Decade of Dominance: UVa in Review

The Hokies finished the season on a positive note with a decisive if ugly win against the pretenders from the University of Virginia. Congratulations to the seniors who finished their career with four wins against the bow tie neighbors to the north. Nothing about the 95th edition of the Commonwealth Cup was pretty, but the Hokies succeeded in achieving victory with a combination of superior effort, some trickery, and a significant helping hand by a University of Virginia offensive staff which managed to do everything but hand Bud Foster their playbook with a silver bow prior to kick off.

The Hokies did not finish the game unscathed. Trey Edmunds had an outstanding game, but was lost until fall practice with a broken tibia early in the fourth quarter. Brandon Facyson, who UVa did not seem interested in challenging with the exception of a go route prior to the Edmunds touchdown run in the second quarter, suffered an AC joint sprain. Now, Virginia Tech enters bowl season looking for a way solidify depth because of injuries, while also using the extra weeks of practice to identify which players are most likely to replace the ten key contributors who will be playing their final game for the Hokies.

UVa Boosters are Not Happy

The Hoos say funny things when guaranteed anonymity.

"I would love to see London turn things around but I just don't have any faith that it will happen," one frustrated booster said. "It's like someone said, 'I can't describe it, but I can tell you when I see it, and I see bad football.' There has been questionable decisions and too conservative play-calling."

"I've pretty much lost faith in this regime," the longtime fan said. "I don't know what it would take to turn it around. Maybe a big-time quarterback."

Virginia Tech vs. UVA: Hokie Highlights (& one more video)...

Virginia Tech vs. UVA: Hokie Highlights & Virginia Tech vs. UVA: 293 to 99 (showcasing every score in VT's "Decade of Dominance")

*There will be one more video created/uploaded, hopefully today, maybe tomorrow that will showcase the best plays of VT's "Decade of Dominance".


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