Q&A with From The Rumble Seat

Thanks to our friend Winfield at From The Rumble Seat for dropping by and answering some less than insightful questions by your's truly about tonight's game. You can find my answers to his questions over at his place. Their VPI preview is well done, and is worth the read if you're left wanting to know more about what the guys across the field think about tonight.

1. Aside from the obvious, "have more points on the scoreboard at the end of the game" answer, what does Georgia Tech have to do to win this football game?

What? You don't like Paul Johnson-esque answers? 2011 has been a different year compared to most because in the past the offense has continued to do its thing and rack up yardage and points regardless of the outcome. Though the attention was on the offense, it was the defense that needed to step up. This year it's the opposite. In the two losses to Virginia and Miami, quarterback Tevin Washington was heavily criticized for suddenly forgetting how to play football and make reads. Balls were dropped by receivers and assignments were dreadfully missed (see special teams). This all happened when the defense allowed only 17 points in each game. The Jackets need offensive efficiency, and holding ball for 40 minutes like they did against Clemson wouldn't hurt either.

2. #AvengeNesbitt, he broke his arm while making a tackle after throwing an interception. I am so confused why this is a thing, please elaborate.


3. It's 4th down and three, who gets the ball?

A-back counter or a toss sweep to ORWIN SMITH.

4. Final score? And if you guys win, will you follow it up with a loss to Duke?

It'll be tight and will come down to something happening in the 4th quarter. 24-20 Jackets. We then dominate Duke.


What the hell is the meaning

of the "true Tech." That's just retarded. Is it based on establishment? If so, learn the facts:
VT - 1872
GT - 1885
Others of note:
MIT - 1861
NJIT- 1881
RIT (Rochester) - 1829

GT people make no sense and I don't understand how they can enjoy watching a team play gimmick option football. Most boring offense to watch ever. Might as well be watching rugby.


I read the VPI preview over at the Rumble Seat. Well done but I couldn't follow a damn word he said. I assume the use of Tech by him means Georgia Tech. But I went to Tech, the one true Tech, located in Blacksburg. There needs to be some sort of legend and instead of using Tech, use either GT or VT. Otherwise, I think that post was a recipe for peanut butter cookies for an undefeated National Championship shoe-in team located in Atlanta named Tech. #FNesbitt #FindANeck