and there was anybody behind. I think he basically said so himself. And I think he said he was a much better runner than he got to show at VT.

It's pretty simple especially for a coach.

I talked with the team (as a group of individualaly) I listened to their concerns about issues of race in America m. How can I support them, how can we as a team support them and how can this school support them. What can we and I do better.

And in this particular instance, crashing and burning bad enough will get you fired and labeled as a racist forever. Making a stand on Instagram alongside literally millions of more equipped and eloquent people is probably not worth the risk.

I'm not sure what you're saying here... Paxton Lynch ran for 687 yards in 2.5 seasons as a starter. He was not a dual threat QB. Fuente is running our QB's like crazy because we haven't had a running back capable of making big plays.

The entire Fuente era would be in a much different spot.

Fuente may have actually went to Baylor lol

Round 18

2. Brian: Logan Thomas, TE
I'm firmly of the belief that if Frank had signed (or even seriously recruited) a single QB better than Ju-Ju Clayton, Thomas winds up at TE and becomes a first round pick. Let's fulfill that destiny now.