Pep Hamilton rumored on as possible staff additon

With Beamer's desire to fix the running game, don't be surprised if Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton emerges as a strong candidate to join the Virginia Tech staff. Stanford isn't known for the most competitive salaries for coaches. While Hamilton has great job security at Stanford, a significant pay raise could make it difficult for Hamilton to decline.

That would be a homerun hire.


The Stanford offense

is EXACTLY what VT could/should be on offense.
Pleasepleaseplease be true.


Hard to tell until it happens but there are too many things swirling around to not believe that changes are coming to this staff.

Change must happen.

If VT would be able to lure Pep from Stanford it would be crucial, Pep is only 38 years old so he is young, has NFL experience coaching, local ties went to Howard. Piggy backing on Joe's post if we could give him an significant raise then we may get him. My hope if we do get him that Frank lets him hire who he wants.

Pro Style Smash Mouth Football

I would love for us to have a standford like offense. I Form baby....

A new hope

Insight and Inspiration from Tupac Shakur

I've spent most of the afternoon reflecting on our season and listening to 2pac and couldn't help but notice the similarities between his attitude towards socioeconomic and racial paradigms and my attitude towards our offensive coaching staff.

"We gotta make a change. Its time for us as a people to start making some changes. Lets change the way eat. Lets change the way we live. And lets change the way we treat each other. You see, the old way wasn't working so its on us to do what we gotta do to survive. And still I see no changes..."--2Pac

If someone (Billdozer?) made a video featuring highlights of Newsome, Stinespring, O'Cain and Co's handywork (for example sending out J.C. Coleman for third and one or really any offensive play from the game last night), set to the music of "Changes," that video would go viral based on my views alone.

Anyways. Hope things get turned around next year, and as always, GO HOKIES!

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

This would be a dream come true!

It's all about The VPISU
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Rockin in The Bakken.
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I can't imagine

A better choice!!!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Damn, it would be hard to walk away from David Shaw

Thats guy has coaching star written all over him.

Which might be why it'll probably be too good to be true.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Did the camera man fall asleep at 4:50?

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Stop posting damnit! I need to stay ahead of you. This week long vacation definitely isn't helping my turkey leg situation.

Rip his freaking head off!



"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Inspiration from Pep

From piece on Stanford HC David Shaw
Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton had a motto printed on every (Stanford) offensive playbook: "Pound 'em and score 50."

That would be a lunch pail team, offense and defense.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

This has to be a ploy to get a raise. Stanford is a completely lateral move and there is no reason for him to move. Stanford may be cheap, but they have a fanbase with some influence that believes in it's football team. I have to believe Stanford can easily equal any payment VT would offer, or John Elway would personally fire their AD.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Or find a way to get their AD a job with the NY Jets...

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Stanford-raised here

I can tell you the fan base does NOT care enough about their program to insist on retaining their OC. If Harbaugh can leave, so can Hamilton. Now, whether or not their AD wants to shell out the cash to keep him is a much different debate. That said, apart from the money, I don't see a reason to leave Stanford for Tech.

In the case of Pep

He's from Charlotte, his family still lives there, he went to school in DC and he recruits VA/DC for Stanford. Blacksburg is worlds closer to all of those things than Palo Alto.

Good Call

Those are all legit reasons to go, but might be the only ones.

Comparing the HC at the San Francisco 49ers to the OC position of VT Hokies is a stretch. Hell, LSU couldn't keep Saban from going to the NFL. And if rumors are true, he may leave Alabama to try the NFL again. Chip Kelly may be out of Oregon too.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Saban makes $5.5m at bama

Payton just got $8m. I bet Jerry jones calls Saban to find out what his number is. He's buddies with Belichick, I think he wants a second shot like Belichick got.

I agree, Stanford has plenty of cash. However, a few people have mentioned to me that David Shaw still runs the show offensively out there. Pep might want to come to a place where he's the man, and maybe that, in additional to being closer to family, is a compelling enough offer.

Reasons he would leave Stanford
1) Close to home
2) Complete autonomy
3) Cash money

I hope it happens, and I pray he brings a top notch OL coach. If it happens, it is a huge opportunity at NFL futures for Malleck, McCray, and Duan Perez-Means, as Stanford uses tons of power sets and the Hokies will be very thin at wideout next year.

I have talked the Harbaugh tree up so much. I can't believe it could possibly happen.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

This fits

with CFB's philosophy about controlling the game by running the ball. If Frank can bring him in, this could fill the trophy case eventually.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

For what it is worth (and the importance of having a good OL coach), Stanford's five OL starters consist of four three star recruits (by Rivals) and a two star recruit at center. NFL draftees like Jonathan Martin and David DeCastro were three star recruits.

GREAT TEACHING mixed with the right skill set is a DANGEROUS combo. See Bud Foster's defense. If it is Hamilton, he must bring the right OL coach.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Looking for Substance

The CoachingSearch article has zero substance. Call me a cynic, but I wouldn't leave Stanford for a lateral move to VT. I don't know why Hamilton would.

Reasons for Hamilton to stay:
1. Does he really get autonomy at VT? What if they keep Stiney? That's not attractive to have the old OC still on staff.
2. Already in a better conference and coaching a better team.
3. If he continues to do well, he could be in line for a HC job in a year or two or even a crack at job in the NFL (positions coach/coordinator).

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

What ever those brothers were fighting about, it wasn't how to create a user-friendly, modern, easily navigated news site.

Its already been documented that he prefers the college game and he's already been a position coach in the nfl. Money money money and close proximity to home .. That's why he would leave

Has anyone been to Palo Alto? It's awesome, and based on location, I personally would never want to leave.

BUT, it's extremely expensive. $350k/year in Blacksburg is a whole lot more than the same amount in California.

He would also have a chance to define his brand and build equity in a completely differnet market.

However, I think it's extremely unlikely. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


I live there, actually. It's a nice place, but like you said, VERY expensive. Even if VT can offer the same that Stanford's giving him, it'd go a lot farther in Blacksburg. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, cause I personally haven't been able to get a feel one way or the other for what's gonna happen.

WaPost Article on Hamilton's DC ties

Our offensive changes are also mentioned in the article. To add fuel to the fire, he is already recruiting our area. If he can convince kids to travel to the other side of the country, I'm sure he could convince them to drive a few hours down 81.

C Benoit

Thanks for sharing the link

I'm hoping (dreaming) this is WP's way of tip-toeing ahead with insider info that Pep will be our next OC. The "story before THE story", so to speak.

Very intriguing.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Its been too quiet the last couple of days...

No news is good news. Right?

Not really...

The longer there is no news, the worse it gets. I mean, we all hope that something changes, but nothing is guaranteed. And the longer we wait for a change, the less viable candidates there will be, and also the less likely that there will be one.

The Rose Bowl is today

and the Outback Bowl with Shawn Elliott is happening right now. Beamer was never going to do anything until his target(s) finished the season. I would expect some news to trickle down about a week from today. If two weeks from now we haven't heard anything, I'd start to worry. If a couple of weeks after signing day we still haven't heard anything, I'd expect to see Stiney and Co. back next season. Right now though it's way too early too freak out. Beamer is a classy guy, he doesn't want to undermine another coach's bowl prep by taking away his coordinator. Chill for a bit.

And NCSU played yesterday

Dana Bible

Hmmm...I'm thinking the opposite.

that there is a deal in place for someone already, thus the staff moves we have seen from VT and the lack of discussion about incoming coaches.

This quote from the article makes me hopeful...

"But a different kind of move could be down the road for the 38-year-old, whose name has come up for NFL and NCAA coaching vacancies in the past year. Some of the openings β€” should Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer shake up his offensive coaching staff, as expected, Hamilton’s name has been mentioned as a replacement β€” would bring him closer to the city that always seems to be a stop on his coaching road."

#Let's Go - Hokies

Pep rally.

I hope Pep does become our next OC. Just don't know if he would leave Stanford. Maybe we can have a "Pep" rally outside Beamer's office to show him how much we want Pep.

Pep's offense just mauled the Wisconsin defense on that last drive. Please. Please. Please.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

i know, look how prepared that offense is to play a football game after a month.

what a concept

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster


I'm hoping for a Stanford offensive landslide. You gotta believe that this is the kind of offense that CFB loves.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I'm drooling over Stanford's O-Line

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

And Kevin Hogan is another fine product of the Commonwealth.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Agreed. While watching that game

I kept thinking to myself that THIS is what an o line should look like!! They were the most beautiful thing I've ever seen offensively.

We should be trying to pry Mike Bloomgren away from Stanford...

And the "Pep-rally" is growing - Teel's article.

Have we ever made an aggressive move for a coach? What is the most surprising move we have made within the coaching staff? Grabbing Junior Beamer? The O'Cainspring experiment?

With all of the blog and twitter chatter now appearing in the press coupled with Stanford's offensive success, I can't imagine Stanford is going to let go of him. Whether Beamer retires in 2 years or 10, the program has one thing left to do and with an offense we are a legitimate contender. He knows this and will do something but I can't imagine it will be potentially this...glamorous of a hire.

C Benoit

I'm not one to pay attention to coach-related rumors....

....that don't involve the Hokies, which is about 99.9% of them. That said, once the rumors shift from social media/blog chatter to the mainstream press, don't they eventually get shot down by someone IF there's not substance behind them? The next few days should tell us a lot.

I think the most aggressive thing Beamer has ever done was his almost-departure to UNC. That move was well-played from his perspective, so maybe he has something up his sleeve this go-round. If we get a top-notch OC and are able to move Stiney to recruiting coordinator, you can consider me impressed AND our program a legit contender for the foreseeable future.

Stiney to RC

Over the weekend I heard from one of my friends that is very close to the team (family member of a coach) that Steiny was not going to be fired completely but would stay on as the recruiting coord. He didn't have any info on the possible new hires for the OC position.

Great Point

In addition, none of the mainstream guys would run a "rumors" article without hearing things behind the scenes. The wheels are in motion, it seems, we'll see what happens.

But, like most of us who have switched jobs..... run with that new opportunity until it does or doesn't work out. In a perfect world, you can have an offer in hand to play against your current employer. If so, the suitor can be 99% done and still lose it.

Agree 100%

Pep could love Stanford and be angling for a raise. Although, given that Beamer is the elder statesman of college coaches, I wonder if out of respect he wouldn't be playing him. Or, he might genuinely be interested moving closer to home, but a butt-load of money keeps him in California. Either way, it's not Pep or bust though.

Could Head Coach-In-Waiting be the clincher? Would VT make such a move, especially with an outsider?

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Not a chance he would do that. If we named an outsider a coach in waiting then Foster should and would leave. He's been hanging around for years waiting for a chance to be a head coach, if we hired someone else then that's it, he's out of here. And he's probably as valuable to our success as a program as Beamer is.

Rip his freaking head off!

I doubt we would offer that....

....but, at the same time, he (or any other young, up-and-coming candidate) has to realize that the opportunity will be there for someone when Beamer steps down. He would also consider Bud's age, Shane's inexperience, and the program's tendancy to try to maintain stability in the coaching staff in looking at the long-term potential of taking our OC role now.

And, given how promising Shaw looks for Stanford, given that Shaw's alma mater is Stanford, and the fact that Shaw is only 40, the opportunity to be HC there in the foreseeable future is relatively dim.

I'm pretty sure that Weaver is against the concept of "Coach in Waiting." That's why he came up with the contract for Foster. A way to reward him for sticking around long-term without making that promise.

I had mixed feelings about the Stanford offense after watching last night's Rose Bowl.

There were times when Stanford went a bit too "multiple" for me. They ran several plays out of spread and empty set formations - - why do this when your bread and butter is to maul?

With that said, when they line up with two tight ends and a fullback, it really is beautiful. They also execute those plays so damn well. The combination of power running and vertical passing to mismatched tiget ends is probably pretty tough to beat. The way Stanford systematically destroyed VT in the Orange Bowl is a pretty good testament to that system.

I also believe that this system would be pretty dominant in the ACC as everyone else is gearing up to defend spreads. I think it would be hilarious to watch kids who came from 7 on 7 systems get beat up by pulling guards.

The line ensured Hogan wasn't sacked last night, against some beastly Wiscy players. Stanford's offense won the battle in the stats (except in rushing (i.e. Montee Ball)) and points department. There is no doubt in my mind this is exactly what we need.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

If changes are coming, why is Beamer so secretive? I know it's part of his character, and thus why the Spring Game has never been aired on ESPN (until last year), but it's very disconcerting. Most programs would have openly announced that X, Y and Z are being let go and we're heading into a coaching search. Instead, he's secretly helping his old coaches find jobs and trying to hire a coordinator. At least, that's what we speculate. I guess, as long as his old assistants know, it's not a problem, because they won't be blindsided. But, it's leaving the media and the fans on edge. Do fans have a right to know? Or, should we keep guessing, hoping, and waiting for one morning's press conference announcing 3-4 coaches out and new coordinator already hired?

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

I don't get it, but I've heard, and beginning to accept, that nothing will be announced publicly until after National Signing Day. Seems dumb to me, but unless word comes out this week, looks like it won't (officially) until February 7.

I wish we knew more but I am ok with not rushing it. Sounds like some coaches on staff are working on moving on anyway so why shake it up so fast? If changes are coming them I am sure they are talking to potential replacements now and making sure that if they make a move the program will benefit.


The bowl game finished 5 days ago.

I'd rather see Frank put time into thinking about the direction of the program, his ideal offense, do his hw/research, than seeing him do anything prematurely. Nothing good can come of leaking an opening too early.

Twitter me

it's not his style .. and i'm totally OK with that .. he doesn't want to draw stupid attention to himself or the program .. and make no mistake -- it's stupid attention. it's a classy thing to do and i wouldn't expect to hear much of anything from beamer or the administration until a hire (or hires) are made.

Keep this in mind

With change comes risk. He seems like a good fit with Offensive philosophy and is from the area. He has proven success. Would he gel with the team and other staff, including CFB? Can he recruit both coaches and players over the long haul?

This is why I like CFB's approach to keeping personnel matters personal.

#Let's Go - Hokies

We won't know

until the deal is done and the presser is scheduled.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

why the pep bandwagon?

everybody loves Pep, 'he seems like a perfect fit' for Frank...he could bring smash mouth football back to Blacksburg...ball control offense.
This year, Stanford's offense Total Yards = O'Cainsprings Total yards = 377/gm
Stanford's points per game = 28.46 vs O'Cainspring 25.08
Sure, Stanford averaged more in 2010 with Luck...but so did O'Cainspring with Tyrod in 2009.
Why do we want more of the same? Why don't we want to spread it out and go like Clemson or Oregon? I'd be happy to get an Oregon Grad Asst, or anyone who has been around that program. Pep may end up as a great coach, but lets get someone who isn't from the Ball Control coaching tree.

I'm sorry, but did you really just suggest we hire a GA as our next Offensive Coordinator? Child please...

Real reason for happiness

I dont think it's Pep that people are excited about, though the rose bowl was fun to watch. Its more about if he or someone else comes in and changes the offensive staff and brings a consistent philosophy and develops the players in the offense.

A new hope

Talent vs Effectiveness

Our players achieved those numbers purely on talent, not on execution or effective play-calling. Stanford on the other hand doesn't get the same talent and is able to do the same as far as stats go. Imagine what he can do with talent all around the ball. As someone said before, Stanford's O-line is full of 3 stars with a 2 star center, but they have a power run game because of proper technique and execution. Bring that to a school that has more talent and that has players who are Gentrified and it will be even more effective. Also, no GA is ever going to make the leap from GA to coordinator of any kind unless it's going to an FCS school or something.

Exactly. For example, our offensive line wasn't good this year. There were no running lanes and at times it felt like they want Thomas to get hit. Nobody would have thought that we would have a decent lineman prospect, but then there's Vinston Painter who ran a friggin 4.74 40-yard dash! That's absurdly athletic and yet we couldn't make him a better pure lineman? It's a joke. We don't see any progress in our players, just a flat line until they graduate.

Rip his freaking head off!


per Teel:

"Hamilton coached Luck last season, when Stanford ranked sixth nationally in scoring, 11th in total offense, 22nd in rushing yards and 26th in passing yards."

11th in total offense with his stud QB. And, the only time he ever had NFL talent around him like RMFW, Evans, and DMFW was when he was actually in the NFL.

VT's 2010 Offense stats with said stud RBs and Tyrod:
#21 scoring, 27th total offense, 17th in rushing, and 56th in passing.

We rushed for more sure, but that's hardly an endorsement with the quality of our backfield, including our more than mobile QB.

Who beat Oregon this year?

Hmmmm....ball control offense did?


The way to beat the spread/High power offenses? Control the clock and pound the ball down there throats Thats how standford beat Oregon. (With plenty of good defense too, but we have that covered)

We aren't the kind of team that's flashy like Oregon and Clemson, nor do we want to be. We don't load up recruits on the offensive side. By more of the same we don't mean this year. We mean back when we actually were a team that had powerful and effective backs. We had an O Line that created holes, and we were essentially bullies on defense and special teams. That is exactly what I want to get back too.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson


I believe what you're saying is that we need to go get Ricky Bustle back RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!

Exactly. We need to get back to power football. We've had so many great backs come through Blacksburg (Kevin Jones, Brandon Ore, Lee Suggs, Ryan Williams just to name a few) but I just don't see a back on this roster that can be that kind of player. Hopefully someone can step up next year and be that kind of back, and if I had to bet it's gonna be JC Coleman that does it.

Rip his freaking head off!

Sometimes stats do not show the entire picture. For instance, our O this year was better than 07 according to stats, but I would take the offense that featured Morgan, Royal, Glennon and Tyrod over this years version. Additionally, WRT Stanford, their offense beat Oregon this year and kept up with Oregon last year. They were also able to win a conference championship this year with their O, our O coast us several games. (In fairness to the offense, our D cost us a couple games this year too but the D improved, the O seemed to regress) Not to mention that they put up similar numbers statistically as us when they had to replace the number 1 draft pick at QB and we returned what some believed was a top 5 pick this year.


why the pep bandwagon?

maybe i should have said I'd take the oregon waterboy, then you wouldn't have taken my GA comment so point isn't that Pep wouldn't help improve the play or execution of our offense. Its just more of the same. We typically don't get great recruits for our skill positions on offense, outside of RBs and guys like Tyrod who bled Orange and Maroon. There is a reason most top Wide outs, QBs, and OL go elsewhere. They want to be part of an offense that scores points and showcases their skills. I'd like to see us get more 4 star OL, and less converted TEs...I'd like to see us get more true WRs and not athletes or QBs we convert to WR. And QBs? While I like Logan, think about some of the kids who wouldn't even consider Boyd because of our offense. I don't think we fill the glass trophy case if our offensive identity stays the same. Sure, alabama runs prostyle and they get good recruits..well we are not bama. Not saying we need to go Red Raider throw it all over, but look at Clemson or Oregon for spread teams that can run it too.

Elite OL who have NFL aspirations are truly showcased in Prostyle schemes similar to Stanford's and virtually the entire B1G. How many starting O-lineman are there from Oregon on NFL rosters? Last year alone you had Riley Reiff (Iowa), David DeCastro (Stanford) and Kevin Zeitler (Wisky) selected in the First Round (the only other OL was Matt Kalil out of USC).

Couple of follow ups

1. I dont think Boyd would have been as successful here as he is at Clemson. They run a unique offense and his success may have been because of how well he fits it. We will never know of course.
2. We do get highly rated skill guys but they dont always turn out. I believe there was a post about some of the 4 star busts in the defensive secondary. A good coach or coaching staff should be able to take lower rated guys and making them gems (aka Danny Coale).
3. Finally the spread offense doesn't mean high scores. You brought up Bama's offense, other schools including Georgia and Stanford run the same type of offense and score tons of points. It comes down to coaching and recruiting players to fit the system.

A new hope

the spread offense is bandwagon in college football right now. i don't think we should switch to it just because of a few schools that have had success with it. its flashy and is what gets press, but once defenses learn to defend it, theres not a lot of success. id rather take tried and true and a pro system that has success time and time again and punches defenses in the mouth than a fad like the spread that a few schools run well

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

My phone is dead.

I keep killing the battery in my phone by constantly refreshing my twitter feed. Thought we'd hear more by now...

American Football Coaches Association convention Jan 6-9. Expect VT to take advantage of this

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

All of the rumors are floated

All of these rumors are floated by Stinespring and his friends...he's just doing it to see how lathered up he can get the fan base. He sits in his office with O'Cain scheming all the rumors to release for his amusement.

This post has been laced with sarcasm for your protection.

Maybe OC at Stanford?

He is staying to get a promotion there?

#Let's Go - Hokies

no clue but just saying gives a lil thought..

It could mean that Mike Sanford Jr feels like he has a chance of moving up or it could just mean he doesn't want to go to Arkansas State.

Mike Sanford Jr was a player at Boise State when Arkansas State's HC was a coach at Boise seems like they would have a connection.

It was Arkansas State...

Could be that he's sticking around for the same reason Bud Foster is still in Blacksburg: waiting for a quality school to jump to, doesn't want to go to a non-BCS school.

Question on Pep/VT

Here at VT we seem to love mobile QB's. How would a prototypical VT QB (a Mike Vick, Tyrod, etc.) fit in to Pep's system? I haven't watched much of Stanford play (probs 3-4 games in the past 2 years).

Twitter me

Running comes into play when the play breaks down

Under Hamilton, Luck still ran for almost 1000 yards over his three year career at Stanford with a 5.9 ypc average. It's not quite what VT QBs are used to, but obviously rushing wasnt Luck's strongest suit. I think that if a guy like Hamilton ended up with a "prototypical VT QB" you'd see more designed runs than what Stanford did with Luck, but the focus would shift back to roll outs off the play action, similarly to what Bustle did with Vick.

Logan 3:16

The most important thing is that Luck was point into a system that he could succeed in. Though he was more of a traditional Pro QB, Luck still had some impressive wheels (4.67s 40). QB-runs are always exciting to watch, but do it enough and the risks of injury only increase. Every time LT3 had to tuck and run I held my breath. I still am amazed at what he was able to accomplish this season, with what little he had to work with.

What needs to happen before anything else in the offensive overhaul, is to make a solid line to protect the backs. Then, work on the play-makers. Mechanics and tendency can all be corrected with good coaching. But if the line can't block, then the plays are already broken down.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Line coach line coach line coach. Without a stellar line coach that knows how to work in the OC's system, any hire will be a bad hire. One has to be symbiotic with the other.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN


Well said.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.