Blacksburg voted as #2 Best College Football Town in America

I randomly came across this a few minutes ago on facebook and figured you guys would appreciate it as much as I do:

USA Today did a survey of 50,000+ readers and we got voted as the second best college football town in America! Obviously, I think we deserve #1 and wish we got it, but second place isn't bad at all.

Here's a summary article that facebook took me to: Blacksburg Named #2 Best College Football Town in America. Within that, there is a link that will take you to the USA Today article which highlights Wisconsin (the winner).

From (our nominator) Rece Davis "Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in southwestern Virginia, Blacksburg is a beautiful college town setting. Tailgate parties dot virtually every open space around Lane Stadium, and there's a real sense of hospitality toward visitors - at least until the game starts. The Hokies roaring onto the field to the strains of Metallica's heavy metal song Enter Sandman makes kickoff seem almost anticlimactic. It is one of the best scenes in college football."

Hokie Nation!

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College Station

CStat should be number one. Similar to Blacksburg, but much larger. And Northgate is better than DT. And it's in Texas.

You say "it's in Texas" like that's somehow a good thing...

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Thanks Frank!

It is.

Best damn state in the union.



Are just too funny. Love this site, it keeps me laughing.

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'Um, Virginia is a COMMONWEALTH, not a STATE.'

/pushes up glasses
/dusts pocket protector

Actually Actually

No one said anything about Virginia being a state?

He was actually coming to your defense

You said Texas was the best state, a slightly risky claim on a Hokie fan site. At the risk of sounding like a nerd, due to a technicality Texas can still be the best "state" with Virginia still being better than Texas.


I think he thought I was calling Virginia a state with the gif pointing to my avatar.

Virginia > Texas

I was actually

just trying to make a stupid joke, a move which rewarded me with two negative turkey legs and counting.

Well yeah

It was just hard to interpret what you meant and who you were responding to.


Gotcha. But yeah, can't help it. That's home. Texas and VT aren't mutually exclusive. I love both. I just wish we had a larger footprint and could recruit there. Only high-caliber athlete from down there I know that has even seriously considered Tech was Jimmy Butler.

This thread has been great. (Hope more like it keep coming!)

There really is nothing like Blacksburg on a Saturday, nor a Thursday night.

I love calling this place my home away from home.



to get to a Thursday night game every two years. Wife couldn't understand until she went!!!

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Not news to us

Guess I am not really surprised, Blacksburg is the best town in America in the Fall, and most of the rest of the year too.

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This past summer was my first one that I didn't go back home for since I am now working up here and it was better than expected. There are still plenty of people around for parties/hanging out and yet there is enough people gone that you never have to worry about parking/being too loud/etc.
As far as a college football town, I don't really see how it gets much better.

true that i stayed last summer too and was worried at first since im from the beach and would miss out on surfing and everything. but it turned out to be one of the better summers ive ever had. river and cornhole all day

I try to go back as often as I can; which is never enough.

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As a student

I am psyched to see this but I wish some of the fellow students would see this also. It's pathetic that it takes a Thursday Night FSU game to pack the stadium, and even then some fans were leaving at half because "it was too cold". Same goes for basketball too, because the Oklahoma State game was hyped and the atmosphere was incredible. If the students could bring even close to that passion to all the games, we'd be set. That being said, Blacksburg is a great place to watch some football and I can't wait for next season.

The best

I would say without a doubt that Blacksburg is the best college football town (this opinion may be a little biased however!). From the tailgating, to Enter Sandman, to the gametime atmosphere you can't beat it.

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Never saw this before...

The comments are hilarious!!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

hahaha yea they are. All the Hoos were mad at him, which really means they were mad at themselves for not being like us. I love how he said "there was a mass of hugging and tackling" after the Danny Coale play. Very true - I was hugging everybody within ten feet of me. And my boy Phil got a shot out as the orange and maroon Leonidas!

you know that guy? did he graduate? i've noticed he hasnt been at games this year.

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Last I checked, he was still in Blacksburg. I think he's pursuing a phd so maybe he's too old/busy for the get up.

I read something somewhere

Where he is not around anymore and had to retire his costume. Can't remember where.

I heard he's not a student, rather lived and worked here in Blacksburg and that his job took him too far away for him to go to the games this year.


works for the government, as he did last fall too. Only thing that changed was that someone in his office recognized him and his supervisors decided it was best for him to no longer be a "mascot" for a college football team. Some rule or regulation they pulled out from somewhere, I'd imagine.

EDIT: And he was a student, just graduated a bit ago. Used to play Drill Field football with him on Friday afternoons.

Was a Student as of Fall '11

I played flag football against him. He's more difficult to recognize without the sword and shield, but the beard is the key.



Just hit him up, these are his words, "I'm doin good. I'm wrapping up my Ph.D. this year. I just couldn't do the Leonidas thing this year."

Macraw - I used to play football every Friday too, that's how I know Phil. I loved those games. People would come one week and never come back because we played too rough for them haha. Btw I'm Adrian, I always played quarterback and always wore my Pats hat

Think I remember you

I'm Mike, I'd show up occasionally during my 4 years (2007-2011). Never was particularly good, but it was fun and a way to try and stay in shape. I was the scrawny kid with the longish hair, always wore a beanie to keep it out of my face. Nice running into you on here.

U Mad Bros?

"Also, as a UVA student and as an alum, me and my fellow Wahoos watch football on ESPN while tailgating on the Reg. We also trash Hokie supporters like you on the Reg. Hence we are better than you... on the Reg."

"Go back to Virginia Tech, no one appreciates your point of view here."

"If I were a recruit, I'd attend the school that would give me a better education and didn't smell like a pig farm"

2937 days and counting!

Excited for 3k... who wants to have a party on Feb 13?

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"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

An appropriate response

To 3000!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Care to explain?

I don't get the joke here and it's bothering me.

Number of days we've owned the Commonwealth Cup. In response to "even in our worst years we aren't UVA"

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"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

The Commonwealth Cup

Has been in Blacksburg since 11/27/04. You do the math.

Tell me a time and place

And I'd probably go for it.

born and raised here.

born and raised in the greatest place on Earth i can think of. Im active duty military and i brag and tell everyone where i came from and i rep my hokies everywhere from iraq to haiti to afghanistan to florida to vegas and texas. Love my team, my town and my state.

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