A Little Housekeeping

The crazy 2010 season has left us no time to sweep around our own porch. Things are now a little more relaxed with the bye week. So let's take care of some outstanding items.

2010 Memorabilia Contest Winners

  • hokietriana
  • Zegolf
  • HokieGal
  • Linze2

2010 Trivia Final Standings

  1. Winner - VTJawo 14
  2. vtbaz 12
  3. The Miz 11
  4. RonMexicoRules 4
  5. magduffs 2
  6. furrer4heisman 2
  7. hokieshark 1
  8. 1MoreHokie 1
  9. hokie4u2c 1
  10. Hokie_Wolf 1

Standby for an email if you've won.

Over the next couple or months you're going to start seeing some changes around here, for the better of course, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions of any new features you'd like to see just let us know. Thanks to everyone for supporting us!

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