ON THINGS HE LIKES ABOUT THIS CLASS: “Any time you can get four defensive ends and four tight ends, I think that’s good. They’ve got that height to them. They’re 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5. They can play a lot of positions, they can help you a lot on special teams. I like that particularly about this class. I like a lot of things about this class. And then I’ll say this: We hit on a couple late that I think are really good players. We had some changes in our scholarship situation with a couple kids coming out early (for the NFL) and so forth. When we started out, we had a very limited number of scholarships, so that kind of held us back as far as who we could offer (early). But the end result, I think it’s been a good year in recruiting.”

via: KT

Well what do you say to the people who say, "Well they 21 good tight ends, but none of the top six tight ends in the state?"


Well maybe not so bad

Because, if tight ends don't work out on offense, they can transition to...DEFENSIVE END?!? WE SIGNED FIVE OF THOSE GUYS IN THIS CLASS! DAMMIT!


we can leave fliers on campus asking any former TE to walk on. Maybe we can get some kickers out of it. Cody Grimm? word.