Pitt's Todd Graham to ASU, Anyone worried about Foster to Pitt?

Yahoo! Sports confirms Todd Graham is leaving Pittsburgh for Arizona State. Story to come.

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Pitt overlooked him in the last go around, but their AD Steve Pederson is unpredictable. In my opinion Foster's defense-first, lunch pail mentality fits Pitt like a glove culturally. Obviously I don't want him to go, but they'd be foolish to overlook him again.


I don't see him going to another ACC school

Not so sure

I don't think that factors in as much as us fans would hope. Many have thought Clemson has long been on his radar.

I think

It makes more sense now than before since he knows the acc as well as any coach, that being said do the boosters at Pitt want a big name hire like they always call for and end up with another failed coaching experiment or do they go for a reliable coach that has been there done that

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If Bud leaves..

I mentioned this on twitter but one of my biggest fears other than the obvious is losing Bud may mean we lose some very good young coaches and recruiters. Torrian Gray is a big coach for us and my fear is Bud can lure him away to become his defensive coordinator. My guess is Frank tabs someone like Wiles or brings Cav back to the field to be the DC. If that is the case, who would blame Torrian for going? Maybe I overvalue Torrian but I think he is an underrated coach on this staff.

it's a worry, but i'm not

No way Beamz overlooks Torrian as a DC candidate, if not the favorite. He always promotes from within, and I'm confident he would here too. I think there would be some turnover as Foster would definitely want to take some familiar guys, but if it came down to a Pitt DC offer vs one from Frank, I'm positive they'd stay with the Hokies.

...you know...


Yeah but I doubt Torrian gets the DC offer from Frank. Beamer has long been known to reward those who are loyal. That means the coaches above Torrian that would get first look are Wiles and Cavanaugh. Beamer has said himself that moving Cav away from the field may not have been the best for him. So, my guess is he is brought back to the sideline and a new director of recruiting is brought in.

Coach Wiles

I think Wiles would be the obvious coach to head out with Bud whether it be as his defensive coordinator or d-line / associate head coach. From everything I've heard and read they're extremely close.


Why in the hell would Bud Foster go coach at Pitt with it quitting the little east and whatnot? Their future's too unpredictable.

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I am so tired of this song and dance with Foster. He won't succeed as a head coach because he doesn't work hard at recruiting. He is a damn good and well paid defensive coordinator, well entrenched in the community. If he wants to take less money to go to Pitt and be mediocre, don't let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. Otherwise, name him coach-in-waiting with a date certain on Beamer, name Shane associate head coach to handle recruiting, and let's move on from this stupidity. All these Foster machinations do is derail the final recruiting stretch.

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I dont think

It will be end of the world type stuff unless Bud somehow convinces Torian to come with him. My thought there would be why Coach Gray would go. He'd most likely get DC nod, a raise, and a chance to maintain our defensive identity. Why go some where else for the same job he could have here at a better program?

already turned down

The fact that he already interviewed at Pitt and wasn't hired speaks volumes. I don't see why they would suddenly decide hes the right fit. Don't get me wrong, hes a great DC but there are reasons he hasn't been hired as a HC despite interviewing jobs...as well as reasons Shane was named associate HC. Basically, I don't see it happening.

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seems like a tire-fire at this point.

for what it's worth

David Teel reported on Twitter this morning that at least two Pittsburgh area newspaper listed the top candidates for the coaching vacancy and that Bud, nor any other VT staffer, was not on the list.

I agree with french60 and I also think that if he really wanted to be a HC, he would've already left Virginia Tech. Not as many people as one would think, minus Lane Kiffin and some others (Dabo- if you wanna call Clemson a high profile job and Jimbo Fisher are exceptions obviously), start their head coaching experience at high profile jobs such as a BCS program or an NFL Franchise (if the Raiders cold be classified as such between 2003 and 2010)- seems even old laney boy lived off daddy's laurels in Tampa Bay for quite some time. Bud should've gone to a lower tier, or even FCS, school and worked his way up the HC ranks- a la Brian Kelly or Brady Hoke. Honestly he is probably one of the overall best d-coordinators in the country due to past successes but I was shocked when Clemson interviewed him as a serious candidate and then was even more shocked when they hired Dabo on full time. Also, as BozerVT pointed out, Pitt already turned him down once and it didn't seem as if it came down to a coin flip between him and Todd Graham.

If he wants to leave a great paying gig to be a middle of the pack team in what will probably be the Coastal Division and to face his old boss on an annual basis, then by all means go. Pitt won't make the same mistakes they did under Dave Wannstedt by giving a coach too much time to win. The pressure would be on to an unfair degree because even with the issues at Penn State, I don't see many recruits actively wanting to go to Pitt more than either PSU or even West Virginia- Big XII affiliation will be a nice selling point.

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check HD ESPN Blog!

Bud is very interested. I do NOT have a good feeling about it this time. Usually Bud is kind HoHumm.. I feel like with Shane being the Associate HC, Bud feels like he won't be getting a chance at VT to become the HC.


Wait a second...

All Bud said is that he would be "...very interested in the potential" of getting the job- I bet he thought the exact same thing last year before having the conversation with his wife and the Clemson job as well (the one where he interviewed and lost out to Dabo). The only time I recall him shooting down a potential job was the Memphis inquiry. Plus I assume Tressel or Neuheisel would be on Pitt's list as well. It would suck to lose him, particularly to another ACC team (in 2014) but that's the way of the coaching world. That and the staff is solid- it SEEMS that Torian or another defensive coach may be able to slide into the spot and perform effectively (not as well as Foster, but it would be too early to tell).

Also, Shane being named Associate Head Coach may mean he does specific things well a HC needs to do that, in all fairness, Bud may not have had the opportunity to do or just wasn't good enough at doing them effectively when given the opportunity. Obviously we'll know soon what Pitt's decision is: wouldn't be shocked either way but there is a reason he hasn't received an offer from a BCS school yet- just sucks we don't know what that particular reason is.

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I agree that there is something that we don't know that is keeping Bud from landing a HC job at a legit BCS school. I feel like it would have happened by now if there wasn't something holding him back. Based on listening to him on Hokie Hotline I can understand why some AD's might not be 100% sold on him and the fact that his hybrid defense is probably not something with a very high success rate in the first 2-3 years of the transition. His defense also gets destroyed by superior talent at least once every year and usually on prime time TV.

I also think that Tressel might be an even better fit for PITT because he is so familiar with the area and has a solid record as a HC. If you think about it, PITT could really be on the rise in the next few years. Between moving to the ACC and the anticipated fall of Penn State due to the Sandusky madness it is an opportune time to take over the State. If Tressel recognizes this then he may jump on the opportunity. I would...

My fear is that PITT may realize that if old timer Frank Beamer can win the ACC with 2 star recruits on a regular basis... why don't we hire Frank's best coach and see if we can do it too. Bud is also familiar with PA recruiting and obviously knows what it takes to win the ACC. When Graham left for ASU he took a few staff members with him. It would be disastrous if we lost two of our best coaches, two of our best players to the NFL (Jayron and DW), basically the entire O Line and the top two receivers in school history. Next year's stacked team might not be so stacked.

I am always a cautious thinker and I get nervous about big changes.

Keeping my fingers cross,


Great point dwalt- I didn't even think of the history of our coaching staff really coaching 'em up and getting 110% of the potential of all the recruits.

That's true too- many holes already need to be filled and losing Bud AND Torian would be a death knell- forget about another ten win season or ACCCG appearance if both go. Honestly though, I think the staff will remain in tact if someone else gets the Pitt gig and the result of the PSU search, which is apparently on from what it sounds like on ESPN. But can you imagine if Pitt stole Tressel? Man, him and Beamer in the same Conference? (Whistle....) It would be interesting.

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ESPN reporting that Chryst is going to Pitt

According to the glorious big brother, I mean the Worldwide Leader, Pitt just hired Chryst pending checks. Very interesting. From the comments I read some Pitt fans are wetting themselves because he coached up Russel Wilson. I really don't see anyone with Wilson's talent on the Pitt squad at the QB position so............yeah. I don't think they got that memo about how RW16 was a great QB who only needed to be taught some of the intricacies about the system for Badrinath Badgers. I think its a solid hire but I feel about this like I did when my Jets hired Eric Mangini: name recognition but you have no idea what you're going to get. I wonder how Foster must feel at this second: rumor has it that Chryst doesn't interview well either.


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