Reaction To Game

Props to VTHOKIE4EVER for the full video which has nothing to do with us playing duke.

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For those who need it: Watch VT vs. Duke live online @ 3:30pm (link)

Two ways to do so. I recommend using the first one as it will/should give you better quality.

Watch via WatchESPN.com

1) Go to WatchESPN.com
2) Click on Remote Access
3) It will ask you for your provider. Select Xfinity/Comcast
4) It should then take you to the Comcast login screen. Enter the following: Username: 2013VTFan Password: Hokies2013 (Or User: Football247365 PW: football2013 or User: VT2473652013 PW: football2013)
5) Once you click ok/sign-in, you should be redirected back to the WatchESPN website where you should now have access to the game. All you need to do is find it and click on it. Enjoy!

Watch via stream

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Teabag Paulus Picture

I'm trying to find a high-resolution picture of Deron Washington jumping over Greg Paulus. It needs to be high quality because I'm gonna get it printed on a poster. Anyone have one or have the ability to make one from the internet higher resolution?

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Game Preview: Duke

Virginia Tech Hokies (6-1, 3-0) against Duke Blue Devils (5-2, 1-2)

Time: 3:32 PM
Date: Saturday, October 25, 2013
Place: Blacksburg, Virginia
Stadium: Lane Stadium (65,632)
Radio: Virginia Tech IMG
Spread: Virginia Tech -13.5
Weather: 33-48 F, Partly Cloudy

The Skinny

By: Joe

Thank you Duke for beating the Hoos, again.

Players to Watch

By: French

Jamison Crowder (#3): Crowder is a 5-9 junior wide receiver and punt returner that serves as both Duke's most dependable first down generator and big play guy. Crowder leads the ACC in catches (56), receiving yards (731), punt return yardage (297) and punt return touchdowns (2) coming into Saturday's game. Most of his catches happen via screens, slants, or quick curls, but he can go deep and has an uncanny ability to get himself open with double moves. Here, the pocket breaks down after Crowder runs a skinny post.

Weekly Weather Report....they're all pretty big games at this point

I begin this report by apologizing for last weekend, as I said it's tough to predict those offshore low pressure systems, I really did not see that rain coming but I did have a slight prediction of precip in my forecast... Either way, I whiffed on that and the humidity, so I apologize and please do not give up on me! So fall break's over, and listening to Miami almost blow it to UNC on the drive to my girlfriends was pretty enjoyable (needless to say the skins win on the radio on the drive home was even more enjoyable), but now I'm back in Blacksburg ready for some Hokie football.

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"Foe"Rensics: Duke

Hello. Welcome back to our regular "Foe"Rensics feature. This week we'll delve inside the Duke football program. Though it is clearly not the strength of the athletic department1, Duke is not a challenge to be overlooked, especially as it is the last game before we enter the sweet embrace of November Hokie football.

Q&A with Ben Swain

I caught up with Ben Swain, better known as @thedevilwolf on Twitter, to ask him some questions about Duke. He obliged me. As well as being the most knowledgeable Duke football fan I know, he's also a college basketball nut (go figure). After football season, Listen to his work as the co-host of the critically acclaimed Walk-Ons podcast.

What are two things the Hokies must do on Saturday in order to defeat the Blue Devils? (I hope that questions lends itself to two answers other than score more points.) You may also read this question as, what are Duke's two biggest weaknesses?

This is such a favorable matchup for Virginia Tech because Logan's really good when he has time to set his feet and make a throw, and Duke has a difficult time getting quality pressure on the quarterback without blitzing. When they have been able to get penetration, Duke still struggles wrapping up in the backfield and we all know how difficult that is to do against Logan Thomas anyway. Why is this important? If he has time to be accurate, he should pick Duke apart. So if I'm picking two things that Virginia Tech needs to do well, it's getting good protection for Logan Thomas, and not turning the ball over. Duke and Virginia Tech have played some partially competitive games over the past four or five seasons, and it's been mostly because the Hokies have been careless with the football.

The Challenge of a Running Quarterback: Stopping Duke's Offense

On Saturday, the Duke Blue Devils come to Lane Stadium in search of their first win over Virginia Tech since the Hokies joined the ACC in 2004. Over the last couple of seasons, the series has featured some close games featuring the innovative passing attack of the Blue Devils matched up against the superior talent of the Hokie defense.

Traditionally, Duke has featured a pro-style passing attack, operated by quarterbacks like Thaddeus Lewis and Sean Renfree. This season, head coach David Cutcliffe has changed his system from a passing oriented spread offense to a balanced spread no huddle heavily focused on the running ability of his two quarterbacks. While each quarterback has strengths that lend themselves to specific types of plays, they operate interchangeably and both can run the full assortment of read option, triple option (dive, keep, or throw to the flat) and inverted veer that come with the spread.

Redshirt junior Anthony Boone (#7) is the starting quarterback for the Blue Devils and takes most of the snaps. He may look short (6-0), spindly (skinny arms and legs), and a little chunky (230 pounds), but Boone is a dangerous prototypical spread quarterback who excels running the read option.

College Football Countdown #86 & #84 - Duke & Pitt

A few weeks ago, BC was up (somewhere in the 100s, I believe). Our next opponent is today on the countdown. Just thought I'd pass it along.


EDIT - yesterday Pitt was up at #84 as well... Didn't feel like it really deserved it's own post, though:


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