East Carolina Roll Call

Obviously the coaches didn't throw a ton of players out there this week. And I didn't notice several guys, so I assume it was mostly special teams duty.

I liked how physical the team played. Our running backs embodied it, as did the offensive line for much of the game. But the mistakes were painful.

Let's look at the roster.

1. Antone Exum - Does anyone else think he plays fast and tough? He's going to get better at being in position earlier to make plays the longer he's on the field.

2. Josh Oglesby - Not enough people are talking about his performance. It's not easy to run near the goal line and he made several key plays. He's an important part of this backfield. He's best when he picks a lane and heads downfield. Not dancing. Again, beast performance on Saturday.

3. Logan Thomas - So much to say, but let me limit it to this: The key thing to watch is improvement. He is coming off his first road start. We saw Tyrod develop into a great QB. We need to watch for the same with Logan. And we're asking him to do a lot, more than I think we asked Tyrod in his second year. Here's a Tyrod stat line from Week 3 as a sophomore, in a 20-17 win over Georgia Tech in Lane: 9-14 for 38 yards. He averaged 3.4 yards per completion. But he rushed for 74 and a touchdown. LT3 can make plays when he's running with the rock. I want to see a healthy dose of him trucking people come Week 5.

4. David Wilson - It's just fun to watch him play football. Bad fumble, but something tells me he's taking it very personally.

7. Marcus Davis - He definitely needs to tighten his game up. He's capable of so much and he'll get there, but there's obvious room for improvement.

9. Cris Hill - Every time I saw Cris he was making a play.

11. Dyrell Roberts - Kind of a quiet day for Dyrell, but again made a special teams play with a nice kick return. He's always solid.

13. Randall Dunn - Didn't see Mr. Dunn.

15. Eddie Whitley - Eddie seemed to have a good game, sans the penalty.

17. Kyle Fuller - Kyle played a great game. How about that crushing hit about five minutes into the second quarter on that crossing route? And the pick was beautiful.

18. D.J. Coles - Didn't really notice D.J. out there. Really hope we can get him the football at least 20 times this year. He needs touches.

19. Danny Coale - Great hit on the innocent guy on the sideline. Thank God it wasn't Joe Pa facing the wrong way.

20. Jayron Hosley - Absolutely robbed on that negated interception. I think it took him a quarter to firmly establish himself, but he played a real solid game.

22. Tony Gregory - I see him making a big 3rd down reception some time this fall.

24. Tariq Edwards - He's obviously Bud's guy for that position right now. I see why. He's real athletic. Also, I heard several intimidating "WOOOOOOOO"s after big plays. I like it.

25. Martin Scales - Saw him blast some defenders two or three times. But the announcer thought Oglesby was Scales. That's what I remember most.

26. James Hopper - Didn't see him.

29. Scott Demler - He just looks uncomfortable even before the ball is snapped. If Frank gives him another go, he needs to calm down. And if that chance comes, he better show something or he won't be a part of this list much longer.

32. Riley Beiro - Didn't see him.

33. Chris Drager - He seemed to have an OK game. I've been letting everyone know about my huge man crush on Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, so when I watch any of our tight ends, I just wish they were Finley.

34. Kyshoen Jarrett - He's not afraid of contact. I'm glad that football didn't touch him, but was it even that close?

41. Derek DiNardo - I assume special teams. If so, he earned it with that pick Week 1.

42. J.R. Collins - I like J.R. against the run. He just looks strong. Would love to see him like a half step quicker (well, I'd love to see him 8 steps quicker, but I'd take a half)

43. Jeron Gouveia-Winslow - He flew off the corner on that big third down sack. He's making plays.

45. Joey Phillips - Didn't notice any negative on Joey. I did see him launch himself in the air either late int he first quarter or early second and complete whiff on a defender. Looked cool, though.

48. Justin Myer - Another fine job. Keep getting those touchbacks.

50. Collin Carroll - Long snapper.

51. Bruce Taylor - He did a great job of reading the run quickly, leading to plays in the backfield. But boy am I glad that guy dropped a touchdown with Bruce in tow.

52. Barquell Rivers - Didn't notice Mr. Rivers.

54. Nick Becton - He looked pretty good from what I saw. I still want him to get angry.

56. Antoine Hopkins - I bet he eats at Dietrick a lot and every magical bite of Steamship Round makes him stronger.

62. Blake DeChristopher - Overall his beard had a good game.

66. Tyrel Wilson - He showed some versatility on a 3rd and 6, dropping into the flat, then catching the receiver, who could have potentially scored with a nice move. Then he made a nice play on a run two plays later. I want to see more of him.

68. Jaymes Brooks - He had a tough holding call on what should have been a touchdown drive. Did see him make a lot of good blocks, though.

71. Vinston Painter - I didn't see a whole lot of him. BDC played a ton on the right side.

72. Andrew Lanier - Solid. Threw a great block on David's big run early in the fourth. Then again on Oglesby's second touchdown.

74. Andrew Miller - I like his size. He doesn't get moved around easily.

75. Greg Nosal - Did you see his finger tip punch their stupid 'Captain Jack Sparrow on acid' mascot in the face?

76. David Wang - I'm pissed he is hurt and feel bad for him. I hope he heals quickly.

80. George George - Didn't see George George out there. Is he on field goal protection?

81. Jarrett Boykin - I'm proud of him for getting the receptions record. Enjoy watching him this season before he heads off to play on Sundays.

86. Eric Martin - I cringed at that false start on a key third down. It stings. He needs to be Steady Eddy...I mean Steady Eric.

88. Ryan Malleck - See 80.

89. Cody Journell - I think you all come to this site to hear some real talk, so here it is: There's no excuse for the missed field goal. It's like a turnover when you miss inside 30. It's unacceptable. We've watch a lot of steady kickers come through recently for one short season. I'd really like to see him get it together and be a mainstay on special teams for a few seasons.

90. Duan Perez-Means - Don't recall DPM.

92. Luther Maddy - I saw him fighting two pass blockers more than once and he was driving them back, forcing Davis to move. I bet this kid just mows down the sled at practice.

93. Isaiah Hamlette - Didn't see much of him.

95. Zack McCray - Read the line right above this.

96. Corey Marshall - What catches my eye us his explosion off the ball. He's quick. And his tenacity earned him a big sack when ECU had good field position at the end of the third.

98. Derrick Hopkins - I hope he and 56 eat together (read 56). Brother lunches at Dietrick!

99. James Gayle - Don't sit around and say his offside penalty cost VT an interception - Davis doesn't make that throw if there isn't a flag. But it was the low point of a pretty rough first sequence. However, Gayle is going to tear it up all year. Can't wait to see more when teams take longer drops.


Also feeling terrible about Lil' Wang. I can't even recall him going out, which makes me dislike FSN even more than I already do. (Really? No stream through FSN? Rar)

Highly amused by the fact that Boykin wore a "Boyk it in" shirt after the game. I want a picture of that...

I'm really liking these summaries. Keep it up

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Thanks Frank!

I've seen much worse

Telecasts, but, yeah, how are they not relaying that information? Jeremy Bloom was probably busy researching ski slopes on his iPhone.

And, yes, I nominate Joe to be the one who finds that picture. He's good at the Internet.

Thanks for the words.

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D-wreck Hopkins

Last year when I was living on campus I usually ended up with late classes so the only place left open was DXpress. I saw Derrick in there almost every night with usually twice what I had gotten (usually a pizza, bag of chips, drink, fruit, cookie). He can definitely pack in the calories to say the least.

Logan 3:16

9 out of 10 dietitians say

A well-rounded late night run to DX four times a week can increase run stuffing ability by 5000%.

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In yesterday's East Carolina Game Review, 06Hokie says Drager was "up and down." Today he says Drager "seemed to have an OK game." But OC Stinespring says that he hadn't had a tight end grade as well as he did in some time. (90% with 8 knockdowns.) Looks like 06Hokie took too many snack and bathroom breaks. Suggestion to 06Hokie: Tivo or DVR the game if you're going to miss much of the action.


I watched a recorded version of the game. I thought he had an OK game because I think he showed some difficulty in getting separation from the defender when releasing. His blocking was strong, but the offense and the inexperienced quarterback will benefit greatly if he becomes active in the passing attack. When Drager is both blocking well and fills up the stat sheet with catches, yards and touchdowns, he'll get an "outstanding job" from me.

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In the system we're running, and with 4 or 5 pretty good WRs, the TEs won't be seeing a lot of passes. The TEs will predominantly only be used for blocking. Drager has gotten open on the few plays where he's run a route, but the check down didn't get to him. Considering he's gotten zero passes thrown to him in two games, you might as well just save your money and use your stat sheet for toilet paper.

Is it double-ply?

I agree there's tons of talent on the edges, but wouldn't you agree LT3 would benefit from throwing to Drager? Don't get me wrong - I want to see the ball in his hands. I hope the coaches will have LT3 looking to the TE and RBs instead of forcing the issue, which he has done in the early going.

I wouldn't say he's only run a "few" routes. He released a fair amount against ECU and generally had someone run with him. I did see him run down the field a whole lot. Would like to see him run some ins, hooks and other intermediate routes to get him open -- but again, it's clearly not being called right now.

I said to Joe a little while ago "OK" doesn't do CD33 justice with the job he did in the run game, especially when the play got outside. He's definitely an asset when on the field.

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were here to debate naturally but one's opinions aren't better than the other. I agree he did a fantastic job blocking but it would also be nice to play more pitch and catch too. Being one dimensional is not the way to get it done in december.

True, Bo.

I think we're all actually agreeing. CD33 did a nice job blocking on Saturday. We all want to see the ball in his hands. It's on the coaches to get Drager in a position where LT3 can get him the ball.

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Drager can't be blamed too much, if at all, for not being a bigger part of the passing game. Boone '08 and Smith '10 figured into the game plan, but weren't used enough in the red zone. Jeff King is the last guy I really remember being the number one or two option with goal to go.

King	2004	25	304	4
King	2005	26	292	6
Wheeler	2006	13	199	2
Wheeler	2007	15	211	1
Boone	2008	22	278	2
Boone	2009	7	75	0
Smith	2010	20	195	5

You hit on another good point regarding the check down. For the most part against ECU I noticed LT3 would check at most two guys before throwing. He really liked looking Davis' way-- deep ball first, then underneath. If Drager is the 4th man in the route progression, he's probably not going to see many balls right now.

I thought he had a solid game, he put on his hat and went to work. Each week that's what the majority of the starters are going to do.


Different people write these posts.

Love the pic TAEdisonHokie.

I cant say enough

about our D. Those penalties stunk but it showed how hungry they were.

LT. I lol'd at the hypometer and admittedly was drawn in by his comparisons. I CANT WAIT! until he becomes more accurate. Instead of putting on a dance recital like Tyrod the boy employs a truck stick. Its hilarious when he bowls over secondaries. I think going away from that tough ECU win is that fact that he propelled us foraward on 10 of those first downs. He really has room to grow which scares me and was two dropped balls away from 3 picks. Rump Roh. Lets wait with bated breath against arky St to make a better evaluation.

#20 and Punt returns

I dig the player by player recap. One aspect to Hosley's game that was unusual, if not concerning, was his inability to return the rock against ECU's punt coverage. Was this a case of Hosley making bad decisions, not lining up right, or our punt return unit daydreaming while on the field?

Hosley was playing up about 10-15 yards on all his punt returns for the day, which ultimately cost us much needed yards. He looked lost out there pretty much every time it was kicked to him. And that one punt that he fielded over his shoulder on the run toward the end-line was really a stupid play.

Another point of order that I'm not sure if anyone's brought up, but I was at the game and have the sunburn to prove it. It was hot as piss out there! I know both teams were playing in it, but I'm thinking that the nearly 90 degree temps and a complete lack of shade may have had something to do with the Hokies' lackluster performance. Furthermore, from what I can recollect (I was really drunk, really hot, and really annoyed by ECU fans yelling at Beamer to "get of the field!" because he stands about a yard off the paint...again, really dumb fans up there...nice people, but dumb as piss), the ECU bench was in the shade for the majority of the afternoon, whereas the Hokies were in direct sunlight for the entire game. I noticed a gaggle of our boys getting a little crampy out there towards the end of the game. Regardless, I don't care if you microwaved Hosley's brain for 10 seconds on high, he's a freaking pre-season All American and should know better than to make the same mistakes against a good punter.

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

I feel that the one time he ran it way backwards really affected his final numbers. His other punt returns were neither great nor terrible, but that one being so awful skewed the numbers way down. He definitely looked much better returning against App State, and looking back to (what I remember of) last year, he seems to have his up and down days doing returns.

The one really bad one seemed to be a product of bad coverage and him thinking too much.

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Thanks Frank!

I was at the game

For at least one of them, the one he miffed was in very bad sunlight. I think he lost the ball and tried to make something out of nothing. As well If you look we were in a lot of MAX PROTECT. WE had basically 2 on 4 in covering for him. We knew they blocked in 07 and with the score being so close Beamer was erring on the side of caution.

Another thing here is this team was very ready to play us. They screwed the pooch against the ol ball coach after Garcia entered and wanted to win. They werent standing up cheering but they were loud as hell.

Frank and Co knew this was our first away game and played pretty conservative against this crowd with a greenhorn under center. The longest catch was for 20 yards against this group. I think things will open up going forward.


Thanks for the words. I'll keep working on making this feature better.

Hosley didn't have a banner day returning, but I've seen enough from him to have full faith he'll get it together.

Row Z forever.


Don't you think that deep inside, Frank was coveting a punter like the ECU guy? He got off some really booming kicks.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


The kid was blasting some really nice punts. The special teams shortcomings are going to bite us in the ass if it doesn't get fixed.

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