Seth Greenberg

So there has been a lot of talk lately about how much longer Greenberg has at Tech if things keep going the way that they are.  First what 'way' do people mean?  I don't think that it is fair for anyone to judge his whole career here on this season.  Does anybody really remember how bad we were before he came?  When was the last time we were recruiting AND signing the players we are now?  I would say for anyone to question the fact that we need him here is crazy.  We are young this season AND still competitive.  Injuries have killed us the last 2 seasons.  The selection for the NCAA tourney has been a joke and always will be.  These are things out of his control.  I haven't seen any major missteps by our coach during games either.  If anything his intensity has translated well for our players and fans.  So i say the next time somebody wants to question Greenberg and throw out recent stats to back it up look at where we were and where we are going!

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I dont think Greenberg should be fired not yet at least

I hear what your saying about where we were and where we are now. However, where we were is referring to the Stokes era and things hit absolute rock bottom. I was there before Seth came to town and bball was a non-event. Now we're known for having a rowdy homecourt, things have come a long way. But dont you feel just a little that Seth has plateaued?

We're in the ACC now so we should be recruiting better than when we were in the A-10. Look at the players who have come through under Coach Greenburg: Dowdell, Collins, Gordon, Washington, Vasallo, Delaney, and Allen and we only make the tourney once in a decade?

The man knows defense, no question about it, but what is our offensive identity? The only thing that has been consistent has been the mediocrity (except that one year).

It's all a question of what the expectations should be at VT for hoops. We can keep Seth and be a middle of the road ACC team which is of course better than being a bad A-10 or Metro team. Or we can roll the dice and go another route.

But one thing I'm certain of its that with Seth we'll never be awful and we'll never be Sweet 16 good. High basement, low ceiling

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The other problem is if Greenberg leaves can we land a coach that will honestly take us to the next level? It is sad but true that when thinking of a destination as a basketball coach Va Tech isnt what most guys look for. We have 2 super great kids coming in next year that will really compliment the young players we already have. i dont want to be that guy but NEXT YEAR is really going to be something.


next year

We have lost 7 of the games this year by a total of 18 points, less than one 3 pointer a game. We were leading #1 Syracuse and North Carolina, Kansas State and Minnesota in the 2nd half. We are young, plus getting younger and better with the two recruits next year. Best thing about freshman is they grow up and become sophmores. Raines is playing better, just needs to stop fouling so he can be on the court more. Greenberg is the one who got us here and deserves to enjoy the good times that are ahead.


Agreed. I think where schools make a mistake is letting coaches go to soon. Greenbergs early success came from players that really weren't considered top talent by most. It was a surprise how well some of those guys like Jamon, Zabian, Coleman, and Washington played. Really Delaney was the first big time recruit for us and he just happened to get in at a time where we couldn't get the 'GODS' of the NCAA selection committee to respect us. Polls kill sports! Look at Murray State. 23-0 and ranked in the top 10. That means that to the guys who rank these teams they can beat the other 300 plus behind them? 11 of their wins come from conference play in the OVC! But back to Greenberg, more time yes. Each year we are getting better talent and he does deserve the chance to show he can coach it. In 3 years if he has the talent with no results then you know it is time for a change.


Not so good

I think Greenberg is good at building a program, but is not a good on court game coach. Watch the lack of offensive plays. One guy dribbles at the top of the key while the rest stand around. The only play I see is when Davilla runs up top and is immediately passed the ball and the offense runs through him. Very strange as the next pass usually results in a missed jump shot and Davilla is not in position to rebound.

The majority of the game Greenberg is shown rubbing his face or looking away and glancing out of the corner of his eye. It is like he is a frustrated fan when he should be actually coaching. Plays if you can call them that out of time outs are one guy trying to get open and everyone else standing around again. It really is quite annoying to watch.

I think a young X's and O's coach would be well served. Also, recruit a couple pure jump shooters and a couple 6'10" guys. Greenberg seems to like midsize athletic guys who can play his D, but are lacking on the offensive end.

People say look at where he took us, but we were not in the ACC back then. This is a cream of the crop conference. No other programs in this league would tolerate such mediocre performance and missing the NCAA tournament year after year.

I think Greenberg is loved by other coaches and the media. Dicky V loves him and rails for him. Jim Rome had him on today talking about Duke, UNC and the Big East, but not what he is doing for VT. However, he ticked off the officials and NCAA. It started with Washington's senior year when he ranted to the selection committe about why we should have been in when we probably should not have. That carried over to the next year when we should have been in and got snubbed with a 10 and 6 conference record. I think he painted us in a corner. He is lucky he has an AD who is very loyal. If not for that I think he would be done after this season barring a huge turnaround.

This is ACC basketball. Not the Atlantic 10. I want to see the Hokies start beating the bottom tier teams like they should and start making it to the dance. Maryland was putting heat on Gary Williams just a few years removed from a freakin National Championship. Would Greenberg survive at Maryland?

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Good assessment

The offense is just dreadful to watch. If Green isn't on fire there's no chance we beat a quality opponent because the playcalling, ball movement and general shot selection are terrible.

Being in the ACC, and considering the money we invested to upgrade our facilities, we SHOULD be recruiting well. The team wouldn't be terrible this year if there were any half-decent recruiting classes between Delaney/Allen and this years class. Look at last year, knowing that such huge contributors were about to graduate, essentially all we were able to land was Eddie. I don't want to be to critical of Seth this year given the roster he's working with, but it shouldn't be in this condition to start with.

With all due respect..

I think you are a little harsh and slightly misguided in a couple of issues. First, don't forget Tech was in the Big East before joining the ACC. Many can argue that the Big East is a better conference than the ACC. We didn't recruit well then and couldn't sniff the tounrney. And yes, Maryland fans were riding Gary Williams but they have a reason to be more critical -they have a long tradition of being a top team in the nation as well as a national championship. I would compare Maryland basketball to Tech football. If Frank were to have a few 8-win seasons, many of us would want a change. Now, I also compare a team like Maryland football to Tech basketball. Yeah, we can compete every few years but overall we are a mid level team in the conference.

In terms of landing a "couple of 6'10" guys," that is a lot easier said than done. I did some quick research of the ACC rosters. Outside of Duke and UNC (who we can't recruit with) there are 16 players who are 6'10" or greater. That means teams average 1.6 players per roster of that height (incoming ACC schools Pitt and Syracuse have 3 combined.) Tech has one. I agree a big man would be a great piece but landing one that contributes is very difficult to do. For recruiting purposes, there are 12 that are 6'10" or taller and 4 stars on Rivals this year. Only one of those (a UNC commit) is even going to an ACC school! And this year has a few more than next. Actually, in 2013, there are only 4 players 6'10" or taller in the entire Rivals 150 -only one is a 4 star! So, to land one, we need one who isn't being recruited by every team in the nation, is interested in playing in the ACC, possibly moving far away from home and wants to come to Virginia Tech. To me, finding a top 100 6'8" guy is better than finding a 2-star 6'10" that will ride the pine.

In terms of big men, over the past 4-5 years the two most promising never suited up for Tech. Allan Chaney is a big 6'9" and would have been a force at a couple of positions. Also, do you blame Seth for Augustus Gilchrist (6'10") changing his mind and switching schools in a very shady way? Seth brought in Gene Swindle a couple of years ago but as with many big men, he turned out to be not so good and had a few injuries. I believe the last I heard he was at JMU after transferring. We currently have a 6'10" freshman so let's see how that works out. Until then, we will have to play like most ACC schools and without a massive center.

In terms of a pure shooter, wasn't Robert Brown considered a top 75 recruit who was a very good shooter? I think we will be fine once these young guys get a year or so under them. I look at a couple of ACC games as very tough losses. Without Erick Green, we lost by 2 at BC. Add him to the roster that game, we don't turn the ball over as much and his history says he gets double digits points, a minimum of 6 more than his replacement, Rankin was able to contribute. At Maryland, we scored 19 points in the first half and didn't play solid D until the second. Then you have the two FSU losses. One by a game winning 3-pointer and the other the product of another slow first half. A three in the closing seconds against Wake earlier in the year was also a tough loss. Add those close games to the fact we are 3-2 in our last 5 ACC games and I think there is tons of promise with this group. If they don't progress next year, then you start the clock on Seth.

the clock

has already started whether, you, me or joe smoe thinks it's fair or not. one person doesn't control it and the fanbase as a whole is getting frustrated.

The clock

may have started from the fans but I am willing to bet most of the fans that are upset didn't sit through the Big East days. Also, Jim Weaver was qouted in the Washington Post last week saying Seth is in no trouble of being fired. Plus, there is no way we could afford to fire a basketball coach who we just gave a long extension to a couple of years ago. Fans can say the leash is short but I don't think the AD does.


is about money. he owes 5 mil over 4 yrs. seth is 100% safe ONLY because of that.

if say next yr, VT ticket sales decline even more, the team performs poorly, fan apathy turns really negative ... it will be a different tune.

not saying it will happen, not saying it won't either. 3.75 mil is still a huge number to eat, so he might have 2 more yrs, but the seat is warming, no matter what weaver says publicly.

amend above

a $300k buyout per year. very affordable next year if the wheels don't get put back on.

however, i don't weaver to be the man to make the next hire. he is good with beans, but hiring coaches or almost letting them go (beamer) isn't his best strength.

They are growing up

The freshmen and sophmores are growing up. The game experience that Raines, Eddie, Rankin, Brown, Finney Smith and Barkley are getting is starting to pay off. Seth is loyal and has kept Davilla in the lineup, but with his injury it has allowed Raines and Barkley to grow on the court and they are looking better the last two games. Looking forward to watching us beat UVA on Tuesday and hopefully putting a dent in their tournament plans. Would love to be able to start the year all over again. We were up on Syracuse and NC in the 2nd half and think of all the close ones that slipped away. Should have beat Florida State twice....... If, if, if, if........this is one time that we need to get into the NIT and play some more.