Read this first, then come on in.

Like a good many of you who will begin your college career's today I was an out-of-state student. I was probably playing with Micro Machines when Druck hit a streaking Holmes for the go-ahead touchdown in '95, and I didn't start following the Hokies closely until I considered Virginia Tech as a college choice in '991. I saw the Hokies paste Connecticut in my first game at Lane. Like any other "first" I had no idea how to handle myself. I didn't smuggle in any airplane bottles of bourbon, I sat in the west stands, and didn't care to do the Hokie Pokie.


After four year's and twenty-plus football games, I kind of found my way. Here's what I learned.

photographer: Steve Tatum

1) There are no assigned seats in the North End Zone. Yes, your ticket stub may seem as if it indicates a specific place for you to sit2, but it in fact does not. Why? Because you must stand the entire time. If you're lucky to obtain tickets in the NEZ the only place you will sit over the course of a game is on a toilet seat at halftime. And in Lane Stadium, I wouldn't recommend that. Why do you have to stand the entire game? There are two reasons actually.

Foremost, more people can cram into the NEZ that way; turn those shoulders yo. It's a given that people will make their way from other sections of Lane to sit in the NEZ, because the NEZ is the best place to watch the game. That's just a fact, and it needs no explanation.

Additionally, you can be louder while standing, and your main purpose for being in Lane is to be loud when necessary (see 5). Boston College fans aren't loud, they have to pump artificial noise into Alumni Stadium. That's why I mock them when I see them wearing their beloved "SuperFan" shirts. Being loud leads to awesome things, like Kellen Winslow Jr. totally flipping his shit in 2003 and Clemson fans throwing empty airplane bottles at Tommy Bowden in 2006. Semi-scientific explanation: you can stomp the bleachers harder and project your voice better while standing.

2) Wear orange in September, maroon the rest of the season. Exceptions begrudgingly made for "effect" games.

3) Do not enter the student ticket lottery only to scalp the tickets. Yes, you can make extra money doing this. That doesn't make it right. In fact, it's a downright douchie thing to do. Get money by working a job, putting in your 10 minutes on the phone with your grandparents, taking out a student loan, or getting a Pell Grant.

4) Regardless of the score, or the time remaining, never leave a game early. This actually happened.

However, about 10,000 fans will go to their graves regretting they only heard the comeback echoing out of Lane Stadium instead of seeing it with their own eyes.

A corollary to the rule above, never arrive late.

5) Know when to be loud. When the offense is on the field be quiet. Don't even talk to the friend next to you. In 2001 on our final drive down 14-20 against Syracuse my buddy asked me to pass him an airplane bottle. Grant Noel must have heard him, he was distracted, looked up into the stadium, didn't audible and was sacked for a safety. Yeah, that one's on us.

When the defense is on the field yell. When it's third-down yell and jingle your keys. When it's fourth-down, yell, raise your arms over your head, palms out, touch your index fingers, and chant "block that kick" all while moving your arms down to your waist and back up again.

6) Don't be an asshole. The Hokies are going to lose more than you'd like them to. They're also going to beat teams you'll come to despise. This will happen over and over again. As a young and ignorant "fan" I gave my fair share of, in the mildest sense, "the business" to opposing fans. However, that only serves to negatively represent the colors on your chest. When a Boise State fan told me, "hope you win all your games and the ACC", as we were spiraling down (both mentally and physically) FedEx I wanted to respond, "I hope we lose every game, but UVa, so we screw your strength of schedule." I didn't. Now I bite my tongue.

I like reading stuff like this, and one day you will too.

I have been to quite a few away football games for Nebraska and other destinations. After undergrad in the Big 12 and professional school in the Big 10, ACC and SEC, I have traveled to a fair share of the FBS/BCS stadiums. In all my travels, and all the experiences ... the Virginia Tech fans were the most hospitable of any — bar none. It is the closest experience to Lincoln in terms of fan friendliness that I have seen. Their fans were gracious and were as helpful as any.

Don't confuse this as a complete endorsement of the Hokies Respect campaign either. If you want to get "sloppy drunk" or chant stick it in, that's your prerogative. In fact, the latter is encouraged, and the former, well... it's football season. Just don't be an asshole when doing so.

7) The coaches aren't looking up into the stands listening to what you think they should do like they're a confused Price is Right contestant.



Don't scream out suggestions.3 No one, especially the coaches, gives a damn what you think, furthermore they can't hear you.

8) Ladies are subject to being tossed into the air one time for every point on the scoreboard after each touchdown.

9) Never, ever, let schoolwork get in the way of going to a football game. That includes pre-, and post-game festivities, tailgating and celebrating respectively. Over a four year college career there will be about 40 finals, 80 midterms, countless projects4 and homework, and just 25 games played in Lane Stadium. That's it. Make every one of them count.

I mean, who do you think we are, the Georgia Institute of Technology?

Don't ever, under any circumstances, ever do that in Lane Stadium.


We are Virginia Tech. Welcome to Lane Stadium and Blacksburg, Virginia, the best places in the world.

1My college criteria were: good football team, > 500 miles from home, and top a computer science program.

2In 2005 a girl told me I was standing where her seat was and she'd get a police officer if I didn't move. She didn't get it.

3Guilty as charged.

4My undergraduate research presentation fell on the same Thursday as VT-UMD. I presented with an orange and maroon face.



Plan ahead and bring cash. The ATM lines suck ass, you will want a turkey leg by the 2nd quarter, and you need to buy Coke to mix with your bourbon airplane bottles.

3) I was the 7th lottery number called for the Miami game in 2003 (back when you actually waited in line for a lottery number, went back to your dorm to sleep, then woke up at 7:40 to go back to Cassell to hear them call numbers). I could have gotten 12 guest tickets, which sold on ebay for $200+. I got 4 for people who legitimately needed them. Don't be a dick and scalp tickets.

8) While girls are subject to getting tossed, please respect a lady's wishes to not be thrown in the air. I, for one, will end you if you try this on me.

9) This is especially true for Thursday night games.


Concessions take credit cards now!

More than a game

For whatever my opinion is worth I would like to corroborate everything written above. I moved to Northern Virginia in 2000 as a fifth grader and had no idea that Virginia Tech even existed. In 6th grade my science teacher had a strange looking maroon VT magnet in the classroom. I'll always remember that magnet because she was the only teacher I'd even seen represent her college in such a fashion. I know every school has a fanbase and I know they are all passionate about their teams. However I do believe our fans take it a step further. In 2006 I began looking at colleges. That year my best friend's cousin was a sophomore here and he hosted us on the Georgia Tech game weekend. The Hokies didn't win that game but I was sold as soon as I heard random "LETS GOOOO" "HOOOOKIEEEES" chants break out all around campus and at the party in Terrace View the night before. I've been to every campus in the ACC, Florida, JMU, VCU, Elon, and more I can't even remember. You are not going to beat what Virginia Tech's community has to offer.

I graduated from Virginia Tech earlier this year in a swift four years. If you're reading this as a current student, cherish the fuck out of it. Go to road games. In 2007 I trekked up to Charlottesville where my maroon and orange friend and I sat square in the middle of the UVA student section. Nothing was sweeter than watching the Hokies beat the Hoos in Scott Stadium with the Coastal Division title on the line. Go to the ACC Championship game. That same year a couple friends and I hopped in the car and drove to Jacksonville to get revenge on Matt Ryan and Boston College. Racing down I-95 with other Virginia Tech faithful whom we didn't know was just as much fun as playing a 20 vs 20 flip cup game outside of the Jaguars stadium.

This really isn't even all about football. This is about partaking in something greater than yourself and building relationships with people who share a common bond: living in Blacksburg. I read something earlier today about a UNC professor who wanted to ban Division I athletics. Absurd. He obviously wasn't in Cassell when Tech beat Duke last season. That game, along with the Nebraska comeback are the two most sheer elation moments of my life. Hugging strangers type shit. Sometimes we take these games a little too seriously, yes, but the fact of the matter is it brings us closer together. Sure you can make some friends in your study group that meets on the fourth floor of Newman Library but true friendships are made having fun.

Put on your maroon and orange. Find a tailgate. Cram into the north end zone and yell as loud as you can.

Go Hokies.

lol #newhoos


4: Yeah never leave early, the proof is in the video. AND I am really going to miss that guy in the #5 jersey.

5: Geez, thank you for bringing this up, only people who don't know the game make noise when the offense is on the field. And, be loud for every play that the defense is on the field, don't let big plays discourage you. Though they are rare against the Hokies, they will happen, don't stop making noise because of that.

9: Girl in the picture, what are you even doing at the game. Isn't it easier to read in the library, or in your room? C'mon man!


Joe, the fact that you presented in facepaint makes me speechless. I thought about a reaction to that and nothing came out. I've got nothing other than that is...Yeah I got nothing. Haha


Let me add this as well... Before and after the game, there will be alumni in town. We will crowd the bookstore, the roads, and the bars. We will take over the pool tables at Hokie House and PK's. We may show up at an arpartment party and look like fools as we puke after attempting a keg stand, you will not be able to get table a Mike's Grill because of us and there is a good chance we crash your dorm room at 2AM as it wasonce our dorm room.

My advise to you... just deal with it. You may not admit this or even believe that this could be true but... this will one day be you so... just deal with it!

You are totally welcome

to crash my dorm room. Just bring bourbon and good stories from your time at Tech.


244 Vawter is my Holy Land. I expect a visit at some point during the season. Those kids better be ready to hear me ramble on about cramming that room to drink way too much cheap liqour and the night my buddy received an epic JR!!

Ok, this is freaky

If I'm reading your screenname correct, we probably knew each other in college....263 Vawter here, class of 83!!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


I was born in 81 and a freshman in 2000. However, if my memory is correct, 263 was around the corner from me on the Barringer side of Vawter.


Yes, was right around the corner....great place...was in 271 the first year, 263 for three years afterward

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Strange.....344 Vawter here.

EDIT: And the play-by-play by Sean McDonough still gives me chills.
'Never ring the bell!'

I was 360 Vawter. Of all the rooms I could have stayed in freshman year I can't complain.

I couldn't crash

My old dorm room is now an office! Third floor of Femoyer.



For the Texas A&M game in 2003 -the Hurrican Game!- my roommates and I all painted our faces. Well, it was a Thursday night game and we had classes (you will learn that many professors give you Thursday classes off when there is a game but a few are just plain stubborn.) After tailgating in the pouring rain and 40 mph+ winds for 3+ hours, I walked to class to turn in a paper that was due with my Ultimate Warrior themed maroon and orange face running down my neck and onto my long sleeved The Good (Tech), The Bad (WVU), The Ugly (UVA) t-shirt. I walked in, placed my paper aggressively on the desk to show my displeasure for pulling me away from a beer and walked right back out!! Still, to this day, I wonder what her face was like when I turned around and walked out -I didn't even waste my time looking at her!

That Hurricane Game was epic! We started tailgating that afternoon in the commuter lot while tons of people were still in class. It was the first game that we had actually broken down and bought a pop up tent for, and it was pretty much destroyed by hurricane force winds befor the end of the tailgate. I remember being in the stadium and it was raining sideways through much of the game, but the harder it rained the louder the stadium got. I was completely soaked and actually thought about leaving early because I was so cold, but I manned up and made it to the end of the game. NEVER LEAVE EARLY!!!!

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

That game was epic..

We started drinking at out apartment around lunchtime and then headed to the commuter lot as well. Back then one of my roommates and I both had trucks so one of us would park in a corner spot the day before to ensure we had grass to grill on! I remember a lot of people tailgating in such bad weather and we spent a lot of time drinking heavily in the truck while listening to the radio, following the storm and the damage it was doing back home. There was serious talk all afternoon that the game would be cancelled but we soldiered on. As for the game, I remember Kevin Jones going off, Randall having a few nice runs and the Texas A&M punter having 2 or 3 punts that went about 15 yards! Easily one of the top 3 games I have ever attended.

also, i don't know if it was the first time we've ever worn them, but we rocked the all maroon unis that night. man, this thread makes me insanely jealous of all the new freshmen starting school today

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

aTm fail

My favorite part of the game was that aTm was called for a false start on the very first play of the game!

Texas A&M 2003

Hokieguy81, how could you leave out the fact that I was with you at that game and it was raining so hard that I never had to take a trip to the bathroom.

I don't know what a hokie is, but God is one of them."
-Lee Corso


I almost told that part of us going to the bathroom at our seats/under our ponchos but felt too ashamed to share!!!


thats freakin awesome. classic

VT Class of 2017


Great article, and the comments are so right. I miss when they let anyone go into the North where those times nice! This is the best game I have ever watched from Lane: 2003 Miami. Sadly I wasn't there for Nebraska in 2009.

If you, a friend, child, sibling plays an instrument: highly encourage them to try out for the Marching Virginians. So many amazing experiences in my four short free bowl trips!

my freshman year in 99 we played clemson on a thursday night. we had chemistry that night in McBryde 100 and we were scared that the professor was going to give an attendance quiz. back then, my friends and i went shirtless and painted our bodies for every game (we were young and in shape back then), so of course we started drinking mid-afternoon, painted our bodies, and went to class. our professor liked us and got a good laugh, i think half the class was as drunk as we were, and of course, there was NO attendance quiz.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Great article

If I see anybody make a paper airplane out of their ticket and throw it, they are subject to death by stoning. I wholeheartedly believe the airplanes vs UNC in 2009 are the reason for the the worst Thursday night Lane atmosphere ever, and one of the most embarassing losses in my time at VT (2nd to JMU for me). While paper airplanes may take us back to the days of grade school, we are in Lane Stadium with one duty: to drive our opponents crazy by their inability to hear the quarterback in the huddle.

With that off my chest, I can't wait for the season to kick off.

Paper airplanes and the wave should be outlawed in Lane

One game in the student section, a guy was trying to start the wave, about the 10th time he ran past me, I told him if you run by one more time I'm going to plant your ass like Adibi would, that was the end of his attempt to get the wave going


10) For Thursday night games: if you are a sophmore and above and live off campus with a parking permit, when you go to class on Thursday morning, come up with a plan with your friends to park several cars beside each other in the back of the commuter lot. When you are done with class for the day you can begin the tailgate and already have a spot in a crowded parking lot.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Thats a great tip

I'll be sure to tell my roommates (who have cars) about this. Finding parking for tailgating after classes is a huge pain especially on Thursday nights.

Logan 3:16

I am ashamed

I left Nebraska game 2 minutes before it ended. TWO FRIGGIN MINUTES! I cant get that back. Damn you girlfriend for being hungry and wanting to hit the Quesadilla line before anyone else.

I was also blessed by hitting the 5 year stretch of 03-08. Miami was my all time favorite game as I had to literally sit at war at 5 am to be in line for tickets. Mine were in the East Stands but I had to basically sit nose bleeds closer to the South. Some fuck face had the audacity to claim his seat. HE WAS BY HIMSELF! and proceeded to try to push me down the bleachers. My freshman hallmates luckily grabbed me and pushed back. Also loved the hurricane aTm game where I had to get in a ski position to remain from being blown over. I was 120lbs then haha.

6) How about the asshole who ruins it for other fans with you. My most prolific shit show happened against '06 against GT wherein I had two full cups of Jack and washed it down with Bacardi 151. My performance included hitting on a fraternity brothers mom in front of dad, screaming my girlfriend of two weeks name for an hour bent over the bed of a truck, and having a BT personally Taxi me home devoid of any sanctioned BT stops. Point here is have fun but "dont be that guy". Its utterly embarassing waking up to your head and elbow wrapped in gauze.

Alumni Rule: Yes, do be nice to us. We will give back to the university later, give donations to respective organizations, and pump money into the local economy by buying massive amounts of regalia so please let us into our old hall to drain the lizzard. We also love meeting you and share war vstories.


Don't treat football games as a social event, yes you can be a social here and there, but talking through the whole game about shit other than football will probably make the true fans around you hate your guts by the end of it. It gets annoying. You're there to watch the game, not to talk about who dumped who the weekend before. Talking the entire time just means you aren't screaming when the defense is on the field, which is one less voice that can help force the opposing offense into a mistake.

Logan 3:16


I wish more people would understand that watching the ball is more important than anything else while in Lane Stadium!


My first year was the last year of the waiting in line to get tickets. For the UVA game that year, we camped out for 2 days in November. We rotated who would go to class and who would answer the hourly role call that was administered to ensure you didn't sign up and leave. We didn't have a tent or sleeping bags and slept outside in the cold of Blacksburg in November. I think my throat is still sore from those few days/nights! The guys that had the van parked in front of Cassell with the TV and video game systems are still idols of mine...

Hokie from Birth

My parents both went to Tech and it was destiny that I would be a Hokie. My first game in Lane stadium was the BCA Classic vs Georgia Tech when I was 12 years old. I heard Enter Sandman saw the lightning strikes and I was sold, without even seeing a single snap.

For those to come, reach for excellence

Little Plastic Footballs

We had no ticket lottery so had to wait in line outside Cassell for tickets. Fraternities/Sororities had resources (lots of people) to take shifts and could stand in line for days while the rest of had to go to class. The only games that sold out were UVa and some other rivalry games, plus homecoming.

Cheerleaders would throw out tiny plastic footballs at halftime, so if you were in the lower rows you might get one if you were lucky. I still have one from around 1982/3.

Not sure about when this started/ended but people would make a stack out of stadium cups, some reaching up to twenty feet long.

There were no South end zone or North end zone seats. The East side extension was built during my tenure.

Have you ever seen someone smuggle in a half gallon bottle of Jim Beam?

I like the atmosphere now. I could never have envisioned this is what VT football would become but I like it. No, I love it!



My experience, like anyone who spent their undergrad in the band, was a bit different, but nonetheless very similar to a typical student gameday experience. Thankfully, the MVs are some of the most hardcore fans in the stadium, and having seats (read: standing room) in the NEZ for four years doesn't hurt either.

Ironically, I finally got to have a chance at being a regular student after I graduated. I bought student season tickets under the name of a friend of mine in the MVs, and I'd just pick them up every week from him before the game. Since MVs can buy student season tickets, but don't need them, they're perfect for this situation. The folks at the gate don't (or didn't, at least) check to make sure the name on the student ID matches the name on the ticket, much less check if your ID is even active.

I guess I'm the old guy in the room...

because I was there in the Bill Dooley era (for all of you Steiny detractors, you should have seen the three-off-tackle-plays-and-punt offense then). But on the plus side, I did get to see some incredible athletes...Cyrus Laurence was amazing...not to mention Bruce Smith(no superlative is adequate here). I've always gravitated toward defense oriented football, and the Dooley teams from 1980-1983 were just that...good, sometimes great defense, so-so offense. Most memorable game had to be the 1980 Wahoo beat-down (30-0, with what was, at the time, the largest crowd to ever witness a football game in the state of VA...stadium expansion wasn't even complete at the north or south stands, no big press box, east side was under construction). My last year, the Hokies went 9-2 and got snubbed by the bowls, a complication of being a football independent at the time, which was a major disappointment. So, to see where we've come since then is incredible.

Oh....and I NEVER left a game early!!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I with you...

Class of '84. Offense is definitely more exiciting than what we had.


But do you remember...

Pedro Phillips (DE) doing his "wind-up" before a play started?...hilarious!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Presenting With A Painted Face?? As a true Techie (Georgia Tech)

Did you wear a suit too?'

Joe sums it up about right. I've been to Blacksburg three times and they've all been great experiences. It's an overall great environment for football.

If you wanna go to more games as a student

There's always grad school :D

(Today was my first day and I just got the info email from hokiesports about how student season tickets are gonna work. Football is baaaaaaack)

First Hokie Game and Boise St.

Ah, the first paragraph makes me remember my first VT game: '98 vs. ECU. I sat in the next to last row in the East Stands. I didn't drink before, during or after. And, thanks to my family that half are UNC fans, I didn't know how to cheer above a golf clap (other half of the family is from Dook, and I do remember them getting loud during the Spurrier days). I don't think I realized/learned what going to a VT game was all about until WVU that year. The week after that was at Syracuse, and I don't want to talk about that.

As for the Boise St. game, my friend actually did tell a Boise St. fan she wants us to lose the rest of our games to screw their SOS. The next week after the JMU loss, I think I sent her a nasty text in my drunken rage.

My first game

I was probably 7 or 8 years old. it was in 2001 and my dad took me to the Western Michigan game. i remember us destroying them, but what i remember most was the "GET WELL, LEE SUGGS" chant, instead of "LETS GO, HOKIES", because Lee Suggs was injured. it was an awesome experience for my first game ever.

VT Class of 2017

....And if your lucky

You'll be there to witness a game that warrants rushing the field! I would never do it now as an alumni but destroying Clemson in 2006 on Thursday night when Clemson was ranked 10th was awesome. Branden Ore rushed for over 200 yds. and I was one of the first people on the field. I remember jumping up and down with Chris Ellis while he was wearing a Tech colored Dr. Suess hat. I'll never forget being on Worsham Field after that game.

UNC 2004

Does anybody remember went Imoh ran for about 240 yards against UNC in Chapel Hill and held the single game rushing record until Evans broke it against Maryland? I was at that game in Chappel Hill and there were about 10 UNC fans wearing suits behind me and they responded to us shaking our keys on 3rd down by shaking dollar bills and chanting "You're gonna clean our Summer homes!" Its because of those moments that I am proud to be a hokie. Here is to VT thumping the over-privileged degenerates that permeate the ACC.

I don't know what a hokie is, but God is one of them."
-Lee Corso

4) You also need to support the second team, as we all know that they most likely will be starting in next couple of years. Rain/Cold is also not the reason to leave game early.

This article should be in rare breed section. Just sayin.

The forgotten art of 4th down

First off ...

6) Don't be an asshole. The Hokies are going to lose more than you'd like them to.

Read this. And read it again. And read it a third time.

In the nearly 120 years of Virginia Tech football, the Hokies have gone undefeated in the regular season just 3 times: 1918 (7-0), 1954 (8-0-1), and 1999 (11-0). So, let's face it, the odds are that we're going to drop a couple games.

Every Saturday afternoon I'm expecting us to win. But if we don't, I know it's unreasonable to expect an undefeated season. And, as mentioned, a loss is no excuse to be a raging douche.

5) Know when to be loud. ... When it's fourth-down, yell, raise your arms over your head, palms out, touch your index fingers, and chant "block that kick" all while moving your arms down to your waste and back up again.

On the surface, this appears to be solid advice. However, this is just an example of how Lane Stadium has lost some of its edge. Back in my day ('97-'03), I cannot recall chanting "block that kick" on 4th down. Nor can I recall waiving my arms down to my waist and back up again.

This what I remember about 4th downs when the other team was punting:

They were louder than 3rd down.

If 3rd down went to 10, then 4th down ... in the words of the great Nigel Tufnel ... went to 11.

Forget the arm waiving and forget the chanting. When the opponents are kicking on 4th down, yell your ass off.

My Thoughts

1) There are no assigned seats in the North End Zone. I agree about no assigned seats in the North End Zone. In fact I am sort of a pioneer b/c I was one of the first people to sit/stand there. They did not exist for my first year at Tech but when UVA came to town as the #17 ranked team in the country the ticket demand was so great that they put temporary bleachers where the North End Zone "seats" are now. After we one the game I stormed the field with about 3500 of my closest friends and we tore down the north goal post. So I am like the f'ing Daniel Boone of the North End Zone.

2) Wear orange in September, maroon the rest of the season. I had never heard this rule and I am guilty of breaking it multiple times. I am a little sad that you are effectively shelving my DWECFAOS, Seattle Hokie and Hokies United shirt until October. Or does this just mean if you are going to the game?

3) Do not enter the student ticket lottery only to scalp the tickets. Tech wasn't good enough my first years there to warrant scalping a ticket. Besides the UVA game, Lane was never full and I was lucky enough to be a student during the Will Furrer/Maurice DeShazo eras.

4) Regardless of the score, or the time remaining, never leave a game early. I live by this now, but in the early years this was hard to do. I also went to VT at Pitt in '93 and left after VT was up 42-6 at half. We were out of booze so we had to head to a bar, had to. I do now live by the rule that I never stop watching the game or listening to it if I am too pissed off to watch.

5) Know when to be loud. Its sad this needs to be told. STFU when we have the ball, simple enough. Cheer when we get a 1st down, make a big play or score but make it quick and STFU if we still have the ball. Otherwise, drink, text, twitter, speak with your neighbors and be as loud as possible when we don't have the ball.

6) Don't be an asshole. I agree to an certain extent. I am always friendly to opposing teams fans. I don't want it put in my face when the opposing team is doing well so I will not do it to others. But if you are an asshole first and I have been drinking, this rule is thrown right out the window. At the Boise game last year a Boise fan kept getting in my face every time they did something good. I didn't bite my tongue. I told him that I hoped they didn't win another game, played in a shitty bowl and I hoped his trip back was miserable. Also, I have a pretty good friend from high school that went to WVU. After they crushed us on a miserable night in Morgantown in '03 he called me the next day to gloat. I hung up on him and we have not spoken since. I am Italian, I never forget and I can easily take a grudge to the grave with absolutely no regret.

7) The coaches aren't looking up into the stands listening to what you think they should do like they're a confused Price is Right contestant. This is tough. Everyone is an expert, add a little booze and you become a professor. Its just too hard to follow this rule.

8) Ladies are subject to being tossed into the air one time for every point on the scoreboard after each touchdown. I have to go with HokiESQ on this one. Ask politely before tossing a lady, if denied, move on.

9) Never, ever, let schoolwork get in the way of going to a football game. I never let that happen and I don't let it get in the way of my life, mainly b/c it is my life. I did miss watching/listening to 2 games due to weddings. Both times I had a non-smartphone with someone watching the game texting me with updates the whole time until I could get to a tv.

so true

"My college criteria were: good football team, > 500 miles from home, and top a computer science program."
mine were similar: good football team, top computer science program... and in-state tuition!

great article. can't wait for HOKIE FOOTBALL. one word of advice: don't boo the other team's entrance. respect.

Figured this was due to be bumped. A good reminder for all that may forget.

Logan 3:16

Solid advice and unfortunately I do not have 20 legs and therefore cannot up vote the post threatening a stoning for making paper airplanes. Seriously lame.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Agreed! Should be part of orientation on campus in fact...students have gotten soft the last few years.

This needs to be part of orientation.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but as part of rule #5, don't yell hateful things at OUR OWN PLAYERS. The number of "You Suck, Logan"s I heard last year in North was absolutely disgusting. Hearing that sort assholishness was way more disappointing than any loss I ever sat through (and I was at Duke and Maryland last year, so that's saying something). Even if they are having a bad game, keep some perspective and keep your cheering positive or at least neutral. We're all Hokies, and we don't yell hateful things at you when you're being a shitty student, so make sure the players are afforded the same courtesy.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Great comment!

Spenge the Man. Go Hokies!

I remember the game that never happened against Miami of Ohio on homecoming. I will admit my seats were good enough that when I yelled at Al Clark, he looked into the stands at me.

So, I just left the W&M game. Something is bothering me a little. I sat in section 13 in the east stands. I have to say it was the hottest game I've ever been to. I stood during almost all defensive drives. I would've stood during offensive drives, but not very many people were standing in our section on offense except when big plays happened. I sat down during all timeouts and stoppages. Well in the fourth qtr I was standing up while we were on D, this guys grabs my shoulder and I turned around and he yelled "sit down!" while pointing down. It really caught me off guard. I maintained my composure and told him to ask me to sit. He didn't really do it, but I sat down for awhile until a 3rd down came up. I stood up and was yelling my lungs out to the field and the same guy starts yelling curse words in my ear. I ignored him and then he shoved my shoulder. This elderly man behind the angry guy told him that I had every right to stand up. He even said "if you want to fight an old man, then ok." The angry guy ended up leaving.

Im a little upset about this. If he would've asked me to sit down because he couldn't see I really would've sat without any confrontation. I guess I'm wondering about everyone else's opinion on this. I tailgated a little before the game, but I wasn't drunk at all during the game. I never once yelled an obscenity at either team.

Sounds like he's a little drunk.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


You were fine, angry guy was wrong, old man was awesome. Anyone who acts like an ass deserves to be ignored. Had he been courteous, the story is different. Good job not losing it and taking the higher road.

Does anyone else stand up when only about a third of the people are standing in their section? While I don't feel bad for the guy behind me because of his behavior, I will probably see if the fans directly behind me are standing next time to determine what I do. He was not directly behind me BTW. He was about 3 seats over.

The only times I sat were (1) before the game, (2) during halftime, and (3) maybe once during a total snoozer, late in the 4th quarter. I recall only once or twice when people behind me might have said something, and they did so very nicely, so I usually just moved to an open space. My main rule: reciprocate the attitude given to you. If you were nice to me, I responded in kind. If you were an ass, you got ignored. There was one instance where I had a father and his young daughter behind our group, and I did check with them a few times to make sure she could see alright. She couldn't have been older than 5. Her dad was super nice, understanding that there was little that anyone could do in the packed stadium, but my friend and I made sure there was a bit of space between us at all times so she could (hopefully) see.

I have been fortunate that this was never really an issue for me.

Sounds like deja-vu.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

1) Having people cram is inevitable. My only caveat is don't push people out of their section. I had a few games in the NEZ where I slowly got pushed into the stairs from people cramming. I am probably in the minority here but I dont appreciate being pushed out of my seat (though I never used it! and was the nebraska game the entire time).

Just a question here: on TV when the upper east and south looks empty because students are crowding, any thoughts/opinions?