Projects Logan as 3rd Round Pick

Both Logan Thomas and Marcus Davis are listed under "Sliders".

Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech: Thomas entered the year justifiably ranked as one of the top quarterback prospects in the nation, but his play was woeful at times throughout the season. His poor defensive reads resulted in errant passes and a lot of interceptions (14). Considered a possible top-15 pick in August, Thomas now grades as a third-round choice.

Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech: Scouts considered Davis the top receiver prospect from the senior class when the season began. He possesses mouth watering size (6-foot-3, 225 pounds) and speed (4.45-second 40) for the next level. He flashed skill, but has yet to pull together a complete game and showed a lot inconsistency on the field.


Nothing we didn't know already.

i for one didnt know md was considered the top receiver prospect in the senior class. he really screwed that up.

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I'd just like to forget this season happened.

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If no coaching changes happen, Logan has to be seriously thinking about entering the draft at 3rd round pick. Nothing would hurt his nfl status more than another year like this one.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

Goodbye Logan

Hello Leal/Parker/Hodges/literally anyone that isn't a goddamned converted tight end.

SOURCES on anyone ever thinking MD7 was the #1 receiver prospect in this class? Come on

Logan graduating

Just saw Logan graduate today. Can he still play if he graduates?

Eligibility is only determined by number of years taking classes. A lot of football players graduate Fall of their R-Junior year due to the fact that they are in their 4th year of school and because they often take classes over the summer and participate in summer workouts. He would just have to enroll in a graduate program and continue his education to keep playing.

Not to be lame, but good on Logan for getting his degree and to do it early is even more impressive. Understand he redshirted, but he's still a semester ahead of the norm. He's a solid ambassador for Tech and will turn it around next year!

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