French on the Bench

Rootin' for Tuten

Production, production, production. New transfer tailback Bhayshul Tuten mixes home run elusiveness with a knack for getting a little extra when he doesn't get a big hole. Breaking down the film of a big offseason addition for the Hokies.

Liberating a Win

Standout performances by Mansoor Delane and TyJuan Garbutt bought the Hokies offense time to find their running legs in a desperately needed win over Liberty. 10-play, 2,900-word film review covering Virginia Tech's final game of the 2022 football season.

Howling at the Poor Blocking

Offensive line woes derail offensive momentum in a 21-22 loss against No. 24 NC State. Breaking down run blocking and pass protection issues, misdirection and 50/50 ball success, and more defensive woes against trips formations — 2,500-word, 9-play film review.

One Step Forward Two Back

Glimmers of offensive firepower for the Hokies wasn't enough to overcome repeated defensive gaffes. 2,900-word, 9-play film review covering how Kaleb Smith played his way to a career day, the RPO game, and the breakdown of the defensive struggles to contain the run.

Red Flags

Talent gaps, the complete absence of a running game, and the first cracks in Virginia Tech's defense all serve as red flags that a long and painful season is in front of the Hokies. Eight-play, 2,700-word film review of the talent and scheme issues that held the Hokies back.

Black Diamond Scrimmage Film Review

Inconsistency in the run game made the pre-West Virginia scrimmage against Wofford closer than needed. Examining two Virginia Tech passing concepts, technique and execution errors holding back the run game, and the emergence of two young d-ends.

A Quarterback Mugging: The Defense Shines in a Lane Stadium Shellacking of Boston College

A dominant defensive performance and no offensive mistakes offset another shaky offensive performance in the first win of the Brent Pry era. 2,800-word, 11-play film review analyzing how the defensive scheme and execution pressured BC, Tech's continued run blocking woes, and how misdirection and players just making plays helped the Hokies win the game.