Hokies Are Macho Men in the Weight Room

Now understand that a workout at Tech’s football complex is not like an afternoon at your local gym. There are no TVs in the corner, and no smoothie bar in the lobby. In fact, the sign on the door says "No cell phones and no iPods allowed." This is a work place. Every minute counts and every lift is charted, and there is a method and system that’s evolved over the years. It’s high intensity, all under Gentry’s eye.

But the atmosphere is still enjoyable and fun for the players. They see the progress their teammates are making and help each other through the most challenging and difficult lifts. Good chemistry all the way around.

And then there is the music.

"We go with retro disco or old-school funk," Gentry said with a smile as some funky 70s tune blared over the speakers.

As with everything in Tech’s football program, there is a method to the music selection, too.

"Disco has a good tempo, and it’s music with no divisiveness," Gentry said.

It may seem strange to hear Donna Summer, KC and Sunshine Band or Sister Sledge in a 2010 football training facility and "I’m not sure the guys even know it’s on," Gentry admitted. But the music has a good beat, positive lyrics and the guys respond to it.

"Everything we do in here, we’ve sat down and thought it through," he said. "We’re fortunate to have a good group of players who respond to our formula and that will help us this fall."

Individually and collectively, the Hokies hope the brutal summer work will pay off once the season begins in September.

Summer Madness has taken over Blacksburg. I'm So Excited that the Hokies are all on campus training hard. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough seems like their implicit motto, hunkering down, and grinding out their workout sessions with a positive attitude and wanting More, More, More. There Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now when guys as talented as they are working in unison, putting in maximum effort. It makes me more and more confident that against Boise State we're going to Tear the Roof Off the Sucker.


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